New Jelly Bean firmware certified for Xperia S [6.2.B.0.211]

by XB on 5th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S JB update

Sony Mobile will soon rollout new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware to Xperia S (LT26i) owners.  Firmware version 6.2.B.0.211 was certified earlier today by the PTCRB and will mainly bring bug fixes over the previous version 6.2.B.0.200. Sony has confirmed that the update will land during week 23-24 (so we should see it released by week commencing 10 June).

Sony Talk Xpeira S

Xperia S JB update

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Rocky

    seems,sony has changed its strategies. providing updates and bug fixes in a glance !! WOW !! Let’s hope for the best !!

  • Nowfal

    Sony. Are you really Sony ? :D Good going.. Waiting.

  • flagshitXS

    so the “bug free” JB for XS in June is real :D fuck Dmitry right ?

  • angry xperia ION user in 3…2…1 :D .. just kidding :)
    that’s fast update from sony..

  • darkerm

    hope it fix bug of Full HD video rec and Cellular network

  • AA

    I thought I would stop checking up on this blog like crazy once I received Xperia S Jelly Bean update but here I am… who am I kidding? Lol. Anyway hope this fixes laggy camera and the weird error message when in low battery (there’s no freaking STAMINA mode to turn on on S, hello!), and for some, their wifi connection issue.

  • David

    Thanks Sony. The fast bug fixes are much appreciated.

  • dsadada

    xperia ion lololololololololololololololo sony ?????

  • Kibhen

    Question, how do you remove the headset icon from the notification tab?

  • dsadada

    delete UnsupportedHeadsetNotifier.apk in system/app

  • John Andrew Santiago

    Week 23 – June 3~June 9
    Week 24 – June 10~June 16

    I don’t know if I’m right :D

    ~Acro S user on the awesome JB update :DD

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Still waiting for JB for my ION.


    eagerly waiting for jelly bean in INDIA as i recently bought my SONY XPERIA S which is soo admiring……….loves SONY

  • Guest

    LOL :D

  • xperia sl

    Excuse,can I know what for the light sensor for Xperia so? There is no any auto brightness settings.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    Need fixes for Acro S too we having also bugs….. If Acro S can’t use a lag free 1080p recording then whats the use of 12mp cam in JB

  • Wolver

    Is there any new Jelly Bean firmware certified for xperia SL ?

  • syed

    u r right. then if u cover the sensor with ur hand, u will noticea slight dimming of the screen. if u uncover it to any light source, u will notice that the brightness is instantly increased by a bit temporarily

  • roobs

    it has been certified for the SL as well :)

  • Akash Tadmare

    So, a new version of JB is going to come out in sometime – as said by Sony. So, the ones who have flashed will get it as a notification? Or do they flash again ?

  • Dhiman Ghosh

    Flash it, man. It’s worth the risk.

  • gizmomp

    2g edge speed internet fix ? Maybe :-)

  • Electrifying Krish

    I didn’t still receive jb update itself still in India Chennai dude when will I get that bug fix then
    omg Sony

  • Quark Gluon

    Yes. If you have ambient light sensor on your phone and you cannot find the setting, it means it’s always on. You can turn it off by applying some mods, but you will have to manually change your brightness way more often.

  • Grig
  • adel

    will we get any jelly bean update at all here in Australia?

  • Fuad123

    Still there is no update in Saudi Arabia? can any one know what is reason for this?pls help…im using Xperia S ( LT 26 )………..

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  • xperiasluser

    there are bugs also in XSL please fix these also

  • kazi

    its not just the video recording lag. has anyone noticed your android desktop icons and widgets are not saved after rebooting your xperia s?

  • Ahmed Khaled Badr El-Deen

    just have some patience , it takes a month or 2 for an update to reach us in middle east :S

  • xperiasluser

    good news to all S,Sl,acro S the same build no is certified for all on PTCRB the link is provided for SL and acro S

  • pejman

    Backup & restore app don’t work such as( media files_ downloaded apps with data)and it just work for system app data.
    Please fix it.

  • Udayan

    Ah, so SONY’s giving some love to Xperia S. Nice nice.

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    thanks dude.

  • xzzz

    i thought the .200 update is out just to make xperia S user stop whining about the JB update, but actually it was not ready yet. And the real updates is .211

  • Walkalone

    Im with Crazy Johns and have it all ready! Use PC companion. Got it this morning.

  • Augusta

    just about time! Will be release around week 23-24 so it would be half june right? Next week hopefully.

  • Oscar

    Dear sony if you want to release a perfet rom plz perform these:

    1-wifi issue

    2-bug in face unlock that sometimes should push power button twice for unlock

    3-empty rom is the same as ICS that have just 200 mb free

    4-data transfer does not work

    5-full hd film recording is laggy

  • Jb Aus

    what is your SI number? I havent got it yet

  • xperiasluser

    please also solve the battery problem which is draining very fast

  • Walkalone

    SI 1257-6735

  • Augusta

    You won’t get any notif from update centre. You will have to update via pc companion or flash it using latest flashtool. Am gonna wait for official FTF file and flash it.

  • roobs

    dude just download the ftf file and use flashtool and voila, you have jelly bean!

  • Augusta

    Use for taking pictures, its the use of camera. lol

  • Daniel

    Xperia S,SL, acro S users at least got the jelly bean update. ION users did get nothing yet!

  • Anatoliy

    Hope fast battery drain will be fixed in .211

  • XP_owner

    What about the new firmware (bug fixes) for Xperia P?????
    JB for Xperia S was released 30 may, for Xperia P – 24 april…
    so XP owners should have the update EARLIER than XS.

  • fried_egg

    the battery life is very poor. I am losing 10% an hour. sort of worrying as I will soon go on holiday and I don’t think it will last the journey (it did last year but I wasn’t seeing this sort of battery drain). it might be because I see a number rather than just a chart in the info bar, but its faster regardless of any extra mental reason. camera lags, and some times the “swish” lags which means you end up selecting the wrong item or even sending the one you wanted into the delete bin

  • Mike

    What are the disadvantages from using flash-tool to install JB on my phone ??? if sony install further updates can i get them normally or do i have to use flash-tool every time a new update comes out ?

  • Vicky

    how to check the serial no in XS ??
    becoz i have different SL no than everybody sharing here…its starts with CBW

  • SSyar

    where is JB ,.,.
    we got it.. got it.,.,
    oohh bugs bugss bugggsssss
    Sony.,. giving a fix in 2 – 3 weeks.,.,.

  • Jb Aus

    that is odd mine is SI 1257-6322

  • Jb Aus

    SI number and Serial is located behind the battery door. It is the big white sticker.

  • Fei Long

    There’s a risk in flashing O_O ?????

  • jayden

    why cant i get it if im in Australia and in also with crazy johns ?

  • adel

    what about the new updates, will i get them ota if i use flashtool to update to jb?

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  • Okazuma

    I hope it brings stamina mode, superior auto, dualshock support AND bug fix

  • Putra

    It means this week? YES! So far new JB update is good enough for me.. <3 Sony…

  • Alex Damer

    Just flash offical JB FTF via Flashtool. This is working for locked Bootloader, too!

  • zeoxzy

    i don’t think so. It’s just bug fixes

  • boosook

    Try this: open google maps, go into settings, disable all options related to localization. You don’t need to do this system-wide, just into maps. Check again (leave your phone in airplane mode during the night and see if the battery drain persists). This solved for me. If it doesn’t work, download “better battery stats”, plug the phone and charge it and unplug it before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, check the alive/deep sleep ratio: when you don’t use the phone, it must be able to go in deep sleep for 98% of the time or something like that. If you notice that the phone isn’t going in deep sleep mode, check the kernel wakelocks and partial wakelocks to understand who’s preventing the cpu from sleeping (check the app website for more detailed information).

