Sony releases ‘experimental’ API for illumination bar

by XB on 21st June 2013

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Illumination_660x384Sony Mobile has opened up its API for the illumination bar found in a number of Xperia devices including the recently launched Xperia SP. The “experimental API” as Sony calls it, will allow developers the chance to utilise the bar’s functionality in apps and/or custom ROMs. However, Sony is providing no support for the API and it will only come with limited documentation.

Sony plans to introduce other “experimental API’s” if there is enough demand from the community. API’s under this badge will not come with full documentation or support but will be targeted to those niche developers who like to experiment with some of Sony’s features.

The API will give developers control of the LED illumination bar to change the colour, the frequency of pulses as well as various pre-defined fading patterns. It can also be used to illuminate to a beat in the Xperia SP’s music player. See a full list of supported phones below.

Supported phones

The following phones are fully supported by the Illumination bar API:

Xperia SP
Xperia ZL
Xperia ZR
Xperia UL
Xperia A

The following phones are also supported by the Illumination bar API, but the support for the pre-defined fading patterns is less extensive on these devices:

Xperia U
Xperia L
Xperia S (only white colour supported)
Xperia SL
Xperia P (only white colour supported)
Xperia sola
Xperia ion
Xperia acro HD
Xperia go
Xperia M
Xperia M dual

Via Sony Mobile Developer World.

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Wait what…ion have illumination bar? o.O

  • Dmitri Ivanov

    Xperia Z is missing

  • Jhonbert Magana

    SL doesn’t support multi color!

  • Jhonbert Magana

    It doesn’t have an illumination bar light. Only notification light.

  • Naeem hoj

    Why the Xperia s black is not supported :/

  • xperiaionuser

    come on sony released the jellybean,i trust you.i guess

  • John Francis Gamao

    Just to clarify is Xperia acro S the same as the Xperia acro HD?
    Or it is just for Xperia acro HD from Japan model?

  • xperiaionuser


  • xperiaionuser

    PLEASE RELEASED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mozole

    a knight rider KITT fading notification light would be awesome, maybe it will be possible?

  • New experimenta API for illumination bar from sony

  • AsadMulla

    Not the handset colour the led colour. The led bar on the Z and the P only have white colour led’s. other phones have rgb led’s

  • xzzz

    is this XPERIA ZU?

  • yucftuy

    too bad SP is complete crap in terms of built quality :/

  • Rizky Maulana

    may be on the nex jb update :)
    Ooops im sorry XD

  • ????????? ???????????

    come on! i’m using “Recomended by SONY” Illumination Bar Notification app from GP with SXS.
    Why we need another one?

  • Ivan Knezevic

    Maybe I’m noob, but I don’t know how to add this java on my phone. Anyone help?

  • Rizky Maulana

    may be honami

  • Silverwagon

    Yeh, when I saw it I thought it was too big to be XZ

  • Herman

    Nope, it’s probably extremely poorly photoshopped.
    Just look at the top of the screen. It just doesn’t look right.

  • Herman

    It’s probably the LED notification light that can be used in this matter.

  • Important apps for xperia ZR

  • AA

    It’s talking about the LED color, not the color of your phone…

  • Michael REMY

    this is really good ! i hope someone will do the Knight Rider effect ! it will be great on xperia !

  • EyeControle
  • Daniel Zanetti

    Right, and since when does the ZL have one?

  • Aishwary

    i flashed the leaked one.. it works amazingly.. dony know when SOny is going to release it.. O_o

  • jangaleon

    It hasn’t, but it has a “line” like notification at the bottom, like the xperia j and miro.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Cannot change the light color of Xperia S? YoY

  • Colby_Cheese

    I really think that the new Xperia i1 will have a combo look between the Xperia Z, ZL, and the illumination bar from the sp. Just throwing it out there, especially since Sony said it’s going to be the most beautiful phone they have ever made.

  • Colby_Cheese

    More rounded or curved edges, compared to the straight edges on the Xperia Z. Maybe even better speakers…say a whole row located at the bottom of the phone, like the iPhone 5. Of course all still water and dust proof, with the sig power button.

  • Rizky Maulana

    SONY cancel it :v

  • Jhonbert Magana

    ^What he said.

  • Yusuf

    The Acro HD is the japanese variant of the Acro S.

  • Chura Mendoza

    how do i install this?

  • Rex

    Can anyone me teach me how to use this?

  • Silas Arentsen

    Xperia Z without on screen buttons, aka bad photoshopping by Gargamel

  • Gulyás Róbert


  • jaimin solanki

    Xperia S has illumination bar but only white.. can I get it changed according to the theme choose for my phone?? if not possible, Sony should think on developing it….

  • ressh’s xperia miro

    is this available for xperia miro st23i? it also got a illumination light like xperia zl..

  • Cory Chasez

    What about XPERIA C????

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