New Sony Xperia outed by Australian Retailer? [Update]

by XB on 29th December 2012

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It appears that one of the largest Australian retailers, Harvey Norman, has inadvertently leaked a new Sony Xperia handset. The image of the handset appeared in a sales pamphlet for the retailer. The offer was advertising the Xperia sola for A$199 unlocked, but the image associated with the listing is clearly not the Xperia sola.

What immediately strikes us about this new handset is how thin the bezel is. The screensaver extends to the very edge of the chassis, the bezel looks even thinner than the Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga). We expect this unidentified model is a mid-range handset which will sport three capacitive buttons at the bottom. It shares the same boxy design as the Xperia ion, although it doesn’t have the same all-glass front that the ion has.

We imagine that the retailer mixed up its image assets with a phone it wasn’t meant to reveal just yet. Perhaps we will hear more on this handset at CES in early January.

Update: False alert. For some reason, Harvey Norman is using a concept image. No idea why this would be the case for such a large retailer, but there you go. [Thanks kurtdean!]

Harvey Norman Sales Leaflet

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Tom!

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