Nokia mocks Sony’s QX series – is it justified?

by XB on 6th September 2013

in Accessories

Nokia lens-camera trollSony’s new QX series of lens-style cameras are an exciting new type of imaging accessory, the type that we never thought would truly come to light if you asked us just months ago. It’s certainly caught the imagination of consumers, marrying a great camera lens/sensor with the flexibility to use with any Android/iOS smartphone.

It appears that Sony has a bona-fide hit on their hands with these devices, with pre-orders hitting the best-selling lists at Amazon. However, it’s interesting to see Nokia almost acting a bit defensive regarding the Sony QX series. It recently tweeted “The perfect match? #Trolololol”, with a picture of an external lens on top of a Nokia phone.

Now we’re big fans of what Nokia has done with the Lumia range and there’s no denying it has some of the best camera phones in the market. However, the tweet seems churlish to us. In saying that though, does Nokia have a point in what it’s trying to say? Will people really want to carry two devices to take great pictures? Or should Nokia tip its hat to Sony for a great innovative product? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sony’s marketing of the QX series of lens-style cameras

Sony perfect match

Nokia trolling


    i am starting to hate microsoft more and more

    this happened after microsoft bought nokia

  • Douglas Yapú

    Attack Nokia Twitte Account!!!

  • Gerald

    they know they lost ^^

  • Felix
  • lovebmw

    Well, the last time they made fun of something, it was android. And what happened after, nothing! They only got the CEO and sold the company to Microsoft! Lol.

    They only make fun of the best! Glad it is Sony, this shows how much of a that sony is now! And this is only the beginning!

  • Guest

    They’re probably still sore from the epicness of the PS4…

  • zcore

    nokia crying like a new born

  • John-Mark Christmas

    The funny thing is this, I’ll never consider buying a Nokia phone. It just does not appeal to me. I’m contented with what I have owned in the Xperia X10 and now the Xperia SL. My next phone would be either the ZL or Z1. Nokia can’t do anything to sway me.

  • Douglas Yapú


  • Douglas Yapú


  • Ruben Ali Fuenmayor

    I would like to try Nokias new devices but as long as they run Windows… I will have to pass.

  • shayan gozarabadi

    nokia seems phathetic to can see everyday in gsmarena a news about nokia mocking other brands..and the funny is no one even answer them
    poor nokia

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    In terms of overall product, Xperia has a better OS, design, battery and features. The only thing behind Nokia is/was the camera. With the Z1 and beyond this will definitely change.

    Can’t deny that Nokia has the best smartphone camera out there, but this is a clear sign that they are now worried about Xperia taking its spot *_*

  • Ambroos

    Smart marketing though. Gotta give them that.

  • Cp2020

    It’s an act of desperation. Made fun of Samsung many times. Not a fan of Samsung at all but their success has to earn them some respect to be honest. Now Sony is on the right track and these failures are trying to take a piss out of true innovation. Kids play. Sad really

  • Jettakias

    poor nokia!

  • They’re basically bragging about something no one will buy, it’s windows phone. It’s good, but no one will buy

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    congrats nokia! I just lost all respect for you. And to answer them, no, what you did in your pic is not a perfect match because u taped an over-sized lens to your phone. Sony’s lenses have NFC and are elegant and innovative. Jealous much?

  • They’re making fun of an accessory? Good move on them /s

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    Smart? More like small and petty.

  • Thanh

    Lucky for Sony, because it has competitor like Microsoft.

  • Yeah, lets mock something that already seems to be gaining traction…

  • Giannikosmo

    Really? Fuck you Nokia!

  • lucasarg

    in this moments nokia can’t say something cuz they was was bought by microsoft a few days ago…I love sony smartphones and i’m going to love their smartphonesphones until I die

  • Muhammad Yasir Farooqi


  • Exodite

    Error: No such company.

  • Muhammad Yasir Farooqi


  • Purnama

    what is that yellow thingy!??

  • Olf

    Yeah, Z1 is better for tripod phtography…

  • Carlo


  • Carlo

    Nokia or Microsoft is an attention seeker. First they mocked about the “android Kitkat” by posting, “HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A (broken SGS3 picture)”, and Now this? WOW… So desperate. .

  • [csizor

    “Bought by a monopoly called Microsoft because we failed? #Trolololol”

  • N

    i thought this was posted long time ago to troll the galaxy camera / zoom? or am i wrong?

  • knightpt

    yes let’s mock the #1 and #2 top amazon sellers atm in digital photography sales, because we wan’t to make an even bigger fool of ourselfs after selling out to M$.

  • Bill Lockhart

    Desperate to at least have some share of the limelight the Smart Shots Lenses are enjoying…

  • Mercast

    I used to be a huge fan of both sony (ericsson) and nokia for years now. But Nokia has been acting a bit childish lately. So much hate for nothing.

  • TJ

    Nokia mocks Samsung and Apple, HTC and Samsung mock each other. LG does those pranks with their LCDs. Yeah they are fun to watch but I am glad SONY always plays cool and stays classy.

