Xperia Z1 manual now available

by XB on 14th September 2013

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Xperia Z1 User Manual_1The Sony Xperia Z1 is due to launch in a number of regions towards the end of next week, so it’s not surprise to see the user manual available to download. Amongst other things it confirms that the handset has a hard reset button, much like other recent Sony Xperia models. The manual covers all three variants of the handset (C6902/C6903/C6906) and sits at 125 pages. You can download the English manual below, user guides for other languages can be downloaded here.

Xperia Z1 Manual

Xperia Z1 User Manual_2

  • samshit


  • Avatar

    Oh God! DAT BEZEL!

  • hans

    dat bezel, yo!

  • AnasDaiban

    we need the price ..
    when ?

  • lucasarg

    lol! dat bezel hahah ok,no.sorry :C

  • TRUE!


  • ghostkilla

    how come??
    z1 has better processor and better camera

  • Carlo

    come on, you have no Idea what you are talking about..

  • Carlo

    Some people just don’t understand. THAT BEZELS are supposedly Huge because it is WATERPROOF.. ok? WATERPROOF! and when you DOCKED the phone (Oh, yes we have a docking stations, sorry iLosers and SAMbugs, you don’t have one of these) you could still see the whole screen…

  • Micro

    prove it

  • Micro

    I agree it’s mostly because of this mate and you are 100% right (even if most of us can’t see any difference between water-resistant and waterproof), but… idk if calling them iLosers or sambugs is a good idea – sure they happen, but not everyone have to like those bezels, it’s a matter of taste too my friend.
    Honestly, I love them, they are perfect for me and I will hug them soon enough, I’ll got down votes for that certainly :D but the guys was just kidding.. ;)

  • Colby Leong


  • Aspire5550

    If you can’t beat em, join em, so they say..

    And….. I still see nothing wrong with the bezels.. These people see the bezels as something carcinogenic… Just let them be.. Everyone have their own opinion, maybe this is just not their cup of tea, they either love it or dont like it..Guys, just ignore those saying bezels bezels.. They are not going to understand the uses of the bezels. ;)

  • arcwindz

    Lol, like I don’t understand that, this is xperia blog, most of us know why the zl is smaller than the z.
    But this thing is even bigger than the z. It’s truly a matter of taste and we want Sony to take note that there are consumer who like small bezels.
    The insults are totally unnecessary

  • Carlo

    Like, Who wouldn’t want a phone with small BEZELS? but We can’t do anything about that because We aren’t the phone makers. They (SONY) Know much better than we do. And I guess, z1 is bigger cause it has an open but waterproof 3.5mm jack and a camera shutter, so it really need more space.

  • panagi?tis

    reading the manual i see that thay say not to use the phone with salty water! wtf? why i need a waterproof phone if i can’t use it at the beach!

  • Carlo

    I guess you really can’t use it “always” with salty water because the salt may corrode the aluminum frame of the phone.. No worries mate, we can still use it in the bathtub and swimming pools.

  • sfsdfdsresr

    iLosers , SAMbugs and SonyLag, Sonysuperbugs

  • pixlas

    Ok haters… So The bezel is all you can complain about. Clearly shows this is one hell of a phone.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I love the bezel, finally easy handling.

  • pete griffin

    According to Sony’s standard form contract you lose guarantee if your mobile phone gets water damage.

  • Lolzer

    Why not get a phone with no bezels? Perfect for you.
    No matter how
    you hold your bezel-less phone (especially portrait and single-hand use), you’ll
    always touch the screen, and lets see how multi-touch feature increase
    your pleasure.

    Seriously, 2cm is going to cut your leg off, or cut open your beloved Nike pant’s pocket?
    Stop it for the sake of human race. Go with Samsung if you like their small bezel phone and wait for the explosion, or just buy the ZL and shut up.

  • Lolzer

    I suppose you’re HTCOverheat, HTCash.

  • panagi?tis

    I live in Greece so pointless if i can’t use it at the beach :D

  • arcwindz

    Yes I got my zl, using it perfectly and i’m not upgrading to z1
    And i’m sending it back to you, 2 cm less bezel Will not kill you either, so shut up

  • Guest

    SAR values !?

  • Carlo

    Now, that’s a problem! :D
    Well, you could get the Z instead, it’s not aluminum.

  • panagi?tis

    I had it. Very bad camera

  • Guest

    LOL! I just wanna know, what fanboys who defend huge bezels gonna say if Sony finally released a bezel-less flagship in 2014.

