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by XB on 9th July 2013

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Xperia C ThumbThe Sony Xperia C (S39h/C2305) will see a very limited release as far as we are aware, hitting China exclusively via carrier China Unicom. The quad-core MediaTek handset is also believed to be heading to other select markets, but we’ve had no definitive word of where exactly that will be.

Anyway, we thought we’d bring you some hands-on videos of the dual-SIM Xperia C in action, since all we have published so far are the press images. RBMen says that in the hand the Xperia C felt quite cheap, despite the press images looking otherwise. The response of the 5-inch qHD touchscreen was good however. The handset was running Android 4.2.2 in the form of build version 16.0.A.0.28. Check out a couple of hands-on videos below.

Via RBMen.

  • HueHue

    Xperia C(hina) …

  • (C):stem

    Sweet Xperia X10 memories.

    Btw, it would be good to see how this phone does in China. Chinese love the Xiaomi Phone and I don’t know how they’re gonna be interested in a new competitor. A nice challenge for SONY.

  • mokomokomokomokomoko

    can’t believe that thing has a better display compared to the xperia z

  • SonyFan

    it runs really fast….bravo Sony…
    well optimized!!!
    also 3.4.5 kernel

  • boosook

    Of course it hasn’t, the resolution is much lower.

  • mokomokomokomokomoko

    i’m referring to the contrast. come one. compare the xz and that thing. you won’t even notice the higher ppi. it’s the first impression here that struck me. the xz appears undeniably washed out. let’s stop being stupid fanboys please. learn to use your eyes to see what’s real. don’t give me that F about viewing angles being unnecessary. if you care about sony aesthetics, you know how unfitting washed out colors are for a premium sony design.

  • All is forgotten if the price is cheap enough…

  • Turn up your brightness, and look straight at it.
    The video is mostly shot straight on.

  • kust0r

    i want a xperia m hand-on roundup…

  • boosook

    You WILL notice the higher ppi, of course you can’t notice it in a 320×240 video on youtube. And the XZ display is not that bad, washed out colors were mostly a problem of the design of the user interface that used grey elements instead of black, a “problem” which was solved with a software update, because all the reviewers said that the photos looked great. What’s more, you can’t judge colors from youtube videos: there are too many variables involved (the quality of the camera that takes the video, the lighting, the angle of the camera, the brightness settings…)

  • mokomokomokomokomoko

    i give up. fanboys will always be fanboys. defend the xz as you like. but please consider these:

    “You WILL notice the higher ppi, of course you can’t notice it in a 320×240 video on youtube”
    –exactly my point. i’m not saying my criticism for my own benefit. i want sony’s display to appear good even on youtube videos because those videos help consumers decide on the smartphone to buy. if they see a washed out display on video, they will think that’s how the actual display looks like.

    why do you think did sony improve viewing angles with the triluminos display if it didn’t matter? you’re just too patronizing. i just want sony to improve because i love that brand and the designs they make. i want them to keep up with the competition. everybody else is using better displays and sony is stuck with their washed out colors and poor viewing angles.

    please don’t argue that it’s just about configuration because it isn’t. we’ve seen countless reviews pointing out the inferior contrast of xz displays. i always wanted to find a review that would ignore xz’s poor contrast and viewing angles but there’s just almost none of them.

    of course all these are relatively speaking. it’s xz compared to the best on the market at present.

  • Abdullah Robben



    asa wonderful operting system best mobile

  • Ambroos

    And I am still reading China Unicorn instead of Unicom :P

  • Uqix

    “r u f*ckin kidding me?”

  • alex

    Xperia B (bullshit)

  • Richard Paul Francisco


  • Mohammed Khired

    who’s the first ?

    samsung ?


  • Ambroos

    rn / m, difference isn’t THAT big. I read quite fast and there’s always a “Wait, what, unicorn?” before I go back and read it properly :P

  • mokomokomokomokomoko

    who’s the 1th? i assume the 3nd will be htc amongst androids.

  • Evita

    Interested in software side, I hope it all gather in next updates, new kernel 3.4.5, sweet couple mode camera (look gimmick though) and 15 fps in continuous shots (from UL). that would make currently product line even more cooler.

  • JG

    Cool down guys. They’ve already launched the trilluminus display to newer models. Chilax….

  • ???? ?????????

    it is most powerfull and beautifull phone with dual sim

  • xzzz

    the screen color looks gorgeous, the black is very deep :)

  • SmallerXperia

    I see what you did there! :D

  • Ronak Kumawat


    Can any 1 give me the solution to play this below video.

  • Ronak Kumawat

    Can any 1 give me the solution to remove camera icon from lock screan

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