Some Xperia Z Ultra owners complaining of defective screens

by XB on 21st August 2013

in Problems, Xperia Z Ultra

XZU Defective DisplayThe Sony Xperia Z Ultra HSPA+ (C6802) has been released for a number of weeks now and whilst the handset has been receiving widespread praise for its display, there are a minority of users suffering from defective screens. We have been monitoring the situation over the last fortnight and we’ve seen more and more people report problems across forums and YouTube.

The problem people seem to suffer is the inability to wake the screen by pressing the power button. The backlight turns on but the screen stays blank. However, this does not appear to be a Sleep of Death (SoD) issue as the Android OS is still running and once the power button is pressed enough times, the screen will wake. Some are getting green lines when trying to wake the device via the power button.

Some people are reporting that the latest firmware update in the form of build version 14.1.B.0.475 solves the issue, but others say this isn’t the case. It sounds like a software issue to us, so hopefully we’ll see a fix coming soon for all users. We certainly hope this bug is ironed out by the time the LTE versions (C6803, C6806) roll out.

Thanks Ashwin!

  • Angel Morales

    I shall wait to make my purchase!

  • azmadu

    Is any of this surprising? Screen are made to such high tolerances these days but there are always going to be some manufacturing issues.

  • Andrew Tan

    Actually this is happen to certain units only, not all, probably due to QC not strong enough as result of product rushing release.

    Lucky my unit running perfectly without above issue.

  • sreenamboothiri

    Why u people fearing this much? :( im sure that sony replace the defected phones within one week :)
    I have got my replacement of my xperia Z two times coz of low speaker volume.( myt be mymistake of using it in high pressure water.. still earphone and mic were working
    perfectly alright)
    pertty much satisfied with sony service

  • inb4 someone comes and complains, just go back & replace it if you have the problem

  • x-periance

    dont see this as a big issue.. had a problem.. just send out an email to sony team and wallah..!!! new inbox replacement has arrive…

  • Wan Nasirudin

    what is QC?

  • Martin Ambre


  • Martin Ambre

    this is almost for all fones
    hardware or software issues

    Xperia acro S bugged

  • ????????????

    quality control

  • arun

    I am also facing the same problem in my xperia sp…

  • Kaostheory

    I’m on my 4th T. 1st one sod, 2nd faulty bt, 3rd faulty wifi. Sony qc definitely lacking with the rush to get to market, but I still like the phone. I still don’t understand how software can only affect certain phones though.

  • meld

    Lucky you, but in my country Sony CS is suck

    Please sign this petition

    Most of sony user is desperate and hopeless if their phone in repair

    Please Sony global, you must do something about this
    Sony brand is very popular in my country, as popular as samsung
    But Sony CS is really bad, even compare with unpopular brand like LG
    LG CS 10x much better

  • 3rdflyleaf

    WHy am I not surprise? I always think Sony is so creative that they have so many ideas and concepts and wants to announce but release them late. And Update fix to follow. I mean Why not announce and release it when everything is perfect. (Just my thought. Please ignore me)

  • AMG38

    I really don’t know why Sony Displays have so many problems. I mean, yellow tint at Xperia S, different viewing angles at Xperia Z, now random defective at Xperia ZU ?
    But beside this, Display quality and colors from ZU are awesome

  • Purnama

    where do you live?
    im at Yogyakarta, and based on my own experience their service is not that bad…
    years ago i have problem with front panel capacitive button on my Xperia Mini, and they fix it around 1-2 week (dont remember) because that front panel out of stock…

  • mountain

    I had the same problem on the fist week, but it had been resolved after updating to. 475

  • Mac

    after jb .200 I got it bugged as well.