  • Tony

    They can’t do what Sony is doing, why in the world should they be behaving so foolish, thank goodness I buy Sony and not Nokia. and since they can no longer sustain themselves they were bought out. Hahahaha, pitiful fools.

  • jake

    Nokia ? i tot it doesnt exist anymore .

  • Clamser

    The former CEO of Nokia Asia Pacific has created Newkia day selling Nokia to Microsoft. He wants to make Android smartphones with the know-how of Finnish.

    Mr. – &-Mrs. Thomas-Zilliacus

    We are already starting to see nostalgic Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer, acquired by Microsoft a few days ago, leaving an aftertaste of unfinished some of its employees. Thus, Thomas Zilliacus, billionaire and former CEO of the Asia Pacific division of Nokia, who wanted to buy the company but could not raise enough money to do so, decided to create a company called Newkia. The man, who worked for the Finnish firm for 15 years, currently manages an investment company, Mobile FutureWorks. Its purpose is to create Newkia Singapore, a manufacturer of smartphones like the Nokia phones but running Android. “Newkia tend to use the expertise of Nokia, its technlogie and design to create the best smartphones in the world, running Android,” he told ZDNet.

    He explains that if Nokia has lost so much market share in such a short time, it is because of “his arrogance which is explained by its former dominance.” According to him, Nokia has even made ??one like the smartphone iPhone (before the release of it) but that was abandoned by the company, Nokia has estimated that the market was not ready for this technology at the time.

    Zilliacus therefore plans to poach some Nokia employees who wanted to integrate Android smartphones of the brand. It also plans to launch its first smartphone next year, but will however for the Asian market.

  • Tech Gospel

    B.I.T.T.E.R. Hahahahaha! I think Amazon sold more QX100s than Nokia has sold Lumias.

  • Raj Singh

    The QX is only compatible with Android and iOS, so a toy Nokia can’t play with, at least not on their Lumia devices. While it does wreak of desperation, it also profiles Nokia’s offerings and has us talking about the merits and/or lack thereof of their devices… so I think mission accomplished for them.

  • Gman

    the qx lens will probably sell better than their camera phones

  • Raj Singh

    Totally agree. They’re acting like bratty children with this and the Gimme a Break Kit Kat thing they’ve got going on. They’re obviously choked. Mind you, I did enjoy the Nokia wedding commercial/advert. I also liked the original Samsung bashing Apple ads (lame towards the end of their life cycle). I also liked the original Mac vs PC ads (also lame towards the end of their life cycle).

  • DStyle

    Nokia is history. Should be MiKia or NokiaSoft . . . whatever.

  • ASDF

    Nokia being stupid by putting DSLR lens on their ugly Lumias and it becomes even more stupid. Haha!

  • johnylim

    Oversized lens to standart designed phone.
    And using the tape is the reason that Nokia was innovative :lol:


    Is Nokia even in a position to be poking at others?

    They screwed up so badly until they’re worth less than a software phone/messenger service.

  • nidou bossy

    motherfucker Nokia gave their hole to microshit to FUCK

    well, already fucked!

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    nokia since Microsoft has sold its business, I think they are open-mouth

  • ManRaj

    Hahaa fuck
    This little new girl in the market named “MICROSOF-IA” is talking shit alot these days

  • lyl

    Congratulations Sony! You have basically tapped the blue ocean strategy.

  • Roy

    I’d want to carry it. It’d take showing off – on top of excellent imaging – to a whole new level.

  • sfordesign

    sorry i don’t think sony’s large bezels look any better

  • scw

    Honestly I would carry a really camera instead of the QX.

  • sfordesign

    though being a big nokia fan, i gotta be honest that i don’t like this kind of silly posts..

  • Billy de Fretes

    so now nokia try to mock sony as they did with iphone and samsung..

  • Aron

    Once Nokia can at least get popular apps such as instagram and snapchat on their phones… I might start taking the company seriously.

  • Mohammed Khired

    do u and another 14 idiot actually believe this shit ?!!

    or just trolling?


  • Mohammed Khired

    no shit !

    how about this

    at least nokia came out straight !

  • Mohammed Khired

    ” what you did in your pic is not a perfect match because u taped an over-sized lens to your phone”

    congrats ghayyath !

    u got trolled by nokia ! lol

  • Balantoy

    This one could be the replacement for phone upgrades.. I think Nokia just felt insecure.

  • Quark Gluon

    “The perfect match?” – Yes, reminds me of the NEX series. Small body, big lens, extreme coolness. Sony E-mount please!

  • Quark Gluon


    Company not found!

  • Quark Gluon

    Yeah maybe along with the fall of the value of Nokia, they hired real trolls. Because, you know, trolls cost nothing.

  • Putty-Tang808

    Didn’t you read Mic-Kias new slogan?
    “We’re still here…don’t forget about us…please?…anyone?”- Mic-Kia

  • M.WS

    Microsoft tolls everyone but they especially hate Sony!

  • nameofthewind

    cause they don’t have Play Memories Mobile :)) and no WiFi Direct :))

  • MarlySepheuz

    Don’t hate, innovate.

