Third Honami teaser shows G Lens and LED flash

by XB on 26th August 2013

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z1

wpid-20130826_102457.jpgSony is continuing the teasing of its new flagship,  expected to be announced next week at IFA in Berlin. This new picture shows the camera lens and LED  flash. We also see the letter ‘G’  highlighting the use Sony ‘s G Lens in its camera.

It is interesting to note that some of the camera information included in earlier prototypes next to the G branding, such as the 20.7 megapixel sensor, is not included here. Just over a week to go before Sony’s latest beauty is fully unveiled.


  • Arturo Pastrana

    Nice, but doesn’t have the specifications of the camera as the prototypes, maybe will not be included in final design??? I like how it look with the specification

  • Tobias

    What does the G stand for?

  • Rizky Maulana

    Gaban ._.

  • yuskhayru

    g stand for gay.

  • JEp ?

    No Xenon flash?
    Even my K850i have it.
    But, still gonna buy it. xDDDD

  • Guest

    Honami <3

  • DrKrFfXx

    That’s the Z.

  • roeshak

    It most certainly isn’t the best of Sony. We know they can do better than those huge bezels!!!

  • bet1001

    To make you think that that a ‘proper lens’ is in the phone. Basically using another SONY brand name to sprinkle some magic.

  • fiwatec

    G stands for Sony G-lens like Sony’s cyber-shot digital compact cameras

  • ShDynasty

    If you’re going to buy it anyway, why mention the lack of the Xenon flash?

  • Battal Aljadei

    AN LED Flash For > G lens ON A 1/2.3″ sensor & 20.7MP resolution !!!

    Even the Old Sony Ericsson Satio 12MP Have an Xenon FLASH !!!

    Fuck you SONY ?

  • ray

    gay mean happy

  • JEp ?

    If you ever used Sony Cybershot’s phone.
    You will know why people want Xenon flash rather than LED flash.
    Xenon flash is much better with low/zero light photography.
    Just my 2 cent.

  • Archdragoon


  • Archdragoon

    someone please fucking reply me will it have s-master mx ???

  • Aspire5550

    I will get back to you next week when it’s launched whether it have s-master mx. ;)

  • Aspire5550

    Enough with the bezels.. If this is not your cup of tea, just wait for q1 2014 and see what new designs they gonna. If you can’t wait, lg g2 with its thin bezel is launched. :)

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    But someone explains to me why the g lens are better than others? What do you have more?

  • m sacha

    more noise probably?

  • Archdragoon

    lol maybe yes

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    But if they are better

  • m sacha

    more noise is never better

  • roeshak

    Who died and made you king? I’ll talk about those huge bezels as much and as often as I wish.
    There are a definite talking point and will dog this phone just as viewing angles haunted the Z.
    Now back to those bezels, they’re hideously humongous lol

  • Abdul Ghani

    go to facebook then enter sony mobile make complains about the z family camera software compression error too much noise or sony might screw up honami software aswell

  • Nikko
    In the ? lens lineup at Sony, G Lenses stand shoulder to shoulder
    with the outstanding Carl Zeiss optics. Lens technology developed over
    the course of many years by Konica Minolta has been inherited and
    augmented with original Sony design and quality assurance technology to
    produce a range of lenses that are at the top of their class.

    G Lenses are exceptional not only for their superior in-focus image
    quality, but for the beauty of defocused background areas (“bokeh”) as
    well. The “G” title is only accorded to lenses of the highest
    performance, as defined by the three concepts described below.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    When U got a powerful G lence do u really need a xenon flash? I don’t think so.

  • pixlas

    They can’t undo the bezels. This is what the phone looks like. There’s nothing to do, it’s not a sw issue so it can’t be “fixed”

  • FermentedDischarge

    Everyone’s acting so stupidly. Most photos which are taken with a camera are done without any flash whatsoever because it overexposes and ruins photos. By adding Xenon flash, I’m certain that they would have to rethink the whole structure of the phone and would have to make it thicker to accumulate the larger flash bulb. Hell, the Z Ultra doesn’t even have any flash to begin with and 95% of people are going to be completely happy and fine without it, and their photos will still look just as good as most other cameras. So all of you should stop getting all wrapped up around this small spec and go on being happy about the rest of the phone which is absolutely flawless if the claims come out to being true.

  • ShDynasty

    Yeah but who cares, why mention it, if you’re going to get it anyway.

  • jangaleon

    i have a feeling it will have a xenon flash.. :)

  • AsadMulla

    really. even after the picture disputes that?

  • jangaleon

    a guy can hope can he? lol

  • AsadMulla

    dont forget how thick all SE phone with xenon were. remember the C902 had no xenon an it was a slim version of the K850 which did have xenon.

