SE changes internal Xperia mini pro hardware due to electrostatic noise issue

by XB on 23rd November 2011

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Xperia mini pro internalBack in September we reported on an electrostatic noise problem that many Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro owners were facing. When recording video, electrostatic crackling could be heard in the background when played at loud volumes. We confirmed the same issue when we tested the Xperia mini pro.

Sony Ericsson acknowledged the problem and said that the issue would be solved with the roll out of the 4.0.2.A.X.X firmware in October. However, a Sony Ericsson representative also said that a “new hardware solution has been implemented for all units produced starting end of September“.

If you’re wondering why new hardware was required if a software fix is available, it comes down to the fact that the latter reduces the electrostatic sound on video recordings “below audible level on those early phones with a certain hardware.” So it seems like the problem will still exist but not in a way to detract the user experience according to SE. To eliminate the problem entirely they needed a hardware fix, which is why a change was made for newly manufactured Xperia mini pro phones.

Are there any Xperia mini pro users out there still suffering from this problem (even after applying the Android 2.3.4 firmware update)? Sound off in the comments below.

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