Sony Brazil says Xperia S Jelly Bean coming in first half of June

by XB on 24th May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia SWhilst we wait for the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S to come out of hiding, we thought we’d bring you what official word we have from another region. The official Sony Mobile Brazil blog has just confirmed that the Xperia S will receive the Jelly Bean update in the first half of June in that region.

Hopefully, we’ll see the Jelly Bean update appear well before then, especially as Sony Mobile France claim it is already rolling out. If for whatever reason, their information was misplaced, then it means start looking for the update in the next few weeks.

Thanks Rafael!

  • Alex

    Argh who to believe, this is getting so tedious!

  • Andrew D

    “Start looking for the update in the next few weeks”….. Hahahahahahaha
    I say: Better start looking for a new Mobile device…. !

  • Marcos

    I got a response from the official facebook for Sony Mobile Argentina: The Jelly bean update for xperia S will start rolling out for end on july.
    Never sony again

  • Nek0

    My god, this is just idiotic!

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    This is official : I hate them

  • Seriously?!
    Sony is going full retard!!
    End of may is the deadline I’m giving Sony.
    I have been promised this since march and they’ve constantly let me down.
    I originally held off buying the Xperia Z since march until the update for the XS comes out.
    If they announce one more delay I’m telling Sony to go fuck themselves for good!
    Will only get nexus devices in the future, I like Sony’s custom version of android but it’s not worth the wait………..

    I encourage everyone else to follow my example…….this seems to be the only way they’ll listen, we’ve already emailed them, and left feedback about these issues through their official channels and all we’ve gotten back is lip service and inconsistent answers!

  • Alexander Steinmann

    This is so weird. I think, they’re trying to test, how far they can push it with the delays of the release:-/.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I don’t believe it

  • cee

    why is nearly everybody always making such a big deal about these updates? My phone works just fine with ICS. So what if JB is a bit late? It’s not the end of the world! Get over it! And if you can’t possibly live without JB of any other android updates – there are other ways to do so than waiting for Sony. Stop complaining and get a life.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    I, Doucheytuesday, have just received the following communication from a certain ‘DL’; it runs thus:
    “Ladies and gentlemen with Xperias! Your attention please! I have the Xperia S update and I will give it to you since you have been so patient.. but you will have to pay me one million dollars each for it! No roubles, please. If you agree to blow me in Moscow, I will make sure this Jelly Bean update is bug-free, too – how about that, huh?! (this offer does not apply to fawwaz…not after he f—-ed me the other day…)”
    Personally, I would decline DL’s tempting offers and buy a Nokia or a shitsung, but that’s just me. Happy updating!

  • Lucian

    And they also say that Xperia P and Xperia J will get Jelly Bean in June… But those phones got updates already… Who’s lying here?

  • Lucian

    As long as here nothing says about it I don’t believe anything.

  • Lucian

    They also say that XP and XJ will get JB but these phones already got JB so something stinks here

  • Lucian

    I don’t trust anything from sony facebook or sony contact or sony twitter.. they said so many wrong things about updates…

  • XperiaBlog

    Their communication is for the Brazilian market, so there is every reason it could appear globally well before then.

  • marwan

    sony “ME” jelly bean wil come to the light someday but sure not this month…or next month

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    Because, unlike you, we actually have an ICS firmware which is all but bug-free

  • Lucian

    My thoughts exactly. In my opinion it will arrive next week. It’s ready, it’s certified, confusion that was happening today on sonys websites also confirms that they are getting ready for rollout.

  • MisterG

    sony bootloaders are unlock-able… ever heard or this site:

  • Not all devices can have their bootloader unlocked,
    I would’ve flashed a custom ROM months ago if that was the case!

  • Franubis

    The ICS they gave us with Android 4.0.4 on Xperia S is filled with bugs as far as the eye can see.
    It’s even worse in performance than the previous version when opening apps.

  • Kima

    sony is fucking us…

  • sfordesign

    Pfffff sony fan boys hurry up come defend for sony!! It’s your chance!

  • Carljn

    The rollout has begun already. It will be stretched over weeks and some countries, like Brazil it seems, will have to wait a little longer. Some unlocked batches in France have already started to receive it. Most of western Europe will see it by the start of next week.
    People, firstly, need to chill out. And also learn how to interpret information. And stop complaining here. This is not an official Sony site. No Sony employees hear you.

