Xperia Z1 low-light snaps look great

by XB on 13th September 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_9We have been getting a lot of requests to feature some low-light photography from the Sony Xperia Z1. After all, we already know that the Xperia Z1 takes some great pictures where there is good light. UnleashThePhones has taken the task to hand and provided a whole host of sample pictures from the Xperia Z1 in low-light/evening conditions.

All of the pictures were taken using the latest firmware for the device (14.1.G.1.518). We have included ten samples in full resolution below (click each image to see the original), but head over to the source link for plenty more examples. Have a look below and let us know whether they meet your approval or not in the comments below.

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_1

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_2

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_3

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_4

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_5

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_6

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_7

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_8

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_9

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_10

Via UnleashThePhones.

  • AJ

    Wow.absolutely stunning pics……..XPeria Z1 Will sell like hot cakes

  • Fawwaz

    dat lambo>>

  • lincheekang

    fantastic! the best of Sony has arrived. I seriously can’t wait for this phone.

  • nadoudidou

    considering that this is auto mode, i have to agree that the results are simply stunning.
    definitely the best camera out there

  • Ghareeb Saeed


  • Dårshân

    Blow away u fuckn Lumias….
    Coz Z1 is here….

  • Mike Gonzalez

    this is what everybody expected from Sony and they well delivered this time!

  • lovebmw

    i can’t believe those pictures are from a cell phone…. wait from a SONY cell phone… i am impressed. THAT’S it i am buying.

  • Lucian

    The results are really great I just hope they will give option to take 20.7MP non-compressed photos. This would be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    so picture is take in Singapore:?

  • lovebmw

    the pictures are so amazing makes that rural place attractive….

  • WOL

    It’s fascinating! But these images are just 8MP, what I want to see is 20MP.

  • jumbo3220

    it’s been a long time i’m searching for the perfect Android phone for me and this is it.. Z1 will be mine..think about the advantages. the new nexus 5 is going to have a 2300mAh battery. which is OK maybe (Android 4.4+Snapdragon 800 low power consumer) Next Android will have the kernel version 3.8 or 3.10 ,both are optimized for Run in low RAM and improved battery life. clearly Z1 have the advantage over Nexus 5 when Z1 gets Android 4.4 KitKat. screen,camera and the rest is awesome. Will buy it in next year anyways :D

  • Pokchad

    I hate its huge bezel but…. Fuck!! I definitely buy this phone.

  • thembasicina

    AND not a single grain! Well done Sony.

  • the_black_dragon

    It is possible in Manual Mode. Automatic mode can’t Change Resolution. it will shoot 9MP Images only

  • Khánh Tùng Nguy?n

    It’s noise very much

  • nidou bossy

    dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuum that lamborghini murcielago

  • nidou bossy

    shut up and buy it, they gonna take ur money anyway :D

  • cs098

    Sony would if killed, if they released the z1 half a year ago with the s600.

  • cs098

    Absolutely gorgeous. And there’s no annoying hump as well. If battery life is good, my next android phone.

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    Z1 the best

  • Fapples Christos Karadimas

    Like cheesecake

  • Lucian

    Non-compressed? As I’ve seen there is a lot of compression even on full 20.7MP photos.

  • SomeBody
  • Cinghiale

    Did you see the dpreview test of Sony Z1 camera? and the cnet uk test? Unfortunately their judgements on the Z1 camera weren’t so enthusiastic. So, where is the truth? I’d love to buy the Z1, it will be my first Android phone, but I don’t want to be disappointed by the quality of the shots.

  • hitman

    htc one RuleZZZ

  • oyhens


  • chris

    the camera certainly will disappoint you, just google some photos shot with different Xperia phones and compare them with photos shot with Iphone and you will see that if you zoom on Xperia photos there’s a lack of sharpness and that sucks I. I don’t know why Sony is focusing on megapixels when it should focusing on software and stop compressing the photos cause that’s the problem. I own an Xperia S and I’m realy disappointed about my 12 mpx camera.

  • Cinghiale

    thanks for the reply.
    First of all, my apologies for my english, it’s a bit rusty.
    Let’s talk about the camera, SONY itself define it (at least on italian website) as the best camera embedded on a smarthphone. So, that’s what I’m talking about: you can’t say that when (look at the dpreview Z1 sample shots) it’s clear that’s a lie. These shots up above are amazing, the ones on dpreview are crappy. I don’t understand what kind of shot the Z1 is able to take.

  • Xperia Gaga

    nothing much different because when zoomed in, the details are gone

  • Julian

    Maybe these have been from old firmwares. I can confirm that the old firmwares (or at least the one from a couple of weeks ago) was very mushy, but the final version or at least the one my sample got flashed produced stunning clarity I have never seen before on a mobile.
    But like every cam, if you take the pics too leisurely, you sometimes shake too much or the focus is just not 100% and produce sub par images that only reach Samsung levels.

