Sony details change log for recent Xperia S update (6.2.B.1.96)

by XB on 26th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

nexusae0_sony-xperia-sSony Mobile has just released a full list of improvements that the recent 6.2.B.1.96 firmware update brought to the Xperia S,  Xperia SL and Xperia acro S.

The update brought some significant improvements over the earlier Android 4.1.2 build, including performance and stability enhancements. See the full list of changes below.

For camera, we’ve…

addressed an abnormality in the white balance
improved the “Quick Launch” button functionality
smoothed out (1080p) video recording, minimizing lag

For apps, services & data, we’ve…

streamlined Exchange Active Sync, particularly when running an encrypted set-up
boosted connection stability for 2G network data
ensured preferences on 3rd party apps remain after reboot – not a common problem, but we understand it can be a frustrating one!

For battery, we’ve…

economised power consumption, and heat dispersion for longer life
corrected juice level notifications, especially when running low

And for hardware & UI, we’ve…

introduced a home key long-press to launch Google Now, and a double-press to launch Recent Apps
made sure the volume “up” button is fully responsive

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks Silas!

  • Gaetano

    Finally! Already downloading through PC Companion :D

  • Lucian

    I’m really happy with it :) Everything works as it should.

    I changed my customization number and got it immediately.

  • Zamunda

    Downloaded, and it should be available for everyone i think since its updated @ their site
    Thanks Sony, new media apps Eih!! (In love…)

  • Srinivas

    when are we going to get in india for SL???

  • Santos

    Got mine just tonight here in Manila!!

  • Sergio gonzalez

    My pc comanion says its already updated.. how can I download it :(

  • Spontex

    Update OK in France ! Merci Sony !

  • Tushar Dongre

    Sorry to say but you are a left out Sony’s customer…so sad

  • takimata

    I’ve had major issues with audio quality in 6.2.A.0.200 and CSipSimple, which I am depending on for my landline telephone. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get non-stuttering audio in JB, it was so bad that I had to downgrade to ICS where everything works. So I am very reluctant to upgrade to this firmware, anyone in a similar situation here?

  • Tushar Dongre

    Hey I think Xperia P also needs a update,games lags on it also becomes unresponsive sometimes

  • Akhil

    dont worry its rolling u will get it soon :)

  • Knightpt

    Seeing an update to such an “old” device that still manages to improve battery Life seems nice and gives me hope it can also happen for my xz!

  • fadresa

    still no stamina mode? :(

  • UrDad
  • shayan gozarabadi

    thank you sony..

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  • pejman

    The update is excellent but i don’t want to long press home key to lunch Google now.o_O

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Meanwhile ion user is raging like usual when Sony leave them…seriously,you (Sony) can update S,Sl,acro S which is all LT26 variant but can’t update the LT28 variant?Well curse you too Sony..I am even hesitating to update to .0.211 jelly bean or not

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  • Diogo Simões

    No :(

  • met_8

    Exactly, double tap for Google Now would have been better..hope some custom firmware will address this issuer :P

  • Rasool Azizi

    what about xperia ion?!! xperia ion so laggy in fhd recording and play!!!

  • Riyas Reds

    Xperia L is Good One

    Download And Install This Android Browser for fast 3g speed :)

    Please Share with your friends

  • monyo

    still no update!!!

  • Diogo Simões

    the same here!

  • jann

    seriously bro? what’s your unit?

  • Norio24

    Just got the update! good job Sony

  • Milla

    This update is very nice and addresses all the problems that were present in the old one. Now Jelly Bean is pretty much flawless, I can’t really find any fault now (other than the missing 3D camera things, which I never used anyway).

    I really hope Sony will release additional updates with newer apps and features and that this won’t be the last one.

  • Babylonbwoy

    They never post changelogs for other devices updates!

  • Semo Koda

    guys … does anyone have any info about wifi problem not working unless airplane mode on ??? please reply it’s a serious issue … many thanks FYI i’ve updated to the new frimware .96 JB 4.1.2

  • Purnama

    i was wondering, why there are so many down vote about this update?

