Sony Germany says Xperia S Jelly Bean rollout has not started

by XB on 27th May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia SWe all got excited late last week when the Sony Mobile France social team said that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S (LT26i) was rolling out. Obviously, that didn’t pan out and we’ve not heard of anyone downloading the latest update.

Well the Sony Mobile Germany social team has confirmed that their French colleagues were mistaken and that the JB update for the Xperia S has not started yet. Whilst the news might be disappointing to some, at least we can stop running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who has updated and instead wait for hard evidence of the rollout. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer for some firm news on the matter.


Thanks @ChrisGoerge!

  • Abdo

    This is so unprofessional :/

  • Verino

    A little less conversation, a little more action, please. :P

  • Kazuo Sat?

    they should guarantee us 4.2 because of this huge fuck up, galaxy S2 is getting it as a previous poster said and its older than XS!

  • jj

    Hey. At least we are getting Xperia Z’s UI. Sony can easily pull an update without Z’s features and release it now.

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    I knew that without Sony Germany -.-

  • Guest

    we should be guaranteed JB 4.2 because of this huge fuck up,
    galaxy S2 is getting it and its older than the XS!!

  • eric

    Sony Make.Unbelievable

  • Felipe Pimenta

    We will get it also… And have you saw the leaks? They runs incredibly smooth.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    created by Ubaid in Xperia S/SL – View the full discussion

    Be patience! Sony will release the update on Thursday 30th may 2013, just confirm from my friend who work with sony Mobile communication. So guys wait for 3 more days. :)

  • Abdo

    How do you know we are getting 4.2 ?

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Oh, 4.2… I read 4.1.2… Sorry.

  • Lucian

    Sony facebook France also said that it will be this week…

    I’m waiting for news here:

    I don’t trust anything else like facebook or twitter or stuff like that.. Some said it’s already out some it’s this week, some beginning of June, some end of June… They said soooo many different and wrong things that my head hurts..

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    Sony, you forgot the Xperia S ,it’s 2012 flagship and it’s a shame for you!!!

  • Not gonna happen, Qualcomm is not releasing the drivers of the S/ION chip for 4.2

  • are you sure :) ???

  • Caillou

    “It hasen’t started rolling out”

  • fzg


  • Jerry Berglund

    Still not a official confirmation. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY DOING AT SONY? We need a official statement not from any darn national division of Sony. They have to tel on the official twitter or official blog.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Dmitry has invaded Germany now? Must be payback for WWII or something.. The dude needs to forget the past and give S owners their update! ??????!

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Update rollouts take weeks so even if some were to get it in 3 days time (a big if!) most wouldn’t, surely

  • Honami and PS4

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Aaron is a dumbass, btw.

  • Fawwaz

    I wanna fuck Dmitry Lazarev

  • Xperia ion

    What about x ion

  • Zachary Richard

    Sorry dude, wait will end till 10 of June, thereupon you’ll be getting the taste of the new jellybean

  • Zachary Richard

    It is the same, they’ll release on the same day or after a week if they find their servers crashing due to huge downloading

  • Zachary Richard

    This is the last update for xS users so they are making it a memorable one

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    am stopped waiting for jelly bean for acro s. just waiting for launching of Xperia ZR

  • hihi

    I saw my friends samsung galaxy s3/note with nice new update and becam jealous, to be honest.. that’s why I unlocked BL and installed JB leak :) so nice since then.. smoother, battery friendlier, nicer features

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    All this aggravation ain’t satisfactionin’ me.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    I thought you had already.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Goddammit Dmitry.

  • Zachary Richard

    Its for sure, but the fact is that, he fucked us all

  • WTF ?

    Sony Mobile AR

    Hola Eriic, la actualización estará disponible para fines de julio. Recordá que siempre podrás actualizar tu equipo a través del PC Companion conectando via USB tu Smartphone a una PC o Notebook. ¡Saludos!


  • Akash Tadmare

    motherfucker sony _|_

  • Akash Tadmare

    Anyone expert in rooting this phone please mail me(MY MAIL ID: or inbox me on FB (

    Rooting sony devices is very hard…. I searched on net bt that procedures are very hard to understand….If anyone is expert here who can guide me even small small steps then please mail me or inbox on FB.. or

    if u know anyone expert in rooting in my area please inform me…
    I live in Mumbai,India
    (Actually in ‘KALYAN’ which is sub-urban of ‘MUMBAI’)

    Thank you in advance

  • Lê ??c Th?nh

    i hope you’re right man,three more days to wait.But i got a feeling that the 4.1 will not be release in 30th May ,maybe i got trolled too much by sony ==

  • Sony Sorry

    Rumors said Sony would cancel the XS JB update due to maintaing the best user experience.

  • Vijay

    No one know that when will SONY Do what………………………………………ha haa ha

    they conformed with this mistake that sony is incapable for updating the devices…..

    This will be a bad thing for sony’s market

  • ManRaj

    What if All Sony websites i.e. Russian, Italian, German, French, American , Indian etc etc are Controlled by Dmitry Lazarev? Lmao, that would mean, he has been fucking us since weeks!!

  • ManRaj

    Let’s begin the ROOTING!

  • if their official channels in different countries don’t even know what is happening you get an idea how bad things are for Sony at the moment

  • marwan

    for weeks*

  • ManRaj


  • Fei Long

    SAFJLSHFJALLDASH (?°?°??? ???

  • Ashua

    Finally someone that is not bashing Sony for this error, and plus the company is still in a transitional stage, moving its headquarters to Tokyo, and slowly introducing new policies for the company, when your a mega corporation and starting something new, it is never easy, there will be challenges ahead,but once those challenges are complete its just smooth sailing from there one. :)!