  • techguyone

    You’re clearly an iDIOT with no idea what’s in the z1, maybe you should go read up on it a bit before spouting your drivel on here.
    Xperia S is a 20 month old phone back when Sony was joined with Ericsson, there’s no comparison really is there. It’s like comparing a steam train to MagLev

  • Cristi

    Too much noise. I really don’t like the photos. Was expecting a lot better from the Z1.

  • aprilius20

    So tempting. But it’s too soon to upgrade from the Z… guess I’ll just wait for the March 2014 flagship. Back on point- wonder where these photos were taken. Singapore, maybe?

  • christian miranda

    not much noise! yipeeee!

  • Hussam

    just shut-up and take all my money… take my kidney too if you want

  • Micro

    Sony announced today Z1 in Poland, pre-order price ~617 EUR (2599 PLN). That’s what I am going to pay after seeing those… sorry Nozomi, I love you, I really do, but your days are now numbered.

  • fried_egg

    stunning… looking more and more towards my pre-order being shipped

  • ErikKnight

    the iso is 1000 :))

  • puskar bhandari

    who need xenon flash now?

  • Sahil Verma


  • the_black_dragon

    hmm unfortunally not. Just with JPEG compression. Size is about 5-8MB depending on visible structures and Details n Pictures. Lowest 20MP Picture size with a lot of white Background i had was 2,5MB

  • SinaKing

    WoooooooW Man …
    Great Pics <3

  • Gaz Almonte

    The claim comes from an in depended firm who researches on camera phones. Of course it comes with a grain of salt, but you could just wait And see some reviews

  • Lucian

    That’s a shame. I understand that they want to have great and fast camera with Superior Auto which really works great and produces great shots in 9MP but for me personally full sized photos should be without any compression. I don’t care if that photo would be 15MB in size. I just hope that they will give option in manual mode to turn off compression. Then we shall see true potential of Z1 and it’s camera.

  • RYO21X

    The Z1 is having the same shit display. I saw it compared to the Z Ultra in a video test.


    if you zoom in on the last picture you get alot of noise is that even possible with such a high resolution or are the pictures compressed other than that amazing

  • the_black_dragon

    I hope you know that uncompressed RAW Pictures with this Resolution are about 30 MB big.
    JPG is everytime compressed. Nokia Lumia 1020 with 40.1MP shoots Pictures with Maximum of 15MB in size if you have a lot of Details so it is very similar to Z in compression Level.
    btw there is no phone that shoots RAW Pictures… only very expensive Compact cameras, System Cameras and DLSRs are also Shooting RAW pictures

  • Kong Sothea

    But Sony don’t have video slow motion, I hope Sony put it when phone get sell.

  • sXs

    DP review or whatever they Tested a phone which is not released to cosumers, most likey with a unfinished software. So you cant judge on that.

  • Lucian

    I didn’t mean RAW, just less compressed JPEG.. Well non-compressed JPEG isn’t quite logical because JPEG is compressed either way :) Just figured out I’m talking nonsense. I meant non-extra-compressed?! jpeg. It’s like when you export from RAW to JPEG and don’t put any extra compression on photo. One example is my DSLR has 10MP and takes ~10MB RAW photos. When exported to JPEG with highest quality I get same ~10MB jpeg photo. But if I choose maximum compression I get ~2MB photo and compression is visible.

    Yes, but you can get shots on 1020 that are even more than 20MB in size and on 100% crop you can’t even see compression.

    I love Z1 but I don’t understand Sony why would they lower capabilities of camera with that much compression.

  • midnight

    That’s in Singapore! :)

  • cs098

    gsm arena is your friend, they have controlled photo tests for many phones. When they add in the z1, you can see for your self.

  • RYO21X

    You can down-vote me, but the truth is truth…

  • Micro

    /me grabs some popcorn

  • kakooli

    what is the point of having a good viewing angle on your screen? its not like u will be laying your phone face down and try to see the content now are you?

  • Cp2020

    naa…It’s just been raped by Z1.

  • Julian

    Viewing angles are perfectly fine for daily usage. The might be a concern for people who preferably look at their phone from the side :D
    I have no problems showing videos to multiple people around me viewing from all sides.
    Look at it in real life this screen is simply the best out there. Any AMOLED white looks gray in comparison and the blacks are very close to AMOLED levels.

  • knightpt

    i’m realy sorry to say but with that comment it seems you have no idea what you are talking about. They are at very high ISO, low light sources, it’s realy realy hard to get less noise than that on those conditions, in fact for a smartphone camera they are superb in fact. Ofc you can get better than that on professional shooters but they cost more than the whole damn phone…

  • knightpt

    Extremely high ISO on a very low light scenario says hi.

  • Micro

    first he would have to understand what is ISO anyway, but this would take a month with no guarantee of any understanding, so… just let him droll, waste of time

  • tositem

    Ah! Looks so great! Can’t wait!

  • roeshak

    You fanboys just make me laugh. Nothing special about these at all. Zoom in and the details vanish just like the Z. Image quality at zero crop is better but once you start to zoom, things get ugly quickly.
    You fanboys can fool yourselves all day long that this is better than the lumia 1020 but you’re only kidding yourselves.
    If these are the 20mp stills then they’re not impressive at all.

