Xperia Z Ultra’s display goes against the HTC One

by XB on 9th August 2013

in Xperia Z Ultra

XZU v HO_8The HTC One has probably one of the most widely praised displays across any smartphone. The Super LCD 3 display acts as a benchmark for many, so it’s good to see the Sony Xperia Z Ultra hold its own against the HTC One. The 6.4-inch 1080p Triluminos display has vivid colours and much better viewing angles compared to the Xperia Z. The selection of pictures against the HTC One below also shows there is little to separate them. If the Xperia Z Ultra’s display is this good it makes us long for Honami even more.

XZU v HO_1

XZU v HO_2

XZU v HO_3

XZU v HO_4

XZU v HO_5

XZU v HO_6

XZU v HO_7

XZU v HO_8

Via SECafe.

Thanks Johnny!

  • Lucian

    Amazing display! I’m really impressed with Triluminos technology. Sony keeps getting better and better every day.

  • Moe

    good job sony, if only the z had the better display with good viewing angles.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    wow im having an eyegasm

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    bravo sony

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    i think z has very good display with real colors

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    why everybody talking about xperia z display ??? I think xperia z screen is just amazing

  • Keon Fraites

    Triluminous technology WINS! O__O

  • Keon Fraites

    Viewing angles I never really cared for, not like I’m watching a movie at some awkward angle, but the colors on Z are pretty nice.

  • siber storm

    Can you people really not tell how awful the Ultra Z display is? The colors and contrast are completely off and the black levels are still terrible. It looks like an old VHS tape and not a clean and vibrant and organic display like the HTC’s. All of Sony’s displays share the same flaws. The Ultra Z seems to have less of them, but it is still part of the family. As a potential Sony consumer, it still pains me that they are literally blind to this and still refuse to use a third party display or some other LCD product line of theirs that isn’t so absolutely and conspicuously shitty. Sony fanboys will say its the most beautiful thing in the world of course. Sony could release a phone that creates brain tumors and they will say its innovative.

  • luigi

    Go see your doctor, you might have eye problems or you’re just color blinded

  • luigi

    The comparison should have been done in a dark room

  • Xyor

    I can never understand those people who are no Sony user and not going to purchase any product but keep going to Sony’s fan blogs and forms and leave negative comments. Compare to its predecessors, ZU absolutely improved tremendously. As far as I consider, by the information from this post, I believe that ZU’s screen is one of those best that you could have. and I think most of HTC’s are LCDs that are came from Sony

  • roeshak

    Please the article is pointless. The HTC One’s display only has great viewing angles. Head on, it doesn’t even have visuals as impressive as those on the Z never mind the Z ultra.

  • Synonymous

    Awesome. But I’m pretty sure the white’s are still a bit washed out. I’m a Sony fan, but this is how Sony fakes our eyes, the screen is yellow-ish. All of the pictures above clearly shows it. Yes, more yellowish tends to be more vibrant on pictures and movies but its a whole different story when comparing white vs. white. Even the Z’s screen is better for watching movies vs. hOne, S4, OptimusG, just search for it in youtube. So now I wanna see a comparison of Z ultra vs One or any other OEM’s comparing the whites. Bcoz I’m using my Xperia smartphone in browsing and most sites are entirely white.

    BTW, congratulations for the improved viewing angle though.

  • Xperianss

    News on August 10, 2013 : goo .gl/n7Vf94


  • Danny

    when bravia engine 2 is turned on even the xperia z rapes the htc one

  • salim suhail

    wow Triluminos wins.

  • DStyle

    I hope the Z Ultra will have a side by side comparison with hTC One Max and Note 3 when these phones come out. Will be interesting to see which phone is the best among the phablets.

  • Raymond

    Even Xperia Z display is very good the only problem is the poor viewing angle….but who cares about other people beside me looking at my phone…

  • Not enough octa-core, triliminium, hyper-quantilism, super rectangle technology for commenters…

  • GoBurn

    Your post just killed a puppy, go to hell >:(

  • lolwut?

    You fucking blind? The pictures on the Z-Ultra looks a lot better than the HTC One.

  • Gitarooman

    And X reality is not even out yet……

  • Alvin

    In phone, mostly, it always a bit impossible to see the differences between phone’s displays, but in this Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One, I can see the differences!

    OMG I want that Z Ultra!