  • Billy de Fretes

    i have to agree with you. before using xperia z, i’ve using iphone for more than 4 years because i have bad experience with sony CS. my last sony ericsson w960i cannot be repaired at sony CS in depok jawa barat just because they don’t have the spare part. so i have to sold my w960i and change to iphone.
    but today i really hope my xperia z will not have problem until next 2 years because sony CS in my place already closed (some people say that it’s because lots of people feel disappointing with their service)

  • meld

    Jakarta, this is my story
    I own Xperia S and then got yellow tint of course (first batch)
    Go to service center, nothing. They only ask my name, number, imei.
    They said LCD panel not available yet and they will give info if available.

    1month later LCD is came, go to service center ask them to replace.
    I ask, when it finished? . They said around 2-3 weeks.
    2-3week pass still no info. Call SC again, as expected. Still not finished yet. After that i keep call SC and push him (little anger) to finish my phone. 2month pass good news happen. They said my phone fix now.

    Go to SC to grab my phone, when i arrived at home i shocked, 2 dead pixel in my display. Next day call them again and deal, they will replace my phone again. And the story is repeat but a bit better only took 1 month until finished.

    Same story, grab phone go home and story just repeat again. 1 Red Stuck pixel and 1 bright pixel.

    Desperate about this, just sell phone.

    And my brother buy Xperia Sola, after 2 month screen problem appear. Right bottom area no response touch, i assume digitizer broke. Same story as Xperia S took 1 month to repair.

    After that i buy LG phone, have display problem too, dead pixel.
    I scare it will took as long as Sony, remember, LG is unpopular in my country and have bad record in terms of update.

    But my fears not happen, need only 20minute to replace LCD
    That’s all

    Sorry my english suck so hard


    In our country, many peoples complain to Sony costumer service. They should have to wait for two or three months when they repair the handset. I read about this on

  • Herman

    “im sure that sony replace the defected phones within one week”

    Well, I had to wait over two months for my defective Xperia S’ screen to be replaced and returned. I’m not the only one who had to wait that long just because the screen had a yellow tint. I’ve almost got to the point where I bought another device, because those two months were unacceptable.

    Anyway, I really hope all of you get your phones replaced much earlier. In my case it was just insane.

  • Herman

    It’s always the display at Sony’s smartphones that carry the issues.

    This is why you shouldn’t immediately buy a device but wait about a month or so for the possible issues to get fixed and maybe even get a price cut. Any device could have issues that aren’t properly tested internally yet.

  • Purnama

    Jakarta? Thats really unexpected, since in Jogja, if Sony SC cant repair some phone, they have to send it to Sony SC in Jakarta… and if they do that, it will take 2-3 month or more…

    Sony global really have a lot of work to do on their customer service division in Indonesia…

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  • Basharca

    I have the xperia Z ultra for several weeks now, and it’s working as solid as a rock.
    I bathed with it, washed it, and I never experienced any issues with the screen, so I don’t understand what’s all this fuss about.
    The only thing that I didn’t like about the Ultra is that the phone calling voice quality is not as clear as the xperia S, V, and SP.
    The ZU is one of a kind, you’ll never understand how astonishing this device is unless you own it, trust me on this one.

  • knightpt

    Not surprising tbh. My father’s HTC one was replaced 3 times before geting one that didnt have serious defects in the contruction, one of them didnt even turn on. My GF LG Optimus simply broke the back glass witout even touching it… it’s started to be very rare to find a piece of hardware that is not faulty or gets broken in a few months, at least in my prespective.

    You have to understand that all phones are built in similar low cost factories. Quality control is very expensive and it’s relegated to 2nd place on most companies. It’s not a Sony issue, it’s just the way current economy works => “Designed in the west, built in the east”

    Ofc we should complain about this stuff, and i’m sure Sony will fix everything with no cost to the customer but it’s sad nevertheless.

  • LancerEX

    It’s somehow similar to my Ray. If you lock the phone, after a few mins, the display just goes blank if you try to wake it up. The backlight is still on, but the screen is just blank. If you press the power/lock button numerous times, then the screen will work fine. :/ Local service centers blame the software at first (stick to GB they said), and when my warranty had expired, they told me that the panel has to be replaced and asking a large amount for it. :| And btw, the problem does not seem to appear on GB.