  • Dark Moyan

    In’sha’Allah will get Z1 in near future.
    Now I’ll just play along with my Xperia S which I love very much and JB .96 is really awesome update :)

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    it really is the best of sony

  • Micro

    then go buy shitty smashed-like-condom-lumia and go troll nokia site ;]
    oh, and BTW: I just pre-ordered Z1, and you will never get any of phones you feel so smart about

    trolls gonna troll.. loll loll xD

    I wish you die crying haha :D

  • kevin

    Idk if u didnt notice but both pictures are the same phone

  • Unimpressed

    I’m not impressed… Photos are still of about the same quality as my 2 year old Xperia S.

  • the_black_dragon

    I Don’t think it is the compression. Quality Level of JPEGs safed is 95% i think so you have very less Quality loss…
    the Problem are those still tiny sensors that will produce noise even on daylight… These noise gets eliminated by noise reduction and that reduces sharpeness… so even if you put JPEG Quality to 100% you will get much smaller file sizes than on DLSR Cameras.
    the compression algorythm just sees more similar Pixels that are reused so the file size shrinks.

  • SomeBody

    41 likes… lol

  • hans

    gief z1 mini.

  • Lucian

    Well it’s like dominoes.
    Increase compression -> loose detail and sharpness
    Increase sharpness -> gain noise
    Increase noise reduction -> again loose detail and sharpness
    Increase ISO -> loose everything xD

  • zzz

    Rumour about the new Xperia Z2. codenamed Avatar.

    Still going for the Z1 though, at least this one is confirmed and real lol.

  • m sacha

    very impressive!

  • KBadOne

    This was posted on Esato by DACHA!

    “Panel lottery for the Z1 confirmed btw.


    JDI type 1 – AH-IPS (this was used for the ZU)
    JDI type 2 – VA (Xperia Z/ZL leftovers)
    Sharp – VA (Xperia Z/ZL leftovers)
    Samsung – S-PLS (Will only be used after all the VA panels are used up)

    Sony is using up the remaining inventory from Z/ZL and mixing in some AH-IPS panels. Once all the VA panels are used up Sony will only use AH-IPS and S-PLS panels.
    This would explain why some prototypes and production units have outstanding displays and some are just like Z/ZL.”

  • KBadOne

    If this is true! I am going to wait another 2 months to get one! probably around US release

  • Johnny

    Can u give me a link?

  • Johnny

    I read something about it on Digi-wo chinese page, but it was translated and i couldn’t fully understand it.

  • the_black_dragon

    hahaha yeah :D
    well… we’ll see what developement will bring to us… at least at daylight actual smartphone cameras produce very good Picture Quality so there is no need (for normal People) to have a separate camera. now they start to bring also acceptable low-light Performance and Pictures get better and better every year. I Have a Kodak Z812 IS Bridge Camera at least if i need a Flash or zoom. this Thing has a 1/2.5″ sensor and is now on market since 6 years i think and since 2011, with my Xperia Arc, i have the same daylight Picture Quality on my smartphone like on this camera…if i don’t use Flash now Smartphones like Lumia 925 already have the same low-light Performance like this camera… I’m shure in one or two years from now, compact cameras, also a bit more expensive ones, will become obsolete compared to Smartphone cameras

  • surethom

    Very nice, now announce a mini version not a much larger phone, please, love this camera on a slightly smaller Sony phone.

  • Lucian

    Z1 produces really great photos in any light as it is. And I think it will only improve with future updates as it already had in previous (there is a comparison between previous versions here on xperiablog). In the picture below you wouldn’t even guess it’s captured with phone. But I’m still wondering about it’s full power :)

    Yeah I agree, compact cameras are becoming obsolete just like laptops. The only thing that smartphones won’t be able to exceed compared to compact cameras is optical zoom. Not counting hybrid s4 zoom which isn’t a phone in my opinion.

  • Mint

    “I wish you die crying”

    People like you are worse than trolls.

  • Assa7in King


  • Micro

    I’ll take it as a complement ;P
    but yeah, perhaps I overacted a little, troll or not, I shouldn’t, sorry about that

    (but still I hope he cries now, because I’m willing to post the photos at Tue or Wed when I get Z1 and if he doesn’t already I’m pretty sure I will make him to)

  • the_black_dragon

    For that optical zoom thing we will have QX10/100 ;) and These modules will make even System cameras opsolete and i think in future Generations even complete DSLRs maybe

  • mclarenfan1968

    You should take their reviews more seriously. A fan blog is always going to be biased anyway. I have seen better on the 808 and Lumia 1020 even when zoomed to 100% resolution.

    That said this is a huge improvement for Sony and most android phones. But this does not match let alone beat the Lumias. Maybe that was never the intent. Sony has done a good compromise on the build and sleekness of the phone so it was bound to be not a competitor to the top end Lumias.