  • ayush

    Triluminos display and x reality is awesome

  • GammaBurst

    Wow. The 5th photo comparison is just like the comparison of Sony and Conventional LCD ad. This means LCD 3 is just conventional compare to a greater and advance Triluminous display of Sony

  • gere

    are you kidding? washed out whites? how could that be possible? whiter than whites?

  • Geferson Gonzales

    agreed with you mate..and even the galaxy s4..i dont care about the viewing angles..cause i dont look my phone at the side portion when watching movies or playing games..

  • Geferson Gonzales

    z screen is amazing with true to life colors..not just like slcd and amoled that give you over saturated colors..that why they called it reality display..

  • Than Ramile Dela Cruz

    its so beautiful! the only drawbacks for me is the battery. oh well, we should wait for the battery test reviews. I hope it’ll do well

  • Geferson Gonzales

    woaah..triluminos display is amazing…look at the image 5..the emerald green and sky is more intense with the blue color..nice job sony..

  • Abdullah Robben

    this screen is amazing
    keep going sony

  • Odiin

    Where do I get these wallpapers? Especially 7th one color paper flower wallpaper. Searching for that wallpaper. Didn’t find. Please any one?

  • Andrew Tan

    I also compare before. For me Z Ultra screen is the best and far better than HTC One. :)

  • Andrew Tan

    Not shot you, but you really got issue, nothing white washed out in Z Ultra anymore.

    Don’t compare Z Ultra with any previous Xperia phone as Z Ultra is totally different level in screen panel where none of any previous Xperia phone got such level quality on it.

  • Andrew Tan

    Is time to take medicine. Don’t forget to take as your illness is at maximum risk already.

  • pongnamu

    Wow :) The display is much better than what I expected! Go SONY!

  • kiikooo

    I am sorry but that is absolutely wrong.
    I have all 3 phones and the Z is by far the worst. Z and Htc one aren’t even in same category imo.
    The Z Ultra on the other hand is amazing.

  • Andrew Tan

    It is preloaded in all this year 2013 Xperia phone.

  • Utsav Shah

    I already said it’s the most amazing smartphone display till date :D

  • Lolzer

    Don’t be a blind fanboy. Compare the whites and blacks, then greens, reds and blues with IPS LCD or SLCD (No AMOLEDs, since they’re oversaturated, and it’s a different tech/league). You’ll see that Sony’s display is lacking behind, either having yellow-ish on whites, grey-ish on blacks, or washed out colours on reds, greens and blues.
    But no doubt the Triluminos stands out, beating SLCD, now I’m waiting for a comparison with AMOLEDs and IPS.

  • xperiafan324

    It is really amazing how much an increased color gamut can have an impact on the produced image. The 4th and 5th images especially highlight the missing hues in the One’s display.
    Really proud to be a Sony fan right now. Kudos to Sony.

  • Moe

    but some games require the phone to be tilted sometimes and some colors noticeably lose color on the slightest tilt

  • Ray
  • SC

    I guess you don’t share any content with friends…

  • SC

    Waiting for Honami Triluminos results

  • razec

    ZU resolves more colors than the One, not to mention the objects looked livelier

  • Zdenda Delfín?


  • PIotr


  • Xperian

    U shamesung fan ?
    Are u from plasticland ?
    Did someone pay u for writing this review ?

    If no …
    Ur a retard then

  • Utsav Shah

    Actually, this is true Sony stuff !
    Best of Sony thing !

  • Hambeast

    The Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One use the same panel FWIW. The reason the Xperia ZU looks better is likely due to Bravia engine.

  • Cristi13

    Good work Sony, after 3 years of giving us crap, you finally don’t.

  • kettle

    you say yellowish whites? don’t you know that we can change the whites using the white balance? and I have both the phones and clearly I can say from the bottom of my heart that, BE2 is the best compared to lcd3….htc one sucks in vibrancy!!!but has a good design though!

  • Wojciech

    The same underlying technology, yes.
    The difference comes probably from combination of the filter up front that makes it Triluminos and Bravia engine.

  • oh, on this test, Xperia Z Ultra using Mobile BE2… not X-Reality for mobile…

  • Keon Fraites

    You don’t require to tilt so far that colors are lost, slight tilts don’t lose much on slightest tilt especially after the color contrast update.