  • ariff

    Thank you so much sony -malaysia-

  • Moonlight

    Where are fu*king new Album,Walkman,Movie?

  • takimata

    To answer my own question, and for future reference to anyone with the same problem:

    I took the plunge and updated straight from ICS 6.1.A.2.55 to 6.2.B.1.96, and I have no more audio problems in CSipSimple. Of course I cannot say whether it was a failed update before or if it was a general problem in 6.2.A.0.200, but everything’s fine now.

    Also, 0.4%/hr battery usage in standby — with Wifi and CSipSimple on. Wow. Very, very nice.

  • Sander Puus

    These r for 4.2 only

  • Jair Arturo Coria Martinez

    thank’s sony but ill gonna wait for Doomlord and his awesome! Rooting kit! for this Firmware

  • Mac

    why not make something happen when pressing meny button instead?

  • Deki

    Yeah, I think this is the first time…

    Let’s hope not last! For XS! :-)

  • Herman

    That’s what I thought: long press menu button for Google Now.
    I don’t even know how Sony could think any different…

  • Martin Ambre

    finally updating it today
    mumbai – acro S

  • Andrew

    No update for UK,although Sony’s UK website states that it has been released..

  • Pedro Cunha

    Just updated my! For now everything its very smooth! 1080p video its fixed… Hope 2G too. RAM management seems very good! I m in Portugal

  • Pedro Cunha

    I hate Google now

  • burrq

    does anyone knows how to root a rk s with this firmware.. tq :)

  • burrq

    does anyone knows how to root acro s with this firmware? tq :)

  • zaimi

    people never satisfy what they have!!

  • zaimi

    bereh boh!!

  • Krishna


    i have Eperia SL (LT26ii), Andriod version – 4.1.2 Build No – 6.2.B.2,211, will i be able to update it to the new relase, if yes, please let me know how to update manually

  • barcagp

    What about the update for when i was using some app (mostly android web browser) and suddenly the app stop and my phone go to home page itself??? This also happen with others apps and it’s really annoying. Sony fix that?? I have Xperia acro s, my sister have a Xperia s. Both phones same problem.

  • xperia s

    Is this update included new sony media apps?I updated mine at Malaysia but no new sony media apps.

  • Ray Weng

    Thanks very much,but I don’t know when I can use it ,for sure my sony LT26II is bought from HONGKONG,but now it is also stand by 6.2.b.0.200,without 6.2.b.0.211,so can’t flash the 6.2.b.1.96,the only thing I can do is waiting for SONY HONGKONG good mood,and then think yeah I need to release this update.I think it is the only way,right?

  • PsiClone

    Anybody in India Got this Update…i am eagerly waiting…i need that 1080p lag fix asap :-(

  • Luke

    has it been roll out among South East Asia?

  • JenH

    good to see they finally tried to fix the 2G issue….. testing. I guess I will hold XS little longer

  • Not yet.. expect it within a months time.

  • kalyan

    i got it ystrdy only in India( visakhapatnam)

  • pablo Villalobos

    no update in costa rica

  • Kurt Hedman

    In Sweden i have updated successfully. 2G data works fine :D

    Double tap home button should be inverted thou, for better function.

    Google Chrome browser lag have increased, so now I use Android stock browser.

  • Brian Tan

    Updated in Singapore! Yippy!
    Hate the Google Now!

  • Brian Tan

    Singapore has it already

  • Wiki

    When Xperia ion will get this update….

  • Fred

    I’m in Portugal to but there’s still no update to me… so I believe I’ll have to wait for SMHK to release the update, wich happens with every solar eclipse…

  • Jaywalker

    Sony should give us the option to get back to previous update or to initial version. Make a section with all updates for every model and each of us to chose which one is a keeper. The list of updates details is a very good idea. I asked for it a very long time ago.