  • mclarenfan1968

    View full res and you will see them.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Yeah looks like it! Those blocks and food courts!

  • Lucian

    True, looking forward to trying those two :)

    Even now some compact cameras like RX100 II are as good as DSLR cameras or even better than some in terms of image quality.

    Truthfully, I would never change DSLR for “serious” photography. When you’re shooting something and you need to act fast it’s 100 times faster with all manual controls at your fingers and I couldn’t go without having optical viewfinder. I tried once a digital viewfinder and hated it. And also nothing can’t compete with good body and a great lens like 50mm F1.4 :)

    But the worst thing in DSLR world is when you get some equipment that you need and suddenly you’re carrying 10kg in backpack. Not the most practical thing. Carrying 280g RX100 II would be a lot easier xD

  • mclarenfan1968

    Your sample is much better than most review shots out there. It seems this unit has a proper and fault free lens array. There have been numerous reports of faulty smeared lens on the Z1s. That’s a worrying QC issue for the camera modules.

    Some of those faulty ones have extremely sharp centers with badly distorted lefts and rights. Some have only issue on one side all the time.

  • Lucian

    Yea I’ve seen that on Gsmarena’s Z1. Well there is always something wrong with first batch of phones unfortunately.. But at least they will fix it for upcoming units and the ones already in the market. Sony has always fixed or changed faulty devices.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Indeed they need to offer advanced users the ability to tweak the compression details.

  • ashouhdy

    What about the flash …. is it strong enough or weak ?? How much it stands against note2 and s4 led flash ?

  • blitz_arc

    dafuq that Lamborghini doing at that food stall??!

  • ashouhdy

    So no body noticed that great lambo in the 6th photo woooooow what a car !

  • Billy de Fretes

    When use my xperia z and look at this picture, all i can say is wooww… great photos… But when i use my pc, most of these pic have lots of noise. But it still great since iso set = 1000

  • Ray
  • Wynn

    Food stall boss perhaps..

  • Lee Yang

    with the timeshift burst, does it take 61 full resolution images?

  • nidou bossy

    you won’t enjoy with your phone’s potential till u root it and remove these bloatwares manually :D

  • BiBiBomBiBi

    Tiong bahru area?? Hee….. :P

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    le friend “Dude iPhone 5S released”

    le me “I never heard such a brand I forgot all the brands when I saw the Legend Killer Xperia Z1”

  • Goh Kaixuan

    This is taken in Singapore!

  • Tausif Khan

    Mind blowing

  • Tausif Khan


  • Tausif Khan

    I want this

  • Tausif Khan


  • Rogue

    Well I to was looking forward to a sony phone which can compete with the lumina 1020 but for sure the z1 can’t not with the messed up post processing ruining the photos.Compression is way to much and the over sharpening is i bet when the other oems get there hands on this sensor sony will be left to shame again and for all the ppl bashing the nokia pure view tech check this link where a pro photographer is operting the two handsets

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  • ChrisC

    Just looks stunning! Good job, Sony!

  • roeshak

    Your stupidity knows no bounds. I’ve been using Sony smartphones now since the x10 days so I’m no troll. I’m just, unlike you, not a mindless soulless fanboy.
    The Z1 from what I’ve seen so far, is only a major update from the Z which I have presently in the processing department. It’s camera so far doesn’t look anything special unlike the samples I’ve seen from the 1020.
    Die crying, you’ve got to be kidding! What, over a phone? I think you need to go out more, get a life!
    It’s design is much worse than the Z in my opinion, with those huge ugly prehistoric bezels. When I look at the G2, I see the future, the Z1 is an unwelcome blast from the distant past.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Fool!!!!

  • Cinghiale

    I’ll do it, for sure. I truly love this phone, but if camera isn’t good at all I can’t buy it.

  • Micro

    this is all bullshit because you can’t prove anything so I simply don’t care what you think, every moron can say “he saw samples”, and I will get my own

    If don’t like it – just don’t fucking buy it and get lost, this is not a place for you, nokiaboy

    and yeah, kids cry over a phone :D

    keep being smart your way, nobody can deny you that

  • Xperia


    And wow the images are amazing. Xperia SP takes horrendous low-light shots. (Did I mention the 2-3 second lag before taking them)

  • Herman

    Apart from the Lumia 1020 and the Nokia 808 PureView.

    [I don’t care about the downvotes I’ll get from hardcore Sony fanboys, I just had to get this out there. The Z1’s camera is amazing for an Android phone, but it just doesn’t compete with the Lumia 1020 yet in resolved detail. It’s coming pretty close though]

  • jilanbasha

    Sony has been leading in bringing the grand new features when compared with its competitors.

  • jilanbasha

    Z1 is here to wash out Lumia !! Waiting for its launch in India :)

  • DrazenDodig

    808 takes really bad pics in night… you can compare the shots on the net.

  • aKaDjRenzo

    I’m curious to why xperia phones pack so many megapixels but they are only optimized for like 8-9 megapixels. I’ve read that you cant use the auto mode with the 20.7 megapixel settings for example or that it will have more noise.