  • SXS

    Fuck of Dude. We are Flagship, so sit in a corner with the JB You got and be considerate for it.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Dmitry’s plan to divide and conquer amongst NXT owners is working…damn him!

  • Subrat Tiwari

    No update for xperia s in india… :(

  • DoucheyTuesday

    They’re the best bugs that money can buy.. You should salute that Russian guy.

  • Dany

    Well, that was fast…

  • Juraj Chahine

    june 5 and a released new firmware, and still no JB yet for me .. it’s taking a little bit to long ..

  • surethom

    HOPEFULLY this is why most of the UK has not received Jelly bean Yet, I hope this comes to …Si 1257-3114 Soon.

  • Martin Ambre

    Review after JB Update on Acro S

    My SIM Card gets undetected after sometime… after the update :( …
    fix it… always have to start Airplane mode and switch back ?????

    No burst Mode in Camera :(

    Stamina Mode ????

    The Home Screen keeps on reloading

    Auto Sync button Missing

    Multiselectiion of picture while sending them on apps not available

  • surethom

    Its not really helpful saying week numbers & not dates.
    Week 23 W/C 3rd June
    Week 24 W/C 10th June

  • Utsav Shah

    Please Sony,
    There is Ion too, which was a flagship in some regions.

  • namusa

    Read somewhere – JB for Ion in the third or fourth week of June.

  • namusa

    Tried repairing?

    And the main Auto-Sync button has been removed from JB firmware itself.

  • Oscar

    Dear sony if you want to release a perfet rom .211 plz perform these problms and solve them:

    1-wifi & GPS issue (it just work in airplane mode !!!!!!!!!)

    2-bug in face unlock that sometimes should push power button twice for unlock

    3-empty rom is the same as ICS that have just 200 mb free

    4-full hd film recording is laggy

    5-battery drain so fast

  • namusa

    Probably you’d get the .211 version directly. And probably that’s why we haven’t got the .200 version – Probably!

  • Kiran D S

    yet to receive Jelly bean update in INDIA……

  • Seub

    Xperia TX JB VS. Xperia S JB , Total Ram are same 1GB. why, free ram are difference. I hope battery and free ram are optimize like Xperia TX.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    ‘Cause there are no 1GB in Xperia S, it’s 736 or something like that.

  • APai

    huh ? what do you mean 736 ?
    are you confusing it with free ram?

  • roobs

    yeah, i think so

  • XP_owner

    ‘Flagship’? hahahahaha. Good joke, dick. Flagship is now Xperia Z.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    No, there is theory, that it doesn’t have 1GB as it stated.

  • Shehab Khaled

    There’s no bugs on the update but the battery it drains very fast and the exdended battery mode doesn’t do any new thing

  • Flash

    If someone found a room version 6.2.B.0.211 Official for europe can be install with flashtool, share the link pls!! :D

  • Walkalone

    If the ICS update is anything to go by last year, and someone else may like to verify, but the Vodafone blog guy mentioned they only have a certain number of upgrade slots at any one time, to help ease congestion, so keep trying, its a great update!

  • Walkalone

    and its a Crazy Johns handset? or a Vodafone one?

  • Andrei

    Next week is week 23 and 24 after that.

  • Andrew D

    No Stamina on this version.
    Charging the battery takes for ever.
    I wish they had the stamina installed cause when the battery goes down to 14% it says to use the stamina, which theres is no stamina

  • Lucian

    6.2.B.0.211 is also certified for Xperia SL and Xperia acro S

  • AnasDaiban

    what about the ME update !! i didn’t receive the update until now !! what the hell is going on !! come on SONY !! hurry up pllllllllllllllllz :(

  • AnasDaiban

    yah ,, is there WIFI direct exist !!?

  • AnasDaiban

    still waiting for JB for my XS :(

  • APai

    oh ok, clueless about that

  • Kima

    + volume up button sometimes stop to work

  • Kima

    I hope will get it till 14th june…

  • Kima

    I don’t thinl it’s gonna be this week, maybe next week…

  • sfdg

    Dafuq? How is this funny?

  • ctck

    There is no theory or a conspiration.
    These have an 1GB ram chip. From these 1000mb, a whole chunk is used for hardware, like hw video decoding/encoding, gpu, android surfaceflinger, camera and audio hw dec/enc.
    Don’t ask for more total ram because then then phone will not be able to do some things.

    The laggy 1080p video, is the fault of buggy libraries though.

  • Kima

    data transfer working for me, battery drain is ok for me, I just got laggy recording in 1080p and volume up button problem, sometimes it stop to work… Try to do a clean install or repair via Pc Companion.

  • nice

    oh whatcout we got a bad over here :D what’s going on now? so many months no updates and they keep rolling

  • Jasonwsc

    Wait there is a Xperia Ion? Lol JK, but is your phone the international or AT&T version?

  • Kima

    Yes, I notice that too, hope they gonna fix it…

  • Mac

    I noticed something seriously funny in new JB(.200). When the battery level was lowere(14%) it asked me to put my phone in STAMINA mode to increase battery life.. Any one else noticed this?

  • Kima

    everyone lol

  • Mac

    Seriously LOL. I think this error will be updated in .211 :P

  • elmeu coreu

    Can’t understand why after been waiting 6 months ¡¡¡ Uptade seems to be done in a hurry (??)

  • Toni

    That is FALSE. THIS is week 23 (3-9 june) and NEXT is week 24 (10-16 June).

  • rus_media

    Sony took some software internees for XS JB. These dumbs killed lot off times on this issue to release a bugs free version. Now we can see Sony’s ability on software

  • Arne

    the ME update :P haha. did’t received it as wel :)

  • dsadada

    International version

  • badflyone

    I’m frensh. With my XPS I don’t receive the original pictures who my Friends send.
    The original is 400Ko and on my phone the same picture is 40Ko.

    WTF ?

  • Bartolo Trovato

    Still waiting for the first jb update for xperia s….do you remember italy?

  • nidou bossy

    This page have already announced the official rollout of Xperia S JellyBean WORLD WIDE and It won’t keep doing it for every individual’s area/place/country. so, if u didn’t get ur JB update yet, stop nagging like a bitch about Xperia JB update, u don’t think the rollout will land to all Xperia S ever existed at the same time, just be patient or hit ur head in the wall if u won’t… It’ll come to your place either way.

  • Unknown

    Nidou since the update is released a weak ago, Xperia S owners wont have patience to wait for it especially that some people got it…others no !

  • fried_egg

    cheers, i shall give some of that ago…

  • nidou bossy

    they still alive without JB update and this won’t put an end to their life… the excitement will wash away once they’ll get that JB update!

  • adam

    ive experienced this, u have to restart phone to get it working !! :/ so annoying

  • hafezalayat

    this week is the 23rd week. ends on 10th of june . and the next week wiil be 24th week so the update will be rolling out in 10 days maximum. for me i will wait for the official update . .

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    XS is 2012 flagship idiot -.-

  • Kima

    yes, so annoying… but they gonna fix that it with upcoming firmware .211

  • adam

    they better do!! when is this firmware coming ? camera lags when u choose effect !! try that

  • hafezalayat

    we are in the third day of the 23rd week now ,

  • surethom

    Most of the UK has not even received Jelly bean yet, hopefully Sony was waiting for this bug fix before sending out the updated jelly bean to the rest of the users?????

