Xperia L to get Android 4.3 in mid-November says Sony Mobile Argentina

by XB on 17th October 2013

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Xperia LBack in July, Sony confirmed that the Xperia Z series and the Xperia SP would receive the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. Sony did not reveal timelines nor did they reveal whether any other handsets in the Xperia family were to be upgraded.

Well if Sony Mobile Argentina’s social team is to be believed, the Xperia L will receive the Android 4.3 update and apparently it will arrive in mid-November. We’ve had spurious information from Sony Mobile’s social teams in the past, but in the absence of any other information we thought we’d share, especially given the possibility it could be true. Hopefully, we’ll hear some official details on the Android 4.3 Xperia schedule soon.

Xperia L Android 4.3

Via Sony Mobile Argentina Facebook.

Thanks lucasarg!

  • Coolkid

    Sony…!!! <3

  • Tech Gospel

    I’d take it with a really small grain of salt… they have given out erroneous update info in the past.

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  • M.E.B

    Sony dont forget xperia S please!!

  • JohansonM18


  • xperijazfenboj

    What about what about sony xperia z

  • Levered

    great sony

  • xperijaz

    What about xperia z

  • ChrisH

    How about the XPERIA Tablet S. It ist only 1 year old and runs only 4.1.1. If I think about the 18 month update garanty the tablet should get KitKat. There should be no problems with the hardware because it is the same chip like Nexus 7.
    If I get no more update my next tablet is the Nexus 10 2013 and not an Sony Tablet

  • lucasarg

    You’re welcome xperia blog team!, The Xperia L is going to get 4.2 not 4.3 they said in the comment for this post! they’re saying now 4.3 for xperia ZL/Z is going to be Ready in Mid-december ! in seconds i will post photos in here!

  • lucasarg

    yes! this is one pic!

  • Brad Williams

    Unless they intended to update the Z series directly to 4.4, which isn’t going to happen, there is no way in the wide world would the S,T’s, L’s, M’s, etc get 4.3 before the Z.s. Doesn’t even make sense to consider it.

  • lucasarg

    Sony Mobile Argentina apologizes for the error, the Xperia L is going to get 4.2.2 the next month, and the Xperia Z/ZL is going to get finally 4.3 in mid-december!

  • sibb

    Wut… Xperia SP still only running android 4.1 and much more expensive than the L gets it 1 month later? And they didn’t even mention the L on the post they did about 4.3 updates… Calling BS on this one

  • shanefalco

    Ultimate upgrade for xperia sp and L is android 4.3! not will see android 4.4!

  • I’ve been wondering for a while why Sony has been silent on the 4.3 upgrade path and schedule. They were so fast to announce support and plans to upgrade to 4.3 but have been completely silent since then. It makes no sense!

  • Mohammed Khired

    xperia s and his brothers ??


  • Herman Cruz Jr.

    Can someone translate the conversation?

  • Bad

    Xperia Z Ultra pictures on Z1 Page!!! Seriously Sony??? SonyStyle got recently updated and it is a complete Mess after the update.. Chrome renders it bad and IE just hangs..

  • lucasarg

    (First image for Xperia ZL):
    Adrián: When is going to be out 4.3 for xperia zl or is going to jump to 4.4 ??

    Sony Mobile AR: Hi Adrián, the 4.3 versión is going to be aviable by mid-december. ¡Greetings!

    (Second Image for Xperia L):

    Hernan: Hello Such!

    Wanted to know if the Sony Xperia L update to future version of android! Thanks! Greetings!

    Sony Mobile AR: Hello Hernan!, by the time is aviable version is 4.1, but version 4.2 is expected by mid-november. Greetings!(edited)

    Sony Mobile AR: Hello Hernan! We CONFIRM! you the version who is going to be aviable in november is going to be ther 4.2. ¡We apologize for the error!

  • lucasarg

    it’s going to get 4.2 not 4.3(by the time)

  • lucasarg

    4.3 aviable in mid-december :)

  • trnz

    Don’t forget to update Xperia ion too……

    Thank you

  • DinukaRukshan

    noty 4.3…. next months coming 4.2.2….