  • Herman

    I found this:

    And you may have got me there, I was surprised at how dark the 808’s images were. But the 808 compared with the Lumia 1020 also showed that the 808 produced much darker images, so I went and searched for a Z1 vs 1020 comparison:

    And again I was surprised. The Lumia 1020 does indeed capture more detail, but only a little bit more light.

    The Xperia Z1 comes closer to the Lumia 1020 than I had expected. I’d have to see a full comparison of these two to clearly make up my mind, but it seems the Z1 really is a great cameraphone.

  • JiaWei


  • Aaron Alexander Choy

    77 likes… lol

  • 123

    Nice images

  • Guest

    First sorry for my eng
    and @disqus_lNfVBCtCBW:disqus Bitch please! your behavior is really worse than troll.

    Honestly I dont think roeshak wants to troll at all, bcuz he is not a stupid bias like you, it does not mean he’s a troll, roeshak loves Sony, i think he’s also a sony fan but he’s just keep his mind free, sometimes roeshak or someone reprimand sony, maybe they want sony to improve something, want sony to change for better. but what brainless fanboy like you do? Trying to always lick Sony’s balls? So stop asshole! you need to distinguishand and should admit the truth.

  • Micro


  • naeemh123

    They seemed to have finally delt with the compression, these low light shots look incredible, for Auto, these are fantastic! Bravo Sony!

  • naeemh123

    Holy shit, can you imagine low light snaps with the attachable lenses? omg

  • mat jeng jeng

    This will make me owed money from triad. Please, dont make such an awesome phone. I want all people in this world just use a polyphonic tone n doesnt have camera n no coloured screen. Kill me buddies!

  • ashouhdy

    i guess oversampling

  • Micro

    could be indeed
    you don’t know for sure so I can be wrong, but seem it have something to do with the 3x clear zoom – since it’s a phone and it cannot be purely optical, it has to be done some other way – perhaps that’s why. I suppose clear zoom is available only in auto mode.

    But yes, pretty good question.

  • ashouhdy

    Same method used in the 808 but with lesser pixels

    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

  • Micro

    I respect you very much @Hermantje:disqus – you can disagree with sony fanboys (like me) and still make sense with any of your criticism. I like that very much, it’s pretty rare today, respect dude. You aren’t calling anybody names, just arguing the very smart way.

    I personally feel a strong bound with Sony at general, but I can admit that it’s not the whole perfectness maker all the time, they do shit sometimes (let’s face it – all of them does).

    Z1 is IMHO a great phone with really stunning camera at overall, which doesn’t mean even 1020 does not have a great camera.

    Somehow I still have difficulties with believing those 41Mp are physically there in lumias, while I am more than sure z1’s 20Mp actually are on that sensor (I know a bit about electronics and sensors, maybe that’s why).

    But hey – both 808 and 1020 are really great cameras (not phones, but cameras yes, VERY good ones). Unfortunately I can’t say much now because currently I don’t own 808 and will not own 1020 so I can’t make any photos myself. Anyway, if it would help with anything, soon I will have Z1 so perhaps we can do some tests ourselves.

  • Micro

    yeah, but I guess this is something more than “just” an oversampling (which indeed is really something on 808). The physical difference between 20 and 9 Mp is not big enough to oversample x3 zoom so clearly. It’s a game of dimensions, but how come “normal” wide 9Mp shoot can still compete with “zoomed in” by 3 times and still having the same dimensions? That’s what is eating me. If it is not just oversampling (too small Mp count), not an optical zoom (literally impossible), then what the heck is it…? And how come it produces so good pics..? I mean… come on, it’s only a phone.. O_O

  • mof

    he said too much buy he apologized while you’re pathetically rude, and u say your “eng” is bad, doesn’t seem it is cause basic words like ‘balls’, ‘bitch’, ‘asshole’ are clearly well written. troll.

  • nidou bossy

    Guys…. Never forget the first BEAST by Sony on 2012….

    I came across to show some luv to my babe right below… so plz show sum love if you are/were an Xperia S owner and appreciate that great phone specs and design.

  • lucasarg

    *.* omaiga, perfects photos! and dat lambo.

  • Herman

    It’s comments like those that make me smile again :)

    Comments that make me realise I’m not just arguing with some random dudes on the internet, but actually people who like to argue themselves.
    I’m trying not to be one of those who takes a statement and defends it forever, I’m always learning. For example, I really thought the Z1’s camera was not that great, but after looking at some comparisons (however small those comparisons are) I realised the Z1 does have some potential to be a great cameraphone. Most comparisons are done on auto mode so there’s always more to get out of its camera.

    I’d love to compare your future Xperia Z1 not to any amazingly great camera, but to my Xperia S. And you know why? Comparing it to the best makes it look worse than it may actually be. If we could compare the images you take with the Z1 and they look much, much better than my Xperia S, then I know I’m in for a worthy updrade as well.

    Again, thank you!