  • Kima

    I think it will rollout next week… they said on 23-24 week

  • ManRaj

    Main fixes that we want–
    1) 1080p bug should be fixed
    2) 2g data bug
    3) Batteryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    4) I didn’t have any problem with the Wifi but some people are having that.
    5) Remove “Stamina mode” thing when battery is 14% or less. It is irritating since we aren’t provided with that feature :/

  • Techie Monstaaa


  • ? ?

    is existenZ good enough ? i think that is little more battery drains compare with 4.04

  • hafezalayat

    that’s right you’ve got the point . sony rolled out the update and then stop it to fix some bugs and re-rolling of the update in 10 days as it said

  • Xperia ion

    Where’s jelly bean updation for Xperia ion hspa???
    this s my last sony device
    even galaxy s2 got jelly bean months ago
    I preferred ion coz it have one of the best display
    but nw I understood that sony releases too many devices but doesn’t care for it later

  • Utsav Shah


  • Seub

    I mean after phone start free ram are difference between Xperia S and TX.

  • csds

    2012? Where is the JB for 2011 flagship? Where, stupid boy?!!

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    JB for Xperia Arc ??? ….ask Sony, not me

  • Has anyone else noticed that when you go into Google Now the cursor is *always* in the search box by default and therefore forces the keyboard to display? I always have to hit back once or twice to see all the cards which is slightly frustrating. I don’t know if this is a Sony or Google Now/Search app issue. I typically launch from the home screen

  • SonySuck

    I think sony may already knew that the bugs still exists, but still rollout .200 to confirm their word?

  • Tycho Van Malderghem

    dont ask for that stupid stamina mode popup to go away ask for the staminamina mode itself if your expectations are so high

  • Tycho Van Malderghem

    XPERIA ION!!!!!!!!!!

  • elmeu coreu

    google now neither works 100% , not ables voice recognition

  • Herman

    Dafuq? Why is he using dots and commas like that .,…,?,..,

  • Maqsood Pasha

    I still dint got jb for my Xperia s sl no 1264-4177 did anyone got update….

  • no wifi direct
    no stamina mod
    no white balance
    no nothing….


    fuck u sony…

  • more than 31 people find this funny…

    check ur self buddy

  • Herman

    I don’t even know how Sony could’ve given us Jelly Bean without being able to record 1080p video (basically).
    I guess everyone was complaining about the release that Sony felt pushed.

  • there’s no freaking STAMINA mode to turn on on S, hello!

  • choconus

    Bravia engine 2 too?

  • Aritra Roy

    You stole my words! :-)

  • burrq

    i sick with the bugs…i hope sony will roll out the new update to fix these bugs ASAP for acro s and other xperia with s on its name too..esp regarding with camera, wifi and battery problems which are crucial for daily life usage..thank you..

  • christere

    Of course it is helpful and obvioius what it means.

  • Ion

    Where’s jelly bean For Ion…. Still how many days…. How many weeks…. Or how many months

    I can’t. Wait for anymore days….
    Better I change my ion many apps & games or not working ( Avengers initiative, NFS Most Wanted, GTA Vice City, Facebook Home)

    Camera is also poor compare to s3
    stupid autofocus, poor quality camera & camera software is waste

    Even audio quality is loud but not clear or clarity

    Screen quality is good

    Battery drains to fast

    Cases & covers are also not available

  • Matrix

    same same :(

  • yeah , if u didn’t write “:D .. just kidding :)”

    they surely will attack you after “3”

  • Ion

    SP is good but waste camera quality
    Even GSMarena review say it’s worst compare to other 8 mxp camera


  • looks like there will always be bugs with every xperia s update….

    mark my word…..there will be 6.2.B.0.250 , 6.2.B.0.255….and whatever

    6.2.B.0.211 is not the last fix update….

  • Ion


  • I haven’t had any issue with voice recognition (US user here)

  • Satei Hanoon

    Flash tool not work win I update

  • SeVeMaS

    stamina mode is called “extended standby mode”

  • bujar

    video camera not workin properly

  • bujar

    some application not workin properly

  • bujar

    in 4.1 jelly bean

  • venky

    fuck u sony stil no update in india …………….

  • Senay Mehreteab

    have not HDR and superior camera so i hope to fix camera and battery life!!!

  • Senay Mehreteab

    have not HDR, superior camera and stamina mode so i hope to fix camera and battery life in Xperia S !!!

  • Sarab

    what STAMINA mode do is: turn off data, wifi and applications.

    What “Enhanced Battery” option do is: turn off data, wifi and applications.

    so they are the same thing, you can say you have STAMINA in your device.

    Sorry for my english.

  • Sarab

    update it using flashtool, is the same and is so easy!

  • Sarab

    2011 flagship was a “Sony ERICSSON”, plus they have an 18 month support frame or something like that.

  • Senay Mehreteab

    have not HDR, superior auto and stamina mode so i hope to fix camera and battery life in Xperia S 4.1.2 jb !!!

  • Sarab

    Enhanced BAttery mode do the same Sh&% as STAMINA mode! people should stop complaining about it, 1080p works fine for me you should add as number 6) HDMI to TV with poor quality

  • hfgjh

    Then can someone explaine it? Because imo it doesnt fucking make sense and I think people “vote up” just because its a f-ing meme.

  • Subrat Tiwari

    when we ll get the JB Update for xperia s in india… ?????????????????????????

  • asshole

    ‘explaine’? What kind of dumbfuck you are.

  • Albin

    on *.200 3G can’t get it up!!!!! and on the lock screen, the text that says swipe up down to unlock keeps either showing or not showing up!!! this is not a product, its a half-product, i am angry at you sony mainly because my xperia s wasn’t that CHEAP!!!!!

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    Grrrrrrrr. That piss me off too.

  • Guest

    Yes ” already release”

  • KubsiJack

    Yes, ” already release”

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    I hope they fix the wifi problem.

    Mine only work if I restart the phone. And just works for couple of hours. After that the connection drops every minute (not kidding!).

    Something that piss me off a lot too is that when I restart the phone the keyboard that I use (swiftkey) is disabled and the oficial from sony is put by default. It’s annoying have to go to the settings and change it all the time.

    Fastcapture FINALLY it’s working. And I’m loving it. Don’t have nothing to complain about the camera. Even the full hd is working flawless

  • hjgjh

    Right back at you :)

  • Albin

    3g -> it was working fine until today, it just stopped, went to network settings and tried reconnecting to my network with a little 3G icon next to it, 3G then worked for about not more than a minute and stopped completely after that
    also. why is the color of the UI pink in my walkman, only when theres no album art tho
    i updated to jb 2.6.2013.

  • ( ok , here we go ,somebody gotta explain this funny joke to those dumb fucks)

    “well that escalated quickly”

    it’s 5/6/2013 now

    and the update released in 31/5/2013

    if u didn’t get it , that’s becuz u don’t have brain any more…

  • Dakota

    Gahhhhh. They better update the Ion first before they give SXS a bug update.

  • infernovip

    ok… so now im waiting for update for bugs in xperia p JB… i have hope this will be fast too

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    how do I change the resolution for Video Recording? I can only change for Pictures

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    how do you change the resolution for video recording?

  • Anand

    hallow Khired ,
    JB updates released on 29/5/2013 according to sony’s website .
    till now updates are not getting by half of the world .
    what sony is doing ?

  • Lucian

    You got new lockscreen, new launcher, new Sony apps (phone, messages, album, movies, walkman (new sound enhancements) etc.), notification toggles, extended standby mode, myXperia, Xperia Link, new camera (better scene recognition, picture effects, preview, faster auto focus, ability to capture photos while recording etc.), clearphase, magnifier for text selection etc. etc.

    I just don’t know what to say any more.. First people were complaining about when update will arrive, and now it’s like the update is nothing because of some features that didn’t make the cut.. New update is already on the way and more complaining..

    If they would include everything that Z have they would complain why isn’t there new transparent UI or LED effects from SP or something else..