  • Zachary Richard

    Well, i love being in this company!! If i don’t get the update so what?
    I can still get unofficial update to work till the official one arrives, and even if they are late, its for the users only!! They want users to get the best experience of jellybean

  • Zachary Richard

    Which device to root?

  • Carl

    Given up on Sony. I’ve given my Xperia S away. After seeing Sony make a mess of one of the best units, decided to move to iOS. Like it or not, they may now have that much flexibility, but they are well organised, and everyone gets updates as per a common schedule.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Same here.

  • Ashua

    Yes indeed I completely agree with you, judging by the leaks, they are really putting in a lot for the xperia s, including key features from the Z + T and passing them down to the xperia S, so really this beats what ever samsung offer, when it comes to updates Sony might take long but when the update does finally arrive, it is a something new and amazing creating a entire new experience for the user compared to samsung which when it comes to updates it never changes the user experience at all it just feels the same! ;)

  • Akash Tadmare

    Sony xperia S (LT26i)

  • Sony Lover

    Sorry Sony but you lost another customer

  • adu

    search for eroot1014… its just 1 click root and unroot for all xperia ics devices… must be on .55.

  • DonTrustSony

    BEST Message of last 5 fucking Days!! Zachary Richard thank you!

  • Jero

    A fan letter from an (not anymore) ardent Sony fan.
    Dear Sony,
    Just so as to bring to your notice the sorry state of affairs. Although I had never bought a Sony smartphone prior to this, I was a very faithful Sony enthusiast dating back, personally, to PSP days and generally, way before that. The word Sony pretty much meant reliability and style to me; and more often than not it was my choice of recommendation too. And then came the time to buy a decent smartphone. And the decision wasn’t an easy one as I had never bought anything except Nokia. But having said that I have always admired Sony’s style philosophy and after I got to know that they had started producing phones without Ericsson, it became worth considering. Well yes, there was Samsung who’re ruthlessly taking over electronics, but I personally don’t dig for the looks of a Galaxy device. Xperia S really caught my eye and I would say that it’s still way better looking than it’s succeeding flagship Xperia T and even the recently launched Xperia SP. So after much research, I decided to shun my loyalty to Nokia and forgo my plans to buy a Lumia eventually for an Xperia SL. I knew they were overcharging ( which was later proved by a drastic price drop in a matter of weeks) as the Xperia T wasn’t being launched in India and they needed to make money. Anyway, I still bought it without much hard feelings. But little did I know I would me made to suffer so much. It’s been around only 6 months and I’m dying to receive a proper update. There are so many bugs. My media scanner has ceased working and it never reflects the changes I make to the media files. And ironically, the album says Oops! I crashed. A report has been sent to the developers to fix it. I wouldn’t probably receive any updates after this already delayed 4.1.2 release and it’s been only 6 months, imagine that! I know some of you might say its just a refresh device. Hell with that, I still paid higher for it than an Xperia S when there were better devices available and moreover Microsoft provides 18 months of support. Well, what all of this entails is that you have lost a really loyal fan and I’m sure many more with such a non-professional attitude. You chose to produce a shitload of devices and failed to ensure proper support which everyone of us thoroughly deserved and now I see you people as nothing more than money minded hustlers. Never again am I going to or let anyone buy another Sony device around me.
    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. I hope someone from Sony gets to read this.

  • Zachary Richard

    Well i just talkedto the costumer support and they said to wait till 5th june and all devices will be hitting with a new update notification

  • MoHiT

    If You Don’t Give Us Update..Exchange Our Xperia S From Samsung Galaxy S4 Or HTC One xD

  • DonTrustSony

    @Zachary Richard If i don’t get the update so what????????????
    what about security bugs?!! Resolving thousand of problems?

  • Zachary Richard

    Contact me @ facebook at the same uname

  • DonTrustSony

    @Ashua Yes the SONY is *Mega corp… without developers, Ashua you are Madness!!!!

  • Zachary Richard

    Wait till 5th june and update

  • Ashua

    If you don’t trust Sony so much why are you here? Maybe you are the person with the madness to come to a blog dedicated to fans of Sony xperia phones, how about yo just shut it and go back to the mad house until you get better okay! :)

  • Jero

    Seriously you think that’s how business runs! Why should the consumers care what’s going on behind the scenes. They’re not a non- profit organization working for charity. We’re paying hard earned cash for the services we deserve. I’m not going to cry in a corner for their ongoing troubles.

  • Zachary Richard

    Its your view of which side you take, i have chosen mine

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Still no updates ah!!!!!!!… Sony why don’t u take our Xperia S and give latest Xperia Z, you won’t be updating the OS for S, so its better to give Xperia Z which has the latest update even u’ll get more support from fans (lol :) )

  • Arokhantos

    Its end may and update still not here, omg sony stop being lie’ng scumbags.

  • Ashua

    True, but how would you feel, if you were working at the corporation knowing how hard it is and seeing all the update process, seeing how the company is going through a transition and then seeing blogs filled with angry comments and all how would you be able to cop with the stress! If you don’t have anything nice to say about sony, don’t say anything at all! For he mean time shut up! :)

  • DonTrustSony

    Why change something that has been done successfully; (galaxy experience) i have s3 and with 4.2.2 im very satisfied with a lot of changes and iprovments!