  • TrixzD

    Not about the Xperia S but I hope they release a new firmware for the Go. I am having a problem with the clock not syncing right away so for example I would look at my phone at 12.30 and pick it up about 5.30 and it would still say something like 12.30 and then it would take a while to display the proper time. I recently had to factory restore my phone after something caused every app/system app to not respond making the phone useless. This problem existed before that and still exist now even though my phone is practically in factory condition now. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Vasilis K.

    1. Walkman app from 6.0.A.0.22 -> 6.0.A.0.26
    2. Album app from 3.1.B.1.2 -> 3.1.B.1.4
    3. Messaging app from 6.2.B.0.3 -> 6.2.B.0.6
    4. In Settings -> Accounts there’s a “Update Center” setting which can be set to sync or not.
    5. New device icon in the Update Center app.

  • Volkan
  • b

    someone how to root for this firmware?

  • Pedro Cunha

    Last time i have to wait 22 days to get the .200 update at Portugal! This time was very fast, dont know what is the system they use! My Xperia S is sim free from factory…

  • Diogo Simões

    Like mine. See if today I can download the update

  • Evita

    Thailand is up, I did mine within 15 min on 3am (very clear traffic)

  • Evita

    that’s funny earlier today (3am) I went straight from .200 to .96

  • Evita

    gradually rolling out, depend on market maybe carrier (in case you’re on).

    I got mine earlier today (3am) in Thailand.

  • dHRUV

    Cant recognize pc companion after update anybody help me pls m very gratefull to him
    pls not tell usb debbuging on off or mtP forcestop in application manager
    … coz i try all these above but it cant help :(

  • Beggers

    Got the update via Pc companion in the UK on a UK Generic handset on O2

  • giz

    this feature makes me discard my xperia s.

  • urangsundaasli

    @indonesia, my hikari has been updated, i love my acro S

  • giz

    go home home button. you’re drunk.

  • Mac

    Yea right, I don’t use google now and for me it’s just taking space so I haven’t even installed it. It’s just stupid actually.

  • Sony Xperia Z Series

    You are a fan of Xperia Z Series? Like this page

  • Alexander

    Does anyone have the LED notification light issus with this update?the incoming message is in white light and nt as blue light?

  • Galileo

    I’m experiencing this now on Xperia S after this update! On last firmware everything was fine.

  • rathernottellyou

    Still having problems with the hdmi out though.cannot set resolution to 1080p@60hz and there’s a lag with 30hz and framerate is really poor so I have to use dlna all the time which does not utilize the beauty of Bravia Engine. but overall the update brought lots of improvements.

  • Rex Mundi

    I have “DuckDuckGo” installed as alternative internet search engine. Long press home key gave me option to open “DuckDuckGo”. I have now made this the default action for this function.

  • Rex Mundi

    Bluebox Security Scanner reports that “master key” security flaws have been patched. Xperia Acro S working fine.

    Good work Sony.

  • Maulana Yusuf

    Thank you so much Sony. The update is very nice :D

  • Xperia-S

    Yes Just Updated in Bangalore

  • Herman

    Really? You know it can (and will) easily be replaced with a mod, right?

  • Jonathan

    Is your phone unlocked? I’m also on O2 but no update so far.

  • PsiClone

    Yessss……I got it toooo !!!

  • Akash Xboy Gupta

    Got the Update in India For Xperia SL as well :)
    Updating :)
    fingers crossed xx 3:)

  • xperia s

    any differenct between walkman 6.0.A.0.22 and walkman 6.0.A.0.26?

  • sony lover

    This is a very nice update thank you so much Sony. I still believe in you. And by the way guys have you noticed the sleeker light animation when you lock your screen?

  • Sand

    for me, almost always when one track ends it stop and not goes to next track.
    The bug persists :(

  • Julian

    anyone with problems en quick buttoms of camara?

  • Abel De La Cruz Cuti

    Ya me aparecio la actualizacion aqui en Lima Peru para mi Acro s, voy a ver que tal =)

  • Julian

    anyone with problems of quick buttoms of camara?