  • rickiking

    I was and avid Nokia user before, from 5110 to 6880. Nokia became a troll after its sales fell because of iPhone and Android… This kind of strategy will only quicken its trip to the bottom, and I don’t think Microsoft can rescue it.

  • K!NG M$

    But the truth is 41 MP PureView Pro is much fucking better that G(ay) Lens, which is just a toy.

    C’mon fanboys! You guys are such a pitiful. I know it hurts but please stop trying to fool yourself. Nowaday Sony is just a trash company, no new innovations, no “Wow” factor, Sony have nothing and no one cares about “SONY”, they’re just old wine in a new bottle! SO FUCKING BORED.

  • @atWidget

    A dead can speak now?

  • raj
  • dfq

    wahahahahah. i hope you’re not being serious there.

    your lumia line has been sold to microsoft. your microsoft can’t sell their tablets. windows phone does not even have 5% of the global smartphone market share.

    how do you say your lumia is better when you haven’t even seen samples from these new devices yet? show proof first then we’ll talk.

  • Folk Hellfang

    It’s pretty simple. I will take unmitigated Sony Style over Nokia’s superfluous substance any day of the week. Even if that means I will have to carry this awesome camera in a lens thing.

  • Fazar Gummilar

    no!!! thats mocks samsung S4 Zoom… check this link…

  • Asad Ahmed

    agreed, actually they are crying at their fate :p

  • Asad Ahmed

    and ur wine is too old that it needs to be put into thrash and that’s why they nokia is at the verge of selling

  • Justin

    I smell jealousy. Nokia now has nothing to do but mock another company :P

  • zerocools

    This is just as childish as Nokia’s tweet.

  • Asad Ahmed

    same here now i’m hating Nokia

  • m sacha

    nokia trolling? they have just been purchased by microsoft…haha, you cant get a bigger insult than that!!!…microsoft is going to slowly kill any relevance nokia had…..who has the last laugh? SONY

  • Copy Cat

    Hah, pity…

  • panagi?tis

    in my opinion those extra lens are useless. you pay alot just to shot some good photos in daylight because there is no flash on them and the leds are not the ideal for night shots.

  • Wafflefactory

    Nokia just so jealous of Sony!

  • panagi?tis

    and dont forget how samsung became so popular! spam trolling the iPhone!!! so trolling is working if it is good because some times they say the truth

  • Wafflefactory

    Can’t u just see bottom pic comment even without flash u can take a perfect pic in night shot…

  • tochi

    Nokia should think of making some new innovations not sony
    Mehn sony is on fire right now
    @nokia lol sowi 41mp cant help

  • panagi?tis

    Sony say always that but at the end pics are bad. Like xperia s sp and z. I like sony phones and UI but camera is bad and i don’t see that changed even with those extra lenses

  • Krasimir Argirov

    Trolling or not Sony’s QX lenses are best sellers before they even get shipped. What about Lumias…? There’s not much to do instead of trolling… I get the envy message. :P

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Nokia is afraid that Sony vl out sell them…… WAIT!!!! Nokia already sold out :O

  • SeVeMaS

    You right, Nokia still lacking innovation, even on posts lol

  • Reality Check

    The funny thing is that the QX series LENS will outsell the entire LUMIA line-up :S

  • Dårshân Shrimankar

    Hahaha such a shame….
    Nokia dnt evn own lumia….

  • Billy de Fretes

    i think QX100 will give better results .. for people who owned iphone 4, old android but with nfc, this is a great deal to improve photos without buy new smartphone

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think this was becoz sony added support for ios and android an no WINDOWS

  • Raiden


    Nokia is jealous, going to be a Sony hater too

  • metcarded

    I don’t get it. A block of playdoh with an SLR lens on top means what?

  • calu lu fat frumos

    I shurely won’t carry lens or batteries or tripods or whatever to attach them to a phone. It’s not a gun, I’m not a sniper. Want good pictures buy a DSLR simple as that. And besides, the sensor is the main issue here not bigger lens or thousands of MP. They better improve the compression algorhytm or something to get rid of the noise instead of other mumbo jumbo useless features.

  • azzido

    Are we Z users going to be abandoned after Z1 release? I hope not as it is only 6 months. No any rumors about upcoming update :(

  • m

    its not actually a lens. its a lens designed tumbler. ive seen one similar to a friend of mine

  • panagi?tis

    It is way too expensive though. With that amount of money you get a proper camera.

  • Colby Leong

    Yet you feel the need to come here and say something? Sony is more innovative than anything Nokia is pushing through there shit hole. All Nokia is, is the same camera with a crap UI, the name is just a fragmented memory of what a you use to be. Seriously “innovation”, name the last time Nokia was innovative, I’m sorry Symbian? Same camera from there Pureview, just reskinned and slapped onto Microsoft’s failing interface. So if you think Sony isn’t being innovative, what does that make Nokia. We all might be Sony fan boys, but we’d all agree Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, and HTC, they innovate the game, and they sure as hell don’t wine like babies, and they sure as hell don’t sell out because they dug themselves into a hole they cant dig themselves out.