  • Lucian

    when you open camera there is a button in top left corner that says SCN AUTO. press it and select video camera. Now press menu and you have options to select resolution, stabilization etc. ;)

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    Cheers, mate! I feel actually so stupid for not checking there before :)

  • “better scene recognition” ?

    do u have XS ? or u just defending sony hopelessly as usual ?

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    Agreed! Small Apps are great as well! Apart from my battery which is lasting a bit less, the rest of the update is working great and I did not experience any of the described bugs… still need to get home and check the HDMI connection but I rarely use that since I usually just play everything via wifi home network

  • Lucian

    oh yea totally forgot about small apps. another great feature ;)

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    It should only show the text when you first start your phone. After first unlock, it should stop

  • Vicky

    thanx man….but i have the same SL no as some other guy on sony forum from UK…how come 2 phones with same Sl no ??

  • Lucian

    Yes, I have XS. Let me explain “better scene recognition”: in ICS I always had normal mode and changed manually because scene detection was working really slow.
    Now in JB scene recognition works better than ICS, much faster.
    I said this because a lot of people complained about XS’s JB not having superior auto and I don’t care because regular auto scene selection is improved.

    And I’m not defending, just stating the facts. There were a lot of improvements in Jelly Bean and you can’t deny that. Sure there are also bugs (fullHD recording, quick launch bug, unlocking bug (where power button does nothing and you have to press twice or trice) wi-fi bug(don’t have that luckily), stamina message at 14% and probably some more) but with a fast update to .211 they will probably be gone (hope so).

    With all the new features we received I’m happy and with that fast fix for bugs I’m even happier. If this bug fix would never arrive I would be pissed off too because I use fullHD recording a lot, camera button and quick launch are my daily usages and I can’t use any of these features reliably right now.

  • Kima

    lol :D Paulo play with yr phone :)

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    I know i know… :/ I got so blind for having both buttons availables (take picture and start REC) that instead of selecting SCN AUTO I was only pressing the “menu” button – and there all you can find is Camera resolution.. cut me some slack, I’ve only had JB for 24 hours :P lol

  • u know that this jb update comes after over year since they released jb.right?

    and all those Sony-fanboys defending sony for this late update claiming that “sony wanna make sure this update is bug-free” !

    and then it’s the update that’s not free from those bugs!

  • Kima

    It’s ok, I’m just kidding :)

  • Kamal


  • Lucian

    Yes I know that, but better late than never. They messed up with all these updates but at least they are working on it and improving it. And in my opinion .211 was meant to rollout from start of June, but they did not want to get trough all of the complains and hate because of delay so they released .200 when they said they will.

    And I was also all furious when we didn’t get the update end of 2012 or start of 2013 but where does it get you? Nothing happens, nothing changes, all you do is feel bad. And now we got Jelly Bean, bug fixes are on the way and past is past..

  • For crying out loud bring jelly for ion, before another 50 delays for a bugfix release

  • Ü77

    Yes jb works fine in Estland, thank you! Some apps went nuts but they recovered later after punching them. Can’t understand only the easyest thing- how to add own mp3 song under some contact? Only Sony own ringtones are shown. Own song list from memory was under some button up on right corner but it gone now:/ any ideas or did I missed some line somewhere?

  • Joe Merol

    No, they are not.

    Stamina allows you to whitelist apps, and saves your IP, so you can reconnect to a mobile network much faster, effectively making it a better JuiceDefender.

    Do your homework before you run your mouth, moron.

  • radheck

    the .211 or the .200?

  • Joe Merol

    No, no one has ever noticed this, you are so smart.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Cool story bro

  • DoucheyTuesday

    You have four with them, please

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Ouch! Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed today!

  • lol , sony should deal with these messages , not me….

    i mean what the hell is ” extended standby mod ” ?

    is it another definition for stamina mod ? or is it…?

    i mean we (Xperia s owners ) are one big ass joke!


  • Roko

    As I said on Sony Xperia Support forum I suggest to everyone who didn’t received 6.2.B.0.200 update yet to see list of bugs first and then consider the option to wait until the next update (6.2.B.0.211) because this one is like something between alpha and beta release in my honest opinion. If the next update don’t fix the major bugs then I recommend you to stay on ICS (now I sorry I didn’t made it that way). Sorry for my bad english it’s not my native language.

  • Martin Ambre

    youre right

  • Rizwan

    Any ONE from HYDERABAD got UPDATES of JELLY BEAN for Xperia S…..

  • Rizwan

    bro wr r u frm..???

  • Roko

    There is difference between “Stamina mode” and “Extended standby mode” (“Stamina mode” is better for sure). Please read somewhere to see what I’m talking about because I’m tired of explaining :)

  • Roko

    Dude, don’t update now I guarantee you that you’ll be sorry if you do that. Just wait (I know that you tired of waiting already) for the new firmware

  • portug2

    No JB in portugal
    Branded Phone from TMN

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  • LaceeWearsPrada

    FUCK IT!!! FUCK YOU SONY!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You update thousand times the xperia fucking S but the Ion.. The Ion haven’t got any Jelly Bean yet…. Enough of waiting for an unreliable corp…

  • SxperiaS

    I already have the update JB. Unbranded Phone.

  • jag

    some people just can’t be contented or happy enough with such things. so much whining.. like a 7 year old kid who can’t understand well.

  • KC

    text selection (cut copy paste) don’t work anymore over .200

  • Arokhantos

    They just copy paste jelly bean firmware from xperia z removed few features put in new kernel and libaries then released it probably done in just a day.
    Since their no stamina mode but if low on batery it suggest to enable it which is’t their.
    These bugs really unacceptable but least they try to fix them fast as possible after a release.
    I wish this was also the case for sony xperia tablet s that has been abonded already by sony.
    People report bugs but sony remains ignorant and foolish with their reactions.

  • Morabits

    Assim que é bom (:

  • SaLoOoMX

    Fuck u sony we waiting for jb acor s long time middle east i hate u know i will take Samsung fuck u

  • Belo

    Nope. you see how look Samsung? It’s ugly.

  • Guest

    Sorry for the off topic, but this happened me today

  • TheTeaser

    Awesome I didn’t got my Jelly Bean yet here in Jordan & there is a bug fix DARN!!!

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Thanks for the info! =)

  • no name

    when The ion?
    fuck you sony,

  • fuck sony so much

    fuck sony ;The Ion haven’t got any Jelly Bean yet. fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!

  • sony fuck

    yes.fuck sony ;The Ion haven’t got any Jelly Bean yet. fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!fuck sony!

  • bkun

    it works, just double tap

  • Carl

    For those if you complaining that Jelly Bean hasn’t reached them, two words . . . “Flash It”. I’ve done it twice and its safe and simple. Stop bitching.

    For Sony, we’re waiting to for the second Jelly Bean update to be made public

  • fried_egg

    charged it to 100%, just unplugging it saw that drop to 99%. anyway, airplane mode & data off, and then didnt touch it for 11 hours. screen said 98% — which means something is eating battery, either poor network signal struggles or data, and under battery only android system and screen stand out and it is not being used “more” than it was under ics… so lets see if with maps turned off from recording location that changes.

  • Jayesh

    No JB update yet in India (Karnataka). I am still running ICS.

  • Janika

    Sony Loves Fuck

  • naveen

    bug fixes r cming but wen can i update my xperia S?? am frm india……. i can see d release in d site but stil dis crap PC companion is teling ur fone is up to date…….. wen r u guys planning to actually release jelly bean 4 xperia S in india?? gosh!! :(

  • Ricky Rangire

    are you kidding,its been a week…check again buddy

  • Ricky Rangire

    already released in India,using it since a week, download Sony SUS and check again

  • Ricky Rangire

    wow,this is quick,sony is on roll…

  • Jb Aus

    Wow!, has been a week and no jb in australia. SI 1257-6322 Custom AU/BLack

  • adam

    the funny thing is, is the xperia z gets the low battery pop up saying enable extended standby LOL fail!!!!