  • Deki

    My Xperia S is doing this sometimes, but now long as this. One-two times, and it’s not happening that often.

    I think it’s a software issue too, since ICS never did this.

  • Raj Singh

    That sucks. Hopefully I won’t get a defective device when I purchase the unlocked LTE version. It seems like it would be a huge inconvenience for people who had it imported.

  • nidou bossy

    its pretty much a software issue since Sony rushed bringing some updates to ZU. I still remember the screen of death that occurred to some Samsung GS3 last year, and it was due a firmware update! or built version. so, i believe this is gonna be fixable by either a downgrade or a better update.

  • Babylonbwoy

    I had same issue while back but it was with Xperia Ray, backlight was turning on but screen stayed black. They never fixed it and they offered me a refund/exchange.

    What I did as a turnaround solution when home is connecting with MyPhoneExplorer and use the Virtual Screen/screen Copy option to have the mobile screen on my pc (a kind of screen mirroring).

  • smedly

    I don’t know why this issue is being posted here, it was resolved with the latest firmware update last week 100%

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  • Martin Ambre

    i have .211 not a difference at all
    just recently re-flashed due to apps closing automatically
    RAM 685MB

    on my bro’s xperia v its more than 800MB

    anyways my fone has better storage and front cam

  • Martin Ambre

    my screen flickers

    its Bravia Engine issue
    both software + Hardware

    Acro S

  • Martin Ambre

    i suggest dont

    Honami would be better – 5/5 stars
    my review to Ultra is 4/5 stars

  • FanXperia

    My XS has also this bug. when i put on the On/Off, but it’s no so long. XS Android JB 4.1.2 firmware .200

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  • Gaston

    And here we go again. It wouldn’t be the full Sony® Experience™ if you didn’t get at least a couple of crippling issues on your flagship device.

  • Cristi13

    So let’s see, xperia s yellow tint, xperia z and v sleep of dead (and let’s not talk about updates) and now this? The best of sony indeed. And the worst part, there are always be someone to defend sony, even though the customers suffer

  • XcDcS

    One thing you should know is that this issues affects MINOR part of the customers.
    It’s frustrating indeed, but just turn it in for DOA, not really a bigger issue then that.

  • @atWidget

    Bad news… but I still love Sony!!! :D

  • Knightpt

    you are delusional if you think other brands don’t have the same problems with QA products… HTC one for example, a brand that has the fame of being THE best in therms of build quality, the first batch of phones had terrible build quality problems, aluminum poorly cut, layers not properly bound, etc. I still recall buying a dell ultrasharp monitor because it was one of the best in the market and i had to return 2 for burned pixels… all brands have problems, i am a fan of sony mostly because of the design, but i’m not blind and i understand that ALL brands that deal with electronics made in “the east”have problems.

  • Mac

    Same with Acro S. Sometimes it wakes and sometimes I have 2 relock and unlock again 2 make it work. Almost every time I try 2 open up a received message using the quick nav bar the phone only goes black. Irritating as fu*k.

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  • siber storm

    Pretty obvious the ZU is a half assed product. Shitty camera with no flash. Small ass battery for a big ass screen. Another shit Sony display with poor black levels, poor viewing angles, and completely awful colors. Every mainstream review from Engadget to TheVerge tells people to NOT BUY IT because it serves no purpose, being a half-assed tablet and a half-assed phone, all at an insane price.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Only minor of the customers suffered. I love it when some devices are defective they bash the brand.


  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    No problems here.
    The recent update resolved it.

  • Than Ramile Dela Cruz

    that happens on my old 5800. i just restart it, removing the battery. Oh well, the ZU doesn’t have removable battery :(

  • ksmayank11

    I had the same issue on my new Xperia Z Ultra. When the lock/unlock button was pressed, multiple bands appeared on the screen and I had to lock and unlock again to get back the display. I was thinking of taking it to the service center but instead tried by taking off the screen protector and applied the update 471. Things are much better now and I don’t remember any reoccurrence since then.