  • Colby Leong

    BTW using the word “Gay”, as an insult, I don’t know where you come from, but only children and ignorant idiots, use slurs like that. Just saying…

  • Colby Leong

    I do like Sony, but even I think this is a fake, I truly wish it wasn’t. But I would love to be proved wrong.

  • dfq

    i don’t think it’s fake. maybe they just tried as many shots as possible and took the best ones.

  • dfq

    there are people who are glad that they are supporting someone who does not go that low to sell.

    it’s a good thing sony is making a comeback without resorting to those ugly and embarrassing moves.

  • fried_egg

    Nokia as it slides fully into the glove of smothering failure that is Microsoft’s template on any successful IP they have will no doubt regret them showing their fans what their competition is doing.

  • dfq

    they’re almost half the worth of motorola when google bought it. nokia was once on top. motorola never experienced nokia’s success but they fetched a higher price.

  • Sunil Aman

    great…. i am using xperia z and i had taken photos in lowlight without flash… its amazing…

  • Colby Leong

    Still I get the feeling that this test might be a little biased, very happy that the camera is greatly improved over the Z’s.

  • Colby Leong

    I think they only started hating Sony when the Z1 entered the fray with there new camera tech. Nokia thinks that they’re making a grab for Nokia’s camera throne. All in all Nokia, prolly hates iPhone and Samsung the most, iPhone for there sheer popularity, and Samsung for there continued innovation in the smartphone game.

  • Colby Leong

    They are worried, and they should be. You can only hang onto buyers with a powerful camera for so long, before they look elsewhere.

  • Colby Leong

    HEY!! They do mock them…every quarter when they post there quarterly reports and earnings.

  • Colby Leong

    Bad luck for Microsoft, first Sony is beating them in the consoles war, then the Z1 enters the battlefield. And to top it off “geniuses” idea to buy Nokia, has left them with a 41 MP camera attached to a bag of crap. But, hey I support them… whenever I use Word… I guess…

  • SinaKing

    Shut The Fuck Up Nokia !
    You Are A Loser !
    Nothing More , Nothing Less …

    Just Sony ,
    Just Honami … <3

  • shayan gozarabadi

    lol..yeah you’re right buddy

  • doraemonboi

    It is base on RX100 MKII and QX100 is slightly cheaper.

  • C0DmG

    Trololol says the company who recently sold their phone division, good call Nokia, fags.

  • cp2020

    Microsoft drinking mugs…new line of defence. Pfff

  • Cristi13

    Go home nokia, you’re dead.

  • Makiz

    Nokia was always pathetic! This will drive them even lower.

  • Battal Aljadei

    nokia`s like a sissy in men`s bathroom !

  • gregosor78

    It is a proper camera ! Controls and screen are on the smartphone connected to the lens.
    Of course, there is no RAW and no aperture control for the moment but the API has been published, so everything is possible.

  • Dr aNg

    NOKIA … … …
    Please remove ” Indestructible since 1865 ” and change it to “Waiting to be Destroyed Since 2013”
    It is already dead and waiting for burial …

  • AMG38

    Nokia please go home with your stupid always same looking lumia aka playdoh phone. Once you built awesome weapons like 3310, but the time is over. Just look at your 808 pureview phone, thats a real TROLOLOL. Stupid company

  • Babylonbwoy

    Nokia should concentrate on making good mobile, they sell their a$$ to M$ and now they step at Sony? WTF ?
    41Mpx is way too much, even DSLR don’t have 40mpx…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Don’t feed the troll people.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Just because of that I think you can’t have a proper dicution with that type of guys, don’t waist your energy.

  • Sennis

    cmon guys , if u really concern about the quality of the camera i don’t guess its the best option here is to buy to lenses , don’t forget you are paying for phone + 300 $ atleast for the lens. and you can compare later the quality of the photo between the lenses and the lumia 1020 to see the difference

    i’m not saying that the lenses is a bad move , the wifi and nfc technology is smart move but when u have to pay extra to get a good quallity picture even-though you may need the xenon LED to get a good picture in low light.

    i bought the xperia s when it was released and i was promised to get a great and stunning pictures with it
    and all of the owners knows how we didn’t get the same quality as we were expected.

    so when nokia made a phone with great fucking camera that can be compared to DSLR with only a price of the extra lens, i dont know who is the loser here
    even if the ios is windows , still better price better camera better and smaller size if you want to get the lens by sony.

    and i would not call that mocking , its just a smart advertisements by nokia

  • sennis

    cmon guys , if u really concern about the quality of the camera i don’t guess its the best option here is to buy to lenses , don’t forget you are paying + 300 $ for the lens. and you can compare later the quality of the photo between the lenses and the lumia 1020 to see the difference

    i’m not saying that the lenses is a bad move , the wifi and nfc technology is smart move but when u have to pay extra to get a good quallity picture even-though you may need the xenon LED to get a good picture in low light.

    i bought the xperia s when it was released and i was promised to get a great and stunning pictures with it
    and all of the owners knows how we didn’t get the same quality as we were expected.

    so when nokia made a phone with great fucking camera that can be compared to DSLR with only a price of the extra lens, i dont know who is the loser here
    even if the ios is windows , still better price better camera better and smaller size if you want to get the lens by sony.

    and i would not call that mocking , its just a smart advertisements by nokia

  • Seraphic

    1. I lost respect for Nokia (first thing they lost)
    2. They also lost in the race against the other competitors
    3 lost their money
    4 loses sense of humor
    5. lost their mind

  • kakooli

    Nokia are just jealous cuz they didnt think of creating something like that instead of a huge ass brick that only takes great pics.
    They should understand that the camera only doesnt sell the phone. they have to work on their lack of basic apps and thier software

  • Nokia and Microsoft. The perfect match.