  • zyxel

    How did you do it? Please share :)

  • Jegkc

    someone with problems with the camera shortcuts

  • Yoel

    yeahh!! Venezuela o/

  • caca

    You have to leave the app runing, if you clear the app in the recent used when you double tap the home button, when a song ends it will stop the app.

  • takimata

    How did I do what? Update? Through the Sony PC Companion software, nothing extraordinary there.

  • Vasilis K.

    Haven’t found any. These must be minor updates, but certainly they fix something. Probably some bugs. If anyone finds any change, post it.

  • Vasilis K.

    1st bug:

    Let the screen turn-off, either by each-self or by pressing the power button. Let a few minutes pass (important). Press the power button, in order to unlock the screen. You’ll see for about a second, a black lock-screen with a clock that shows the time when the screen turned off. After that, the lock-screen picture appears (either the theme’s one or the user defined one), and the clock with the correct current time.
    In simple words, it seems like there’s a lag in loading the lockscreen and its clock.

    Does this happen to any of you with the stock 6.2.B.1.96 (no root). Please give a reply so we can see whether is indeed a firmware bug or it only happens to me.

  • MrPuma

    True that! They should fix that with a hot fix…

  • Galileo

    Same here!

  • Deki

    Not a problem for me at all! Not the first time to see this :-)

  • Juan Manuel Fernandez

    happened to me too, also battery life is terrible!

  • Momon

    Anyone from Philippines? Is the update for Acro S now available via PC companion?

  • Somresh

    Has anyone got the ota update in India??

  • Saxen

    Happened to me also, about the battery one second battery is >60% and next 7 %

  • Amit

    Anyone having problem about battery life?

  • Arch

    Running low on battery, can’t wait now. It’s available here in India.

  • Muhammad Fachrurrozi

    I have some issues while charging, my acro s won’t charging sometimes. I think. 200 .211 and. 96 miss this, please sony fix it

  • Alvin

    sound enhancement not working

  • suren

    I got the update,,srilanka..

  • Macab

    Better batterytime ! Great!

  • Andrew

    It’s been 3 days and no update for UK generic (1257-3921)..

  • Alexander

    It happen to me

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    2nd bug:

    After this upgrade when the phone is switched off and placed on the charging the LED will light after removing the charger….anyone got this bug?

  • Muhammad Fachrurrozi

    Uda di root bro?

  • Kurt Hedman

    I have also seen this behavior with my stock Xperia S.

  • sharath kamath

    Just flash it from XDA. Simple :)

  • urangsundaasli

    masih perawan masbro, ga di-root, update via PC Companion

  • Juan Manuel Fernandez

    worst update ever, im actually flashing GB right now because ICS and JB are total fail.

  • suren

    thank u sony for send us a gd update,nw the battery is good,camera bugs fixed,i dont like the Google now long press,aneway thanx,,we’ll waitng for 4.2

  • gou

    you will never get 4.2 on a xps

  • Antonio

    update available in Spain for ACRO S
    Eternal download with 20Mbps,
    Servers too busy, Retry Again
    Actualización disponible en España para ACRO S
    Descarga eterna con conexión de 20mbps
    Servidores demasiado cargados, lo intentaré de nuevo

  • mathews

    I too don’t get the update….

  • Alexander

    Me too.We have waited for quite a period for this update,but bug and problem still exist.Sony should consider more about their effort on their 2012 flagship model.


    Happens on both Xperia S and SP :( for me

  • jack

    hhi, im from malaysia.. im having a problem about this new update. i have downloaded it more than 2 hours for 3 times but it didnt complete yet. kind of stuck “preparing computer for update software” .. is it because of my laptop or something is wrong?
    and why there is no notification about new update at my phone even though i have refreshed it so many times? i only know about this update when i used laptop to charge my phone..can somebody explain to me.. im not so good with all these things.. help me please

  • Amit

    even after updating my xperia S shut down thrice today, what should i do now?

