Xperia ZL disassembly video

by XB on 8th July 2013

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Xperia ZL disassemblyWith the intricacies of modern day smartphone technology, trying to figure out how to crack open the case can be a real challenge. Of course, most of you would probably have no desire to open your handset and leave any issues to Sony’s support centres. However, there are some that like to do it themselves.

We’ve posted disassembly guides in the past for various Xperia handsets and this time we’ve come across a video for the Xperia ZL. It goes through in step-by-step detail with clear instructions how to pick apart the ZL. The video is not the clearest with focus issues, but it doesn’t stop you working out what to do. Check it out below.

  • polp

    what about SP?

  • ZL is such a beautiful device. If it also had a glass back it would’ve been the perfect phone, design-wise.

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  • Abdullah Robben

    help me please
    I have xperia zl after the update (4.2.2) the photo that I take with the camera became bad
    does any one have the same problem ?

  • reptyl

    you just suck at taking pictures, lol

  • LMAO
  • ZX

    100% agree

  • polp

    is there any disassembly video or pictures? maybe it is possible to get battery out…

  • Abdullah Robben

    No am not
    before updating the camera was very good but now it is not :(

  • roab

    don’t worry :) – Sony already has next update for your phone planned for next year (just before Christmas)

  • roab

    of course unless they decide to focus on recent true flagships – then you are screwed and won’t get any update…

  • polp

    everybody here were saying how great SP is but noone actually bought it… overall it’s not that popular and hard to find info on the net :/

  • Abdullah Robben

    if sony released Honami this year then we are all screwed

  • ‘Victor Hugo

    my Sim CArd reader are damaged, is possible repair it? Xperia ZL

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