  • Rafael

    I wouldn’t worry so much about it, JB can be deployed while we talk or next week. Brazil always get update later than most of countries, but this is nice because now we have a deadline. We’ll have JB until June 15th.

  • Rafael

    Can you point one person that received the official JB for XS in any part of world?

  • Bamse

    A bit late?lol…. And it’s not just the fact that we’re getting JB so late it’s the fact that (at least I) only have gotten 1 (1 fucking update!) in more then a year! That’s ridiculus! And no, my phone isn’t running very good on ICS and I’m hoping that JB will solve some of the problems I’m having, if it ever comes….

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I lost hope in Sony when I knew Xperia Z won’t come to Mexico then, when they pushed JB to April, then May and now this.

    Always have been a Fan of Sonyn but my last hope will be Xperia i1 (Or Honami, whatever).

  • SonyFan


  • cee

    ok. Well then i guess i haven’t had any of these life-threatening bugs with ICS.

  • Guest

    This is it. If they don’t release it by the end of next week I’ll be like

  • Guest

    If they don’t release this by the end of next week I’ll be like

  • Franubis

    If that’s true, I’m rootin’ it.

  • Soroush

    2 years later :

    Sony X says Xperia S Jelly Bean coming in first half of 2016

  • I still hold my contention that JB for Xperia S is coming in year 2020

  • Joe Merol

    Might do you some good to actually use the phone, then.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Sony, are you trying to confuse us? Get your shit together, Sony!

    I love you but the way you handle the updates for Xperia S is bad.

  • Jair Arturo Coria Martinez

    Sony was Trolling us! but! i don’t want a buggy firmware, if sony don’t have a new version yet, they must have a reason,

  • they said “end of may” , that’s mean the update will come in :

    june or july or august or September or October or novamber or december or 2014 January or ………………. :)

    they didn’t lie …

    they just………well :D ………….. trolling XD

  • Deja tu, si lo compraste con una compañía, como telcel, faltaría más para que saquen la actualización. Lo mejor seria comprarlo libre.

  • Joe Merol

    The yo yo ing from .200 to .55 and back was hilarious, I have to admit.

  • Joe Merol

    Goddammit, Dmitry.

  • that’s what they want u to do !

  • i’ll take the “shitsung” offer…

    at least it will have 4.2

  • ” So what if JB is a bit late?” !!!

    what the fuck are u ? time machine ?!


  • Alvin

    There are no reasons to believe everything until the update is ACTUALLY rolling out. I remember at first they all said no timing has been confirmed but now they have different answers and no one is true. Hearing from them wastes much energy and time.

    I suggest if you wait for 4.1 or feels your phone is laggy, buy another phone and don’t wait. If you are satisifed with the phone, keep using it. That’s it.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Lo compré con Telcel pero lo he mantenido actualizado manualmente,

  • AA

    I think those Sony employees on social networking websites are just attention seekers.

  • I certainly haven’t seen anyone (even in France) report to receiving the update yet.

  • jake

    For those who whine pls use the leaked version .
    Its almost 100% same as the one on my TX .

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Yeh but number of fucks given by Dmitry: Zero (same as the number of Xperia S handsets which have received the JB update)….the dude holds all the cards!

  • Dr. Michael salib

    i can’t believe what’s going on since last time sony updated this device till this moment….all that talkings, fake & real announcements made by sony & its distributors around the world about the Jelly bean update….WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT??? A FUCKING SIMPLE UPDATE?!!! SOMEBODY PLZ TELL ME HOW MUCH HARD IS IT TO RELEASE AN UPDATE it TAKES TIME OH more than 6 months for one single update..GOOGLE DOES another new ROM in less that that time which make UR UPDATE LOOKS OUTDATED..YEAH THATS THE PROB!!! WHY couldn’t sony release this fuckin update earlier as for ex. last year in nov or december??oh bec it was busy wid releasing another new phones which called them Bugless & was affected shortly by SOD bug & STILL RELEASING FIRMWARE UPDATES FOR Z, ZL & J…mmm. AND WHY couldn’t the ppl just forget about it & go on wid their lives wid their phones & if u fed up just put urs on sale or buy another one or unlock ur bootloader & install even the leak JB or cyanogen mod??? I REALLY GOT SICK OF THIS.

  • Guest

    Strictly speaking, if you have a carrier branded device which cannot be BL unlocked, that’s partially your fault (for being suckered in by subsidies).

