Images show the Xperia Z Ultra in action with a pencil

by XB on 13th June 2013

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Xperia Z Ultra_Pen_1Check out the first images of the Xperia Z Ultra (codenamed Togari) being used with a pencil. By now we know that Sony is launching a 6.4-inch phablet on 25 June. We have confirmed reports of press conferences in Germany and Shanghai on that date, France will be holding a similar event on 4 July and we understand that there will also be a London event with details currently being finalised.

We have pored over the leaked specs and yesterday saw the official glimpse of the handset. Well now we have some photos showing the handset being used with a pencil. This reconfirms our previous speculation that the Xperia Z Ultra will support a new touch sensor allowing input from pretty much any pen/pencil/stylus.

The photos courtesy of ePrice show that the display is sensitive enough to recognise pencil input even through a piece of paper. The report also suggests there will be no built-in stylus like the Galaxy Note, arguing that it is not needed given that any input mechanism is supported. It seems that there will be customised versions of note-taking applications Evernote and Sketch provided, however we don’t know whether Sony will be providing other software to integrate the ‘pen’ experience more deeply.

ePrice reconfirm many of the specs we have already given (2.2GHz quad-core processor Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 8MP Exmor RS camera, IP55/IP58 water resistance) but also says the handset will have a 3000mAh sealed battery capacity. We can’t wait to find out more.

Xperia Z Ultra_Pen_2

Xperia Z Ultra_Pen_4

Xperia Z Ultra_Pen_1

Via ePrice.

Thanks kurtdean!

  • They should get Paint Park from Vita to this. Make an app that’s similar to it

  • reptile64

    Huge with huge fan base and huge specs! :D

  • xperiafan

    Where is xperia ion jelly bean?

  • kurtkobaine

    Just wait u will get it

  • Nordgrot

    And too huge for me.

  • michael

    beaware??the grudging ion users had haunted this blog?

  • KubsiJack

    Next year.

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    I dont care it responds to pencil or any fucking thing.. All i care about it where update for my ION sony!!! ??

  • vinay

    xperia s all this while and now xperia ion ! phewww ……

  • Asad Ahmed

    JB update for Ion is about to roll out in all over the world

  • xperiax10.awesome

    With 6.4″ and these bezels, m wondering if its gonna be pocketable for me n many other guys!!

  • dftw

    very thick bezels…

    what happened? those bezels are too big for a phablet.

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    Xperia S has JB 4.1.2 Ion for a few weeks

  • Mohammmad javad

    WTF ?! This news is about something else . Not About Xperia ION .

    So Shut Up and comment about this news .

  • dftw

    suddenly the galaxy s4 looks better with its thinner bezels.

  • mat jeng jeng

    You will feel the anger if u r an ion user. The promise that they miss.


    How do you knoe that????


    Yeah exactly sony has missed its all deadlines promised to ION users..

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  • asd

    with a phablet you’ll want thick bezels for grip, its not like you can one hand anyway it like the xperia zl

  • Hans Pedersen

    The GS4 always looks better.

    Sent from my GS4. :)

  • Ashad Mamood

    Galaxy S4 is ugly plastic.

  • Ashad Mamood

    Give it a rest! If you had a brain instead of spamming here you would have contacted Sony on official website.

  • Ashad Mamood

    Where it was yesterday

  • Mahesh

    den wat the hell are u doing in xperia blog

  • Hans Pedersen

    LOL I just ended up here by mistake after clicking a link that tried to explain the pen above.

  • psyche

    I’ve been wondering how to get a heart on to my phone

  • SeVeMaS

    ion users are spaming all treats and forums. Hope that xperiablog sends an advertissement about “spaming” and then remove them. The compicated part is abot “guest” users. Just ignore.

  • Babylonbwoy

    If you think that Sony released Xperia S JB because stupid troll spammed the blog then you are really a fool.

  • TareX

    Exactly. These big bezels are really unforgiving, and unforgivable.

  • TareX

    Agreed. Way too big.

  • AKS

    ALL this is a competitor for Nexus 7 and ipad mini blurring the line for Note 2 and nexus 7 so its pretty much a mini tablet , not a phone…

  • AKS

    Also it will be quite intresting to see the triluminos disply and their viewing angles.. and color reprodcution , the super LCD3 or the IPS panels have a good viewing angle.

  • walkvista

    I smell something like paid samsung fanboys all over internet forum including here in xperiablog lol
    Anyway. Great phablet. I love Sony because they always bring something new, something innovative to the table (said: this new touch sensor that allowing even a pencil as an input)…

  • dftw

    i wish you were more informed. i thought you would just say the thicker bezels are necessary for the IR emitters used in the new touch technology. they’re using neonode technology that makes use of IR to detect touch.

    i just hope they can also do the touch-free control like the ones demonstrated by neonode.

    your argument is invalid. thicker bezels are not for grip. look at the note series. i just want thinner bezels for aesthetics. i don’t want to own sony devices that are uglier than samsung’s.

  • dftw

    unless we can get the kind of controls neonode demonstrated. those “touch-free touches,” floating touch, playing a race game by just moving your hands on both sides of the device, etc etc …

    if it does not have these, that’s going to be one ugly device without any saving grace.


    I wanna spam thats my choice! Y shud it bother you?? Talking as if you own this blog! Im here to xpress my frustration as Ion user coz this a XPERIA BLOG n ion is a XPERIA device.

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    Ya n fucking one more thing i spam here because i do choose to belive that xperia blog can make sony hear our grievances. Evrytime a new firmware is released y XPERIA BLOG askes do give ur reviews on how was the updates, any bugs? Y do you think blog askes that?? coz yes they do communicate wid sony n give them user reviews


    I hope Sony doesn’t release a JB update anytime soon so that it can feed your anger. Patience man. Software isn’t a piece of cake. More so, you will be the one to start trolling these threads when Sony hurries a buggy update. You will start flaming Sony for not testing before release and all that. Instead just hold on to your horses and wait up.

  • Basharca

    This Blog has turned into a comedy show recently lol. I honestly laugh so hard on Xperia ion users, they remind me of the angry Xperia S users. They make me feel as if they are complaining about judgment day not an update :)

    Relax guys, the update will come. It’s just funny that you never notice how much users have a certain phone until you get all those complains. The comedy part is when the actions begins between regular users and ion users hahaha.

    In the end of the day, I love this blog and I’m sure all of you do, kudos for the owner who brought us all together :D

    PS: I’ve been a follower and fan since the old days of
    Some of you may not ever know it existed! So check it out

  • sooo..

    should i believe these pics ?

  • raijkstannii

    did you forget the guidelines samsung gave? this is one of the blogs you should be frequenting because this is where you are supposed to promote samsung’s products. please don’t forget that. samsung not paying for nothing. at least try to remember your responsibility to that korean company.

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  • lollicup04

    It looks like that could just be a screen shot of a drawn heart and a person holding a pencil…. It just looks like the Xperia Z from farther away

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