  • AsadMulla

    dont forget how thick all SE phone with xenon were. remember the C902 had no xenon an it was a slim version of the K850 which did have xenon. you need a larger capacitor to drive the xenon bulb. hopefully soon the technology will be available to shrink down the components.

  • the_black_dragon

    Damn You! First i read LG-Lens! Close to a heart attack…. but everything is OK :D

  • AsadMulla

    nothing wrong with hoping.

  • SomeBody

    So lenses today can receive non-existent photons? Would be cool.

  • Andrew Tan

    Extremely agree, flash is not that important actually.

    Unless the flash is smooth and not over expose, unlikely ever happen at phone.

  • SomeBody

    The Z was 8mm, the Ultra is only 6mm. Don’t tell me that they can’t sacrifice thickness in order to fit an even bigger sensor and put a Xenon flash into the phone.

  • Fred

    It is indeed, my wife had a K800i and the photos quality can still rival any moder phone photos, on low light there’s not even a fight, K800i wins all the time, just the pixel count is lower of course, but why do we need 20Mp photos?… I’m a professional photographer and my D700 has only12Mp wich is enought for almost anything…
    I wished phone producers could focus more on image quality and good lenses instead of a high number to marketing purposes…

  • Battal Aljadei

    No xenon flash that something i can hardly accept but

    my anger`s because they`v lied, Remember that image was showing this device with xenon flash & walkman speakers & 41MP etc !!!

    they didn’t give us even a one feature of that lie !

    man all what`r they doing is just replacing Xperia Z with Snapdragon 800 and an extra camera button !

  • SomeBody

    I thought the MP war was over, seems I was wrong. High-end compacts started the sensor size war a few years ago, smartphones should do the same. The N808 (1/1.2″) was a good start, but it seems we are back at the MP numbers. Nokia with its 2/3″ sensor (while keeping the 41MP resolution!) and Sony with its 1/2.3″ sensor which was only used to increase the MP even further (13->20).

  • Fred

    The distance from the lenses to the sensor will never allow for much bigger sensors than those we have today, unless there’s a “thiker” part on the phone to alocate the lens+sensor, but with the thikness beying less and less everytime, the technology can’t advance enough to allow both things (more quality with same or more MP). And we mention it because maybe, just maybe the people who study the market might read comments like ours and realize people would prefer a trully good picture quality to pictures with dozens of MP who look like crap when viewed 1:1.
    Almost any €100 or even €60 digital camera produces better pictures than €700+ phones. Wich is sad really.

  • JEp ?

    Yeah. I know. But why don’t make a thick phone with a larger battery mAh rather than slimmer phone?

  • JEp ?

    Strongly agree with this…and better battery life.

  • JEp ?

    I’m cares..that’s why I’m mentioned it. Just ignore it if you don’t care. :)

  • roeshak

    For me the design of this phone is a total failure in this day and age and Sony needs to snap out of this big phone idiocricy, and fast too.
    Making phones that are comparably much bigger than what others are doing won’t get them very far.
    Honami has in my opinion lost its mainstream appeal by being so big. It’s now just another Sony fanboy device because only a fanboy would find the design acceptable in this day and age. I think Sony are trying to take us back to the 1980’s lol.
    Such a shame, it really could have been a breakthrough phone for considering the spec sheet but they ruined it by making it unacceptably big and ugly. Big bezels make the display look boxed in and small. After the S, I swore never to get another big bezel device. This phone is even worse than the S.
    Just ruined!!!!

  • JEp ?

    But why they don’t make Z Ultra with a thickness of Z, put LED flash and bigger battery mAh?
    Just why?

    Yeah..because people nowadays like a slimmer phone and large screen.
    I just don’t get it.

  • Ben Ling

    Of course they will hide the 20.7MP & 1/2.3″ at the phone because they are just teasing us

  • pixlas

    Well yes I agree. To me it is the only drawback. I wish I’d be smaller too. But if I weigh into the other specs I could accept that. But sure, your view point is valid. I think sales would be better to if the bezels were thinner.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    To all who’s asking why it is thin, it is due to Sony’s Omnibalance Design. It’s too dumb, I think, to make it thick up to 8 mm with such huge construction of the device. Though I question why is it that it is not too light in that matter.

  • Amir

    people like thinner phones, so no xenon. bezel is larger because they need more space to implement all the latest tech in the phone + it gives more space for the fingers = less room for pressing the touchscreen in mistake, better hold for extended use = good. anyway, i think honami is going to be the most beautiful phone ever. :-)

  • josesl16

    And people still bought them. Many, many used them.