    I’m running CM10 (I think there is 10.1 unofficial, but I don’t see the point) ROMs on my Arc now. Good stuff.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Get a life? These guys will be getting a Shitsung or a Holy Total Crap instead. Life’s too short for an XB fan to be stuck on an inferior form of an OS indefinitely.

  • Dr. Michael salib

    EXCATLY thats what i was tryin to say to all these ppl who are frustrated about this delay

  • DoucheyTuesday

    It’s not an official Sony site so people can say whatever the heck they like and it’s up to XB to decide if they want to remove a comment or not. The people complaining about the complaining need to look in the mirror!

  • Rey Trinidad

    Sony russia says will be on the first half of december!

  • ahmed

    When the jelly bean is landing in middle east?

  • jag

    got the update! my phone now can stand on its own and cook my meals for me. it has this new thing that can make the phone talk and assist me with all my needs. then the screen got larger and it also has hologram coming out from it and can view at any angle like 360′. how cool is that?!^^ then when playing music… bass reflex speakers are coming out from the phone and you can hear the very detail of everything like 7.1 surround sound. it’s like a new phone! thanks sony!

  • did you update it ?!!

  • Konamy Ogawa

    Here in Brazil, the ANATEL always delays anything related to mobile data and/or WiFi devices. An example: Because PSVita has 3G in it, he was delayed here to fulfill the requirements of ANATEL. Even Wii U hasn’t arrived here officially.

  • Arokhantos
  • michael

    Now I’m really pissed off?

  • Apparently everyone lives in Brazil… nevertheless, still bullshit

  • xperiasuck

    sony,you motherfucker!!!you say you release jelly bean end of liar!!!!!i think i want to buy nexus 4

  • ReiX

    Hey Sony, I’m totally disappointed with your brand, first is screen problem, then camera problem, now the update keep delay and delay…how do you want us to trust you anymore?

  • Soyokaze

    I found the site in this article is different from other Sony Mobile official sites. The domain is also wrong, it is but not The page style is also strange. And, the icon of the site is still the SE version. Is it really official?

  • blaster

    That’s it sony, enuf is enuf, u can go to hell

  • They need to sell more sp and l before the update. I #switch

  • Jerry Berglund

    Yes it is…

  • GeeKLoRD

    Sony in June: Wait for July
    Sony in July: Sorry XS users, we lied! Wait for August.
    Sony in January 2104: Sorry XS users…We thought y’all would have bought a new device… So we wont waste time updating it

  • Jerry Berglund

    The problem is, that Sony usually never gone out this way before. If the starting a role-out, they usually tells this on there official blog first, and tells “IT will start in France, so look for information from Sony Mobile france” or something. But it happend. Suddenly the info comes from France, and it usually never do that.

  • xMelBurNx

    I think it will come on christams.That will be my present of santa -.-Sony keep your promise and don’t fool as again damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im shouting from spain because ics is a sh1t

  • Soyokaze

    What I said is just my guess. Sorry if I was wrong.
    The icon is the one displayed in the title of the browser, which is a purple ball, Sony Ericcson’s logo.

  • Mohammad Abu Jamous

    If we try to make an atomic bonb we will finish it before the update

  • ManRaj

    Suck a Dick!

  • zaid

    he’s fuckin’ kidding you idiot

  • zaid

    go ask sony we don’t know

  • cee

    i feel ya. It’s a tough world we’re living in. Sony is breaking our hearts by not updating soon enough. It makes you feel so devastated you can hardly eat or sleep.The world is falling apart if sony doesn’t give us JB! OMG what are we gonna do!!!!! #sarcasm

  • cee

    oh i use it. I just don’t put all those crappy apps on it. And i don’t complain about such an unimportant thing. If an android update bothers you this much – you must have a really simple life.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Is Brazil not part of the globe anymore?

  • fried_egg

    really need the update, the phone has started to lag. not sure if its all EE crap network (grey and yellow lines on the battery chart for signal are not good are they) or if its just the software getting a little lost in itself and needing a reset… either way, change would be good about now

  • fried_egg

    the real pisser is sony said they had learnt from the X10 and the S was all new, pure sony branding, new NXT look, new thinking… and the reality is its been the same service from them again

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    Actually, it is even buggy in the sms app, or in Walkman.