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  • xili

    “Designed in the west”??!! The “Omni-Balance” concept is designed by Japan designer, not “in the west”. “built in the east” means bad?! =_=”, so everything good is from the “west” and bad is from the “east”, sounds funny……

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  • Andrew Tan

    Sony already separate with Ericsson, nothing this year Sony product design in the west.

  • Andrew Tan

    Go update to .475, you will get much better experience if your unit got issue previously.

  • Andrew Tan

    No point bashing fake information, get your life better without bashing.

    They is no poor black levels, no poor viewing angles, and no awful colors.

    This is Z Ultra not the Z.

  • Jaywalker

    What did I just say? :D They have many issues, basic issues, and they come up with all sort of extra mumbo jumbo features. And you can see their blog…Full of sad clients. Of course, there will be always some fans who will buy no matter Sony sells. The freedom of choice. Too bad because they have a good design.

  • Tk

    I have this issue with my Xperia SP but very rarely, it usually wakes up when I push the button a second time. Honestly it doesn’t really bother me but I wouldn’t mind a fix.

  • Ben Lim

    Regional Unveil of Sony’s Xperia i1 Honami Set to Happen in Malaysia via @sharethis @XperiaBlog

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Sony’s becoming more like samsung now. quick updates yet it’s buggy, I still buy Sony phones. :)

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    “The backlight turns on but the screen stays blank. However, this does not appear to be a Sleep of Death (SoD) issue as the Android OS is still running and once the power button is pressed enough times, the screen will wake”
    Z has the same problem too, very rare though.

  • Mac

    Yep that sucks, I got the acro s over the v because of memory, camera button, and better looks. Oh n ofc the acro S was a bit cheaper 2. I’m looking forward 2 the new JB update. Really really hope it fixes all nasty buggs.
    According to the unlock screen bug I’ve heard it’s BE1 that screws it up. I have unabled it now and going to check if it solves the problem.

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  • JG

    Really? How would you know? Z Ultra has a good display which a lot of people are giving good feedbacks, The only issue I see is the camera, though Sony will be releasing a lens which I think will be compatible with this device. So this will be a perfect. Honami has a 20mp, but a lot of picture leaks on the Honami phone were mostly having bad quality. And the thickness or the bezel, yuck. If the Honami camera won’t be stunning, I will prefer the Z U.

  • JG

    Designed came from the west, but built or assembled in china.

  • JG

    I stand to be corrected, designs came from Japan, lol. Sorry.

  • JG

    Oh, this guy is Samasung paid.

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  • jag

    your comments here are like templates. “there are always be someone to defend sony”. i always see those sentences/ phrases with your name on it. first thing is that you are in “Xperia”blog. you wont see a fanboy trying to ruin the name of he’s/ she’s beloved brand. try going to samsung fanpage. you’ll see there that they treat their phones like gods. try to bash them and then packs of fanboys will fight against you.

  • jag

    engadget and verge are samsung paid. haha! not sure, but im pretty sure that they dont like any phones other than samsung.

  • Tech Gospel

    This is one of the reasons why I stopped buying from grey market shops in the PH. Although warranty isn’t as good as the US yet, official Sony stores in the PH offer 7-days instant replacement, extended 2-3 year warranty, and accident insurance (cracked screen, water damage).

  • josesl16

    My P used to have it to on ICS. I think it’s more or less fixed in JB though.