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    same for me

  • saw_hill

    How did you set the default function ??

  • jack

    im having a problem to complete this update.. its kind of stuck ” prepare computer for software update.. i’ve waited for 2 hours and it still the same. can someone explain to me what is wrong?
    one more, i only knw bout this update when i used my laptop to charge my phone. i didnt received any notification about new software update through my phone..i’ve refreshed it many times but still nothing. some one help me. i need your help.

  • Kurt Hedman

    Download the standalone Sony update software,. The regular software didn’t work for me either. Got the same problem as you.

  • Kurt Hedman

    Do not use PC companion

  • jack

    Thanks kurt, but what is standalone sony update software? Sorry im kinda new with all these things..i’ve searched it but im not sure which one..can you show it or teach me in details if its not too much to ask..

  • mithil dosshi

    Can i know xperia s 6.2.b.0.211 release date in india

  • jack

    Kurt, i’ve downloaded sony mobile update service and the update is completed. Thanks dude:)

  • Pedro Cunha

    You have to remove first the USB cable from the phone and then you unpluged the charger from the electricity, if you do the oposite the light will stay on…

  • adobo

    i was hoping that the NFC issue will be addressed. this was the only feature on my xperia SL that did not work ever since i had it

  • Pedro Cunha

    extended battery mode working, when its on lock screen and clock are turned off to save battery and when we turn on the phone this 2 applications (clock and lock screem) are lunched again or re-started, i think this is the explanation to this (i read something about in xda forum)

  • Rex Mundi

    “DuckDuckGo” has its own app. After I installed, the next time I long
    pressed the home key I was giving the option of opening either
    “DuckDuckGo” or “Google”, & setting my selection as the default

    I don’t use “Google Now”,
    so I made “DuckDuckGo” the default. Install the app, its a great
    alternative search engine. From your browser you can also access the
    search engine home page. I also use this in firefox on my pc.

  • Rex Mundi

    I didn’t take any notice of the backup/restore app after the previous update as I tended not to use it. The new version has a nice ui & appears to be more comprehensive than I remember.

  • Axe

    battery issue still :-(

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Mine is also sim free, I’m from Portugal, Coimbra. I haven´t got the update yet but tell me guys, what major differences do you notice? Does it feel more fluid to operate the android? What about the camera? Cumprimentos :-)

  • Diogo Simões

    Hehe eu aqui de Leiria, mas atualizei ontem o meu mas pelo flashtool, sendo que agora devo receber as atualizações logo quando saírem.
    Sim, está mais fluído e a câmara voltou até a marecer o fast capture hehe. Não me consigo é habituar ainda muito à maneira de lançar o Google Now, mas penso que a Sony com o feedback poderá alterar isso, possivelmente. De resto resolveu tudo. A bateria ainda não sei se está para melhor ou pior. Mas penso que melhorou um bocado.

  • Mustafa

    There are delays Xperia acro s lock screen battery life is very poor wifi or mobile data two times faster than the use of depleted (9.2.B.1.96) should be a new update fixes that help

  • Gagi

    I got the same problem with PC Companion “prepare computer”, and i ddnt received any notification through phone (same thing as u @jack) ….

    How can i fix this and update phone by PC Copanion ? What is the difrence betvene SUS and PC Comp. ? Will i lose something if i use SUS, any bad things pls help !

  • Gagi

    i got the same problem, need help !

  • Gagi

    Update stuck at “preparing computer for update software” , and i ddnt get notification about new update at my phone for my operator. PLS HELP !

  • jack

    @gagi, this is what i did and it went well. I downloaded sony mobile update service to my laptop and then i just follow the instructions. And finally my phone has successfully updated:)

  • Gagi

    will i be able to use PC Comanion in future for some new update if i do this by SUS ? Will ther be some problems ?

  • jack

    @gagi, im not sure bout it gagi. Sorry;(. But u can try tje Sony mobile update service. As for me it works. And nothinh change i mean yourboc companion n all data still there.