  • Xperia S(hit)

    same here…im still using ICS =
    i will try SUS now cuz my shitty PC companion never stop telling me that my phone is up ti date >_>

  • Anatoliy

    This topic is not about ION so – fuck off and wait as all we waited before.

    If you can’t wait anymore or you don’t like ION – change it and shut up

  • Xperia S(hit)

    thats the problem…i think their phones ugly & mostly 2 big

  • Xperia S(hit)

    no use…even with SUS same story…no update…fuckers

  • sharath kamath

    Ppl dont stop complaining. If they fix also such thin…


  • Xperia S

    Flash it its simple look out for the topic in xperia blog and its safe.. I flashed it.. couldnt wait for the sony SUS or pc companion to say “U got an update”.

  • Xperia S(hit)

    what a joke…we didnt get the first update so they announce the second1
    i just called my local sony support & they said wait 2-3 days & then check again…yeah right…i bet this 2-3 days will become 2-3 months…so i just was like…umm…ok…so there is a jellybeans ur saying….ok bye…..bitch!

  • Nabil

    Wrong use of memes is wrong.

  • Nabil

    Well, he used the meme wrong …

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  • Apoorv

    arre did everything yaar just flashing in left.. i mighr even do that but u know i have a couple of weeks left of warranty.
    and the update may arrive to some at the end of JUNE.

  • MoHiT

    Just Flash The World Ftf..I Already Flashed It And Using It ;-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    I do think you right one that. The info don’t say “Enabling STAMINA MODE in power managment…” it do say “Enabling STAMINA mode…”. Sony is calling there feature for Stamina Battery Enhancment I guess.

  • Jerry Berglund

    MyXperia? I dont have that one in mine, and I had it in my ICS version.

  • Jerry Berglund

    But its here now. Why be mad. Yes it was bad, but its not anymore. Well the truth seems that the software was done allready last year. But Sony headquartes in Japan scrapt it, because they wanted JB to Zperia Z to be finished first, and they let the software development in Japan work on XS instead. Somehow they didnt make it, so Lund in Sweden had to take over the development from scratch. So no, I dont think they had a year to do this. And it dont really seem to be the fault of developers but more of coperate politics and powerstruggle that made problem.

  • Mistah Green

    Does anybody know when will the JB update will reach kuwait? PLS REPLY, CAUSE IM SICK OF WAITING, EVEN WHEN THE UPDATE GOT RELEASED I HAVE TO WAIT EVEN MORE!!!!

  • Ali Kabiri

    where did you download the rom?

  • Ali Kabiri

    where can we download the ROM?

  • Luigi

    For those people that are complaining because they did not receive the update, well SHUT THE FUCK OF AND USE FLASHTOOL! Sony did a good job with jelly bean update!

  • shen rong

    Good to see this… my phone keep crashing and restarting….

  • elmeu coreu

    you are working somewhere bro ? What will happen to you if after finishing your job, (very, very late, much late you promised to your CEO) you need to amend most part of it ¿¿???

    Probably you already be out of this work place.
    Am I wrong if I say it is not a good job?

  • Siva

    Encryption with Airwatch MDM agent fails after upgrading to JB-.200 on SL.
    I use the Airwath MDM agent for the corporate access. It was fine with the ICS but after update, i installed AW and the device encryption fails.

    Anyone else with these kind of issues

  • M Wahyu Agusrieno

    no white balance?? and what is this?

  • SaLoOoMX

    But not lag like sony and support its good

  • M Wahyu Agusrieno

    anyone got problem with flash? because anytime take a picture with flash, i got picture little bit purplish (sorry about my grammar CMIW)

  • Lucian

    he meant white balance settings for display calibration as Xperia Z and ZL have

  • M Wahyu Agusrieno

    oh, sorry, i don’t know about that

  • -_-

    white balance for the screen…

    not for the camera…u fucking idiot

    go troll some where else boy

  • PunchamBir Singh

    Still no update for xperia s in india….What the hell is this?Waiting and stilll waiting
    Any answer

  • it’s not full arabic support

  • from mideast

  • Andrew D

    If you think about it, Sony delayed the JB veeeeeeeery long , the least you could expect was to have it perfectly made..and Bug Free..

  • Kris

    Flash it with flashtool

  • aligamz

    I just checked the calendar and weeks 23 and 24 are last week and this one. The fuck, Sony?

  • aligamz

    Never mind….it’s this week and the next one….

  • Mika

    Do u have S or SL?

  • Andrew D


  • Lucian

    weird.. I have it in settings/Xperia/MyXperia..

  • Yuri

    Please. . .tell me. . i think the camera is not performing well. . i hope this fix the issue too. . .

  • drzeljko

    It is soooo funny.people ask about update today. If you wait so long and decline to use flash tool, then the update is not for You! Keep using ICS and shut up! I dont even check sus ,just flash and use JB with pleasure!
    Bad,bad english : )sory for that.

  • drzeljko

    You shuld wait to last days of july and then flash it.

  • Eric

    Is using Flash-tool 100% safe ??
    and also if their was future updates do i alwys need to use flash tool in install them or well they just get installed like everything is Normal ???

  • Arsham

    I really don’t understand why some people are so stupid! Maybe the God had forgot to put brain in their heads!
    Idiots, Sony has started fixing bugs and releasing new firmware soon, for you donkeys to get a stable JB and stop whinning like… .

  • Beatriz Cruz

    It is 100% SAFE. The JB update was not at PC Companion or Update Service, so I used flashtoll (México) and it works like a dream.
    And, I do believe that future updated will arrive via notification. Of this late, Im not sure.

  • rizz

    wr r u frm ricky…i’m from hyderabad here its not available…

  • KH

    Media files and apps with data will be grey out if you choose to backup to internal storage; if you want to backup those you’ll have to choose to backup to an external usb device via USB OTG

  • Amlish Ghaffar

    Is flashing my Xperia SL is safe???
    as i have waited too long for JB n still not available in my country so i decided to flash my phone as i dont care about warranty. But tell me is it 100% safe because i was reading some content people were saying that after flashing battery drain is too much and for some people WIFI was not working without going to Air Plane mode !
    so i am all confused what to do??

  • arame

    my wifi doesn’t work after updating!
    what should i do?

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    Some details.

  • namusa

    If you follow the steps correctly – it is safe.
    I flashed my XS and it works good. The WiFi bug is in the firmware. Some have, some don’t and some got rid of it after repairing their phone (after flashing). And flashing has nothing to do with battery drain. It’s all firmware.

  • fried_egg

    media go / xperia s is back to its old tricks… why does it say it needs over 2 hours to import 60 photos?

  • Andrew D

    They say its gonna be released between 23-24….. for everyone? Or is the update gonna last for over a month? Anyone know anything about it?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok… well I didnt have. I had to download the version that Xperiablog pointed too.

  • sharath kamath

    Update it using flashtool. Tutorial avail in older post …
    I did it and its really smooth and bttr expr.

  • sharath kamath

    I feel extended battery and stamina mode are same Isn’t it ?

  • Martin Ambre

    not on Xperia Acro S…

  • Martin Ambre

    where is the PlayStation App????

  • surethom

    Thanks for the post, lets now hope the update comes out to All of us soon.

  • Kippel

    And I’m still waiting .200 version. Well, I’ll wait a few (days/weeks/months? Who knows) for the .211

  • vortex

    where is multitasker then?

  • hafezalayat

    the week 23rd has already started on the 3rd of juns . and the update will arrive in 10 days maximum

  • Andrew D

    Power management and stamina mode is almost the same, but in the stamina mode you get options to change things around.

