Xperia E new firmware rolling out [11.3.A.2.13]

by XB on 4th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia E

Xperia E 11.3.A.2.13 firmwareSony Mobile has recently pushed out a new firmware update in the form of build number 11.3.A.2.13 for the Xperia E (C150X). This firmware version is still Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and uses the 3.4 kernel. If you have downloaded the update, let us know what changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

Xperia E 11.3.A.2.13 firmware

Thanks Anurag!

  • E>D

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  • domiboy7

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  • sadi85

    I got this update almost 20 days ago (C1504). The SONY walkman, movies and pictures app has changed a bit (like the icon). I didn’t see any significant change in these apps or the performance of the phone.

  • pars

    what about xperia P ?

  • Pee-pee

    Yes? What about your p?

  • Xperianss

    News on August 06, 2013 : goo .gl/5xpGTv


  • Xperianss

    News on August 06, 2013 :


  • alaa

    All the change here :

    Xperia E C1505, C1504 Android 4.1.1 11.3.A.2.13 firmware update Rolled

  • Matthew

    What about Xperia S update?

  • Xperianss

    News on August 07, 2013 :



    I m an Xperia E owner but still it does not indicate this new update available ,is this due to indian market ?
    my phone freezes while playing music ,what could be the reason ?

  • Alvin Z

    My Xperia L also got an update, Build number 15.A.0.2.17
    I’m in Indonesia..
    Updating Now…

  • Alvin Z

    @xperiablog I mean 15.0.A.2.17 update, sorry…

  • Alvin Z

    It brings Small Apps to Xperia L, performance stability, bug fixes like freezing and restarting bug, and I don’t know for more changelog… will check later

  • lon

    Released an update in the philippines, my xperia v is still on .140 I cant get .145, im so disappointed sony :(((

  • v

    Stamina mode added ! low power battery mode also added and many software bugs fixed. The icons have changed to Z icons whereas walkman remains the same (fu sony) . no other UI changes seen

  • xingdong

  • Aravind

    This cannot be done without unlocking the phone….. I do not want to do this……is there a way to update without unlocking the device…..when will the ota update be released……….

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  • Ankur Manju

    tell guys hw much time to update?

  • kishor

    i have sony Xperia C1504 , the problem with the phone is when i am not using it gets automatically off and then i again on ,i dont understand what is this pronlem

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