A few more Sony ‘Honami’ images appear, plus first alleged photo sample

by XB on 31st July 2013

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z1

Honami teaser_3The Sony ‘Honami’ leaks continue and this time round there are a few teaser images showing part of the handset. One image shows the camera lens and LED flash, with ‘X’ placeholders for the camera specs (resolution and focal length). The second image shows the camera UI, once again confirming the 20MP CMOS sensor. A third image appears to show the magnetic docking pins.

Another photo that we’ve attached below is allegedly the first photo sample that we’ve seen from Honami. We can’t tell much as it has been uploaded to Facebook, so we don’t have any of the EXIF information. All of these images are said to be taken from a very early prototype. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Honami teaser_1

Honami teaser_2

Honami teaser_3

Sony Honami photo sample?

Honami photo sample

Via Facebook [via Tinhte.vn].

Thanks Ben and @Trung_Dt!

  • levered

    wonderful camera but not optional megapixel…like 12mp and 16mp

  • rei gallardo

    So where’s the xenon flash?

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    I also want XX amount of megapixels in my phone lol

  • Noxius

    this is not honami ! ist fake ! ist missing this thing next camera
    honami is here, on these you can see it : http://www.xperiablog.net/2013/06/27/sony-honami-flagship-pictures-leak/

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Rumoured on the internet.

  • SonyFan

    Sensor looks big enough for a Smartphone…
    And everyone who cries: “Where is Xenon” “Why not a 41Mpx Cam” and so on…
    1. This phone will NOT only focuse for Photgraphy fans
    2. Nobody wants a thick phone
    3. The Camera will be the Champion if comparing with android phones…

  • LancerEX

    But Sony, having years of experience with cameras should also make a camerca-centric phone, like the previous Cyber-shot. :) Aww missed my K800i :(

  • Purnama

    at store, i think..




  • pongnamu

    Not Me :/

  • lovebmw

    i dont think this is THE Honami! i feel like there are two phones coming out! a honami and this (Xperia z S) or whatever…. this is not Nonami

  • Jian Hoong

    but this phone look prettier~

  • Makiz

    Shatter proof sheet still there…. get ready for whining about scratches!

  • SonyFan

    hey i know what u mean…but people like you are not the majority…

    not everyone wants a thick phone…

    so choose HTC if u like it…

  • Pedro Cunha

    I want this phonne fast on market for Xperia Z price come down so i bought one! 13Mpxl for me enough, i want that 5″ display 1080i and water proof to replace my Xperia S

  • I totally agree, got a XS now too

  • Make.Believe

    Respectfully but this phone looks really flop, So hopefully next year Sony will make and launch PlayStation Phone, Walkman Phone and Cyber-shot Phone.

  • Pedro Cunha

    I have one XS almost a year and i am very hapy with, but i want that extra 0.7″ display and that extra dpi! And a better camera too, XS not so good cam! Xs will be my work phonne and XZ my personal phonne! :)

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    I’m happy with my Xperia Z

  • SomeBody

    He didn’t said he wants an HTC phone. He said he wants a Sony camera oriented phone with a Foveon sensor. Sony phones are much thinner than Nokias. If Nokia managed to fit a 2/3″ sensor in that body, Sony could easily make a camera-phone with only 15mm as its thickest part. 20MP 1 inch Stacked BSI with f/1.8 aperture would be a killer. With such a powerful background such as Sony’s they could make it real. It seems they just don’t want to for reasons not known to me.

  • ayush

    With this sony will beat Samsung

  • Sob

    I kinda doubt it. :/

  • Wow

    It has an X/X.X sensor with XX.X megapixels?

  • lawl

    Ok, if you say so.

  • Kathryn

    It looks the same. Open your eyes. This beast looks pretty to me.

  • DUH

    You know that unreleased phones are subjectible to changes right?

  • Izad Husin

    How about the previous real estate bezel? Did they remove it?

  • bimmersonygasm

    Xperia Z2 I’m absolutely sure

  • bimmersonygasm

    Just got mine recently, how to improve the battery life?

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Make the front screen glass with oleophobic coating first!! So I can remove the shatter film and feel the real screen!!!

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Yesterday I went to a phone store to try the xperia z! I felt sad..because I want it so much but my hand cant hold it and use it at the same time,I’m definetly not a 2 handed phone user! So,sorry Sony, I wont leave you but xperia z and honami are, sadly, not for me! :-(

  • rgthj

    I really hope thats not a photo sample because it looks like shit xD

  • Yea agreed

  • Gitarooman

    Honami mini, q1 next year. Successor to XS.

  • Gitarooman

    Depends on what you mean by beat, making better device? They beat them long time ago. Sales? Until Sony market their device aggressively and gain some ground in the North America market, it’s not going to happen.

  • surethom

    So 20mb 4:3 but Only 8mb 16:9 very poor. at least 12mp 16:9 please.

