New update (12.0.A.1.284) rolling out for Xperia SP

by XB on 12th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_12.0.A.1.284A new firmware update has been released for the Xperia SP (C530X). Firmware build 12.0.A.1.284 is rolling out for HSPA+ handsets (C5302), although we see no reason why it shouldn’t be hitting the LTE models (C5303) too. We imagine this new update brings more bug fixes over the previous firmware version (12.0.A.1.257). Let us know what changes you’ve noticed.

Xperia SP_12.0.A.1.284

Thanks knightthgink!

  • ???Sony


  • SXperiaIon

    -_- I need to stop coming here it just reminds me of disappointment and BROKEN DREAMS *cries in corner*



    Bloody hell sony! Frm past month i hv been keeping tabs on XB tweets..Like gor evry hour n wheneva i see ‘new firmware rolling out. ..’ i get so fucking xcited n then a happy realization its not about my ION ! Y sony y?? Bc..

  • KubsiJack


  • michael

    rolling into the deep, i ain’t see anything yet

  • THCaptain

    Is this legit ?

  • michael

    this blog has turn into complaining panel, let’s flood the sony official blog.

  • DMU
  • mbdiaz

    I don’t believe in that. you can change the build number of your phone in build.prop :P

  • sooo….

    they rolling updates and fixs for 2013 phones …they got time for that…

    and X Ion ? i mean WTF !

    and they (Sony’s worshipers) Blame me for being an asshole with this company !

    so i won’t say fuck Sony…

    I’d say “fuck you Sony fan-boys !”

  • hash

    I suppose you also have a sony phone..

  • mountain

    My Ion is still happly being at 4.0.4. Seeing how unstable 4.1 for xperia S is, I would prefer Sony takes time in providing a stable update, rather than rushing it.

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  • DrazenDodig

    Every ION user in the world is currently on xperiablog!!!!

  • edong

    sony released the jelly bean for xperia S although sony knew that bug exist…they released it because xperia users are already mad waiting for the promised update…bugs will be fix update by update..that the tactics sony used to satisfy the xperia users…

  • Rob

    And they are all spamming the comments asking for updates.. Makes me hope they never get it

  • Ivan Yeung

    why there is no update for C5303 model?

  • Ivan Yeung

    when will the update for C5303 be available?

  • Slainou

    On the Xda forum, I’ve seen some report about this update, and all said that it improve the camera !!!! Very great news!!
    Hope they will distribute it for the C5303 very quickly !!!

  • Alex

    And the Android 4.2.2 Update? It wiil be avaláis le for the Xperia SP

  • Fabián Solano

    Hi, I have this Update, but my phone send me a notificaton that it´s a new software update avaliable, the problem is that is the same .Can Anyone tell me why this message apears ?

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