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by XB on 23rd June 2013

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Xperia ZR unboxingThe Sony Xperia ZR (C550X) is already out in a number of regions around the world, so it was a matter of time before we came across the first unboxing. The user below has unboxed the HSPA+ version (C5502) of the Xperia ZR and takes us through some of the UI, which is no different to other Xperia handsets. Another video looks at the hardware and some benchmarks. Click through for the videos below.

Thanks Harri!

  • pitko

    thanks for forcing me to buy phone from other manufacturer Sony :/ I was really waiting for this phone…

  • T Dog

    So WTF r u doing here?

  • guest

    I wanted TX, I wanted ZL, I want ZR – none of these is available to buy. if you make decent phone sell it, for gods sake. what’s with this limiting availability and creating whole alphabet of versions?

  • pitko

    expressing my discontent with Sony’s politics – I hoped to continue my adventure with Sony, but they just don’t want to sell me their phones


    Sony phone always had many problem and in this video this guy english was suck

  • Joe


  • Jhonbert Magana

    Vga front cam. :(

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    RIP English :'(

  • Jerry Berglund

    To be honest the letter “Z” just sound stupid in swedish. Ha ha. Your guys call xperia Z for Xperia “zed.” In swedish it would be Xperia Sä-ta. Xperia ZR is Xperia zed-ar. In swedish Xperia Zä-ta-Ärr. All letters in the alfabet works for a swede, but not Z. I just feels old in your mouth kinda… haha.

  • ????????? ???????????

    Waiting for 2014 Flagship with IP57 or IP58 protection.
    Yap, i’m optimist.

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  • Daniel O. Barga

    Hahaha I wonder how Swedes pronouce Xperia ZR or Xperia Xperia Zä-ta-Ärr. I wanna meet a Swede lol! I can speak it much like an American btw.

  • Daniel O. Barga

    damn that VGA camera…. it could have been atleast 0.9mp or 1.3mp if they are generous enough…. last yea’s phones have 2.1mp front camera already! :( But still this is on my options right now

  • Vlad Anisimov

    can you see on second video… MSM8960??? not APQ8064??? dual core… WTF?

  • Jerry Berglund

    well. Swedish isnt a bad language, but can try to explain. This “a ” with two dots over it, sounds close to the fontetic “ae”. The “a” after the “t” sounds like the “u” in bus. And when the “a” with to dots over returns again and it follows buy to consonants, itssounds like a short ae sound close like apple. But Xperia we do say like in english but more swedish sounding of course. :-)

  • xp

    go with xperia i1 (honami).. it will be released at the end of july..

  • Tadaba

    SP maybe?

  • guest

    maybe not – back cover fell off when guy was taking it out of the box at the shop :/ it’s overpriced and bad quality – processor is qood but rest is rather poor

  • Martin Ambre

    any review after using??? anyone
    my cousin plans to change from LG Optimus 2x

  • Syed Imran Ali

    Xperiablog please review xperia zr, waiting for your detailed analysis.

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