  • lucasarg

    yas! that’s what i’m comment!

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  • rexperia

    my xperia z c6603 still stucked in JB 4.1.2, been trying many times check with pcc but no JB 4.2.2 available yet, i’m in Indonesia.

  • Marques
  • Mac

    try SUS as well.

  • vvzzvg

    Xperia z is my first sony and my last next time or samsung or google sony u suck top making phonees

  • Bernard Wong

    My Xperia Z C6603 already updated to 4.2.2 last month in Malaysia… Wonder why Indonesia taking quite a long time for JB 4.2 to reach….we are of the same region… Shouldn’t be too long the waiting time…

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Mid-december 4.3 for Z/ZL? They had beta if 4.3 in August!

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Yeah,Sony is like pretending that Xperia ion does not exist by releasing Jellybean bug fix update only for Xperia S,SL and acro S

  • Doubleyoupee

    S4 already getting 4.3 >_>

  • Babylonbwoy

    I don’t trust what any community manager says about Sony future moves, most of them are external companies who just manage facebook and twiter account, they’re not part of sony at all.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    omg sony suck stop making phone samsung way better king of all phone sony is a joke hahaha #yolo #swag #hashtag #samsungrules #sonysucks #samsung4life

    This is what I see when I see post like this.

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  • Bill Gates

    I don’t understand why Sony don’t skip Android versions, apparently the L will be updated to 4.2.2 first. This just wastes time and puts Sony behind Samsung. Just skip 4.2 and update the L (AND M) to 4.3 then 4.4!

  • lol

    why sony why?, we want all 2013 xperia (except E) got 4.3 in december. don’t waste time to release update for 4.2. it already near 1 year old.

  • ipatz

    and Xperia T?

  • rexperia

    I did but i got nothing…wondering why Indonesia don’t get 4.2.2 yet…

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  • Martin Ambre

    hopefully Xperia acro S will get the latest Android

    everybody who votes in please reply so that we have a count

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  • The Blitz

    Maybe try to connect it to a PC, not all updates goes OTA right away.

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  • praha

    What about xperia j ?? Dis Sony read about the problems occurring on xperia j since its jb release ??(Feb 2013)

  • trnz

    If Xperia L is eligible to get the update Xperia ion should also get it..
    Atleast both devices has got almost the same processors and chipsets I guess…..

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  • omwin

    if it update to 4.2 in next month. and when is update to 4.3 ?

  • Darshan Joshi

    Is there any firmware update (4.2 or 4.3) for xperia m c1902 ¿

  • darkcry

    So,xperia L wont be getting 4.3 update? Will they be any 4.3 update in the future? Really looking forward for 4.3 update for xperia L though. Anyway,4.2.2 features isnt all that bad either. The last firmware update was totally cool and had add extra features like thoes widget and increase the ram memory. Thanks both sony and lusacrag!

  • lucasarg

    TNX! to you too, you’re welcome! lucasarg* plz

  • utsav

    what about xperia m?

  • PaulB

    You’re kidding, right? Comparing Scorpion cores to Krait cores? Sure, it may have been a flagship, but the age of the hardware is undeniable. The only advantage that I see on the Ion or S or some other ex-flagship that don’t use Krait cores is the clock speed, and that doesn’t justify it’s viability for an upgrade. If you want, just get out of the stock firmware and install a custom one, that should make you happy.
    I’m hyped by this news. Xperia L user here. :))

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  • Nefat Mehrab

    at least Xperia L should get the 4.3 jellybean by this Decamber. I hope that it will get the android 4.3……

  • Ritikesh

    it’s mid December now and still no updates! :
    It’s not even on the scheme of things for Sony. The phone was ignored from the second set of devices that would receive 4.4 too. : Totally disappointing Sony.

  • Ajeeth

    I have upgraded my xperia L with 4.2.2 now i am waiting for 4.3 when i will get it? will my phone support 4.3 ??

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