  • Szabó Dávid

    I had this problem before this update… It is not because of this update.

  • waqar

    Doesn’t hapens to my Xperia S.

  • BLS

    nice, google now on the main button … stupid… this app is absolutely useless !!!!!!!!!!! going back to .211 …

  • Leno

    Does somebody know why im NOT able to update to 6.2.B.0.211 but able to update 6.2.B.1.96 ? What is the probleme, 6.2.B.0.211 is out since june but my PC Companion dont show it ?

  • Ren Xiang

    use PCC~

  • Ren Xiang

    I met this issue before this update

  • Ren Xiang

    include the media app’s high power consumption ?

  • primo

    android system is consuming more power than other applications.. how can i solve this problem??

  • Paci

    Full HD lag

  • mohnish

    bcoz .211 update was released for some countries not globally…….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohnish

    it doesnt released in india……..!!!!!!!

  • Erasta

    Is there any apps can change long tap on home button, although I use google now normally, but I don’t like Sony putting that with long tap, such an inconvenient!!!!

  • Wishajen

    Bravia sync works not also before the update

  • magi

    tap twice on home button to see apps

  • bru_boy

    Almost a week in after I updated my Acro S (previously JB .211):

    – It seems RAM management is somehow better.
    – Most of connectivity (2G, WiFi) bugs have been fixed.
    – Full HD recording lag has been fixed.
    – Stamina Mode false warning/low battery alert fixed.
    – Quick Launch improvement.
    – White light, camera flash exposure fixed.
    – Long-press Home for Google Now, double-tap for Task Manager.
    – Volume up fixed.

    I’ve gotten over the Google Now inconvenience and everything works hella great now. I’m happy enough to keep my Acro S for some time longer for now. But I’ve noticed a frustratingly drastic increase in power usage causing a very huge battery drain. Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t changed my usage habits (which usually lasts around 12 hours, now 6-8 hours).

  • elmeu coreu

    agree with battery drain.

    All improved softw/app useless. Not enough battery

    ( (

  • yeah, it still laggs while recording -_-
    The only thing I got from this update is slower wifi connecting. Everything else is the same. In ics video recording wasnt lagging at all. F*cking noobs at Sony. Waiting for over a year for an update and still f*cking bugged.

  • yeah, it still laggs while recording -_-
    The only thing I got from this update is slower wifi connecting. Everything else is the same. In ics video recording wasnt lagging at all. F*cking noobs at Sony. Waiting for over a year for an update and still f*cking bugged.

  • Me too. I had this problem since JB first update. You can solve it by reconnecting it to the charger and disconnecting again.

  • If you mean fast capture, then you have to set it in the camera settings, because its disabled by default.

  • Kaloyskie

    Anybody here experiencing quick battery drain after the update? I have done software repair and still the same issue.

    I have acro s btw.

  • franklin

    try switching off image stabilization :)

  • franklin

    say the truth a get a dislike lol

  • franklin

    jelly bean update is great.going back to start ?

  • somresh

    Yes, same here. Battery draining a lot quicker.

  • Tony

    You are now able to edit Music Info. Convenient!

  • Axe

    useless update, battery problem. Sony sucks

  • Kunal Satao

    I was able to do update my XS from .200 to .96 firmware directly

  • Gennosuke

    i can’t maximize the features of this phone (acro s). I have the newest update and still the battery life is poor.

  • Kung Kulan

    The same thing happens on my Xperia S after the upgrade. Before upgrade it never occured

  • Kung Kulan

    I agree. Why change the previous GUI that we are used to know. Why not launch the new Google Now with a double click ???

  • ishzz

    After this update.. My keypad getting hanged. When battery reach 18% it immediately shows 1% n cell get switched off. Screen light blink.
    Anyone can help

  • Moonlight

    just root the phone and add them manually

  • Ta

    In Sri Lanka has not arrived this update yet.. When it’s come to to Sri Lanka? :- t

  • russell speering

    Yes it did happened to me. then I realize that I should remove the USB from the power first before removing the cable from the phone.
    Does anyone has this issue with the Volume up button ???