  • roeshak

    Sorry but there’s more to display technology than viewing angles and colorful icons. Slap on a video or game and the Z completely owns the HTC one.
    The HTC one is nothing but the most over hyped phone in history. Good job most people saw through all that crap and didn’t fall for the hype.
    My girlfriend has an s4, and head on, the Z’s displays owns that too.
    You guys need to grow up.
    I’ve compared the two side by side in store and was totally unimpressed with the One’s display.
    Maybe you buy your phones to look at it from all angles starring at your homescreens, but I don’t.

  • GEEKnorway

    S4 doesnt have an octacore. It is a dual quadcore. It is powerful, but not as powerful as a real octacore. It just consumes less battery, because it uses the low-clocked quadcore when it doesn’t need the extra “umph” of the high-clocked quadcore.

    And the processor have nothing to do with the screen…

  • Umar Khan

    The fact is 80% of the people dont know tech and just cuz an ad says its the best they believe its the best,
    If you want to compare the screens play NFS most wanted on XZ, S4, One and you will eventually get bitch slapped by the fact that XZ has no rival. So i agree with ROE

  • Umar Khan

    DUDE you just went full retard, never go full retard.

  • Umar Khan

    Yes and thats the only minor issue with Z other then that I LOVE my XZ, btw have you compared it by playin NFS most wanted at the same time on all 3 phones(s4, XZ, one) and then comparing how awesome Z screen is

  • Yehaa Afandy

    I’m waiting for a comparison with AMOLEDs

  • ansari

    “natural” is the word

  • Aaron Alexander Choy

    This is called innovation from Sony…. ;-)

  • amubher

    Z Ultra, Such a wide range of colors.
    The best smartphone display on the market at the moment.

  • UnknownOne

    What are friends? :)

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I don’t even know how you can see the difference on these photos

  • Faisal Armand

    What do you mean Xperia Z Ultra’s display holds its own against HTC One? The z ultra’s triluminous display makes htc one’s super lcd 3 looks incredibly washed out! wow!

    Yes, I own Xperia Z. And I give no shit whatsoever about the viewing angles or the screen because I look at my phone dead on from the front. And I often watch videos together with my friends, then I asked them about the viewing angles and the comfortability of watching videos from sideways and they replied “What are you talking about? your phone’s display is awesome!”

    My criticisms about Xperia Z is mostly on the camera performance. Even on the latest firmware (244), the camera of xperia z still performs poorly compared to those of samsung galaxy s4 (I compared them myself)

  • gamer

    Amazingly! Xperia Play 2 needs this tech.

  • Mahesh


  • harvey specter

    go fuck yourself!!! you blind shit!!!!

  • Andresin10

    I guess u got an iPhone and never shared via Bluetooth or NFC. u could also share on Facebook, etc

  • SC

    That’s a stupid argument. Why should I do all that if I have people with me in person and I just want to show them a quick video?

  • Andresin10

    Hand him/her the phone

  • SC

    Multiple people want to see…

    Imagine sitting on a plane and you are in the middle next to your family on both sides with your Z Ultra, they can all see it well when you place it in front of you.

  • Veeren

    Can we get this technology to xperia z….

  • Wow you missed that joke completely…

  • SC

    It’s hardware, not software…

  • Odiin

    Thank You Andrew Tan
    but I dont have it in Xperia Z. Do u have link to download?

  • surethom

    As a tablet yes as a phone, Stupidly MASSIVE

  • roeshak

    The Z Ultra might have some impressive specs but you just can’t get away from the fact that it’s just humongous. Impractically so too.
    I mean for a device that’s meant to be carried around everywhere, it’s just too big.
    Don’t know what Sony was thinking but they certainly got it wrong here.
    In general, they seem to be obsessed with thinness and as a result, keep manufacturing devices that are much bigger than the need to be.
    Word of advice to Sony, surface area is more important as far as size goes than thickness.
    I could never really recommend the ultra to anyone because to me, it’s a confused device. It’s neither a phone, phablet, nor tablet. Just somewhere between all three which is as confused as it gets.
    No device that makes the note 2 look so small could ever be seriously considered a phablet.
    It’s even much bigger than the two other devices in it’s class. The mega and mate.
    Just when you think Sony’s getting its act together, they make yet more silly mistakes that are difficult to comprehend.
    Whoever came up with the idea of a phone this big should never ever again, be given a lead role in the development of any more devices.
    I know some of you will disagree, but you guys are in the minority I believe.
    I just cannot enthuse over this device. It’s too FLIPPING BIG!!!!

  • roeshak

    Just a very laughable post. Now run back to the HTC clan where you came from. Nobody likes you phone. That’s why your beloved htc is slowly going out of business because they make the best phones money can buy. Joker!!!

