my Xperia leaked; now available to download for all

by XB on 18th February 2013

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The ‘my Xperia’ security service is currently being rolled out to people in the Nordics, with a global release expected during the second quarter. The service allows you to locate and protect your Sony Xperia smartphone if it gets misplaced or stolen. If you want to test it out, the apk has leaked allowing anyone with a Sony Xperia smartphone running at least stock Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to try it out.

The file can be downloaded from here and installed like any normal application (make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ ticked in Settings > Security). It works by installing the app onto your handset, which automatically enables the service. You then need to log into my Xperia with your Google account details to either locate your phone, sound an alarm (if it has been misplaced), lock the handset with a message to return to owner or erase all data on the phone.

The service worked very well in our initial testing on an Xperia S, locating the phone via GPS to within a house away. The sound alert starts almost immediately with audio loud enough that you should be able to find your handset even in noisy environments. The web interface is very intuitive and keeps tasks very simple to execute. Overall, it is a very worthwhile additional service from Sony and we look forward to the formal roll out later this year.

my Xperia installation on handset

As you can see below, the my Xperia app requires a long list of permissions. Not surprising given the nature of the app.

my Xperia

Once the app has installed, you can find it in Settings > Xperia.

my Xperia

Once the app is initially loaded it gives you brief overview of what the app can do. Click on the Activate button to start the service.

my Xperia

You will have to accept the Terms and Conditions before starting the service.

my Xperia

my Xperia can be activated or deactivated with the switch on the top right.

my Xperia

my Xperia

my Xperia on web

Go to my Xperia on the web and sign into your Google account. You should see all of the phones that have an active my Xperia installation.

my Xperia

As soon as you log in, the service will automatically locate your phone.

my Xperia

There are several options on the side of the interface. This one allows you to engage an alarm on your handset to locate the phone.

my Xperia

The handset will display the splash screen below whilst the alarm is going off, press the button to end the alarm.

my Xperia

You can also remotely lock the handset, with your contact details. It also allows you to create a new pin lock, overwriting any existing code.

my Xperia

If you are worried about the security of your phone, you also have the option to completely wipe the device. This includes the option of wiping any media (including photos) on the device.

my Xperia

Via xda-developers.

  • Changing rom
    Removing apk
    These are normal things to its not gonna work for sure :-/

  • Aokde Gharra

    thaaaanks :D will try it on my xperia arc running JellySandwich (which is based on stock rom)

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    Tried it…works on 2011 xperia phones also,also it is extremely simple to use…….good job sony…

  • Nayagan

    app force closes when tryin to activate on my phone Xperia Arc 4.0.4 ICS

  • Nayagan

    Yes it is working good. Love it :)

  • is it available in India ????

  • Glory Arc

    It is great with my TX ^^

  • harry1384

    It works wonderful on my Xperia S with ICS…

  • Saman Aziz

    Works perfect on my Arc S
    Thank u Sony

  • Arnaldo Muniz

    Not working with Xperia Mini Pro 2011.

  • prashank

    Sony… Did it again.. We live it

  • Getting Better Sony

  • I love the downloadable things

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  • Just installed on my Xperia U. Works flawless!

  • angry

    i got my xperia ion like 6 months ago. At that time the xperia ion is the flagship phone. Now it is forgotten. Really suck to ever join the Xperia family so soon

  • pavel

    GUYS,help me please!)Who know where i can get apk. files for messaging and phone from android 4.0 for TX or T??Thank you!

  • HardyHarHar

    BTW how does this handle interaction? Is it through internet or SMS? If it’s through internet then it sucks. If through SMS the cool and if both then great! :D disabling a mobile connection/wifi is easy but disabling the sim/Airplane mode is just like not using your phone as a phone. So it’s way more practical if it’s through sms

  • how 2 install the app

  • Maziar

    It works perfectly on my Xperia P with ICS & Xperia Ion with ICS
    Thanks to SONY.

  • arkroygt

    Works really good i live in Guatemala :)

  • Arif Walkman

    wain ,you say “Sony Xperia smartphone running at least stock Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to try it out” ,hello ,my Xperia Play running on GB !! ,where’s for GB ???

  • is it need gps or just internet connection to activate ??

  • work good on my Xperia Acro S, from Bandung – Indonesia

  • you need gps signal and data connection to locate your xperia….CMIIW

  • Fillip Hannisdal

    I tested it, and it actually located my phone down to the collection of flats I live in. Quite impressed by the accuracy.

    I also got the FC’s when activating, but it works fine after that :)

  • It’s really super I throw the phone in my garden I locate on my computer this app send accurately the phone location in a second.Thanks Sony for this great app u one’s again prove I’m the best in the world

  • work even on my old 2011 xperia live. :) sony, u made it. love u the best.

  • Love u sony

  • Works flawless …Me from india

  • 0range

    hmm.. got this from sony update on my xps like 2 days ago~ shouldn’t be leaked, i think~


  • TanGenT LiN

    if people wanted to stole it, the just have to flashing it and that’s gone~ but this app is better than nothing or if you misplaced.

  • chunkyy

    does this work for the Sony Tablet S etc???

  • eddymjj

    Great ! works well with my Xperia T in France. Tanks Sony.

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  • chrismauz

    Works fine on my 2011 Xperia Arc – located perfectly under a minute !