  • SowHussain

    Make.believe how to root my Sony xperia s

  • mahalawi

    XPERIA S : Battery life in 6.2.B.0.21?1 was better then 6.2.b.1.96 why ?

  • Genesis

    Guys, im having a problem with my Xperia SL lock screen button….its like when I pressed it, it wont respond(didnt turn off screen). Also when I try pressing it repeatedly, it will show the menu that lets you turn off the phone, but it wont turn off the screen, this problem didnt happen always but its kinda weird….I suffer this after quite sometime from updating it. Thanks in advance if anyone can tell me whats wrong with my phone!

  • Apoorva Gupta

    Thankyou Sony for providing a better UI experience after this update and also for providing with the features of it in such a detail that will be very benefitial for the user.

  • pius

    happened to me too man

  • shivv

    Using this new update from last 4 days and pretty much happy about “streamlined Exchange Active Sync” fix, need to explore more about new fixes

  • Vitali

    Great update!But still Wi-Fi LOW CONNECTION and DISCONNECTING not repaired!!!! :C

  • May

    It was before this version, You need to restart your phone holding the up volume If that does not fix go for settings reset (Not Factory reset) It will for sure fix It.

  • Ro

    Me llego la actualización del 6.2.B.1.96 para mi teléfono,me dice que debo actualizar con una computadora, lo conecte a mi computadora inicia el Sony PC Companion, ahí me salio la actualizacion, hice click en actualizar y no pasa nada, no se como hacer para actualizar esta version, tengo una Toshiba satelite con Windows 8, me ayudan por favor gracias

  • Iván

    Long press Android home key -> Google Now = Long press iPhone home key -> Siri. They wanted to emulate Apple here

  • M

    when will be the update out for xperia s 4.2.2 or what ever, becaus it aint going any where with this last update ://///

  • tak

    My Xperia is so Laggy!! so slow to open whatsapp or other apps that I can’t believe I have a smartphone with a dual core processor and 1GB RAM… :( don’t have issues with this new update, but why is so slow and bad performance since first ICS update? :( all people even with a Galaxy s3 mini have better performance than my phone…

  • phone dummy

    I have this also i have to power off an then back on :/

  • karan singh

    what about 2g connectivity..???is it working fine??

  • yor


  • helpmepls

    hi can someone help me? i tried to update the latest version like you guys but i get a prompt saying that it will delete all my personal data. can someone confirm that this is the case? if so i might not update it as i dun even want to back up my personal data. ive never had much luck with that.

  • Aryan

    I just updated my cell to 6.2.B.1.96 and seriously I got troubles in killing the apps manually. pressing the “home” key for 2 secs opens up Google search window and seriously now the phone is annoying. Anyone plz help me out with this bug.

  • Mohammed Rizwan

    My Xperia S is getting refreshed every few seconds while using the applications.
    please suggest a solution for the issue.

  • Joji

    I only recently begun using an Xperia S and updated to 6.2.B.1.96. Two things are irritating: 1. During a call , the screen does not go off and the ear ends initiating unintended instructions (probably a proximity sensor issue), 2. When a call ends, the screen goes off.

    Anyone with a solution for this? will be grateful.

  • yonjiron arc

    does anyone having an issue about messaging app ? in ICS i can send SMS to multiple recipient (50) in one send. now i think only 10-20 .
    I would like to update my phone to .96, but having this issue Im force to downgrade my phone to ICS.
    HELP ?

  • franklin

    double tap it to go to task manager

  • rishabh

    hey u please change the double tap recent apps plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz

  • Tomek

    The same problem since JB. HDMI is unsuable and it was one of the reasons while I boguht this phone :(

  • damnoverheat

    Change the double tap to open google and retain the hold home button for recent apps. Double tap sometimes hit and miss and take you to home screen. So annoying. Also, phone now overheats..