  • DonTrustSony

    My wife has have the Xperia S and for a week im waiting to upgrade and sell that shit. Are you happy now;

  • Jero

    Hahahaha.. You really crack me up. ‘Transition’ my friend is supposed to happen slow and steady. Not by producing a shitload of devices you cant even support properly. And I’m not even being overtly critical when I say they’ve terribly failed with this. Certainly there are aspects to be praised about, but then there’s nothing special about it! In such a competitive market everyone is providing good features, but the real test of customer satisfaction comes through after sales services. And it is not a favour they’re doing to us by releasing this firmware. Its an obligation for the money we’ve paid. The delay is not because they want us to have a smooth experience. Its a way of saving their asses so that they don’t have to ‘waste’ time on a device they cant earn anything from anymore. Think about it!

  • DonTrustSony

    Sorry dude but this is the job of every company is obliged to do. You working for sony? Why not talk as customer I have every right to criticize the mistakes other when I buy something from them.

  • Deki

    Read the comments below. We are all waiting for the update to hit our phones!

    Comment: “Well i just talkedto the costumer support and they said to wait till 5th
    june and all devices will be hitting with a new update notification”

    I’m glad to have my Xperia S since it’s the best phone I’ve ever had and I’m not giving up easily! The update will be here! We waited for so long, another week is nothing!

  • m sacha

    I feel really sorry for Xperia S owners, the way this is being managed by Sony is appalling…

  • rus_media

    Live with Xperia ray

  • rus_media

    They will do the same for T,TX and Z,ZL.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Your head hurts? Visit your local “Dmitry’s Massage Parlour”… They have branches in all major cities: Paris, Berlin, Moscow etc, and Xperia S owners get a free 412-minute foot massage!

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Aaron didn’t.

  • flagshitXS

    Will you paid 600$ if you know being treated like shit…will you ?

  • flagshitXS

    will you paid 600$ if you know being treated like shit…will you ? My XS ‘s still in warranty I demand update Sony. fak you Sony for XS which bares the name of my idol Nozomi :D

  • DoucheyTuesday

    That was Dmitry’s Parisian “butt double”

  • sethdev

    To maintain crap user experience?

  • AsimNexus

    Try this. It’s very easy and within 30 secs you will have your XS rooted:

  • Murad

    hahaha busht

  • Krumps

    It seems to be delayed again, at least into june. Just look at the last 2 twiits of @SonyXperiaDE

    They say that “The launch of the 4.1 is provided to be done in this quarter, but we don’t know when.” It’s obvious that it isn’t ready to be launch in the next 3 days.

    We will get more news on june surely, probably about another delay, seeing how they are managing this… Good job sony, how much time we will be waiting for this update? Another year maybe…

  • John Andrew Santiago

    No, Sony can easily port them. It’s Qualcomm’s fault why we are getting late updates… they’re too slow in releasing the drivers for our chipset.

  • Juraj Chahine

    well my pc companion stats: “the software update released by sony has yet to reach your country oor region, please check pc companion … ” .. which means there is actually an update planned ..

  • Muhhamad

    stop apdate

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  • dinoda

    Hi, Sony Italy confirm that the update will be available by the end of may.
    I receive this information directly from the Sony Xperia Contact Center.

    I don’t know who to belive!

  • Shai Nagy

    Don’t feel sorry you will go through this very soon with your device,it’s their policy…

  • Xperiaslusers

    Lets hope what u said comes true

  • drzeljko

    Nobady from sony read this. So, dont waste your time and just wait. Xs is the best phone ever with ICS and JB is bonus only. I have no many for samsung and use Xs and if not update ever i must use it. So be cool and wait.

  • Rob

    It’s not about how good the device is anymore, it’s all about the number in the settings menu..

    Silly people with silly problems.

  • Alex

    Except the device is dreadful on ICS which is the main reason why people have wanted an updated in so long?!

    Think about what you’re saying. We aren’t just wanting an update for the fucking fun of it.

  • sri

    Do you mean to say there will be no more update for Xperia SL as well?

  • sri

    Ya you can do that also but we wont be able to sony’s awesome UI.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Are these challenges like the ones we will have if we switch to using a Shitsung?

  • Kazuo Sat?

    If ICS wasn’t so buggy we wouldn’t be complaining as much,

    we were promised it months ago and they are updating all their shitty low end phones and leaving us hanging, we own last years FLAGSHIP we should be given priority!

  • Rob

    People seem to think theres 2 guys working on updating all the products. Of course that is not the case. So what you are saying is that when they run into challenges getting the update to work well on Xperia S they should intentionally delay the release of update for other products, for the sole purpose of making S the first they update? Thats silly.

  • Rob

    I keep reading that in the comments here, but strangely nowhere else and not from people I know that use it.

    Do you have any examples of what is so dreadful about it? Only thing I read is its slow – I can say that about anyting if I abuse it :)

  • when was this phone released again? Seriously, buy a new phone & stop whining.

  • gureshwar Singh


  • Arokhantos

    thats just standard responds to get rid off you for few day’s or a month.

  • Still love Sony :( But being a techie, I can no longer be outdated in the real more Sony Xperias for me…Sony Mobie just has lost one more loyal customer…

  • Kazuo Sat?

    No, If that’s the case they haven’t hired enough people for the job,
    they should get more manpower on the XS update so that it gets released on time! regardless of whats going on with other models.
    Anyway very few people who buy the low end phones care about updates they are usually average users who don’t even know what version of android their phone is running, people who drop 400-650 euro are more inclined to be people who care about that.
    Paying double to triple what people pay for the low end devices one would expect priority.

  • Jero

    Don’t talk about what you don’t know. My media scanner stopped working a couple of months ago. Now Album and Walkman apps show files which I deleted long ago. I’ve lost count of the times Album app says “Oops I crashed. A report has been generated to send to the developers to fix it.” there are many more annoying things.