  • Runs ok on my Xperia Play

  • How much mem it is taking by runing as service all the time?

  • lt26w

    Working with acro s 4.0.4 in Hong Kong :)

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  • BR4DOKYBrazil

    Work wonderful in my Xperia S on Brazil!

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    tried on my ion and love it :)

  • Cheng

    I just tried it too on my Xperia S. works perfectly! Thanks Sony. this feature is useful!
    Hope I will never ever have to use it ofcourse :)

  • blackhats

    “Sorry device was not found”
    anyone experiencing this problem??

  • works great on my Xperia S !

  • MK10

    nice once :)

  • Zendrix Darren

    Works flawlessly with the Xperia Z here in Japan!

  • ProWeirdo

    Sony rulez! Like a “Cerberus” app, but free (exclueded data transmission). Now I will locate my phone when my friend will try to trick me again!

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  • Peet

    Yes! It work!!! :) No false!

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  • Dark_phoenix_7227

    so gps should always be turn on? and phone should be connected to wifi? how exactly does it work? =)

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony is getting 10x times better than before

  • sony fan

    but we cant lock or erase all when my sony phone doesnt have internet right? its only work if phone have internet or wifi or data traffic is available.

  • owl

    Precisely what I was about to ask. Can anybody clarify?

    One more reason for anyone to use the stock ROM instead of using a custom one.

  • owl

    Yeah yeah yeah we know you have a Z =S

  • LancerEX

    “There is a problem parsing the package.” error from ST18i :(

  • Babylonbwoy

    Another way of getting more and more infos about us, I don’t want them (google) to know all my moves, I even think about uninstalling Cerberus which does the same job…
    Works only on Stock ROM…

  • James Earley

    Doesn’t work on my 2012 Xperia miro. Running stock ICS 4.04 ROM

  • silviu23

    It’s not working on my xperia J. I’ve installed, but it’s not appear on settings/xperia.

  • Nico

    Same here, I tried to install it on my J but it did not appear in the settings. :-(

  • i installed it. my phone i s xperia S but it showing Xperia SL… what to do?

  • soshi

    The map is unreadable in my country Indonesia. Street and house is overlap and can’t see similarity with gMap. And why would they need send mail to the handset? if my phone got stolen, the thief know that i try to track him and he will run right away

  • Real awesome… Works well :D

  • Jinx13

    Works great with my XZ thank you for the share :)

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  • keelan134

    If the phone is off and out of battery in a foreign country where it isn’t connected to reception and without asim card can it still be found?

  • Julia Chan

    how to find the xperia Z if i havent download the app?

  • Inge_Glid

    You can install apps from a computer when you’re logged in at Google play but I don’t think My xperia will work this way.
    You can try

  • Fatimabmzh

    what is GPS is turned off? how can i locate then ? and what is phone is on silent?

  • Raymond

    hi guys,just today i try to explore myXperia security apps on my Xperia Z,i think its nice,but the problems is, you always have to turn on your GPS and Data connection for you to check where is your phone..what if someone steal you phone,and he turn off the gps and your data connection?How will you find it then?Please Sony We know and I believe that you can do better than this…

  • Raymond

    but you should always keep your phone GPS and data connection on for you to check where is your phone…


    Will it work in India. Just now i lost my phone and i am not able to Locate the phone using my Xperia.. Can anyone help me in this…

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  • Felita

    Xperia Z1 is the best smartphone i ever use. (Compare to iphone and samsung), but, there is one big hole in xperia Z1…
    The find my xperia can’t find my phone when it’s turned off. So, when a pickpocket stole my phone in a, (time i realise it was already gone is 15minutes) so i hurry borrow my friends phone to connct to find my xperia and try to lock it, The result is sory, your phone cant be located right now. We will email you when we can find it… I keep search myxperia (hope when the stealer turn it on so i can locate it) but until today there is no news… And i just know that find my xperia can’t be used when the phone is turned off and the data is already deleted. I’ve just bought it for 25 days and now it’s gone. What sad me most, i pay it by 6 month credit, so i’ve to pay another 5 month for something i don’ t have….Ok. Thats my review. Conclusion: love Z1! The best smartphone in the world!Especialuy the design, it looks expensive! But a little to big. Have a nice choice

  • Felita

    It work in indonesia, when i just bought it and test it at home. But, not very usefull when xperi is turned off or formated…. DAMN!

  • Felita

    Nope, sony wont help you find it. I already did my best and even try contacting sony Indonesia, they said, sorry we can’t help you, coz they already provide find my xperia so we the user should look it by ourself….

  • Felita

    i lost my phone at bandung, and they cannot locate it.
    They say, sorry we cant locate your phone
    Now my 8,5 IDR Z1 is gone…..

  • urangsundaasli

    do you activate my xperia on your phone, with GPS and data traffic must be activated if you want tracking your lost phone…

  • urangsundaasli

    its need internet connection with GPS activated to locate your lost phone….CMIIW

  • disqus_Vr0QezCVi2

    i had the same, only mine was an Xperia Z.. :(
    i feel you bro

  • karan

    my reliance internet setting many times it doesn’t work it

  • shutrisk

    is it compatible with xperia J? please answer

  • Eng Sergeo

    I’ve done every thing but nothing happened it doesn’t locate nor alarming nothing nothing nothing

  • salahudheen

    what to do on jb

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