  • Dimos

    that trolling was actually funny :P

  • FermentedDischarge

    It’s great to see that the only adjective you know is “gay”, reminds me of all the 9 year olds that play Halo 3. Quite frankly, your opinion became even more worthless after that word.

  • rickiking

    No! It’s pathetic and desperate.

  • Micro

    it is pathetic indeed..
    bad jokes, that’s all they have left after every company slapped them hehe
    Nokia itself is a bad joke now, let them mock… they seek attention at all costs, let them have it xD

  • Norio24

    Nokia = continues fail

  • Battal Aljadei

    if nokia and samsung made a pro camera sticked on their smartphone
    SONY has made a Pro Smart camera for (ALL) smartphones !

  • knightpt

    Stop this.nonsense. Sony already announced 4.3 for xz. Even 2012 phones were updated this year, one year later…

  • Micro

    I do not agree with you mate, that’s how I see this:

    What would I choose.. hmm..

    useless nokia (made useless and damaged out of the box by Win8 with no support) looking like a smashed dildo (but ok, matter of taste), with great camera (really good indeed, but don’t be silly and quit comparing *any* phone to *any* DSLR, that’s ridiculous)


    any other phone (samsung, lg, htc, sony, …) by your choice, and a great external BT & WiFi enabled camera, attachable to probably any of my friend’s phone, *not necessarily* Sony’s..

    Yeah, really hard choice. Guess now.

    By paying for a phone you don’t buy only expensive camera (nokia), you actually buy a phone… with some camera functionality. Not DSLR that you can make a call with.

    And keep calling this a “smart advertisement”… yeah, very smart.

  • Dany

    Use gay as an offensive word?
    Dude, we are in 2013, please…
    Epic fail

  • XZ rocks

    Somebody getting JEALOUS???

  • Sarvesh Kashelikar

    Talking about no new innovations…
    DEV Binoculars
    HMZ T1
    Bravia 4K
    4K Camcorder
    And one coming soon E-Writer…
    Sure, you won’t be knowing any of these…try google search…or should provide you the links

  • cloudie

    comparable to dslr? hardly. As far as i can tell, QX100 image quality beats lumia 1020 any day, although yes u do pay a premium for it

  • sennis

    what really matters for me i guess the price i’m welling to pay

    for me its this way i want a new phone to buy would i chose to buy lets say xperia z1 how much does it cost lets say 700 $ and if i want to buy the lens for better quality + 300 $

    now i’m paying a 1000 $ to have the best package right ?!??

    if money is not in your concern its ofcourse better package than nokia

    but if money is the problem

    you can get the lumia 1020 with smaller size (because no lens is required to carry with ) + you get a xenon LED wich you can’t get with any other
    and you can save + 500 $ if you get it from any Microsoft stores

    the problem that bothers me is that sony can do better with the camera but instead they go like this ,our phone cameras would be this good, but since they aren’t we can augment them with another device.

    and for the quality of the photos that can’t be compared as you said.
    i found some video on youtube that u can’t actually tell the difference between DSLR and lumia

    and sry for my bad english

  • bimmersonygasm

    Microsoft’s mentality is already coming through already and the deal isn’t even done yet. They must hate third place really bad.

  • Gaetano

    Probably they’re figuring out that a detachable unit is seen from customers as far more trendy than their 1020 with that crop circle on the back.

  • Temptress

    nokia is losing in sales already, they dont even use android OS. Here in my country i rarely see people using nokia or nokia lumia phone but nokia phones was a hit in the late 2000’s in my country. Windows phone not so user friendly, Microsoft bought nokia because nokia cannot compete anymore….they’re sales DROP

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think Sony hit the nail on the head with the QX series cameras, 10x optical zoom is almost always going to be better than digital zoom even with a high MP count, but no one wants to carry around a phone like the S4 zoom. Enter the QX10 Brilliant. It is also extreamly unlikely that we’ll see a 1 inch sensor in a phone any time soon with the same imaging performance as arguably the best compact camera on the market, hence the QX100. However it is nothing new to have to carry 2 devices, prior to cameraphones anyway so people should’t mind too much anyway especially when it is in a small lens camera format. For those that really do mind then Nokia should have you covered but lets not forget if you are a serious photographer you’re likely to have your proper DSLR around anyway, and lets not forget on-board cameras from other manufacturers are getting better all the time. Finally a word about the flash issue, whilst a xenon flash would be nice, it still is going to ruin your pictures, flashes even those built into DSLRs have a tendency to flatten an image loosing depth and texture, so avoid using the flash at all costs, only high-end external flashes are good in my experience. Perhaps Sony should make their camera accessories e.g. flash and microphone compatible/controllable with Xperia Smartphones, now that would be something.