  • Jero

    You’re a total noob!

  • Jero

    Jelly Bean isnt a bonus. It’s improvement. And the manufacturers are obliged to provide it to us.

  • Jero

    Nobody buys a flagship to let go off it in less than an year

  • Kazuo Sat?

    1.My music stops playing when I have my headphones in and my phone in my pocket.
    2. my browser crashes all the time.
    3.there is lag throughout the phone, even after I deleted everything and reset it to factory settings.
    4. My Wifi is constantly disconnecting for no reason even though I have the router in the same room as my phone.
    Just to name a few issues I’m having with it.
    Those flaws sound pretty serious to me…………..

  • Techie Monstaaa

    If u are a real ‘techie’ you should had’ve rooted it and run the .200 leak.

  • Jero

    Some people don’t wish to lose their warranty

  • Kazuo Sat?

    many people can’t unlock their boot loaders

  • shabaz

    todelooo , you ghastly miscreant

  • Lambsy

    Yay we got an update on the update! :-S

  • disqus_VO8Af7ko5N

    OK can u pls post an screen shot here

  • Jero

    Go search around the web a bit. Xperia Blog is mentioned as a source on most websites with news related to Xperia phones. If the officials don’t read this, they probably don’t read anything else. So zip it!

  • Alvin

    Some people got the leaked version of .197 and .200 and do not have any problems. .200 has been certified on 7 May but still not rolling out. This will make people think whether Sony intends to hold the firmware. If there are still many bugs, okay, it is acceptable even I don’t want to. But now we saw the almost perfect one, and why don’t roll out now?

    Another disappointment is that Sony stated they rolled out .55, in which some people claimed this firmware fixed a lot of bugs compared to .45. However, I still cannot get it. I don’t know why Sony keeps this firmware and let users use problematic firmware for almost a year.

  • Jero

    Read what he wrote again

  • Jero

    Use the repair phone option from SPC. It’ll update your phone to .55

  • ProWeirdo

    You don’t say???

  • surethom

    Not All real ‘techie’s want to root there phones, we just wont more prompt updates.

  • visiteur en ballade

    You have the Z one ?
    If yes, your turn will come very quick than you’re expecting

  • aligamz

    If you want Sony to read your letter then you should post this in Sony Mobile’s site, not here. I don’t understand why many people still don’t get that this is NOT a Sony site.

  • i dont care

    Lol who gives a fuck about a stupid russian? Stop talking about him..

  • AMG38

    Guys, we’re talking about a flagship from 2012, which was available in March. Who cares if Sony had some kind of problems in their own business ? We customers paid for that smartphone and the price was everything else than cheap. Do you know what’s really funny ?
    I bought that XS with GINGERBREAD and had to wait for a buggy shitty laggy ICS.
    Now we’re almost in June 2013 and there’s still no Jelly Bean. Doesn’t matter if it’s arriving in a few days, it’s just toooooooooo late.
    Some people say, “uuhh ahh, no, Sony isn’t releasing too much phones, look at Samsung, they have much more phones per year”
    So what ? Even the Galaxy S2 from April 2011 got an update to JB 4.1.2 in March 2013.

    What do we see ? 1 year older Smartphone from Samsung retrieves an update for Jelly Bean earlier than a Sony 2012 Flagship. This means, the almost latest Android version for a 2 years old Smartphone from a Company, who has much more Phones to support than Sony.
    Damn Sony, loser.

  • dhrbsabb

    In Brazil, the Sony Mobile post in your fan page the JB roll out on 1st 2nd week of june. This is my hope. Everyday we hear something about. But nothing concrete!

  • Tommy

    sony I should say you really miss your previous and your present customers because you have just ruined a trust not only because if missing your promise,our only expect from you was keep your attention with your customers,we need this update to solve problems and you know this,but for a year…,i’m sorry for you,sony make unbelieve!

  • Jero

    I know it isn’t. But arguably the most popular fan site.

  • Arunkumar

    Nice to read comments..
    Sony supporters I havr something to surprise you…
    Sony Xperia S launched with false specification.
    1. WiFi Direct. No such feature in Xperia S.
    2. Battery removable. And it’s 1700 mah not 1750 as specified in specification.

    when asked about this to customer care they told it was just typing mistake made by Sony.

    Dont know what all other false specification hidden inside this mobile.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    We can’t..the legend of Dmitry is too compelling! Anyway, where’s your humanity? We should all care about stupid Russians when we have time and Xperia S owners have plenty of time on their hands at the moment, waiting for their itsy bitsy update.

  • Alex

    Just received a response on Twitter….”end of May but we can’t give a concrete date” – as we have been hearing. If they do deliver in the next 3 days, all will be forgotten, but just pisses me off how they can’t give exact details. My XS is so slow and unstable at the moment that I can barely take phone calls.

  • Alex

    Even the S2 has WIFI direct, however, I am sure it didn’t in its earlier firmware. Is WIFI direct a hardware or software feature??

  • Jero


  • Jul

    this is suc* stupid….what are you doing Sony Team…??? you left all the old version without caring….i think that why you can not compare with SS, they have the customer service better than you Sony inc…. we love Sony, but you made us so disappointed …. and this is call that your developer is very lazy too make a new software…. there were too many promise or commit… but it’s like a song in VietNam, “Promise too much, draw back all as much…” lolzzz

  • Zachary Richard

    Its last update will be 4.1.2 thereafter only firmware maintenance update will be received

  • Alex

    So in theory there is no reason why the XS shouldn’t have it?