    16:9 is always better when watching on a laptop, tablet or TV

  • XperiaFan

    Only 16:9 in 8mpx?? i would love 16:9 in 16mpx or something greater

  • That photo was from the first(oldest) prototype according to the Esato forum


    am i seeing things or does it have a brushed steel back with glass over?

    suddenly it seems alot more interesting only thing i hate is that it’s longer with thicker bezels than the xperia z

  • Izamanaick

    I cannot wait till it comes out. Only 34 more days left.

  • azzido

    The same size small lens and led flash… So disappointed :(

  • rgthj

    Yeah, but still xD

  • Mac

    All three I the One and only BEST OF SONY! With slim design and not for giant hands plz..

    Edit: Or at least make a big one and a mini in the 4,6″ region with the same specs.

  • Rizky Maulana

    1/1.6 sensor with 20.2MP maybe :3

  • Samuel

    The 8MP (16:9) resolution of 3840 x 2160 in the given image precisely matches that of an ultra HD or a 4K television. So I reckon you’d be able to view images on your screen comfortably making the demand for a 20MP (16:9) moot.

    Furthermore, nearly all smartphone camera image sensors have an aspect ratio of 4:3. If you were to take full advantage of the sensor, the maximum possible resolution, from the pictures in the article, would be 20MP (4:3). Any other aspect ratio (like 16:9) are crops of the maximum resolution, hence the lower pixel count. You won’t be able to get a 20MP (16:9) image as the sensor does not support that configuration due to hardware limitation.

    The maximum resolution of the sensor is 5248 x 3936 and a wide aspect ratio image capture that is within this range is a maximum of 15MP (16:9, 5160 x 2904). I doubt that this is the final version of the software so changes in the software can be expected in the future with more incremental steps of resolutions. But there won’t be a 16MP as the hardware just does not allow it.

  • Umar Khan

    use stamina mode and kill the tasks you dont use

  • Umar Khan

    plus if you are constantly using it , wont get a better battery timings as its a powerful device with small battery, but during nights it works awesome

  • Umar Khan

    I had SL and was happy with its camera but XZ blew me off, im so happy

  • Umar Khan

    you are right thats what i have been saying since the beginning of time, this isnt honami, i think its sony itself trying to confuse people so that when it launches its powerful phone not even the lame competitors like samsung can defeat it.

  • InspectorGadget80

    I’m waiting for the Z ULTRA.

  • HardyHarHar

    since when did megabytes became a resolution @.@

  • JG

    Just another Samsung/HTC fan

  • cherry

    oleophobic coating are used to reduce fingerprint. shatter film are to avoid shattering. why the heck are oleophobic replacing shatter film? what are you talking about?

  • cherry

    xenon flash will make really bright flash which isnt suited for flashlight apps on market. and people often use the flash as a torchlight too. anybody genius enough to notice this?

  • josesl16

    No, don’t kill tasks. Ever.

  • josesl16

    Wouldn’t that be more awesome instead? *Look at mah supah blink-blink light!*

    Actually, rumours told that there will be both a xenon flash AND a led flash.

  • Pedro Cunha

    Dont see how a mini version of a flagship its the successor of XS… i think XS -> XT -> XZ -> Honami

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  • miki69

    Sadly, only single LED flash at the end, aka Power LED with 5 different levels, similar to HTC.

  • jOBs

    Yeah but I want all tree in one with Vita OS / Orbis OS smartphone

  • samosa king

    Definitely giving Sony my samosa for this phone. Snapdragon 800 with 20MP camera is a win for me.

  • ayush

    I need
    Sony 20 mp camera exmor rs,bionz processor,x reality, triluminos display,bravia engine 3,g lens,cyber shot,clear audio plus, and more sony technologies
    Sony ui with samaumg voice func.
    Sony design and technologies
    apple logo and siri
    Htc blink feed func.
    5″@1080p@20mp@2gb.ram@android. 4.3 upgradabe to 5 and 6 .
    In a siiiiingle smartphone

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  • Mint

    What’s wrong with a brighter flashlight? I’m really not following your logic here (if there’s any).

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  • xperiafan213

    The reasons I feel, have simply to do with the cost of making such a beast right now. No one and I mean NO ONE will buy a $1500 smartphone. I’m sure Sony teased with the idea of getting 2/3 ” sensor in the Honami as the original rumours went, but the manufacturing costs would probably not be low enough for mass production. Remember, this is Sony’s first year to post an actual profit, they need to be smart about what they develop as a flagship, a 15 mm thick cameraphone is not what MOST people want in a smartphone especially if it ends up costing twice (assumption here) as much as a normal flagship. Plus the battery life would suck when you’re actually taking pictures with it.
    I’d much rather have a sleek all rounder with AWESOME battery life, rather than a bulky-barely-as-good-as-an-entry-level-dslr-but-still-costs-more cameraphone. I’m sure Sony will give us a reboot of the Cybershot down the line, but it will do so when the price is low enough for all of us to at least consider it as a valid upgrade.
    And the 1/2.3″ sensor is no slouch either, it allegedly captures a lot more per-pixel detail than the Lumia 1020, plus it has 4k recording, all this packed with a triluminos display, a 3000+ mAh battery, a walkman audio chip (hopefully) and the gorgeous design that we’ve grown accustomed to with Sony devices, is a winner in my books. :-)