  • Micro

    I see your point dude, I really do.
    But why anyone would buy Z1+QX, or 1020+QX? This makes no sense because both have great cameras, so there is no +500 saving.

    For me, owner of Xperia S (with poor camera), it’s perfect to pay 300 bucks for a new, really good mini camera that fit’s my current phone and will fit almost any other phone in future, instead of paying ~600 for ugly Lumia with WINDOWS that can’t actually do anything but good pics.

    See? 300 bucks saved by actually *not* buying Lumia and still getting QX lens ;)

  • Babylonbwoy

    No Wifi Direct ? Really ? In H2 2013 ? Damn!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sources and link please.

  • Jettakias
  • Babylonbwoy

    Look what innovation means for them : nothing!
    Look at the gap between 2004 and now!?

  • d(Z_Z)b

    Anyone know if Z1 will run on AT&T’s 4G LTE network?

  • lovebmw

    Yes it will z1 6906

  • lovebmw

    What is Nokia? Wsn’t it used to be a phone company?

  • Micro

    Thanks god, finally someone who knows what he is talking about.
    YES, phones are to make calls, keep you in touch, to give you some fun and to look great, DSLRs are to make serious photos, xenon flash is to ruin you photos in dark place by flattening it and cutting off/darkening the background, and are worth nothing on daylight, where real external flash goes useful – on full sun, to make shadows soft.
    QX is a big innovation that will be very useful for casual/party/mobile photographers with average phones who don’t want to carry heavy bags with lenses, flashes and DSLR bodies.
    Good work Sony. Shame on Nokia.

  • sennis

    yeah that’s one way to look at it ,and i agree with you if you are willing to keep the xperia s , which for me i found it hard to keep it more than few months
    the phone is laggy and have its problems

    and i know it can’t compete with android , but it’s not that bad !!

    the windows apps are getting better and thousands of apps are added every week

    you have a smother interface than you can find in androids phones which sucks to notice lags every while

  • mode893

    The only reason why you say this at a fanboy site liike this and at this particular entry is because you’re threatened. You’re threatened by this most recent, and apparently best selling innovation. Troll around if you absolutely must but give credit where its’ due.

  • Micro

    Well, can’t tell about yours, but my S is really ok, no lags, very smooth and responsive phone actually, no problems at all.. (not to mention the one completely fucked up update – .200, that should never happen). The only problem with it is the still camera, it’s too much noise in low light and sometimes poor focus (but videos are stunning). So perhaps you gave away your S too quickly, I don’t know.

    What I do know is this phone was made with some passion, you can feel it when you have it in your hands. So much attention was paid to it’s design, even those weird dot buttons, maybe they are not that perfect as they suppose to be, you have to feel them, but they are indeed beautiful, very elegant.

    On one hand, android itself sometimes makes me sick. Google this, google that, no privacy, it collects and uses everything it can about you, I don’t like that, I like my privacy which I feel is not protected by the stock setup of android nor respected by freaking google.

    But on the other hand, my fiend bought Lumia 920 not long ago (maybe it’s not the 1020, but still very good camera inside this one, really good one). He hates everything about this phone but the camera. And I would lie telling anyone there are not good reasons to hate it. Not only the look, it really is the matter of taste. In fact the last thing about it is the smooth interface, sorry, shouldn’t even lay next to the old XS with andr. 4.2 (dunno about 1020, I didn’t see it and had not in my own hands so I won’t say anything). He even wanted once to switch with me to my old XS, and I didn’t because I already have good cameras (DSLRs and even one SLT, my personal favorite) so I can take a stunning heart stopping photo with a proper device, dedicated to do such things. Microsoft destroys everything they touch. Started with Skype, continued with PCs and laptops, finished with Nokia. Lumia is not that bad when it comes to hardware (wireless charging is a good example). It’s the software and lame design, completely no innovations, just mocking around like this, it’s pathetic, low, sad. I will never rape any of my devices by installing windows 8 on them. Android is not perfect, but not that bad either. IMO so far away from mobile win8, that M$ lost even the smell of it already and is dying hard to keep running. Nothing weird about why QX pisses them off so much. It will change the world. Again, Sony will do it. Leaving Nokia, again, with the big “FU”.

    Thats all matter of personal choice anyway. I respect yours, but will stick with mine.

  • s-emo

    Xperia V is specked quite similarly to the Lumia 1020 (sans the camera)
    Presently one can order online:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 ~ 700 Euro
    Sony Xperia V ~ 250 Euro
    + QX10 ~ 200 Euro = 450 Euro
    + QX100 ~ 450 Euro = 700 Euro

    Buying a Lumia 1020 justified? Really?

  • razec

    link or this never exist

  • razec

    “Comparable to DSLR”, I hope you’re not serious, because the test you’ve seen that’s done by GSMArena is hardly a comparison.

    check this and open your eyes

    and if that’s not enough

    now where’s that “Comparable” thing you’ve just mentioned?

