Sony adds new transparent UI to Xperia UL [Video]

by XB on 1st June 2013

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Xperia UL ThumbSony Mobile has included a new transparent feature in au by KDDI’s Xperia UL (SOL22). As seen in the video below, when moving around the home screen you will notice that both the on-screen keys as well as the nav bar at the top of the device have a transparent background as opposed to a black background on current Xperia devices.

This effect only occurs when you are in the home screen – as soon as you hit the settings, small widgets or any app the on-screen key background turns black. It’s a nice touch and we hope to see this UI hit Xperia handsets outside of Japan.

Xperia UL Transparent UI

Via RBMen.

  • m sacha

    i want that on my xperia Z

  • With a a really simple systemui apk mod this can be achieved ;)

  • karamelakimo

    woooooooow..they are listening to us when we say that on blog of z

    i really wanna c that on my Z
    i love u sony u doing well this year….GO on :D

  • DoucheyTuesday

    ‘The best of Sony in a new transparent feature’…………………….still won’t stop me hitting those keys by accident and exiting apps instead of hitting the spacebar. They really need shrinking or something.

  • Ambroos

    It’s quite likely we’ll see this for the other 2013 models with the update to 4.2, together with other fun stuff like Music Unlimited integration in the Walkman app.

  • guest

    wow that actually looks really good

  • nidou bossy

    Port that shit to Xperia S

    ROOTED on JellyBean stock ROM

  • m sacha

    ive had a galaxy nexus, a nexus 4, and now xperia z, not once have i ever pressed home instead of the spacebar…lol

  • I have an Xperia S and I have hit the home “button” instead of space, feel you bro

  • DoucheyTuesday

    You don’t ever type anything worth reading…lol

  • DoucheyTuesday


  • m sacha

    oh im sorry, next time i type something i’ll bear in mind that i need to please you, because it seems like your mum has stopped pleasing you…i feel sorry for you, i give my condolences…

    and besides, im a sony fan, i’ll even call myself a sony fanboy, but what im not is a troll, that my friend, is you…

  • PowerSonic

    I think only the smaller screen phones have this problem. I have an Xperia S. Me too done the same.

  • guest

    there’s such like an apk to make this to other xperias(none rooted)? please let me know if it has.. :/

    p/s: look cool isn’t?

  • guest

    well, i’m use to be hit “V” key instead of space key..LOL

  • Okazuma

    I think it will be released ad apk like the previus HOME

  • AsadMulla

    The guy HAD a nexus and now HAS a sony. how does that make him a samsung fan boy. Also I have xperia Z and i havent hit the home button instead of the space bar.

  • Herman

    I don’t know if you’ve realised, but the Xperia S doesn’t come with this navigation bar out of the box.

  • Herman

    That’s the ‘b’ for me o_O

  • Okazuma

    on Xperia S is useless because it has physical buttons.
    Just the upper bar can change…..

  • Guest

    not because of those buttons , but because of the notification bar….feel me ?

  • Billy de Fretes

    read it carefully before trolling … even if he has more phone than you there’s no need to say such thing..

  • nidou bossy

    its useful cuz i got these built in screen buttons in my previous custom jb rom, same like xperia Z buttons

  • nidou bossy

    ..and i don’t know either if u realzied that i got these built in screen buttons in my previous custom jb rom, same like xperia Z buttons.. so if i want, i can do it again ;)

  • Kreg

    I would like having this feature on my Xperia Z, but with both bars being fully transparent. A fully transparent menu background would be nice as well. I don’t really like half transparent and grey instead of black things.

  • Uslan

    This looks good but PIE CONTROLS is much better.

  • Uslan

    “Music Unlimited integration in the Walkman app”

    Wow! that’s such a great idea

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    It’s really looks yesw nice, want this I’m my Xperia z , this designe make you feel its really a 5″ screen, sony is fixing all its previous shit, gd job sony

  • yanglokal

    That’s very cool. With transparent design like Windows 7 Aero :O

  • Ben

    how? I really don’t know…Is rooting or flashing required?

  • APai

    how hard is it to port the same to 2012 models , especially the T/ V?

  • APai

    “Windows 7 Aero” ?
    din’t anyone ever do that before ? O.o

  • xperia

    and i thought last time you insist that they are photoshoped

  • man

    Yes,it is rquired, with some other tweaks(deodexed ROM)

  • Gokhan Bagdadi

    Need JB For Ionnn Liar Sony end of may ? :@

  • Herman

    … And I don’t know if you’ve realised,
    but I specifically mentioned out of the box.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I rarely use space bar because I use the Slide to type feature.

  • Yep, apparently there already is one for the Xperia S:

  • Okazuma

    but in xperia s repeats the functions of physical buttons taking up space on the screen

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  • x102x96x

    PLS add it to Xperia Z

    But with option to choose it or not ;)

  • Guest

    U r the only one i guess…kidding :P

  • Drizzle

    Fuuu I wanna go to Japan now…

  • nidou bossy

    i don’t care about out box or out shit since i can have these virtual buttons on screen on xperia S, the same like Z like UL like T, like the rest…etc

    so why all this drama about ”out of the box”

    u have to realize its all about possibility that we can do that shit to xperia S not just the originally Xperias that has this built-in shit

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Very well done. makes the screen look much better with the wallpaper chosen. Google should do that in the next update, instead of the black bar on the homescreen.

  • Ambroos

    It’s coming, it has even been demonstrated but for some reason never got much attention. At MWC:

  • Ambroos

    The first ones that appeared on Esato were early mockups, they’ve implemented it now :)

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  • Raphael

    Podcasts management in the Walkman app would also be very very very much appreciated.

  • Herman

    I have to say, your comment doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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  • Dann William

    it’s a small thing but it will make the screen looks much much better , hope to see this in the next xperia z/zl update

  • yanglokal

    hhmm… Yes Win 7 Aero (i don’t know why i can say that)

  • Andrew Tan

    This is cool, please be official, currently I am running MOD version –

  • Coollead

    I think the UL is one of the best phones I’ve seen this year.. feels so good in the hand too.

  • paska

    Xperia phones have the worst displays!! WHY SONY WHY!

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  • Awesome

  • Gitarooman

    just add an option to control the UI transparency in the setting for all xperia phone sony.

  • falesh chaudhary

    Yup thats what we want…Y cant SONY think of that…if they can add pulse control option they should add this in next update also as the navigation buttons are on screen ..they should be customizable too…

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