  • Micro

    :) it’s really nice to hear that :)
    Well, to be honest I am upgrading from Xperia S too ;) In my opinion, when I first saw the XS it was the most beautiful phone made on the planet. I then started to dig around, the camera was not that great as I expected, fullhd recording was, but still camera was a mistake. And I know what I am talking about as a professional photographer, I’m certainly not the smartest but I know things and I suppose you know exactly what I mean (afaik you are a photographer too).

    And yes, that’s kinda devastating when you compare photo taken with Xperia S vs one from DSLR :P And IMHO 80% cameras are simply better than Xperia S so upgrading to any newer will make sense for you ;)

    I’ve pre-ordered Z1 already regardless of the quality of the camera (I love the design, and already have couple of “real” cameras), but UPS man will make it here about Tue-Wed (if everything goes ok) so it will not be today. But if you wish I can make some shots for you when I get it, side by side both phones with the same settings each exposure.

    I am curious too how would it go, Z1, S, and DSLR. Each can be set to 16:9, XS to 9Mp, Z1 to 9Mp, and SLT/DSLR to 14Mp/7.1Mp (raw and/or jpg) at ISOs supported by S: 100, 200, 400 and 800. Z1 and dslr can be set higher so this will be interesting too. All possible comparable modes each time.

    Actually you encouraged me to start this right away without Z1 ;P
    Sorry for a little OT everyone.

  • Herman

    Do you have Google Hangouts?
    It’d be great to discuss without Disqus :p

    If you’re interested in ‘how much’ I’m a photographer (I’m actually just a hobby photographer, with a Nikon D40), here’s my Flickr page:

    Only a few images are made with my Xperia S, mostly because as you said compared to a DSLR it’s really not that great.

  • Micro

    FB’ed you ;)

  • Micro

    I bought the Z1 but won't leave my lovely S :)

  • nidou bossy

    LOL, YOU BOUGHT!!! it’s not released YET.. how did u buy? :D

  • Micro

    pre-order says hello
    should arrive on Tuesday, max Wednesday

  • ashouhdy

    how much does it cost ?

  • nidou bossy

    the person who did this ”dislike” is an BIG ASSHOLE!

  • Micro

    around 617 EUR (2599 PLN)

  • ashouhdy

    Really??!  thats not a high price as expected …Great

  • Micro

    perhaps it is because of the pre-order, later the price can rise, but idk

  • nidou bossy

    LMAO :D

  • ashouhdy

    Strange .. Always the pre-order prices are the higher not the opposite. Or thats the way runs in the MiddleEast where i live!! 617EUR = 820US dollars.
    i bought my NoteII for 900US dollars and was 990US dollars for pre-order !

  • Micro

    yeah, seems to me even stranger when I read myself what I just said.. tbh I don’t think the price would change much, maybe a little.. they call this “promotion” and say the price is good, but we all know how it goes hehe ;)

  • Micro

    but the price seems to be rather good anyway, at least when compared to Germany or UK

  • Micro

    you made my day :D

  • nidou bossy

    Thx homie ;D

  • ashouhdy

    Excellent,  Time to sell my note2 before its price drop too low ;)

    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

  • chris

    too bad camera sucks

  • Chris

    FU I’m not apple fan, never owned an Iphone, I just like the camera. My old 8 mpx SE C905 still takes better pictures than most of Xperia phones. My point was that all this megapixels doesn’t mean better pictures and the camera software sucks. Look at the picture I attached maybe you will understand what I mean.

  • Edmundo Alcívar

    The bezel might be huge for u, but they r meant to protect the display and the back and not to fall from your hands, besides for me they make the phone look better… Just think of it, Sony never create something without a reason!!! Now buy me one too!!! =P


  • nidou bossy

    you’re the sucks! u know why? because i’ve done the best shots with my xperia S, have showed’em to many ppl and they were very impressed after i tell them it’s a cellphone not a compact camera neither a Dslr!

    it’s because u don’t know how to take shots!

    check my flicker link below: ( all the pix were taken solely with my Xperia S)

    let’s see how’s the sucks for real!

  • nidou bossy

    the prices vary from country to another in Europe, i just checked Sony UK, then France, then Spain, and then Germany.

    Pre-order results:

    UK: £599.00 = $955
    France: 699,00 € = $933
    Spain: 689,00 € = $920
    Germany: 649,00 € = $866

    As you can see guys.. Germany is the cheapest Pre-order so far!