  • roeshak

    Sorry but the Ultra isn’t in that category. The note 3 will be marginally bigger than the note 2. The HTC one max too looks like it’ll be another failure in the size area so unfortunately it looks like idiotic ideas have cost Sony yet again handing Samsung yet another easy victory.
    Never just judge a device on technical specs alone. The first question you should always ask yourself when you see a new device is ‘ will many people want to buy this?’ unfortunately the answer to that question, as far as the ultra goes, is a resounding ‘ No’

  • liqn7

    I love this device. The absolutely humongous screen is the only reason I’m getting it and am not even considering things like the Note 3, HTC One Max.

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    It’s just a matter of choice, man. You like it, then buy it. If not, then better keep your money to pay your bills.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I’ve tried the Z Ultra in Comparison to the Galaxy Mega 6.3.
    I think Sony may be onto something here with the top and bottom bezel. For me (as in myself) I often accidentally touching the screen and button on the Mega 6.3 where as the Z Ultra I don’t. I guess the Bezels on the Z Ultra is for the sake of holding it for safety. And the bezel might be useful for landscape mode.

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  • Michael Hofmann

    Looking foward to the day we have a 1080p OLED, Triluminous, WhiteMagic, FloatingTouch Display with Mobile Bravia Engine 2 and X-Reality, and no bezels!

  • Andrew Tan

    Sony decision on this size never wrong, it is the maximum screen size can go for without sacrificing the comfortability on it.

    I use it since 30/July and never regret buying it. Well done Sony.

    Thanks Sony where finally I found a real phablet. Any size not reach 6″ is not big enough consider as a real phablet.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its not about what Sony thinks, its about wht people want…. As one can think when Sony said that Single core processor was enough for daily activities, people choose S2 instead of Arc, Same happened with S. Now Sony is going for specs and you people complaint….. But very few people think practically. Its not that Sony is only Selling Z Ultra as you hav choice for several High to mid to low end even with Sony with Specs, to convience you people….. And yess, you can go through the Current performance of the company and check whether the decision was correct or not….
    I own Z, and yes Ultra is not for me, but for Specs centrics, its a Ultra choice…. Thnx Hirai :)

  • Camilo Uribe
  • DStyle

    Either you are just another typical non Xperia user or hater. You sounded like you already knew from the start that this is a fail product. Maybe from your point of view but I’m sure many ppl will disagree your thoughts. So, if not judge the technical specs, why tech companies keep coming out with new hi-tech devices. Might as well just use the phone till it dies. You must have kept yourself in a dungeon for far too long, should come out and explore the world.

  • Khalifa

    I own both devices. Xperia Z ultra much better than Z. However, watching movies in HTC is little better than ZU specially dark sences.

  • kiikooo

    I am sorry where in my reply did i mention anything about viewing angles?
    You compared the phones at a shop? Alright then..

    I BOUGHT both of them. The Htc one’s screen is 100X better than my XZ. And i am a huge Sony fan. I sold the Htc in the end just because i didnt really enjoy the software as much or maybe because i just love Sony’s launcher so much and feel comfortable using it.

    No clue how on earth you are saying the XZ’s screen is better. I seriously don’t get it.

    Normally i don’t disagree with people saying something is better than the other since to each their own but what you said is just wrong.

  • kiikooo

    I am sorry, Do you really need to “know” tech to see the difference between the 2 phones?.

    I owned the 2 and by FAR(not even close) the Htc’s screen is better.

  • GEEKnorway

    Sorry :( I just hate when people think that everything but Samsung is shit.

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    TjaldidTjaldid seriously, how can you NOT see the difference..

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    1 it depends on what (computer) screen i’m looking at
    and 2. pictures never do justice

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  • Marc

    Wow, awesome display. I just fiddled my HTC One to figure out how to take a screenshot lol. Found it here eventually But Sony really did an amazing job, I honestly thought nothing superior to HTC One will emerge in at least a year

  • Somebody

    Wow! Can’t believe. XZU (TFT) beats M7 (SLCD3) hahahaha. XZU’s TFT screen is totally different compared to every Sony’s same TFT although using Triluminos too.

    XZU’s display looks more vivid, brighter, also the contrast just great. And the viewing angle that many people complain about considering is still uses TFT panel is not that bad, especially on XZU. Can’t wait the improvement on Z2’s display againts the competitors.

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