  • Scors

    Don’t think it was Sony that created those rumors in the beginning.. If some one sits at home dreaming up specs, how is that Sonys fault?

  • sreenamboothiri

    Who cares about xenon flash? :/
    stop blabbering about it…adding a xenon flash will.make the camera more thicker as it needs a supercharging capacitor to step up extra power for the xenon bulb to.light up.
    A good photographer / person who like to take good photos will never take will.never use xenon flash as it will spoil the neutrality of an image..they always need better low light image more than a xenon flash. so sony make the.most out of the sensor…and never do noise reduction as it results in smoothened image.
    3-5 mb for a 20.1 mp image is acceptable.


    I agree with you Fred. In the past I used K800i and got amazing photos, even in the dark. Now, my K800i is using by my nephew and the photos still compete with another smartphone.

  • Billy de Fretes

    oh .. here we go again.. no xenon flash bla bla bla… 99% of my photos in xperia z never using flash to capture image. basically i just set iso, white balace, exposure because it will produce better image quality. so standard flash is acceptable

  • Lucian

    I agree, actually I have never ever, even once used Flash LED to take picture. Night mode does it’s job. But I use LED always as a torch so it’s good to have :)

  • another257

    Holding a passport-size smartphone with thickness of 8mm?

    You must survive and evolve well enough after Samsung phone size war :P

  • rickiking

    Exactly! I barely use the flash on my phone, i’m getting better photos with natural light.

  • Lucian

    I’m also photographer and I agree, there is no need for more than 10MP or 12MP in DSLR cameras. But with phone cameras there is a different story. More pixels is better and just because of zoom. More MP, better quality of zoom or should I say lossless zoom. Great example is Nokia 808 or 1020.

    So if this sensor in Honami will be bigger (more light, less noise) and will have 20 or 20.7MP you’ll be able to zoom a bit and get smaller picture with the same quality as full resolution or even better. And cropping picture is also possible. Zooming on current Exmor RS sensors from Sony is really bad. When you zoom a bit you gain a lot of noise and loose a lot of detail.

  • X

    “This phone is even worse than the S.” – in what way?

  • Aspire5550

    Sony didnt promise xenon flash/walkman speakers/41MP or anything. In fact, Sony didn’t even promise a phone to come out on September. They just mentioned there’s a event by sony on Sept 4th which leads us to think there should be new devices coming out.
    And according to the RUMOURS, this honami is coming out with this this this specs… What they did was only showing a few sneak peaks of a phone which is suppose to be announced on Sept 4th.

  • ? ?


  • ? ?

    = =

  • ? ?


  • RamyRamz69

    Why are people pissed off about it having an LED Flash?
    I never use the flash on my Sony NEX 5N. I use it sometimes on my Xperia Ion but seriously, as long as you can get a clear picture without flash, avoid using it.

  • Tardar Sauce

    I don’t agree with you. It depends for what you want to use the camera. When I’m going out with my friends I want to be able to take pictures during night outside, which is impossible with LED flash. I have X10i which has a great 8 megapixel camera but during night it is unusable, so I’m always taking good old SE k800i with me which has 3.2 megapixel camera with xenon flash and night pictures are great. I don’t need an XX megapixel camera, X10’s 8 megapixel is enough for me, but I need that xenon flash from k800i. When I heard about Honami for the first time, Xenon Flash was mentioned and I found this as it’s best feature. Now you can imagine how dissapointed I was when I heard that there won’t be a xenon flash. Especially with that big bezels, I thought that they had to left space for capacitors and xenon bulb. But without xenon flash there’s no excuse for such big bezels; the case should be smaller or the screen bigger.

  • Tardar Sauce

    are you kidding me!? phones are NOT for photographes, it’s a freaking phone, not a camera! camera on a phone is used to take photos with your family/friends for memories, in case you don’t have a camera with you or you don’t have it at all… xenon flash is needed for taking pictures during night, for example we use to go out on a beach during summer, so there is no light or anything… it’s impossible to take a picture with LED flash because you won’t see anything (just black screen)… but my old k800i with its xenon flash does great pictures during night… so I would rather sacrifice the quality of picture, the number of megapixels and the thickness of the phone for a xenon flash to be available to take photos when there’s no light…

  • Tardar Sauce

    but I don’t understand why the hell they doesn’t listen to people? when those rumors leaked, people got crazy for some of these features… If I were Sony, I would try to find a way to implement all those features… when you try to make a killer phone, you must think about EVERYTHING: sound, display, camera, performances etc etc… Sony did a very bad job with speaker for Z… HTC was clever so it gave us killer speakers in One… now if I were Sony, I would try to find a way to beat HTC or at least provide the same quality and loudness… I really expected that Honami would be a miracle, a monster, a killer phone, I thought that we would finally get a phone which has everything covered; great camera, great speakers, water resistance, great display, xenon flash, and snapdragon 800, but I was wrong :( I’m waiting for 3 years for such a phone to come out… I’m ready to pay for it 1000 € if needed and I’m ready to sacrifice it’s thickness for that, but give me a fu*king phone with all features…

  • :P

    Gross, referring to the phone’s ugliness.