  • Jero

    No not really. It’s just a virtual access point that needs to be embedded. But if you ask them, they’ll give you the usual ‘best user experience’ shit. Hopefully , it’s included in the update.
    My guess is that because it needs to get certified by WiFi, they do not wish to waste time on it.

  • Guest

    My gues is that because it needs to get certified by WiFi, they do not wish to waste time on it

  • joyjoyhumpy

    people wanted to experience a real smartphone that’s why we bought xperia s, but guess what it ain’t cheap and we actually have more important things to pay for in real life other than buying every other new phone that comes out and we need to get our money’s worth unlike you just tugging at mom and dad to get some money to buy phones every now and then.

  • zaceeer

    fuck you, sony

  • blaster

    im telling u guys, i got a really bad feeling sony will end up pulling the update quietly, or by giving the lame excuse like “we take phone experience seriously, and that XS gives better experience on ICS”

  • burrq

    you have the point

  • Arif

    Fuck off sony!”

  • burrq only have two more days to prove what you’ve said…enough said..i am sick with this bullshit

  • blaster

    like ICS for XS? way behind sammy’s S2, andeven with the delays, it came with tonnes of bugs, camera fast capture prob, bluetooth streaming quality prob, extremely laggy performance, and it’s not till half a year later that they finally fixed the goddamn simple fast capture bug.

  • burrq

    which one should i believe? sony brazil, germany , france, italy.? please give us the correct information..please not making us as waiting the unicorn existence

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  • govind banglore

    sony y spreading rumors about update. there is no proper intercommunication between ur head office. simply wasting others time which they are spending in for just checking update release. its very worst.maintain some standard dead lines and act accordingly.

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  • azzido

    I am waiting until they will confirm the below:

  • dev29

    if so, they are starting to feel like all us xs users, they were promised to receive the 4.2.2 update soon, and no words for sony so far, even the galaxy 3 got a 4.2.2 firmware leak that is nearly the final one.

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  • Neevo

    Hey does that leak have stamina mode?

  • is there better News !! -_-

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,, so Funny -_-

  • so true :(


    Ok ppl. listen to this. no read it. WHY DONT YOU JUST Breath in the air of the air. Smell the smells of LIFE. live you life. not whinin, but dinin. Crack a joke thatl give ye some hope. and im stoned. :D btw the update hasnt been rolled out yet. Dutch support says its end of may, beginning of june. ye happy? btw i own a xs. installed adw launcher and boom boom there ya go. When was the last time you kicked a ball, or ran in a grassfield, laying in it staring to the stars. ok bb have a nice day!

  • Arokhantos

    Stop telling people to remain ignorant and accept everything sony say’s, they been bunch of liars in the past, where all sony fan’s but we don’t all accept what sony throws at us.

  • Vitali

    LOL maybe they really finished the update in the end of April and someone of the developers lost/deleted the JB data and files… and they started to do the update again from the beginning, and said that JB will roll out in the end of may.. LOL
    I’m just talking about stupid things, right? or not…?

  • Rafael

    Well guys, I can say one thing. I installed JB leaked ROM 6.2.B.0.200 and .200 definitely isn’t final build.

    Bugs/problems I experienced:

    – Back camera lags when recording at least for me I can feel the lag with VGA, 720p and 1080p, only MMS resolution it’s ok for me.
    – Front camera lags (without recording), also 1MP 16:9 and 1MP 4:3 resolutions are swaped (touch 4:3 and you get 16:9…).
    – Take longer than ICS to shutdown (15s-30s).
    – Network recognition isn’t 100% (my 3G usually was recognized as HSDPA:9 now it shows HSDPA:8).
    – Auto APN configuration didn’t worked.
    – 2G data isn’t 100%, with ICS I got higher speeds.
    – My SwiftKey keyboard isn’t saved as default, when I reboot the Xperia Keyboard return as default and SwiftKey is disabled.
    – Volume UP stops responding bug that was found on .197 leak stills in this ROM.

    Too many problems for a final rom.

  • ForSonyHaters

    If you really want the JELLY BEAN update…then why not buy Sony Xperia Z? everything is in there…including the update you want…or HTC one or probably Samsung S4? Thats the only SOLUTION if your fuckin patience is gettin low.

    …….Can’t afford to buy new one? Then wait…and stop all your shit talk about the company…there must be a reason for the delays.



  • Rafael

    There is another option that I made when my patience ended: Made a backup of my TA, unlocked BL, installed the leaked rom, enjoying JB now, there are still bugs, but they’ll be fixed.

    When official update comes, I’m going back to .55 ICS and restoring my TA (this will lock my BL, remove unlock BL key and give my DRM keys back), then update do JB!

  • ForSonyHaters

    Not all people are like you…Some people doesn’t sort for other solutions. Those people are like babies crying and crying and crying…

  • Chad Sexington

    I’m glad Fawwaz is coming out of the closet. No sense holding that stuff inside!

  • ForSonyHaters

    I think when the update in available, people will again complain. Because their Xperia S doesnt have same Jelly bean functionality as Xperia Z.

  • Rafael

    Yes, I think this too. But this is absurd.

    Personally, the only feature that I think they “need” give to us is STAMINA mode.


    ur damn right about that….LAST UPDATE!! LAST XPERIA I BUY!! NO MORE SONY
    maybe next i head 2 samsung or nexsus or w/e…but NO MORE SONY

  • Andrew D

    Che Cazzo???

    These guys at Sony really got some nerves mistaking around with us users… My opinion, this is my last Sony. Not even a free Xperia Z would make me feel better and change my mind about Sony…
    Its coming on my Black List of devices, right beside iPhone!

