New Xperia J Jelly Bean firmware (11.2.A.0.31) released

by XB on 29th May 2013

in Firmware, Xperia J

Xperia J firmwareNew Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware is now rolling out to Xperia J (ST26i) handsets as expected. Firmware version 11.2.A.0.31 offers no noticeable changes over the previous build (11.2.A.0.21) so is likely to contain minor bug fixes. If you have updated, let us know of any improvements.

Xperia J firmware

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks Aaron and Anurag!

  • Fake2

    so disappointed :(

  • Herman

    How can you be disappointed with this firmware update?
    Have you even tried it on your Xperia J yet?

    Let me guess, you don’t even own an Xperia J, do you..?

  • xMelBurNx

    Xperia j xperia p has been updated to jelly bean when xperia s we are still waiting .OMG i need it my xperia s with ics its so clumsy and lags all the time just for open de gallery or open the Walkman.Every time i need to execute clean master to clean the RAM.comon i wasted 370 € damn!!!!

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Thumbs up but only because you didn’t swear like a Dmitry-hating wombat

  • Guest

    Unlock the bootloader and get a custom rom. You may never look back.

    Oh, let me guess, carrier branded unit? :(

  • fgrsthy

    Does anyone even own a Xperia J? xD

  • SxsUser

    I’m sure that has a Sony Xperia S :D

  • DoucheyTuesday

    ‘The best of Sony in an Xperia J Jellybean update’

  • djsilentg

    Yeah my unbranded unit works fine. I won’t be updating to jb unless the camera is improved

  • DoucheyTuesday


  • BadFlyOne

    Check first the update for JB of XPS, and next you can develop your different new device ._.

  • portug2

    Is this available?

  • trainer

    I don’t think sony will bring out jb update for xperia s this month… frustrated…

  • xMelBurNx

    i knew how to unit a custom rom i wont be so angrier and tired of my xperia s -.-

  • in my opinion all xperia s user should go and buy a samsung so sony realise that they can’t fuck with their customers. especially those that pay alot for a flagship

  • Andrew D

    Andrews Blacklist for Devices:
    1. iPhone
    2. Sony
    3. ………

  • Andrew D

    Osoi perimenoun to upgrade, trelenontai…. opos kai ego … lol

  • MK

    I have an Xperia S and my wife an Xperia J, the it’s a very decent phone actually, you people can’t just think that all phones must be 8 cores and have 40Mp cameras to be any good… The Xperia J has an awesome design, it performs very good as a phone and connected device, the screen is quite decent and the battery life makes my Xperia S look bad.
    It costed €150.
    3 Years ago a phobe with similar specs woyuld cost €300+, your Xperias Z, SGS4, iPhone5, will look like crap in a few more years to, not meaning they aren’t good, they will just look MUCH inferior.

  • xperia s is shitty because of sony….

    the device is great in almost every thing…

    but then again , it’s the “shitty” software support from sony made this device worst than a cheap phone…

  • ” xperia s user should go and buy a samsung”

    i say : “huawei” XD

  • “Cuz if not, Imma cry.”

    Cuz if not, Im going for war (who’s with me)

  • ravy

    this is JB fo XJ,,why you discuss about anotherr HH???? so fooooolllll you gaysss, really relally fool..nice job for sony, now i can upgrade my J…hahahaha

  • sonyxperia

    when xperia ion hspa get jelly bean?

  • lolsomany

    next time, tell any friends of yours buy only sony midrange phone. they will get faster update than it flaship. if someone want buy flagship just go to galaxy series or htc. if some feel need update for more than 2 years go buy Iphone. if someone didn’t want to think about update just go buy china smartphone

  • Herman

    Unfortunately no, I don’t own an Xperia J.

  • so don’t come here. :/ :P

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Come on, hermy, it’s a perfectly respectable need to be embarrassed about owning one!

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  • Quentin

    I do :)

  • asdf

    Having massive problems with this update. All I get is messages about all kinds of apps crashing and it does not recognise my memory card.

  • dede

    please try to reupdate,I pretty sure your android will be okay

  • kru

    Had a problem with notification light on incomming of msgs aftr updating firmware,,

  • Guillermo D. Sabio III

    i do too

  • ? ?

    hahahahahahahahahahaha cannot agree any more

  • ? ?

    hahahaha shitty mainland china brand

  • Shreyatama Haldar

    Just updated, no problems yet! :)

  • Kumar Salagrama

    I have own the Xperia J and updated to .31 version unfortunately i am getting the error after upgrading to .31 and the error was like “Unfortunately process is stopped” and same time i am getting another error like “Unfortunately process is stopped” and i have found that ringtones.. photo snaps are not saving and same same time i am not able to play the music from my mobile when i a select to play any music it is showing the above error please suggest me on this regard

  • pallab

    i cant see any changes in my phone…(xperia j)…n this phone jb is just lyk ics…but faster n less laggy then ics..but the new firmware is just a joke..

  • Guillermo D. Sabio III

    i have updated my J’s firmware and it made my phone more laggy.. damn that stupid update.. is there any way to undo this update?, i didn’t install any apps after i update my phone from 11.2.A.0.21 to 11.2.A.0.31, and last night, my phone went down, it booted after i press the unlock button… please guys help me! thanks! :)

  • dale

    i just updated! thank god they fixed the issue with the walkman. before i wasnt able to change album art. now errthing is good and its not laggy!

  • Vignesh Giridharan

    .31 has a major WiFi issue. It refuses to connect to my home network. Also, they have changed the time format to now show AM/PM along with the time. Which is pretty uncool. I know if it’s frickin day or night!!

  • viki

    i have xperia j, i want update my phone,,, but facing problem….. i was started updating but not yet done…..

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  • kanagaraj

    Xperia J (ST26i) handsets Firmware version 11.2.A.0.31 is not view in my sony pc companion. how to i view this update please help me

  • banyu biru

    lucky I did not renew my xperia j …. it’s because you read all the complaints, thx a lot

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  • db

    Does anyone know how to update your systen in experia j with out using a pc companion?

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