  • Micro
  • nidou bossy

    didn’t check but that sounds the cheapest so far ;)

  • nidou bossy

    they don’t realize that!… i mean whomever keep complaining about thick bezels in a smartphone… but truth is, when u take a samoled or LG G2 which it has the thinnest bezels, then drop’em on a concrete surface.. results are pretty much a shattered display and fucked up phone cuz display itself is around 40% of the phone price!

    fucking PERIOD

  • nidou bossy

    here’s ”41 likes ” lol :D

  • SomeBody
  • Micro

    you actually squeezed them out of our precious Xperia S….
    ok dude, now you have my full attention O_O

  • Quark Gluon

    Great, man! I would really like to see that comparison. And I’d like to know about Z1’s focusing speed and accuracy. I think f/2.0 will make it faster and more accurate. Could you post your Flickr too so I can follow this? :)

  • Quark Gluon

    You had some serious shots. I’m adding your Flickr! :)

  • nidou bossy

    yeah right ;)

    it was a JB custom ROM based on ICS FW .55

    i’ve had it since march until the official JB .200 released ;)

    but yeah even with the current fw .96 i can still do a great shots… ur hands should be so steady to make some impressive shots!

    look and the this pic below, i just took yesterday when i was messing with my phone’s camera at the cafe :D

    this one is 12mp resolution @ 16:9

    Scaled by the website:


  • Guest

    yeah right ;)

    it was a JB custom ROM based on ICS FW .55

    i’ve had it since march until the official JB .200 released ;)

    but yeah even with the current fw .96 i can still do a great shots… ur hands should be so steady to make some impressive shots!

    look and the this pic below, i just took yesterday when i was messing with my phone’s camera at the cafe:


  • nidou bossy

    it’s says Guest but it’s me! lol weird site!

  • Quark Gluon

    I don’t really know what “ISO 1250” means to you.

  • Micro

    it’s disqus, it happens sometimes

    but yeah, you know, I didn’t really knew I would meet here anyone who actually knows how to *hold* a camera (if you know what I mean..;]), not to mention shooting like this.. very impressive, really. Another living proof that any amateur with ferrari-class DSLR cannot compete with real photographer holding poor camera..
    There is sooo much more to photos than a Mp count or ISO, right? ;) And with the good light XS is not that bad anyway (except .200 update)

  • Micro

    I’ve just checked the UPS tracker:
    09/17/2013 7:04 A.M. Out For Delivery
    So this is it, UPS man will hand it to me any minute :D In fact this phone is the first one for years (except XS) that made such a huge impression on me, so i will definitely TEST it deeply, not only the camera. I love Sony, but this will not have anything to do with my opinion, I won’t try to prove it’s great, but rather find what is not good or worse than expected. Sure, Flickr shall come handy this time :)

  • Micro

    sure dude, there will be much much more than just several photos..

    UPS tracker just said “09/17/2013 7:04 A.M. Out For Delivery”. So this is it… O_O

    I’m gonna deeply test this one, I love Sony and I love the specs of Z1, this was something I’ve been waiting for years, however, this is kinda expensive piece of toy. So I am not going to be indulgent here, Sony or not, there was a real money I paid. And yeah, Flickr would come handy this time :) I’ll keep you posted.

  • nidou bossy

    yeah that’s right, i totally AGREE… ;)

    i believe i reached to the camera’s potential even with a different 3rd party camera apps.. and it’s still good that your phone’s camera is doing great even after these several updates… shots are pretty well, decent and crisp, especially during the day shots… this evening im going to upload more night shots with a different ISO and Exposure levels ;)

    so yeah, let’s get the best out of this phone’s camera! :D

  • Micro

    Got the Z1. Charging to full, then… showtime. Lets see what this one can do.

  • nidou bossy

    WOW, cool, can u take some screenshots of the menu, settings and share with us? :D

    and also do some pics and let’s see the BEAST camera ;)

  • Micro

    to be honest I have some mixed feelings now. Phone is great, really. But it’s always like this, damned. The small things… for example, you can’t put in the MicroSD card without some, any, but tool. Nail is definitely not enough and the lock is very hard. And some other minor, mostly one time, but annoying details.

    So far – the best phone I have ever seen. Display almost caused a heart attack after seeing the sample pics and videos, YES, this is it guys! :D and the sound from this little shit speaker….. yesssss, now we are talking! Amazing. Ultra quality run of Epic Citadel demo – AVG 62 FPS @ 1800x1080px, nice.. and the AnTuTu – finished the test too fast to really watch and enjoy it :D score – 34286 (results below..). Going for more, be patient :D

  • nidou bossy

    you need to take pics considering the comparison for the best low light capabilities at the same spot where light condition is in the same level for both phones, not to bring a pic from Tokyo or HongKong and another pic taking in a street with a different light level, so even the capture wouldn’t be the same from the same phone with the same ISO if the spot won’t be the same!

  • nidou bossy

    dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, HTC one was in the 2nd rank before Sammy S4!!!

    what a big disappointment for Sammy users!

    that’s why i say this gimmicky exynos octa is a waste of money…

    and for this, i’m like….

  • nidou bossy

    and yeah, thanks for the share, really it’s so exciting as i can see download is running :D

    enjoy that BEAST!

  • Micro


  • SomeBody

    ‘it’s not about number of pixels’
    At last someone is saying that. Also, I never said it’s about the pixels.

    “it’s about how you take the camera in ur hand”
    And? You say quality is not important? Noise can ruin an otherwise beautiful shot, so quality DOES matter.