  • Franubis

    We have the right to have a decently-timed update. An update owners of much older mobiles (like Samsung Galaxy S II) are already enjoying with no mayor bugs.
    The state ICS is at right now for XS is unacceptable, simple as that. It’s filled with bugs and actually affects the funtionality of the phone itself.

    Also, there are people who are unable to root the phone; maybe because of waranty, or maybe they don’t want to take the risk… or simply, they don’t want to put the mobile’s integrity at risk just because of Sony’s lack of support.

    Not to mention they’re treating us as if we were idiots, not saying a single reliable bit of information and playing around with release dates.

  • sony sux

    it is in my black list already…no more sony

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Thanks for the info Rafael Sounds like they are actually developing a full on version of jellybean for us,
    not like the half backed ones for other lower end devices.
    Improved battery life and Stamina mode with camera improvements and fixing all the major bugs on the ICS version we have now would be great, I’m cautiously optimistic.
    We’ve been dealt a shit hand when it comes to updates but I’m tired of complaining (I’m sure many of you have seen my irate posts!)

    My plan of action and I suggest this to all Xperia S owners is to wait patiently for the update.
    Use your phone for the next few months, decide based upon the quality of the XS JB update and how fast/well Sony updates it’s current flagships like XZ/ZL in the near future to 4.2/ 4.3 whether you will feel comfortable buying another Xperia.

    That being said, I will be pissed if Sony delay it again past the end of May.
    I would be even more pissed If Sony released another bug filled update though.

    I hope the people working on this new update know of our frustration and are working extra hard to make a smooth update with good new features to try and win us over again.

  • Kazuo Sat?

    How many times do I have to say it,

    What are your alternative solutions for getting around this problem and updating to JB, I would really like to hear them!

    That guy has the perfect solution to his problem, but we aren’t all in the exact same boat.

  • KinG

    2 more day the end of Sony…

  • Dior Hirai Ruado

    Given that it is delayed, I feel Sony is still responsible of being professional in releasing announcements. Giving false hopes to loyal Sony users are putting themselves to unreliable and not credible state. I am starting to pity Sony.

  • Alvin

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I did it but still .45 …

  • USER

    Well patience is a virtue,could be that sony is planning something big for all us s users.maybe a newer version of jellybean,or they are just delaying more and more for no reason,as the build is already out

  • tositem

    please put Xperia Acro S on the line after this update. Mine is so sluggish now. I even factory-reset it, uninstall many paid apps & games, but it still take 5 seconds just to open the dial pad.

    hope the JB update will fix it.

  • Jero

    Already had this argument with another guy down here. Nobody buys a flagship to let go off it in less than an year. Even if someone buys Xperia Z now they won’t be giving it up in less than an year! You might be leeching on your dad’s money but most pay hard earned cash.

    Unlocking bootloader isnt an option as it is either not easy for many or they don’t wish to lose the warranty.

    You talk about patience we’ve already waited an extra couple of months for this update. And people are ‘bashing’ Sony because there has been no update (ICS) for months while there are many bugs present (Even Xperia Blog has acknowledged this; you can go back and read). XB has even written about the delays and the negative effect it might have on the company.

    You’re just a good for nothing cyber bully. So zip it, take your frustrations out where you actually might make some sense and get a life mate.

  • Jero

    Funny how some people can label all of us ‘Sony haters’.. Nobody spends $600 for someone they hate!

  • Paul

    “only firmware maintenance update will be received”
    You mean, like the maintenance updates that were also promised for the 2011 line with ICS? No bug fixes here.
    This WILL be the LAST and ONLY update to the Xperia S, believe me.

  • psiclone

    Please Make Blogs only if there is some Useful Info in it…Stop Posting Shitty Useless Blogs.

    And I Believe that there will be a update soon…..if they don’t….it will be end of Sony’s Era…

  • Paul

    Check your phones, you already HAVE the update!
    I have a friend who worked on a secret project for the CIA, which magically got your phones updated in a time shift. How it worked? Well, my friend told me they created thousands of tiny black holes right around the memory chips of all those phones and put the JB firmware on them. Honestly!

  • Jero

    Get lost if you don’t like this blog. At least they’re keeping us updated of the latest happenings

  • Carl

    Can Sony deliver? 2 more days for month end . . . Could this be the way the Xperia S ends its product life?

  • We’re not going to see this update mid July probably/

  • ????????

    May I ask, when the hell of a jelly bean, will the ION get an upgrade, that is damn uncool, paing 800 bucks for a op phone, and getting the update the last? the damn x-go got one, and S will get one, but no timelines for ion at all, what’s with sony? may I get an answere?!

  • Volkan

    Daft Punk released an official ! statement which demands sony to remove the post about Daft Punk to not to lose 752000 audiences :)

  • It’s already been more than a year.

  • well don’t buy another Sony then, & get a proper job if buying a smart phone is a financial crisis to your sorry life.

    Save your drama for your mama.

  • Jero

    14 months is still not enough to give up a $600 device.
    Anyway, I own this

  • Jero

    Seriously man what are you on about? If you’re financially well off then be grateful and stop criticising others. If high end smartphones were meant to be thrown away as soon as the next one is out then no manufacturer would’ve been bothered about updates. They would’ve just launched a new flagship every 3 months. People invest $600+ so that they can keep it for a long time. If you’re able to buy a new one every 6 month’s or so

  • Like I said, don’t buy a Sony then.

    If a device is too expensive for you, and Sony has screwed you over, just go for another brand.