  • sennis

    no , i still own the xperia S , it will survive with me a couple more months i guess. what i liked about the xperia was it was the first hd display ( and i can’t deny it has a stunning display with 340 ppi
    which some companies after a year didn’t achieve that in their phone )
    and what i mostly hate is the battery that you can’t keep the display on for more than 4 hours straightly ( i.e using the phone while screen is on ) for god sake the screen is fucking awesome and you should only keep the brightness on 30 or less to live tell the end of the day

    i have to admit i’m starting to change my mind here after this long argument. (you are right about a lot of things ) ,

    but still i would tell i try both the lumia and z1 i wont give my full judgment

    and you seem to know alot of information about everything
    can’t argue with that

    you have a great way of convincing and explaining with long temper, its a good thing to see people having this ability

    again sorry for my bad english

    have a good day sir

  • Micro

    First of all I am not a sir (I am not and I guess I will never be worth calling this way), just a regular guy, not better at anything than you are.

    Second, your English is actually not any worse than mine :D

    And last, but not least – yes, you should try both – z1 and 1020 before you buy. Any phone you would have should met YOUR expectations, not mine or any of us (cheers xperia lovers, say CHEEEEES :D I love you to :D). I will consider buying Z1 some time from now, not on presale for sure, it would hit me too much on cash I don’t physically have right now. I will not consider 1020 because I already have perfect cameras around. Z1 won’t be any replacement here. I simply like my stuff to work with each other without forcing it to do so. Nozomi is a bit old now days, I am aware of it. It have issues and some years of oldness now. But you know dude.. it have this “something” I can’t even define or explain. I think I love it, because it was loved in the very time it was made. Something like that, not sure.. something much more to feel about, less to speak of. Yeah you’re right quite a lot about the battery. Built-in and small overall. But with a bit of effort you can make it to charge it once for a 4 days without stress or disabling everything (already keeping my one just for you to make a screen shot proof, I never rooted it and I don’t turn off data, sync, wi-fi, bt, nfc, whatever). On the other hand, point me a phone with 32GB SDHC Class 10 memory on-board out of the box. My dearest friend once wanted to rip my eyes off because his Samsung Ace 2 had to be rooted and forced to use SD as internal, otherwise it won’t handle even gmail+facebook without being a definition of snail (lol).

    Forget about quality of pics taken by the phones, one of my closest friends will always make love with the worst picture ever, if it was taken by his SGS4, and we both laugh about that. He love my DSLR photos, as good as this freaking cheap toilet plastic his S4 is made of. And I love him for having different opinion and ability to nicely differ with me. Phones are just phones, no magic about them. DSLR is the quality that ANY PHONE EVER will reach, at least because of the sensor’s size. Mobile or quality, that’s the deal. Any trade off will have pros and cons, anyone can’t help it. Sony, Nokia, or smelly Samsung / Apple (one copies other, lost already who copies who, who cares anyway).

    And, I am glad there are still open minded people, who can actually argue and switch arguments, not just malices :)
    Good for you my friend, you have my full respect.

  • Sony Fan

    I know something will fit on that bulge.
    Lumia 1020 The multipurpose phone.
    “Mama needs to go to work, go Play with your Lumia 1020”.

  • Lemuria

    Simply put, if you want a camera, buy a damn good camera, and take shots like a pro, if you want a phone, then you’ll use it to calls, texting, contacting people, maybe kill time with some games …etc. But arguing just about a camera is nonsense and seems really childish, besides, no one will say ” i like the back of lumia 1020 ” … how do you put it on a table ? on the screen ? because i believe that if it vibrates while on its back you’ll gonna have a bad time

  • xperiafan324

    C’mon people, don’t feed the troll, it’s already hurting bad after getting dped by Mic-Kia

  • xperiafan324

    Just so you know, Sony’s selling a tripod for Z1.

  • xperiafan324

    It’s independently verified, Sony didn’t carry out this test, Strategy Analytics (quite a reputed firm, just google them) carried out the survey on Sony’s request. Sony was in no way, personally involved with the testing. Anyone calling the results fake, should put up or shut up. Mostly it’s the Nokia fanboys butthurt that their beloved Nokia’s 41 MP (lol, even full frame DSLRs hardly ever go above 36 MP, and those sensors are HUGE compared to even a 1″ phone sensor, it’s just marketing for the 1020, the 100% crops are shit) 1020 craps out compared to Z1 lowlight.

    The phones were all used on out-of-the-box settings, with flash off, and all were on a tripod, seems as equal as it gets to me.
    That is how most of these phones perform in low-light without flash, that’s truth right there. No PR B.S. If anyone disagrees, the burden of proof lies on him/her to prove that this research was fabricated.

  • acid

    Nokia am cry

  • Micro

    Nokia sucks Sony’s QX series – it is justified.

  • Zedar

    What does Microsoft invented the last years? Windows 8??? Windows 8.1 is at hands and it will be without any cost for a lot of users… Their market is gone and the new ideas are flopping. I guess no one of the leaders are sleeping well at the moment

  • Micro

    Exactly, you have to actually have (any) DSLR to know how ridiculous is comparing it to any phone. Almost no (real) compact camera can stand against DSLR, and almost no phone really should stand against compact cameras. QX is a compact camera without a viewfinded/screen. Math done.