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    This update cleared all bugs from previous versions.. Awesome work on it SONY.. Cheers.. But i would love to know whether you plan on giving us any further upgrades like 4.3 or 4.4 may be.. It seems a bit stupid question that its highly unlikely you would support Snapdragon S3 devices, but if u do, u will definitely make a lot of people happier and more people would choose to buy a SONY product.. And surely you must know that our device is perfectly capable of running a few more generations of Android versions.. I know the hardware limits some features not to work on our product, but atleast we can get an OS that works fine for being a daily driver and i think all the basic daily used features will be covered..

  • Jaissal S

    In the UK i have not recieved this update yet! I check every other day. C’mon 02! sort it out!

  • Meghal

    After updating my Xperia SL to jellybean my battery takes forever to charge and the phone heats up tremendously. Can someone help?

  • eddy

    Still no update for me after 2mths, and am on an unbranded UK phone SI 1257 3114, getting really frustrated now, anyone else still waiting?

  • Jazie

    I tried updating my Sony experia sl. I was waiting for the software to be downloaded but my phone just turned off on its own while it was connected to my pc. Now, my phone wont open. I did follow the steps on preparing the phone, but still nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Help please? =(

  • vk23

    sto video 1080 veltiothike alla sthn bataria molis ftasei sta 4% paei 0% kai of

  • Rishabh Sharma

    yeah it happens when u overcharge the phone ,try not to do that and if it happens just switch off ur charger without taking the charging point out of the phone

  • Deepak Abhol

    plzz help me tell me how 2 update

  • Danielle

    On my Acro S, I accidentally clicked aways on the ‘complete action using…’ menu as oppose to just for now, when changing my ringtone. I want to open it with the other program so I can set a song as my ringtone because in this one it just seema to be sytem sounds and defult ringtones. How do I change that?

  • mahmoud baroudi

    please someone help me: my screen crashes i changed it but after the main camera didnt work i tried so many screen nothing changed

  • pradeep
  • Panda panda

    I’m still facing the problem of 2g data traffic on 6.2.b.1.96 .
    Any solutions please ?

  • Haseeb Ahmad

    updating now in mardan Pakistan KPK

  • jhdevos

    Wow. I just got this update OTA, more than four months after roll-out started. Sucks.

  • Xperia Daisuki~

    My Xperia S just detected new updates viewed the changes and happy that volume up button problem is solved and will be glad if battery fast heat up problem can be minimized.

  • Zoltán Hering

    I have the same issue since i have updated from ICS to 1.96 and it bothers me a lot.
    I hope there is a solution for this.

  • Will

    Messaging and email does not work now. Help!

  • Venkatesh

    How to change the recent apps button in xperia s… PLz help me

  • Venkatesh

    How to change the recent apps button in xperia s,,,? its more difficult for me double click oiption.. plz help me suggest…

  • Nash

    Can I update my Xperia s from 4.1?

  • ayush

    Please launch 4.3 for xperia s.

  • Ted

    Menu key function and Keyboard Lag (I have only recently updated by Xperia S to this version)
    Problem 1:
    The change to menu key is very annoying. One builds up a habit to holding the menu key to view recent apps. Firstly, this habit must now be changed through the annoyance of waiting several seconds for Google Now to start and then to exit it. Secondly, a quick double tap of the menu key is not always registered by the phone especially when a lot is going on. This in frustratingly tapping the menu button several times.
    Recommendation: Allow the option to change what tapping and double tapping these keys will do.

    Problem 2: I specifically did not update for fear of slowing down my phone. While the overall speed remains quite good, the typing responsiveness has greatly decreased. The time it takes for the phone to register keystrokes is often several seconds slow.

    Please fix these problems,


  • jemz

    What about the issue of “unfortunately messaging have stopped” have that being fixed too?

  • bhanwarlal

    home botten is not working form last update [means open programs how to stop or clear them ] sony xperia s…. please solve my problem

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