  • SomeBody

    They could launch it as a separate phone. They already invested tons of money creating the RX100 II. Without optical zoom they could shrink it down to 15mm. The ZR is pretty good imo, changing the camera module only would keep the cost down. the N808 wasn’t more expensive than the 920 for example when they hit shelves (even though its sensor is almost 7 times bigger). Would be still problematic, but not impossible to create & sell such a monster .
    What I do not understand with Sony is that they already have the components (RX 100 II & Walkman F), all they have to do is start using them in their phones.

  • Umar Khan

    i meant those that one do not uses, also use a cache cleaner, and clean cache after 2 days. Also shut down your phone after 3 days of usage and restart after 20 mins

  • Artelltyx

    fingers crossed for the audio department, camera and audio with better quality would be the selling point for this phone to become the Sony One entertainment gadget… Hopefully….

  • kazuki

    I don’t know if everyone feels the same but I do. With each time theres new rumor/info/screenshot about honami, I feel more disappointed and not wanting to get anything sony again.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    oleophobic coating are used to reduce fingerprint. And the glass used in front of sony devices aren’t oleophobic coated. So if you remove the anti-shatter film, You will have a fingerprint magnet front glass.

  • sevenchris77


  • Faisal Armand

    I think HTC would have done a lot better on the imaging departement if they use optically stabilised 13MP camera instead of 4MP Ultrapixel tech as it proved to be disappointing in terms of sheer detail and daylight performance.

  • Faisal Armand

    I think Xperia Honami will be an imaging champion in the android environment. BIONZ image processing, cybershot G Lens and 20.7MP resolution sounds very good (at least on paper) and I don’t mind the absence of xenon flash as long as the led flash performs strongly like those of htc one and samsung galaxy s4. As for 1/2.3 sensor size instead of previously rumored 1/1.6, I don’t mind that as long as bionz image processor does its job excellently. Samsung galaxy s4 has small sensor size (1/3.06) for a 13MP camera but the image processing algorithm is so advanced that it produces excellent images

    The current imaging champion in android environment is samsung galaxy s4. Let me tell ya, I don’t like the phone and all of its features (air view, air gestures, group play, super amoled and sh*t) but I must admit that its camera is amazing. The image processing algorithm is so advanced that it is able to produces stills with excellent amount of fine detail and very little amount of noise. And that is an amazing accomplishment bacause an image with a lot of detail tends to have high level of noise and an image with low level of noise tends to have smeared detail.

    I own Xperia Z, for me it is a damn near perfect phone but I find the image quality rather disappointing (on earlier firmwares) The image processing algorithm is so poor that detail is so poorly preserved thanks to aggresive noise reduction, and what makes matters worse is despite the aggresive noise reduction the noise levels isn’t ruled out and it isn’t on the low side either, and when I zoom my images in I often found weird purple edges on objects. To summarize things up, on earlier firmwares the camera of xperia z only performs slightly better than the best 8MP shooters such as galaxy s3 and iphone 5. The image quality of xperia z have noticeably improved several times thanks to firmware updates (253,307,4.2.2 423) but I don’t believe the quality until it is on par with or at least come close to samsung galaxy s4. Can someone put up a comparison and 100% crops for me, please?

  • Bader Aljedei

    first they`s rumored that this phone will have a 1/1.6-inch sensor + xenon flash + 42-MP and dedicated walkman chip with liquid magnetic speakers !

    now all we can see on HONAMI it`s just another remake of Xperia Z with snapdragon 800 chip !

    they didn’t sell something creative from their own, they`r just selling you the snapdragon 800 on another xperia z !
    for what ? so they can take more money from your pocket without any effort !

    what a poor uncreative company !

    SONY make.disbelieve !

  • Bader Aljedei

    kazuki same here

  • Bader Aljedei

    same here

  • roobs

    better start your own company lol

  • panagi?tis

    years of experience and still their algorithms sucks. too much compresion and too much noise. coming from a XZ user

  • LancerEX

    I know :( Recent Xperias’ camera samples are much worse from last year’s or even from the 2011 series. :(

  • Felipe Fujimori

    Anyway, the number of megapixels is just meaningless, and everyone knows that in most cases flash spoil the photo. We just need a good enough camera, not a camera with high specs that are just meaningless, like a ton of megapixels in a super small sensor that just sucks. I hope the camera have a good quality and not useless high number specs.

  • Brad Williams

    Now that takes me back to a nice place. I trhought the Satio was the best camera. Shit phone tho. :D

  • Brad Williams

    Well said.

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  • pt020

    The phone on the picture is not the new XR or Compact… looks like Z2

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