Small update (12.0.A.1.257) rolling out to Xperia SP users

by XB on 31st May 2013

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP update

A minor firmware update is rolling out to Xperia SP (C530X) users. No noticeable changes have been noticed in firmware version 12.0.A.1.257, it is likely to offer only minor changes and software optimisation. The firmware first started rolling out a few weeks back depending on region.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for wide release of the handset in the UK. Some of the carriers such as T-Mobile and Orange have been shipping stock to people that pre-ordered and Carphone Warehouse also have availability. However, other retailers are still waiting including the official Sony Store and Amazon. Stock is expected next week, so we’ll update when availability widens.

Xperia SP update

Thanks Chaitanya, Kazhope and Jason!

  • fdsf

    I am checking PCC everytime for xperia ion, but nothing happend. So sad :((

  • wan

    Same here. Kind of frustrated waiting.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    I feel sorry for you but it might be time to get a life :/

  • Badr

    Still nothing in Egypt

  • Recently I was able to hold this phone in hand at an electronics store on the north side of Chicago. The overall size is almost exactly the same as the S. Nice feel overall and the price (just under $400) is tempting. There’s a lot of positive reviews for it too….

  • dreamycreamy

    I got my SP today! From t-mobile and had to do an update :)
    Loving the LED light with the music, etc

  • Did you get the LTE compatible version? I think the C5306 works with their LTE bands along with AT&T’s.

  • hamboy

    I got the SP last week. It truly is a gorgeous phone – incredible battery life as well.

  • dreamycreamy

    I got the C5303. Not sure what you mean with some of those words but isn’t AT&T in America? I’m in the UK sorry… :)

  • 5zal

    I think i had rocking this firmware for 3 weeks now. Not really new news already

  • gizmomp

    I’m looking for firmware central europe.

  • Alaa

    The battery is ?? from 10 ?
    5-6-7-8-9-10 / 10
    How much hour of used the battery ?

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Must be some Egyptians..have another look.

  • Xperia

    Just got and believe me its a GREAT phone! better than the most phones out there

  • Superb phone

  • psychok9

    Guys, news from Photo camera software?
    I wait a fix for Xperia series like Sony already done on Xperia Z or Xperia L (this seems fixed, not burned photos).
    Help me ^^
    I’m undecided if buy it for this bug :)

  • RealComedian1

    Nothing in Germany, at least for me…

  • ????? ???????

    I had mystical reboot on stock 211, no reboots on 257.

  • ????? ???????

    C5303 and C5306 have LTE but different bands sets for different regions. No LTE in C5302.

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  • mr singh

    Got mine in UK on 30/05/13 Orange £20.50/per month, Handset was Free! Its a bargain for this MSM8960T Qualcomm chip because its a beast. Coupled with the Adreno 320 I think the mobile networks have given this handset away far too cheap but im not complaining :-D
    My previous handset was my beloved Galaxy S with CM10.1 and Voodoo sound (best audio).
    I do not miss stock android 4.2.2 one bit, running the Xperia SP stock and its beautiful. Web browsing is lightning fast, Asphalt 7 runs like a dream. Only use the LED bar for missed calls and messages notification. A nice subtle touch.

  • tech.tonic

    well…the only thing that drains its battery is data connection/wi-fi(applies to most phones)
    – on stamina mode n with moderate phones calls only, it lasted for a full 2.5 days.
    – with normal usage(games, music, calls, n occasionally internet)it still gave me a day.
    – dint have the time to push it to the limit…although will give close to 7-8 hrs IMO.

  • john 21

    I bought it and it’s superb, the only thing that bothers me is that wi fi signal is a little weak..

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