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  • johnylim

    And i have to waiting for 4 months until my customer Xperia U touchscreen fixed by them.

    for info, it’s not really SONY fault, but their partner here which run the service center , TAM

  • johnylim

    Honami using same Triluminos screen just like Z Ultra

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  • mento picasso

    maybe samsung fan try to rise some havoc lol

  • nonyo

    it quality control

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I had to replace my Xperia Z with a new one because the first that i got had a broken power botton and a broken volume up botton, i bought my Xperia Z in Sweden at a Telia shop and they replaced it immediately with a new one and the second phone i got is just working fine :)

  • Kenny L

    Does the newest update with X-Reality solve the ‘Sleep of Death’ issue? Or is it already fixed with the previous update…i’m very excited about the LTE version…thanks!

  • pejan

    If the screen is not coming up, try to use the reset button underneath the SIM flap cover. when the screen came up go to display setting > brightness , untick the “adapt to lighting conditions”

  • Aaron

    The low speaker volume is when you put your phone in water, you have to let your speaker ‘dry’ out and can take anything from about 30 minutes, to a day, happened several times with me.

    A child put mine in milk, and it took 2 or 3 days of washing my phone and the speaker to get the dried milk residue out, but worked in the end.

  • Abhishek

    Very disappointed with zu performance.Initially developed minor problems with applications opening automatically.Now it takes ages to boot once it is switched off.Then after the screen goes blank. Even the Service Centre is unable to resolve the problems.Sony should have been more careful before launching such defective models in the high end category.

  • akash

    I took of my sony xperia z’s inbuilt screen protector……with the screen guard the sony written logo also went off……..Now where can I get a new screen protector with the sony logo??????

  • arman

    yes its true..i am replace my phone in 7 days,,but I am still xperia z user…
    good service for z

  • arman

    I think don’t use sony bcoz
    its speaker sound is very low.
    and if u repair this phone after warrant then this is not waterproof
    battry are fixed

  • Alex

    Got the same bad experience with Xperia Care Jakarta service. I got my Xperia Z Ultra this August, and within 2 weeks it got cracked screen after I put it in my pocket pants… I brought it to Xperia Care Roxy, Jakarta, and still got no certainty news till now. To Sony Xperia Management, I think You need to evaluate performance of your Xperia Care staffs in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their service is so bad, their response is so slow, they reply my text in 1 or more days and they usually didn’t pick the call from me.
    I still wait for a good news about my z ultra. It is shame I got it cracked just because I put it in pocket since Sony claimed the screen to be anti shattered. To other Z Ultra users, I warn you to give extra cautious, its screen is so fragile. I think my old Xperia Play is much more tough than this brand new flagship Xperiz Z Ultra…

  • Alex

    Hmm, I dont think so. I got my Xperia Z Ultra this August, and within 2 weeks it got cracked screen after I put it in my pocket pants… I brought it to Xperia Care, Jakarta, and still got no certainty news till now.
    I still wait for a good news about my z ultra. It is shame I got it cracked just because I put it in pocket since Sony claimed the screen to be anti shattered. To other Z Ultra users, I warn you to give extra cautious, its screen is so fragile. I think my old Xperia Play is much tougher than this brand new flagship Xperia Z Ultra…

  • Jake Mitcheson

    To people who are having this issue with the defective screen, i recently purchased the phone, only 2 days ago (ausfag btw) and have been loving the shit out of it, not literally but, pretty close. Anyway today my phone screen wigged the fuck out and stopped responding completely, thank Steve i was well seated and not halfway through touching my jiblets. I quickly combated the initial fear of my phone not working with a tactical decision to get higher than Felix Baumgartner pre-jump and proceed from then. After looking on forums like this i quickly lost hope and realised i was now was too high to go into a shop to consult the great Optus Phone Wizards. After crying in the corner for 45 minutes and trying everything from turning it off, resetting, praying to the Great Russel Coigt for spiritual guidance and even trying to spontaneously grow a mustache, taking a shot of concrete and ballsing the fuck up, i plugged the phone into my laptop, reset the phone by pressing both volume buttons and the power button, waited for the little vibration, and did this twice more, equating to a total of three times, then i held the power button and the phone turned on as if the little ripper hadnt even cunted up on me and has been working fine for the last few hours, in which i hastly decided to fit in 36 wanks in case it fucks up again.