  • Carlo

    What’s your firmware? Mine’s not bad.. specially in macro mode.

  • Babylonbwoy

    in White paper

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    NOTHING, we don’t even have say anything if that happens since haters like you will stop commenting about huge bezels and instead, will just have to find another flaw to comment on :)

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  • panagi?tis

    I don’t have it anymore.i took Lumia 920 now because the screen was also very bad under the greek sun.

  • ashouhdy

    Bezel less phones are too hard to handle during photography and you will always touch the screen causing the camera to focus on corners. Handling is so much important during photography specially when you are on the move.

  • ashouhdy

    Salt cause corrosion ! you can’t paint the Metal with anti-corrosion paste like cars :-) from the scientific point of view:
    you can use it on the beach but immerse it after in clear water (wash it) before salty water evaporates and all is left is salt.

  • Reuven Shavit

    Watch page 64:unlike the XPERIA T, XPERIA Z1 as the Z ULTRA and the Z — all lack five band graphic equaliser(at least as what is featured in their user manuals.

  • Nayagan

    According to the unknown sources the Xperia Z2 will be powered with 5.5 inches of display (IGZO and triluminuous) 1080p with the pixel density of 540ppi, the processor and the camera remain same but Xenon flash will be packed with its 20.7 mega-pixels camera and the 3GB of RAM along with the 3500mAh battery, Android 4.4 Kit-Kat will be also coming with the Sony Xperia Z2.The device will be unveiled at CES 2014 and the codename for this device is Avatar.

  • Guest

    That I won’t be getting the phone, but I still love Sony. Is that good enough for you?

  • Battal Aljadei

    i don’t get it?

    why the C6903 model has different SAR values !

    as a matter of fact each model`s repeated in the paper with a different SAR value ?

    any one can explain that differences ?

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    5.5??? WTF! I really do not get it. Most of people prefer buying a 4.5 inch than a 5 inch screen. But Sony will release a 5.5 phone? c’mon!

  • Micro

    perhaps because some differences in LTE specs, C6902 doesn’t even have the LTE at all

  • Micro

    I really didn’t want to say it so early, however, according to comparably unknown sources, the Xperia Z50 will have 72 inches of display (with Giga Antisamoledolumous+ 6000 for Mobile), 98000p, 3 million p video recording, quad-silos processor, wireless connection to Mars, 4k years nuclear battery, a built in Sony G19 Telescope f/0.1, and if preordered, 7 brand new, real size, 630 horsepower Androids (5 x female and 2 x male, random skin color) and will be codenamed DeathStar 1021 ;)

    But who cares ;P

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  • Lolzer

    No one forces you to upgrade, did Sony said “Anyone who bought a Sony Xperia device MUST upgrade to Z1” during their press conference? I don’t think so.

    Yes, 2cm less will not kill me, nor 2cm more(I guess it won’t kill you either). But I’d prefer having 2cm more as it will increase stability(as in centre of gravity) and prevent accidental press during single-hand mode, since it happened to me when I held the Galaxy S4 and the Z.

  • Lolzer

    Moreover, it is hard to cram in S800, BionZ and X-Reality into such small package, not to forget water resistant protection (ZL doesn’t have it, if you’re not aware of it.).
    Sure, people will say LG G2 made it, but bear in mind that G2 is just S800+ NO water resistant protection. When you add new hardware into it, the chipset roadmap will be changed. When you add extra protection, the chassis will change.
    Extra 0.2″ screen wouldn’t eat up a lot of space, if you ask nice. But I’d prefer having a larger screen on Z1. Top and bottom bezel on Z1 makes it kinda ugly(Sorry Xperia fans!). A wider bezel on the side should be better.

  • Micro

    now you’re talking dude

  • Micro

    honestly idk about T, but in Xperia S it is useless, pretty much like it wasn’t there anyway..
    but probably they missed this one, I won’t believe Z* walkmans don’t have an equalizer O_O

  • Battal Aljadei


  • Brad Williams

    Lmfao!!!! Wow this one will finally be able to give me a phone I can get a BJ from!!! :D :D

  • Brad Williams

    The Z does have equalizer and it’s not too bad neither.

  • Micro

    And I can confirm – Z1 does too ;) even working one hehe

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  • Sundeep Kumar

    gsm arena and phone arena mentoined that z1 had TFT screen in their specifications is it true

  • nik

    Hello, can any body tell me why a cant see the names on my incomes call??? i cab see it on my contacts thank you
    nik the greek

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