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    you can download it from here:

  • Augusta

    Why keeps whining for .200, if you haven’t got the update yet in your region just wait for the .211 then. So you guys don’t need to update twice. Wait for next week, hopefully.

  • Augusta

    Nope. Week 23-24 would be next week bro, around middle of june 15-16th .

  • Augusta

    well You heard it! they said week 23-24. So i think it would be on the end of week, june 8th or june 15th. Just be patience. It should there on june 5th im sure. Meanwhile enjoy your buggy JB! lols

  • kenner

    theres no update to my xperia p even i already check at the sony companion its always say is up to date every time i connect my xperia p to the sony companion please help me thanks

  • Gareth

    how about the Acro S?

  • Alex

    Who the hell are you to tell people to shut up? If people want to wait for the update to arrive by OFFICIAL means, then who do you think you are to tell those people what to do?

  • surethom

    I Did not get the first update here Si-1257-3114 but I guess that was for Sony to fix the bugs????????, Hopefully I will get this sooner than later here in the UK/

  • tomzemo
  • Valerie

    UPDATE IS HERE…!! Unlocked Xperia SL on Sony bridge for Mac is reporting an UPDATE to version 6.2.B.0.200

  • Augusta

    Well you can flash .200 using latest flashtool if you wish. But don’t waste your time for buggy firmware (much issues on this firmware). Just wait for new firmware update .211 hopefully at the end of next week. You may check later via SUS or easily download the official FTF file and flash it. Cheers mate!

  • ElMasPobre


  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    oh, first seen I thought it is the 0.211… :S

  • theindeeder


  • dragoslavz

    Who are you to tell me what to do? If they want to wait then they wait. If do not want to wait, then Flash it and stop complaing.

  • Jose Moya

    Does this applies to the Xperia SL?

  • surethom

    Lucky thing, hope SI-1257-3114 UK gets it this time.

  • Alex

    You said in your first message that if people don’t use flashtool then the update is not for them? You’re talking shit

  • Anatoliy


  • Jerry Berglund

    Someone who got this bugfix yet by the way?

  • Khaled Saif

    What about the P ?!!

    It have an issue with the NFC , And sometimes with the illumination bar doesn’t turn of after locking the phone.

  • Subrat Tiwari

    I think sony people forgot to launch theJB update for XS in india, specially in bangalore. I used to be a big fan of i need to think about it again..damn irritating..Sony..just do me a favor ..GO FUCK UR SELF…

  • Augusta

    found another new issues for .200 :
    1. when charging (even using stock charger) the battery indicator stuck on certain percentage (mine was at 85% with orange led and), after reboot the phone the indicator shows 100%. also when you unplugged the charger when fully charged, the indicator led still on and remains ‘green’. rebooted and everything back to normal.

    2. when open the small app “notes” and write new ones the “smileys+character symbols” on keyboard won’t open. so you need to click the shortcut icon (on the bottom right “small app notes” to switch to the notes main app. then the “smileys+character symbols” could use like wise.

    3. when open bookmarks on android stock browser it lags a bit and thumbnails load a bit less smooth. (only saved 10 bookmarks anyway)

    Previous issues:
    4. still photo results a bit purpleish when camera flashlights on

    5. somehow when i use (third party camera app. for small app) photo results seems far better (no purple and brighter) than using camera with normal way (through camera main app).

    6. hope SONY fix the whole fookin’ issues with new update .211 or maybe .911 (emergency call) whatever!

  • Anatoliy

    who cares here about xperia p???

  • Augusta

    CONS in my ver.
    1. ugly white UI in messaging. (need to roll back to dark/black UI just like on ICS.
    2. very ugly theme and UI when receiving calls “accept and reject” button.
    3. “swipe up or down to unlock” on lock screen” is not the best method. it should’ve the option in setting to choose whether we want to swipe up or swipe down to unlock the screen. not both ways.
    4. “bluetooth toggle on notif. bar useless! need to switch for (auto sync / auto-rotate / flashlight / screen brightness / popup volumes menu is more useful)
    5. home screen should have an option to “Lock and Unlock desktop/home screen” to avoid unwanted gesture actions (like remove or delete widgets, or edit screens) if screen accidentally pressed or swiped.

    PROS in my ver.
    1. smooth UI and gestures.
    2. new small apps and recent apps feature is just superb!.
    2. faster when opening apps or settings
    3. loading and scrolling app list in “setting – apps” is very smooth and fast. (even more than new 50 third party apps installed).
    4. the new toggle mode in notification bar is good and innovative. (most of the toggle are useful but bluetooth).
    5. the new UI of stock ‘Alarm & Clock’ is very nice and useful.
    6. Dialpad UI seems nice, and open dial pad is faster than ICS.

    Ps : dear Sony, Read up!!

  • Ricky Rangire

    i m from Delhi,pc comapnion didnt showed anything,but as soon as i connected it wth Sony SUS,Bang !! and it was on the very next day of offical roleout

  • Ricky Rangire

    sorry for you buddy,i dont know whats wrong…i thought it was just a problem of PC Companion,Cos SUS worked like a charm for me,after downloading i just followed the instruction of connecting with SUS…and its not just me,lots of people around the India has upgraded and Using Jelly Bean as i have seen people posting in earlier Blog Posts

  • Ricky Rangire

    i dont know whats wrong,PC Companion Sucks,But SUS worked for me…i think the only option left for you is to try FTF

  • Wavez Form Yapz

    After update to jelly bean, why i can’t setup my camera and video recording resolution? Anyone at here having same expenrience as i do?

  • Khaled Saif

    Ask for them.

    My point is that Sony always takes care ONLY for the flag ship.

  • naveen

    could u plsssss help me man? btw whts Sony SUS?? pls guide me man…..

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  • Richard

    Says 4.1 is available on website but it’s not possible to update using the pc companion. Looks like more shoddy customer service from Sony – not the company they once were.

  • Anatoliy

    you wrong! sony does not care at all… :)

  • Anatoliy

    I don’t agree with you with point “1. ugly white UI in messaging. (need to roll back to dark/black UI just like on ICS.”

    In sunny day white background is much much more comfortable than black, black ICS was awful and there was impossible to read anything – so that’s why white background is one of the best UI sony solution in JB

  • Augusta

    well whites UI on dialpad and keyboard does a great ones. but “for me” white UI on messaging is just not for me. when you open the msg app or do texting on dark place the screen looks too bright and the background colour of incoming texts (due the original theme pref.) mine is blue, is like “hey everyone wanna see my messages? here you can see it clearly enough to you!?”.lol. for me the UI its just not ellegant, too bright, and too eye catchy. but thats for me..well everyone has diff big deals.

  • Anatoliy

    In this way when you say “hite UI on messaging is just not for me” does not mean that sony should change it… you can use any custom rom with dark background anyway :) not a big problem…

  • Augusta

    My friend..Should or shouldn’t i dont care just saying my thoughts. Like i said, its just not for me or let me say in simply way, I Don’t Like It. And it doesnt mean i should use custom rom either. Lets people votes or saying what they think about Msgging UI. And i think SONY should considering majority votes as it is customer demands. Cheers!

  • Anatoliy

    If you don’t like – don’t you it. It’s a very simple way my friend.
    We wanted JB and we received it! if you don’t like it buy another phone or roll back to ICS… as you can see all the ways are easy :)

  • Deki

    Try with Sony Update Service.

  • Deki

    Tap on the Auto Scene in the upper left corner of the screen and choose video mode. There you can change resolution.