    SO, moral of this tale is essentially, the phone does revert from its brick like state, im not sure if it was through that genius combination of well thought out and intentional resets, or if it had something to with being plugged into my faptop, or maybe just getting really stoned fixed it, but it sure made me feel the need to post about my intensely action packed saga of the defective phone screen on this here forum thing.
    so dont forget to wipe front to back and put conditioner on before shampoo, for no reason, i just want to know what happens but i cant bring myself to do it.

  • Vaibhav

    Today I am having a bad day. In the morning the car had trouble and as soon as I am back from the repair shop my Z Ultra is started giving this problem. Was working perfectly fine 5 mins back and all of a sudden the screen went blank. Lets see now how good is Sony customer care.

  • Alex

    I got my Xperia Z Ultra this August, and within 2 weeks it got cracked screen after I put it in my pocket pants… I brought it to Xperia Care Roxy, Jakarta, and still got no certainty news till now. To Sony Xperia Management, I think You need to evaluate performance of your Xperia Care staffs in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their service is so bad, their response is so slow, they reply my text in 1 or more days and they usually didn’t pick the call from me.
    I still wait for a good news about my z ultra. It is shame I got it cracked just because I put it in pocket since Sony claimed the screen to be anti shattered. To other Z Ultra users, I warn you to give extra cautious, its screen is so fragile. I think my old Xperia Play is much tougher than this brand new flagship Xperiz Z Ultra…

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  • Sonam Sherpa

    Sony sucks, just bought the new xperia ultra after using Samsung note for 2 years. Dropped the note almost a 100 times but the ph is still new and problem free and sold it for a good price. Dropped the Sony once cracked screen $250 for repair. The screen just might be too big to fit comfortably in pockets maybe need a bag for it. After replacing the cracked screen I m selling it and going Samsung or Nokia. No more Sony for me

  • vignesh

    I am using Xperia sp.. I have a problem defective screens. when I turn on my display using power button..what I do..

  • Samrat Roy

    Hi, I am facing lot of problem in my Sony xperia Z ultra, this is my second handset, first was DOA ( dead on arrival ) and got replaced. Sony should understand that if a normal person buys such a costly handset with lot of expectations and the new set found to be faulty, that is very demoralizing, yes got the second handset, but the first impression remains the last impression. Secondly, my second new replaced handset is also showing trouble, firstly, there is a noise distortion while calling and the sound of the recipient seems to be drowsy and seems the person is drunk or seriously ill, I know its an unusual complaint and people will laugh at it…. but its a problem and I have tested the same with several persons, while I went to the showroom where I purchased they also agreed and told to visit the service center…. Its now getting horrible, my phone is only 3 months and such a costly handset… every time its not possible to visit the service center hampering my priorities for a NEW SONY phone…. apart from that there are other challenges also… Can anybody help me… I am really frustrated….

  • Kiey

    thank u so much. i’m facing the same problem with u. i’m freaking out when i can’t see a single thing on my screen. i just had it for a day and it turns out like that. and now, with your video, i get back my precious phone. thank u so much.

  • Bryan Furywins

    Dear Sony,

    The only reason I bought this phone was because I could hook it up to my dual shock 3. In other words, I bought this phone because of my playstation. Sony, your phone is absolute garbage! Your electronics are absolute garbage! And now, paying to play online, your PS4 is the mother of all absolute garbage! Good bye and good day!

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  • Carlos

    i sent them my phone in august , i just got it back now ,it is november, and phone is not fixed.

  • bobbyreyes0604

    I have the same problem with the screen when you open iy from sleep colored lines.appear. What the solution for this?

  • Alireza

    it problem is different.whenever my phone get in touch with cold weather the screen shows black lines at the bottom.The lower temparature is , the more lines.I dont know what to do.Any solution guys?

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