    People who expect too much of updates, better go off buying an iPhone or Samsung.
    I have invested on an XS that said (Upgradable to ICS) from day 1 of release, & have got the update 8 months after it’s release.

    Doesn’t that justify enough that XS is a failure to meet whiney customer demands?

    I see exactly where you come from, I just abandoned the device long ago & it was the right thing to do.

    Maybe time for a phone upgrade? Nexus4 is cheap & good for what it gives compared to XS, just saying.

    I never meant to flaunt or whatever about anyone’s income, but throwing 12 year old mommy/daddy claims behind a monitor simply justifies that this person just lost his balls in an internet discussion. cough *joyjoyhumpy* cough.

    No offense if made to any.

  • Franubis

    But what year?

  • Jero

    You still don’t get it. Why would’ve anyone bought it if they knew this is gonna happen. Xperia S is the first smartphone they came out with and this is going to be the benchmark for future devices. And it’s not about something being too expensive to afford. Obviously I’m going to look for other brands when I buy my next, but it’s been only a little over 6 months and very frankly, $600 means great deal to me which may not be the case with you. And if you choose to stoop down just coz some other guy did, it leaves no difference my friend.

  • Jero

    Moreover, it’s not a bad device overall to abandon. I bought it coz I loved how it looks. And I’d be even happy to live with ICS if not for the bugs. And anyway once the warranty is done with I’d be experimenting with Cyanogenmod.

  • SonySuck

    Go 2 hell, Sony.
    XS will b the last phone i’ll get from this company.

  • Ihatesonynow

    F*** Sony…coz they even couldn’t properly develop ICS as there were some problems regarding WiFi(without WiFi there’s no use of a smart phone basically) so what hope can we have on jelly bean update then?By the time the other companies comes up with the whole new version of android then we might get the jelly bean update…if they can’t keep up with the pace why bother promoting new phones?u should do what you are capable of rather than just going with the flow introducing new phones.if the company can’t keep up with customer’s desires why bother in doing anything at all.I was ever so psyched about the phone but now i think it’s just waste of money…

  • Mohammad Hasan

    The main point here is that:

    Galaxy SII is a 2011 phone and it’s NOW running with JB for several months,


    Xperia S is a 2012 phone and JB has been postponed for several months !!!!

    It is why Samsung is better than Sony in selling :|

  • Tommy

    I don’t know if sony read this comments or not,but if yes besure that really really you have missed alot of your customrs because most of them are the ones who believed sony mobile at the first time and have bought this flagship of sony,but you disappointe us sony,we were the causes of your famously,but you miss us!!!

  • they just don’t realise that by delaying people won’t go and buy SP or L or Z but they go to Samsung or LG or HTC.i got S3 and i’m happy. in 1 month i will have 4.2.2

  • hafezalayat


  • Gatekeeper_SE

    Well, day after tomorrow is the last day of End of May. Are we expecting JB to be postponed AGAIN til End of June or Sometime in Q3 or Q4? Maybe it’s been withdrawn totally?

  • Mac

    I believe May have 31 days but I do get your point tho . no news 2day?

  • Anatoliy

    Well… Sony always roll out firmware on Thursday. This is only one day for sony and it’s core for a long time. We should wait for tomorrow and see what happened.
    If no JB tomorrow, I think next date end of June…

  • Beatriz Cruz

    Yes,thats exactly what they thought would happen, and what we clients are actually going to do.

  • Deki

    As I can see ICS was released June 21 2012, Thursday. I don’t know for other releases, but I can’t wait for JB!

    Maybe they are fixing issues before releasing it, on XDA, many users noted bugs for the ROM…

  • Anatoliy

    All sony firmwares released on Thursday, for example last for Xperia P. Thursday – simple sony rule for global update

  • Deki

    Thanks for noticing that, I haven’t noticed… :/

    It would be great that tomorrow is the roll-out for JB!

  • are you trying to get some attention?


  • Guest


  • Rafael

    I’m starting to think that tomorrow will see an announcement from Sony saying they’re working very hard… optimizing… they want the best experience… and it will come until the end of june.

  • Deki

    Don’t think about that… please :-)

  • Rafael

    You forgot the worst part…

    And in the last week of June Sony say:

    We care so much about user experience and after weeks of testing and optimizations, we saw that Xperia S/SL/acro S/ion will give users the best experience on ICS, so we decided to cancel the JB update for these phones.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

    As a compensation we will be providing a coupon for all owners of Xperia S/SL/acro S/ion owners that will give a 10% off¹ on the purchase of a new Xperia phone².

    To get your coupon, please fill up the form at with your name, email, serial number and IMEI, and soon you will receive the redeem code in your mail box³.

    We wish good summer holidays to all!

    ¹ = Valid at your local Sony web store.
    ² = Valid for Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia SP and Xperia L.
    ³ = Coupon availability is based on your phones SI number / carrier and will be available on your mailbox “From the end of July”.

  • Jero

    That’s a pretty cool observation

  • rodrigo

    jelly bean 4.3 for xperia z? no worries,it will be early july…but in 2014 XD

  • rodrigo

    things like this do we buy an pure android phone (nexus 4 coff coff..)

  • Jero

    They’ve started to roll out a new one for Xperia J. So I guess that’s it for today

  • When I said ”I know where you’re coming from” – I never mentioned what country or region you come from, but I know why you’re upset about this never coming update. Seeing that you like to generalize a region for being ”neck deep in a sea of money” – you surely know a lot about the people in this region. I thought you we could have a discussion, nothing just a typical whiney hater.

    Yes I own an XZ & I find XS a failure. If you’re upset about your dead product, time to upgrade, or just go for another brand. If it works fine for you for what it is, then it’s your call.