    The N808 and XZ1 are the most technically advanced camera-phones out there (HQ optics and dedicated image processor). Having a Stacked BSI sensor (vs FSI on the Nokia) and wider aperture the Z1 has an advantage when it comes to low-light. I love Sony and I really think they are on a good way to make an awesome camera-phone, the Z1 is maybe the best smartphone but as a camera-phone they made a huge mistake. No matter how cool the sensor and optics are you cannot fight against physics. Size matters. Nokia did the same mistake with the 1020. The sensor area of the 808 is just crazy. People have no idea what they are talking about when they compare a phone to that monster.

  • xperiafan324

    Following discrepancies jump at me:
    1) Sony didn’t not use VA panels in Z/ZL, it used e-IPS panels worldwide. Yes some were made by sharp and some by jdi, but the difference in viewing angles b/w the japanese and european phones was simply due to the greyish background used on the european Xperia Zs while the japanese models used a complete black default background. The slight greyish background inverted more off-angle than the mostly black one on the japanese Zs, that’s where all the hubbub about different screens came from. Because people couldn’t wrap their heads around the difference in PERCEIVED color shift. That’s why Sony updated all Xperia Zs to use a default black background.
    All the crap about sony using different panels was debunked by this one dev on xda who checked the display driver in the kernel of his Z that also suffered from crappy viewing angles, and it turned out that the display panel was the same as the acclaimed japanese Z panels.

    2) Sony has NEVER contracted with Samsung to provide screens for its devices, and has never showed any interest in S-PLS technology, the PLS display on the Nexus 10 actually has a shorter color gamut than that of the iPad 4.

    3) Again, I’ve said this before, but so that all can read here I go again, at this point only JDI develops display panels with Triluminos technology. Now some people on xda said that Triluminos is simply backlight-related so it can be used with any panel. While that statement in itself is true, Mobile display panels are an integrated unit i.e. screen + backlight + touch digitizer + antiglare tech all in one single piece. This means that you can’t pry open older panels like the Z/ZL ones, and somehow integrate triluminos backlighting in them. So if the Z1 has triluminos backlighting, then it CAN’T use the Z/ZL ‘leftover’ panels.

    Maybe sony used the older Z/ZL displays in the earlier prototypes, but it is verrrrrry unlikely that Sony would commit fraud by saying that the Z1 has triluminos backlighting while they throw in older white led backlit Z/ZL panels in the mix.

    The most likely scenario is that ALL Z1s will feature a JDI (since only they make triluminos panels for mobile devices) made AH-IPS panel that features triluminos backlighting, because otherwise Sony will be on the wrong end of a class action lawsuit.

  • ashouhdy

    Thanks for the great info.

    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

  • nidou bossy

    here are some defocus nightshots with the flash light and different exposure values!

    the first shows the bottle of water, the more close up the bottle’s name, then more focused on the bottle’s cap, then, an Ultimate defocus on the bottle’s cap!!!

    the others are some defocus on Jasmin tree flowers ;)

    Original photo sizes:

  • Micro

    after some fight with the phone (mostly enjoying the titan battery that died at last! I was torturing it since Tuesday) I’ve set up some test.

    This I found to have many details and colors, there was very dimmed light. Only tiny bulb (30W) on the ceiling, so definitely low light.

    I tried each mode possible, each with and without LED flash. Sometimes when I set iso, lets say to 800, it shots in 1000 automatically, but in descriptions are the settings I made, not the real ISOs.

    One thing is bad.. there is NO HDR in 20Mp mode. Only in 8Mp. And a bit strange because even my XS shots wide in 9Mp, not 8.. oh, well. Anyway I am not going to judge anything, just posting some sample night photos.

    So here are the pics (I did it exactly the same way with the XS, to compare, but they’re still uploading)

  • faisal

    bro…can u teach how to take a good shot like yours?tq

  • nidou bossy

    the most important is to know how to take the phone/camera in ur hands… so be as steady as possible and try not to move or share ur hand while you’re focusing or about to press shutter for a snap…. some times you loose the focus once u release ur hand off the shutter, so u need to refocus again, while pressing half way on the shutter and hold, but don’t let go. you might change the auto focusing mode from single to Multi autofocus with the help of Metering to keep the focus dedicated more to the spot you want to snap, so it depend on the area you’re going to focus on!

    good shots aren’t depending on how much pixels in the camera’s sensor, but it’s all about fingers and hands of the camera’s holder, and that includes the appropriate settings that should be set in the camera to make perfect shots!

    your eyes are the guide for taking a great shot!

    for more professional tips on how to take a good photographs, check the link below, t’s worth giving it a portion of your time to read ;)

  • faisal

    thanks bro…really helps..tq again

  • nidou bossy

    u welcome, and enjoy ur time with the camera ;)

  • Abhay Pandit

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video:

  • M_F

    These images are, frankly, of rather poor quality. I wonder why this blog found them share-worthy, let alone gloat-worthy. Maybe it’s just me, it’s hard getting used to these poor images once you’ve used the Lumia 1020.

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