  • iUi

    Honami is a happy phone!!!

  • iUi

    The back is prettier than the front.

  • Tardar Sauce

    I agree with @roeshak: the size of phones is an big issue nowadays; lot of people complain about it… but from the other side, we like big screens because it’s easier to type fast, to watch movies and play games… bezels are unnaceptable nowadays when the main goal is to get as big screen as possible and as small phone as possible… in my opinion; there should be left only a small amount of space under and above the screen for speaker, microphone and front camera and almost no space on the left and right of the screen… so, if Honami has to be that big, why they didn’t put a bigger screen in it? as far as I know AMOLED screens are very thin, so they should use AMOLED and put for example 5.2″ screen to make those bezels thinner… I thought that those bezels were needed to provide space for xenon bulb and capacitors or for big speakers to achieve the same or better sound than HTC One… but if none of these features would be present, there’s simply NO excuse for the bezels… big minus and dissapointment from Sony :(

  • Tardar Sauce

    and what about taking pictures during night, when you’re outside (for example on a beach) when there’s no light!?? it’s impossible to see anything with LED flash !!

  • Herman

    Sony Ericsson K800i.
    Sony Ericsson Satio.
    Nokia N8.

    The phones I had before my Xperia S now, and they all had xenon flashes.
    One thing’s for sure: I am really missing the xenon flash on my current phone.

    A xenon flash gives photographers more than ‘just more light’, it gives us more options to toy with, more successful stills in areas where you need to freeze the moment for example.

    It is true that I never use the LED flash on my Xperia S for photos. But that’s just because that light makes images much worse than without one, in contrast to using a xenon flash.

  • finch

    Well said! ;)
    I use LED flash as a torch very often and find it very useful, almost never used while taking pictures!

  • RamyRamz69

    Here….no flash

  • x-periance

    Can trades my cats for honami sony? :-p lol

  • iUi

    OMG so cute I want it.

  • Billy de Fretes

    well don’t use camera phone, use real camera

  • surethom

    A xenon flash flashes way quicker than an a led light meaning a mechanical shutter on the camera lens captures the picture much quicker getting a much less likely blurred photo at night.

  • surethom

    Way old poor argument, you dont carry your digital camera 24/7 where as you do with a phone, & if you market a phone as a “Camera” phone then it should have what a normal camera has, A xenon flash.

    Just having a led light on most phones is fine, but by promoting a phones as a “Camera” phone it should have a xenon flash.

  • Aspire5550

    I believe everyone is waiting for that perfect phone to come, but truth is, it will never come. Because it will never be possible to satisfy EVERYONE. :/

  • Tardar Sauce

    yes, it is possible actually… maybe is not possible to satisfy everyone with the design, but with features it is; snapdragon 800, HTC One’s speakers, Honami’s camera, xenon flash, Z’s water resistance, a great screen, etc etc… the result would be a thick and expensive phone but I don’t care as long as it has all the features and as long as it’s working fast and smooth ;)

  • ShDynasty

    No, it’s the fact that everyone is complaining what isn’t in this new flagship. Crying about xenon flash and bezels, when hardly anyone is saying anything about what we are getting. Like the superb screen, better speaker grill, newest tech, better design.

  • Billy de Fretes

    oh ok, how good you can take picture in beach with no light at all? if you in small rom 3×3 meters it might be ok but in beach ??
    different person different taste .. if you want camera phone then go directly buy lumia 1020 / 808 .