  • MINT

    Nokia’s phones suck
    Sony’s QX cameras also suck

    If you want good photos go buy a DSLR or a compact.

  • Olf

    You right, this test is totally valid. And it prove that the Z1 produces much better results than its competitors … when you use your camera phone on a tripod … what happened quite often, doesn’t it ?

  • Billy de Fretes

    how about make a phone call, browsing, while you can play games and of course take some good picture every time .. can i do this with DSLR ?? dude, every people in this blog knows if we want to take very good quality photos use DSLR … go to Cannon, Nikon blog not smartphone blog if you want complain about this.. your life sucks too

  • xperiafan324

    Only thing that’ll change without tripod is maybe you’ll have to hold still for a second longer than you while holding the 925, other than that, image quality was due to the phones’ out-of-the-box settings, You’re really stretching the impact that a tripod has on image quality, it just makes the camera stationary, that’s all.

  • xperiafan324

    Sometimes though I do wish Sony’s marketing team would bitch-slap these trolls.

  • SomethingIsWrongWithU

    Oh please tell me you are joking! Otherwise please read s-emo comment. (Two comments above)

  • Peterpots

    Are they also taking the p**s out of Samsungs Galaxy S4 Zoom???
    Be interesting to see…

  • APai

    nokia has a good camera on their phones (which is ALL that they have), and now, that’s not even theirs, as the devil bought off the division that it possessed.

    nokia is just pissed at the brilliant idea that sony has brought to the android ecosystem. nokia thought they were the only ones capable of innovation.

  • Ashish

    Nokia is crying coz it can’t come up anything even remotely as cool as the QX. It’s just baby-crying…. Grow up Nokia….

  • Peterpots

    Lets see how the sales figures go…then see where Nokia end up…

  • Assa7in King


  • K!NG Monnie

    Even if Nokia was able to produce GOLD, it won’t have any impact on the cell phone wars because they’re not what they use to be anymore. Same goes for Motorola. It’s their fault for being stubborn and not adapting to changes and understanding the forever changing market. That’s what happens when you take things for granted. Both aforementioned companies use to be the top guns of the cell phone market and now? Sonym back then was behind them for crying out loud! Nokia should instead of using the time to insult their competitors should try to do something with their line. Stooping to that level isn’t going to accomplish anything significant. I feel so sorry for the founders of Nokia, seeing how the brand is being screwed by their so-called successors. NOW THAT IS FUCKING BORING. Especially how including Microsoft, they only have what? less than 10% smartphone market share. Many, looks like the 41 MP PureView Pro is pretty Gaaaaaaaaaaay…… did I just say G-A-Y?

  • Pilok

    Considering that QX lenses are not exclusive for Sony devices only. It is Android and iOS compatible.

  • Babylonbwoy

    thanks, i thought it was a fake thinking “who, the hell has a baby in his lab to do test with it!” but it’s the baby that is fake! ;)

  • Rup

    CANON is a better company than NOKIA now.
    Coming from old nokia phone user including N8,N98 and N95.
    Sony is better than SAMSUNG.
    Coming from new sony user with Xperia ZR :)

  • Assa7in King


    Man they are REALLY IMPRESSIVE….

    They had to MOCK-UP bcz these LENS are way better than their LUNDIA 1020…

  • MINT

    You missed my point. Which means you’re pretty unintelligent. Sorry.

  • sfordesign

    wait to see other reviews. this study seems to be fake as f*ck

  • Billy de Fretes

    yeah, you missed my point to which means you’re totally unintellegent.. sorry

  • Olf

    Try shooting with 1s long exposure time without tripod and without OIS…

  • Assa7in King

    I Dont think so !!

  • Ezzy

    Z1 was actually pretty fantastic camera-wise at IFA 2013. Beat any phone we had with us (One, SGS4, 925 Lumia)

  • Ezzy

    It works fine without a tripod as well

  • Ezzy

    How often do you do that with a phone? Not that you can even set you shutter speed manually to 1s in about any phone.

  • Ezzy

    Z and Z1 are different phones. Z’s camera wasn’t spectacular, this is.

  • nameofthewind

    google it, WP8 still has no support for wifi-direct

  • seb

    I have nokia’s phone for ages (8310, 6610 , N8, 808, N9 and still own it) …since Lumia and WP i do not recognize Nokia spirit here. There are not real Nokia to my mind and nobody can’t deny WP is limiting the Nice Nokia Hardware..A pity and now , my next target is to get the awsome Xperia Z1 and Jolla phone..

  • BabyDon’tCry

    Finally Sony has enough reasons not to develop QX cam apps for WP8, thanks Nokia.

  • John

    Sony is even worse than blackberry. And what mobile phone company is not better than samsung?

  • John

    It actually has almost 10% market share. And the lumia 1020 takes way better photos than the Z1.

  • John

    How did you make that, did you turn all lights off for every phone but the sony garbage?

  • John

    The only competitors the Z1 takes better pictures than are phones without cameras.

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