my Xperia loses beta tag; rolling out globally in next few weeks

by XB on 4th July 2013

in Applications

my XperiaMany of you have probably already tried the my Xperia application, which was being beta tested in the Nordics and then leaked in February. Well, Sony Mobile has confirmed that ‘my Xperia’ is now launching globally for the 2012 & 2013 Xperia range of devices over the next few weeks.

The ‘my Xperia’ security app allows you to locate and protect your Sony Xperia smartphone if it gets misplaced or stolen. The app has a number of functions including the ability to erase the internal storage and SD card if necessary, a sound alert to get someone’s attention and the map location of your lost phone.

  • lovebmw

    Whatever happened to the 4th of July French announcement?

  • Roy

    I’ve been using this app since my Xperia Arc. :)

  • Kazuo Sat?

    small announcement of Xperia ultra and Bluetooth wireless headset etc. nothing big

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Very important feature, glad to see its out of beta

  • Dany

    Using it on my Xperia Play on ICS Original rom

  • salem

    just received the notification on my Xperia Arc! waw.. last update came from Sony since a while

  • harvey

    are u sure?? how you know that??

  • Maulana Yusuf

    I also have been using it few months ago in my Acro S

  • Derpy

    I hope they will also turn the awful Jelly Bean firmware on Xperia S out of beta. Oh wait, it wasn’t beta, it was just bugged as shit because Sony somehow managed to f*** it up despite the massive delay.

  • dm

    Love sounding the alarm…..its jst awsm……thanx Sony……

  • rajiev

    wow looklike james bond’s work.

  • jag

    i really hope they will add the self destruct mode so that the phone can’t be used if stolen. i really miss my Z… huhu! i just bought an xperia L for now while waiting for the ZU or i1.

  • dime

    Finally :)

  • pavan

    what happnd to July 4th event?Where is Sony honami phone??:(

  • Jack Dany

    News :


  • limo

    This feature is already incorporated in Xperia Z’s 4.2.2 update

  • arex

    Will it appear on the update center or the play store?

  • PowerSonic

    update centre most probably as its a sony only feature..

  • Zamunda

    they shouldn’t even release a jb 4.1 fix update…as a company full of surprises (software-wise) they should surprise us (Xperia S users) with jb 4.2!

  • Martin Ambre
  • admin

    am preetty sure jb 4.2 will only be for the quad core processors!

  • lolsomany

    this is beta version right?, i using beta version right know on my L

  • P9

    using it on my 2011 xperia live too. :) love u, sony.

  • Mr. Khan

    It’s possible to sony track the user position.. So dangerous.

  • Mr. Khan

    It’s possible to sony track the user positio, maybe include to read user private data. So dangerous.

  • fucksony

    Stupid answer.

  • nkt

    Go tell your mama…

  • Android77

    Hi does it works on an android 2.3.4 GB ?

  • christos

    Yes and probably they will brake in your house and arrest you. What the heck could sony want from you? If you are afraid of privacy stop using social media apps/search engines and internet as a whole.

  • Deki

    Did anyone received it on Xperia S?


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  • tattre

    xperia tipo seems not to have this functionality

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