  • Augusta

    No its not your concern wether i like or dislike. Now i know you’re type of person who accept everything just for what it is. I don’t blame you but i think you don’t fit works on creative design&development thing. *no offended :)

  • burrq

    wtf sony!!! i experienced random reboot with tintish yellow since the first day i update my acro s with jelly bean..does anyone here having same experience just like me? it keep worse and worse as the time pass by…today i experience 8 random reboot and 3 of them during i received the incoming call…haih..please fix it with the new update sony..please :(

  • Chaitanya Behara

    Hello , I am from India and I bought my XPERIA S in the month of August 2012. I haven’t received Jelly bean Update for XPERIA S . My friends who own the same mobile received the update .(They bought some months after me i.e. in 2013) . My current Android version still shows 4.0.4 , Build number 6.1.A.2.55. Even though I verify for Software update, it still shows that my phone has the latest software available. could some one who has got some idea reply what might have been the reason. Wouldn’t i be getting Jelly bean update at all ??? :(

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Try checking it with Sony Update Service.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Or consider putting an option to black or white theme! x)

  • Augusta

    Did you perform clean install ( wiped all data) when update? Try to ‘factory data reset’ this will erase your phne setting, app data, downloaded apps, bookmarks, notes, contacts. So make sure backup your phone first. (no worries data on internal storage/sdcard won’t deleted). After finished reset, go to Setting-Developer options-enabled it-checkbox only “show all ANR’s”. And you may reinstall all your apps. And reboot your phone again. Then see if the issue still there. “show all ANR’s” tells you if there any app crashes or not responding. Hope it helps

  • Augusta

    Hmm fair enough. But it will have bigger size in system, and less available RAM left. Not a best option.
    anyway what would you prefer, white or dark/black?

  • Jhonbert Magana

    When changing the theme on ICS the background changes to different colors, remember? Now if they just replace the 2 color option with black and White. x)

  • elmeu coreu

    Swiftkey stop working when shutdown phone and must Be reassigned as default keyb.

  • Amlish Ghaffar

    so finally i did it
    luckily nothing is wrong everything is fine !!
    m enjoying smoothest android ever !!

  • Anatoliy

    hahahaha if you such a great UI designer, go and work in SONY :)
    Don’t think that you the smartest here, SONY and other brands does not cares about yours and ours opinions about UI solutions… they have very skillful designers and they very good knowing what’s users need the best nowadays. By the way, it seems that you think too much here :) *no offended :)

  • Augusta

    Ha ha go play with barbies. It fits you. lol

  • Anatoliy

    Dear Augusta any more argument do you have?
    Seems you are not very clever dude :) no work in sony for you :-p

  • hello

    i have wifi problem :(

  • Kazuo Sat?

    I have same problem

  • Kazuo Sat?

    In PCC try repairing the phone then try to update, it’s worked for some

  • Kazuo Sat?

    I think the .200 was released to keep us happy for a while due to all the complaints.
    It says it was built in April on my phone, so I’m guessing the .211 is the real deal.
    Some people at Sony said they didn’t think JB would be released until mid June, I’m think they we’re referring to this update.
    I have a feeling .211 will be mostly bug fixes and possibly the addition of stamina mode because when you go below 15% on the current update it recommends turning on STAMINA mode.

  • Augusta

    Argument? lol! I think you youre the one who took this seriously. don’t call me “dear” pls am not what you think lmao! So youre a clever gay huh? I mean guy? LOL. Do you clever enough not to spam my comment. Go flirt another guy , sorry.

  • Augusta

    Since you’re a clever guy, if you don’t like or disagree with my comments Go tell your mom and sue me then. :-D

  • burrq

    thanks for replying…yes, i performed clean install when update. i already wiped out all my did i need to do it again? or i just tick the “show all ANRSs” in the setting and see if the problem happening again or not?

  • burrq

    thanks for replying…yes, i performed clean install when update. i already wiped out all my did i need to do it again? or i just tick the “show all ANRSs” in the setting and see if the problem happening again or not?

  • Augusta

    I Can’t promise its 100% will fixed your problem, but most of crashing or restarting issues would perform ‘factory reset’ or do ‘repair phone’ via pc companion. But for now you may enable the ‘show all ANR’s’ and see if there any bckground apps that might caused the phone crashed and restarting issue.

  • sato

    is this firmware update is avaliable for sl also…. cause everywhere they mentioning s only!!!! can any one help me!!!1

  • Nima Azarbayjany

    yes, this update also applies to SL.

  • burrq

    it doesn’t work…i detected that the restart happen EVERYTIME i finished a call..idk what to do next..haih

  • burrq

    random restart really piss me off esp during the call….darn it!

  • Augusta

    Repair your phone using pc companion. Follow the instructions well

  • burrq

    ok..i am doing it now..tq for your helping dude

  • Augusta

    Make sure the pc comp. detect and repairs to curently JB firmware version .200. Do Not roll back to ICS .55.

  • burrq

    ok got it sir! thanks..

  • Albadawi

    The update did not arrive until the moment

  • naveen

    am frm India…… am hving xperia S…… wen is it comin?? i wanna update….. i can see d update mentioned in sony xperia site but in pc companion it says fone is up to date……. gosh its vry vry late!! :(

  • naveen

    am too frm chennai…… dis is really irritating…….. already d update is late!! sony wen r u gonna actually release d update in india??

  • Riku

    Is Unlocking the Boot loader and using flash tool completely safe ? also well i get any further updates via notifications like normal after i flash my phone or well i have to use flash tool every time an update is out ? any helpful answer well be really appreciated :)

  • Some folk are barmy!!!

    HA! Loads of people getting annoyed! Its like some people have focused their whole life right now on acquiring Jelly Bean. I’ll spell it out in plain English for you annoyed ones, the ones who are telling Sony to go “F**k themselves”… IT’S A PHONE! IF IT RINGS, IT WORKS! GET A LIFE YOU IDIOTS!!!

  • UFO

    Its not a phone you Primitive retard, Its a Smartphone, and people use for hell of alot more than just for talking, maybe in the cave you live in you only need it to ring, but out their in the Real world it need to do alot more, so please do us all a favor and go back to your cave….

  • Mac

    same here on my acro s.

  • Dhiman Ghosh

    To flash official FTF, you don’t need to unlock bootloader

  • Andrew D

    Wonder if they keep their dateline this time…

  • Riki

    Thank you :D , but now where can i find this “official” ftf file ?? (am asking this coz i have never done this before and wont be ble to differentiate between an Official file and the one for the unlocked bootloader)

  • Dhiman Ghosh

    Follow this step-by-step I was also skeptical about it, but the guide is enough for us noobs. Happy “flashing” ;-)

  • Ameri Asnawi

    I just noticed… No previous button..

  • Ishaan Mehra

    What about camera update, camera performing worst than ever!

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    Pull down the music notification by two fingers :)
    You can stretch some kind of notifications.

  • Riku

    Thank you so much dude, I really appreciate the help :D

  • Mstafa

    4.1.2 JB 1080p Full HD camcorder bad … The solution?

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    the .211 update will fix this

  • Mstafa

    Thanks. information about STAMINA mode?Xperia S Jelly Bean installed with Flash Tool. 6.2.B.0.211sürümünüde have to install with FlashTool?

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    I don’t have info about Stamina, but about others here:


    i got my XS UPDATED 2 days ago via pc companion, i live in KSA

  • Alex

    Come on Sony, get a move on with releasing this update

  • surethom

    Has anyone received this update yet (without flashing) If yes what country are you in & what is your SI. number. Me:- UK Si.1257-3114 & still on ICS :o(

  • Alex

    Is it even available to flash yet? Not seen a download for the .211 version yet

  • Jerry Berglund

    Nothing yet? No, update to fix the bugs yet? Or ??

  • Ü77

    Well it’s S. And also I can’t see any birthday on calender.

  • If i dont receive the update before the end of the month then i will give my phone away for free.

  • burrq

    did someone realize that the up volume button can’t be used? sorry for my late realize..i am using acro s..