  • ex-xperia fan

    I say : better root my phone and install JB in 3 hours than wait 3 weeks

  • LOL, I don’t fall for that 2 year contract shit!
    I find friends/family who are due an upgrade and pay them the difference of getting a more expensive phone, I unlock that phone and root it and let them continue using their old phone (my current Xperia S 2012).
    or else I buy it unlocked (Xperia arc S 2011).
    I’m saying all phones should be able to get their bootloaders unlocked.
    but yeah, continue prematurely jumping to conclusions retard

  • samsunghtcnokiasamsungmotorola

    here we go again….,another stupid promise.i think i never get the jelly bean update.

  • Jerry Berglund

    ITs ok…. maybe they havent changde the icon in the log on that page. But dont get that SE-logo? Strange.

  • gust

    no more sonny , FK u sonny !!!


    I’ll say throw your SONY Mobile out of windows and never buy this shit again FUCK YOU SONY

  • gigi


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  • Kablaaam

    Omg, Get of your high horse and come down to earh!

  • that’s what they want u to do…

  • after u suicide ….


  • PRo

    you are frm Pluto may be :p
    Am i ri8 :D

  • oman

    hahahaaa this is becoming a soap story xDD really guys JB is so nice, I’m sorry with those on locked BL.. they should have released it months ago so XS users could also enjoy it :/

  • :D

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    :)) Arrest M.M. Stoica :)))

  • Noname
  • r0

    I think I will forgive Sony if they give us Stamina Mode like in Xperia P firmware. If we get just outdated Extended Battery which was on P half a year ago (in Ice Cream Sandwich btw) I think I will finish my romance with Sony. I can’t understand it – it is almost one year after the Jelly Bean has been released. Now similar thing is going with 4.2.2. for Z.

  • Silas Arentsen

    Just wait for Sony to really announce it and not the twitter and facebook pages. They are nearly always wrong! When it will be announced you can find it here:

  • ToyotaGP

    SONY, SUCKS. I’ll NEVER buy sony smartphone or tablet again.

  • Silas Arentsen

    Sony official blog already said end of may:

    The FB/twitter pages are not offcials and don’t trust their word!

  • delictie
  • Timer714


  • Vikas

    no dude……….. suny fucks!!!

    Sony is on a mission to ensure that ” nobody dies virgin”. and hence, they are comming out with new ways to f**k up every single customer.

  • The S2 which arrived with 2.3.3 has been confirmed 4.2.2 and is currently running 4.1.2. This update will probably be the last update we’ll will ever get. Not to mention the S2 came out a year before the XS

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Is that Columbo??

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Calm down, Mr Cook.

  • Those crappy apps that you mentioned?
    Walkman, the Sony Launcher.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Well there’s a guy in Russia…his name begins with a D….

  • Castiel

    Castiel in Supernatural.. not columbo

  • Official Sony

    Challenge Expexted xD

  • BalaSubramani Angiah

    Want Burst mode update soon for Xperia S

  • Cancel

    Fuck your grandma you sony of a bitch! you talk about updates most of the time! go kill yourself faggots!

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    what about Jordan ??

  • Jordan

    Finally someone from jordan.. Ya zalame grefet o ana bstanna :(

  • lilpirate

    Never buying a sony again. Should have just listened to geohotz.

  • Xperia S(hit)

    lucky u man…my shitty XS been laggy & reboots long time ago since i had last update which is in ICS & my battery dries so fast..faster than it was with gingerbread i started having hopes lately in JB that it fixes this problems but now im starting 2 lose that hope & in whole this fuckers sony shit….no supports…fuck this shit…im not buying anything from them again

  • Xperia S(hit)

    hahaha…obviously thats their deal….what updates they’re talking about? i never had any…i dont believe this shit….i need 2 change my phone….BUT NO MORE SONY!!!
    fuckers…leaves us with shitty update “ICS”…at least if u dont wanna give us update no more MAKE THE LAST UPDATE GOOD ENOUGH WITH NO BUGS! fuckers…

  • Xperia S(hit)

    i did ask my local sony support…some whore answered said wait 2-3 days & obviously she has no idea…my ass 2-3 days
    unless if u meant 2-3 years

  • Xperia S(hit)

    hahaha…sad story but seriously…this XS is my last phone from sony…i got the lesson

  • Xperia S(hit)

    i just was thinking like this….i really should change my phone…of course no sony so i dont regret buying it like this XS

  • Raddad Radaideh

    i get the update by pc companion today for xperia s but when it finished download it says that there is no update for you device :(

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