  • Battal Aljadei

    Man, don`t tell me that sony read the rumors of that device and they are trying to make something of it real !
    because the only people knows about inside sony are SONYS !

    but i`ll tell you who`s SONY (NOT THE QUALITY) but the Marketing department which`s the one who`s responsible for almost each device on this company:

    they have a great designers, imaginers, manufactures, resources, and quality BUT
    they have the stupidest Marketing department above all companies BECAUSE that marketing department had and still puts many greats ideas, devices, camera, smartphones etc ( ON HOLD )
    WHY ? because they must have a meeting to decide how they`r gonna make more money of it !
    NOT the profits but MORE than that, ( THATS THE WHOLE STORY WHY`S SONY IS VERY SLOW )

    when SONY release several devices like Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V, Xperia J in 2012 people got confuse including me about why this company who (OWNS) the most famous ( SONY Ericsson ) selling different phones in different area ! Xperia T for europe, Xperia V for USA, Xperia TX for Asia, Xperia J for every country !!!

    but turn out that there`s a stupid marketing department trying to play some stupid strategy by giving each area a different phone ( AND THATS WHY THOSE DEVICES FAILED TO GET PEOPLE ATTENTION ),

    another example on XPERIA Z and XPERIA ZR, One with a front-up camera another with front-down camera !

    and the most stupid of all that? they make the none-water-resistance with a camera button (which`s not needed for underwater use)
    but the water-resistance one without a camera button (which`s needed for underwater use) because that phone touch screen won`t work underwater !

    why they did that ? i don`t know and they didn`t even explain !

    but they`v proved their stupidity by making a new phone called XPERIA ZR which`s had the same specs of XPERIA Z + a camera button ! and they release it after XPERIA Z 2 months later !

    and they wouldn`t have that ZR IDEA if they didn`t saw this video of some asians guys who puts sony and their XPERIA Z ON Shame for none making a camera button:

    and yet: sony stoled that ZR advertise from these guys video ( which`s the same guys of the video above )

    sony ZR advertise compare it to the video above :)

    they`v stoled the idea and the advertise from those guys !
    in the same time they`v killed xperia z with zr in two months and now they`r gonna kill xperia zr with xperia honami after two months !

    why`s that ? ( because of money ) that`s the whole story of sony`s stupid market department whom want to make money from each extra megapixel or megabyte or megahertz they add to their devices !

    and don`t tell me that sony is a new in smartphone, no that`s not true, because sony owns sony ericsson which`s the most famous company on various phone models and features and sony owns all that since 2011 and now we are in 2013 !

    and what sony comes with after all these turns from xperia z to zr ?
    another xperia z with a camera button of xperia zr ! each one didn’t last for two months !!!

    SONY will not release any new WALKMAN device because sony want you to buy their NEW BlueTooth -Speakers!
    SONY will not release any good phone camera because they want you to buy their new single camera lens!

    SONY is hungry for more money for each little they give ( like the camera button between Z & ZR ) !

    IM gona buy SONY Ericsson LIVE WITH WALKMAN from ebay for the great sound quality for music listening and a SONY Ericsson Xperia Arc S for the great design and it`s very good camera ( WITH A SHUTTER BUTTON ) & guess what ? Both of them (NEW & UNLOCKED) cost less than Xperia ZR price alone !!!

    again i`ll say it ( FUCK SONY marketing department whom try to selling us A ( CAMERA BUTTON ) !

  • Samuel Serafim

    Thats why you are noob.

  • Billy de Fretes

    buy pureview 808 or lumia 1020

  • Rizky Maulana

    nah, what is “G” ??

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  • JEp ?

    That’s a night landscape.
    How about night potrait?

  • x-periance

    As i heard sony will introduce new led flash which is 3x more brighter then normal led flash. If its true, i guess it more then enough to makes it working together with huge mp and new sensor+good optic. :-)

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  • Tardar Sauce

    I would if they didn’t have windows… Android FTW… and also, all my phones (except Nokia 3310) were Sony Ericsson, and now I want to continue with Sony ;)

  • Tardar Sauce

    believe me, it’s enough to take a picture of 2-3 people, even if there’s no light, I tried with my k800i… and @surethom is right; a camera phone must have xenon flash… we will forgive Sony for Honami because capacitors are still big, but now they’re working on much smaller capacitor: and there will be no excuse for any high-end smartphone for not having xenon and led flash together (xenon for taking pictures, LED for torch)

  • Billy de Fretes

    did sony ever promote honami as camera phone from all official teaser ? if it’s true then can you show me which teaser mentioned official word about camera phone … just because G Lens mark doesn’t mean it has to be camera phone

  • Billy de Fretes

    S4 and HTC one, iphone 5 doesn’t have xenon flash but still capable to capture image in low light condition so xenon flash and yeah people consider all name i mention above as camera phone

  • Battal Aljadei

    well, if it was a rumors then why sony ruin it by making that wonderful rumor ugly on real life as on honami ?

    don`t say that sony mobile isn’t behind that rumor !

    no one knew about that triluminos display at that rumor time except (SONY)

    and no one try to make that rumor real except (SONY) !

    but they ruin it because SONY as always ( gives few & ask to much ) !

    and i`v show some example above on how sony dose that and you can take that XPERIA ZR as best example .

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