  • burrq can send it to my address..this is my email for further information.. …tq in advance

  • Saurabh Gadkari

    Guys I have recently updated my Xperia SL to jelly bean and I was expecting the multi window feature but I could find it anywhere in my phone!!
    Has any 1 got any idea if this feature will come to xperia S/SL or not??

  • Anatoliy

    Dear Augusta :) Control yourself! You talking a lot about nothing… I have not read any “smart” word or phrase from you. just pathetic jokes from mentally retarded person :)
    So, have a good night my dear

    p.s: you can write again your shit here with tones of not funny “lol” and “:-D”

  • Ferrari

    Guys. I just loved the update.
    I’m in the US and installed the generic version of the update.
    The phone is just awesome. Wi-fi working! (I didn’t test GPS so far)
    I compared with the GS4, and the interface in the Xperia S JB is much more pleasant!

    I don’t get all the complains….

  • Mart

    since i used JB, i notice the battery drain so fast compared with ICS. am i the only one who fell this way???

  • Augusta

    Ha ha Go f*ck yourself you dic*head

  • Augusta

    Ha ha are you mad? Just go fck yourself you dickhead and dont be smart ass to me, look at you

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    Xperia S/SL doesn’t have multi window feature, what are you talking about?

  • Saurabh Gadkari

    That is so unfair!!!
    It is jelly bean’s one of the most highlighted features and after so many days of waiting I came to know that it is not for xperia s/sl.. :(
    I am aware of small apps..

  • Guest

    Multi window is not a jelly bean feature, it is a Samsung feature on Galaxy S4, s3, note2.

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    See the above comment, “guest” is me just something went wrong.

  • Anatoliy

    Same to me Mart

  • Anatoliy

    Dear Augusta! You make me smile when I’m reading your post)))))
    Have a nice day my dear! Hope to hear soon some “smart” things from you

  • BOks Faller

    well for ACRO S an update also is coming with the same version


    thank you Sam

  • Has anyone received the .211 update through PC Companion yet?

  • Ujjobbágy Attila
  • Deki

    I always read news for Xperia on this blog. It’s awesome!

    I also thought I would stop checking after JB, but I was wrong! :-)

    Can’t wait for the update!

  • Deki

    But, is the Extended Standby Mode working on Xperia S?

    I don’t see any difference, nothing is turned off when the screen is off…

  • Waiting for .211 ftf

  • surethom

    No not in UK, & still on ICS.

  • RIKU

    Download now .211 in the Middle-East ^^ to all those who are worry coz they didnt receive the first update .200 dont worry i did not receive it either insted i got the .211 directly, Sony must have seen that the .200 had many bugs so thy stopped releasing it to work on the .211 which iam now downloading :D ( i well come back here if their was any bug to report, if i wont comment any further then all was well ^^ )

  • Nico

    I’m happy with the update… but need a MSsmall app… :D

  • Marius Florian

    Post please the ftf file!

  • Marius Florian

    Can you post the ftf file?

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    FTF for SL is on the XDA forum, promised coming soon for S too, 1 hour.

  • Sam Ouissellat

    Just got the .200 update in the UK :)

  • Martin Ambre

    thanks :D

  • Govi

    Can somebody please tell me why there is no auto-brightness feature? I mean c’mon it’s so useful in saving battery and its easy to implement, why would they not to do that?!

  • zeoxzy

    its automatically enabled. Meaning, there’s no way of turning off the auto-brightness, thus no settings can be found for it

  • fag

    I connect phone to sonygger pc cuntpanion but nothing is happen :'(

  • EM10

    Get an iPhone and shut up then

  • George

    Nothing in Germany :(

  • naveen

    i never received .200 update itself… shit!! am frm india :(

  • naveen

    can sumone tell me when is jb (.200 or .211) update coming to india? i stil dint receive!! damn it….. :(

  • chandru155

    Don’t wait. Flash it like me and many others :)

  • dl0ner

    Updated my Xperia S to jelly bean 200. Its like they say laggy and has bugs. What really annoys me is that they had a good looking phone and messaging app, which they reskinned (partially) to bright white (why?), which by the looks of it isn;t readable and looks like its mashed up and is incomplete and changed just to feel like its JB! I guess i’ll have to wait for this update!! Sony..sigh!

  • Elijah

    The camera lags and no HD recording you can’t even change the recording settings

  • Ali Kabiri

    how to download the rom

  • Help!!!!!!!

    can you help me? my xperia sis 4.1.2 now and i can’t connect to wifi if i don’t remove my sim card , please help me

  • John Petsas

    Congratulations for your page! I am also
    interested in the upcoming Xperia ZU so I made page about it posting
    pictures and news about it []

  • kRanK

    video lags 1080p, its now at 19fps!!! Fix this!!!

  • franklin raj

    u can,press the menu button my friend

  • Angus

    This has improved my Xperia s so much! Much much smoother, loving the new notification bar options (wifi toggle etc) and battery percentage now in notification bar! No more sluggish phone now and no more raging over freezes :D

  • Geek

    Fuck Sony, ICS worked better anyway. Samsung got the Update a year back and so did H@*UI, Using Xperia S and they also Fucked with the power Saver which was the only thing I was using to change the Auto profiling of Wi fi. :/ , u are right!

  • Sonia

    My Sony Xperia S has build number 6.0.A.3.62, can some one tell the software is for asian market or euopean.As I’m unable to upgrade it

  • xperia S ….

    hi. i have 1 Q.i was update my Xperia S to jelly bean but after that i can not sent any massages & no body cannot send me massages..can u help me ?? i do not know what should i do ???

  • vk23

    greece not yet

  • Josef

    I live in Sweden and still haven’t get my update!

  • BLS

    “Stamina” is a trade mark of Sony… And Xperia S don’t have this technology, (some specifics electronic components)

  • Still haven’t got the update here for my Xperia SL (LT26ii). Still facing so many JB Bugs on 6.2.B.0.200.

  • Mark Jordan

    My phone has been crippled by Jelly Bean. Video is now jerky, black screens waiting for it to respond, peripherals don’t work and excessive battery drain.

    You have at least 2yr warranty on your phone (EU Directive).

    Phones have to be replaced or upgraded (Xperia Z) if they are not fit for purpose.

    OK – I bought mine from Phones 4 U. I phoned them and told them about the problems and of course, all they can do is send it off to Sony for repair. I am going to do that through Phones 4 U.

    They gave me the support number for Sony and when I told them there was a problem with Jelly Bean they said that no-one has complained about it and it is the first they have heard of it.

    The number (UK) is: 08705 237237

    They told me that there is no downgrade option. So – I will send it back, they will not be able to repair it, All other Xperia S phones will be sold with the upgrade and be crippled. Answer – they will have to upgrade or find a new Xperia S on Ice Cream Sandwich.

    My phone is like new, it has been in a leather cover with a screen cover since new, I am not going to accept a second hand used and scratched up replacement.

    If you decide to send your phone in for repair, take a video and photos of its condition.

    At least phone them to state what is wrong with Jelly Bean on the ‘S’.

  • kamransaeed15

    when i update to 4.1 my camera doesnt work it say error camera not available
    anyone know how to fix this

  • johkhz

    Esperando la actualización de firmware que corrija los errores de Sony. I waiting firm update that fix Sony issues

  • rafi

    they not fixes the bugs yaar still its rolling out build 211 camera zoom out not working
    music player sound buttons also not working

  • jah

    just got jellybean patch/update to original jellybean update couple months back….still no wifi/messaging! wtf sony?

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  • faiq

    Im using Xperia s in that incoming sms block how to unlocked this service pls helpme

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  • I dont think they have had a year to do so. They have a very tight schedule, and to be honest they’ve got to be a good job if they only have a COPLE months. And it’s not really the fault of the developers look, but more of coperate politics and power struggle the problem is made.

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