    I would consider your ”feelings” if you know how to address people for where they come from.


  • Jero

    Now hold on there! Let me make it very clear. My whole conversation here is only considering you as an individual. It’d be utterly vile if I treat you as a representative of your country. I’m not plagued by such thoughts. ‘Where you come from’ entails your thinking not your region. Racial hatred wouldn’t even cross my mind and I have equal respect for everyone.
    What pissed me off is the fact that you own an Xperia Z and were just here to be spiteful towards Xperia S owners and flaunt your buying power. If you think Xperia S is a failure then very well enjoy your Xperia Z. You’ve no right to tell us that we should buy a new one and stop buying Sony if it’s too expensive. That’s why I made that ‘sea of money’ remark. YOU were the one who brought your money muscle to the fore not ME; by making remarks such as ‘buying a smartphone is a financial crisis to your sorry life’ to that guy. And saying that I should stop buying Xperia if its too expensive for me and buy Nexus 4 instead. So get your thoughts right my friend. I perfectly know my limits. And I’m completely considerate to the fact that there are people in misery around the world and I comprehend to that. I don’t think I can say the same about you after all you’ve said here.

  • Michael So

    is there any news or anything for the xperia sl update to JB?

  • Jero

    Same As XS

  • Volkan

    Today sony announced the XZ update from the official blog which is mentioned to be released at 17th may if they announce XS update will it be released in earlier may?

  • Deki

    Where is this announced?

  • Volkan on the sony xperia news twitter section right hand side down of the page. but when you looked at the XZ’s update page you will see the update has been released on the 17th of May. I mean when they make an announcement and then the XS’s update page will it mention the release date as 20th of May for example. Then we will understand everything that has said a lie ;)

  • Deki

    This is their last tweet I’m seeing and it’s about Xperia Z and ZL updates, the ones that I read here yesterday. :-)

  • Volkan

    I did not say XS update announced, they are announcing Z’s update after 12 days. if they announce XS’s update today it would already been 2 week – time for XS update. If such a thing happens, words like there is not an exact date, we don’t know will be a big lie…

  • Deki

    I understand…

    We’ll wait…

  • Alvin

    I suggest Xperiablog here to have a new post titled ‘Sony, give us JB update NOW!’ and explain that the leaked firmware is prefect enough. We should also realize that Xperia DOESN’T care even we complain here and there, and what we can do is to boyott this brand, and tell others around you NOT to buy Xperia phones as they are ridiculous in terms of both hardware and software. Most importantly, they don’t want to communicate with customers. They just think they have already got the money.

    At the beginning, they just announced in the blog but not the webpage, showing they do not respect the update services. (HTC and Samsung have a special page and even tables talking about that and let customers check through easily)

  • Dimitri

    ????????? ??????? ?? ????. Sony Xperia S ???????? ??????? ???????. Sony ????????? ?????? ?????, ????? ??????? ?????????? ??? ??????, ????????? ??? ????????. ???????? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ???????????? ???? ????????? ????????? ??????, ??????? ?????? ???? ????????? ??????.

  • shabaz

    Dude Jerome , dudets

  • shabaz

    We need a BAtman Phone !

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    i will not buy anything with a cpu from sony

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    update in 100 years

  • Rob

    Sony does not make CPU’s

  • Volkan

    He wants to say according to google translation.
    Stop messing with me. Sony Xperia S is a good phone. Sony takes it’s time to make the upgrade as a mistake, as far as possible. Considering it was a very old equipment, there are some serious bugs that need to be taken care of.

  • Jero

    Lmao is it really him!!?

  • Volkan

    Seems like…

  • Mac

    Plz at least give us something. Roll out the update of one of the XS’devices in sum countries so we know that something is happening and that ppl like me with acros don’t need 2 worry our a**es of cuz unknowing if it’s going 2 be released at all in this life..

  • Jero

    Haha if it is, I’m glad our words don’t fall onto deaf ears

  • Jero


  • ForSonyHaters

    How many do you think cares about the update? out of 10? probably 3? 2? 1? or maybe just you?

    Why do you think others can wait and while you, you cant wait?

    “take your frustrations out where you actually might make some sense and get a life mate” – stop describing yourself. I think you are the one frustrated for the delay of the update.

    Base on your statement I think you are the person with no life just readin BLOGS not worth it…should I quote it?

    Cry and cry like a baby…I still love my XS even if it only have ICS.

    Actually am planning to trash my phone and buy two new Xperia Z, one for you and one for me…HAHAHAHAHA! I think you can save your hard earned money mate. So can get a life and stop reading blogs not worth it.

    and stop crying out loud about the delay and WAIT. YOU’RE SO KNOW IT ALL.

  • Jake

    I’m from the Philippines and I’m updating my XS to Jelly Bean right now…am not joking.

  • Jero

    You the man B)

  • minlee phang

    good news from malaysia, I’m updating too. good luck peeps

  • Henry

    start updating my Xperia S now…..from malaysia

  • ???????

    loooooooooooooooooooool what a comment haha

  • Zachary Richard

    That was the best decision by sony, if the device doesn’t support 4.2 Ui then why update at all, you’ll be criticizing with a nwe topic buggy jellybean, and trust me sony us trying its best to giv. You the stable jb update

  • Silas Arentsen

    :) i made that pretty good :P

  • lee dudley

    Have just got jb update on my Xperia s on three and in UK downloaded it on Sony pc

  • satya

    I am facing two main problem in jelly bean OS.
    1. Unable to do internet browsing in 2g network
    2. Some times my home screen strucking

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