SmartWatch 2 Wrist Straps now available; 4 additional colours and 2 leather straps

by XB on 18th October 2013

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1276-4048_sw2_brown_460x360If you recently bought a Sony SmartWatch 2 but are not digging the black silicone strap that came with your watch, then you may be glad to know that Sony is selling some additional colours. If you’ve received one with a metal strap, we assume you’re happy.

Four rubber straps are available including pink, purple, turquoise and yellow. These are available on the Sony Store website for £16.99 in the UK and €19.90 in Europe. If you fancy something a bit smarter, then Sony is also offering a black leather wrist strap along with one in light brown leather. These will set you back £20.99 in the UK or €24.90 in Europe. All straps are in stock and available now.







Of course, you can use any standard 24 mm (0.9 inch) wrist strap with your SmartWatch 2. To change the strap see the diagram below. Use a screwdriver to push down on the spring bars to detach and attach a wrist strap.


  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Well,looks like the strap itself will strap my own money

  • Mike Gonzalez

    the brown leather one looks super nice!!

  • Brad Williams

    Or you can go to eBay and buy one for a $1. :D

  • Micro

    170 € for the watch w/ silicon – rape, but.. uhh, so great thing, I LOVE IT.. fine, let it be, take my fortune, f**k.. couldn’t resist this one..
    now the strap, leather black – so perfect match, so beautiful..

    but hey – 25 € for a strap!? For a watch we already paid so (too) much? WTF!!!!! NO WAY Sony, you crossed the line!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Unfortunately Sony did not customize the leather similar to the rubba so it extends to the outer part of the lugs and tapers down to 24mm.

  • Rizky Maulana


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  • fried_egg

    The Sony P&P is crazy, but they are now listed in Expansys, Mobilefun etc so with the silicone strap showing as £14.99 (Expansys have it dearer but it drops to that in the basket) and p&p at 1/3 of Sonys postage, order made!

  • micdundee

    People moaning about the price of the wrist staps don’t seem to have any knowledge about the prices of quality stuff. Go and have a look what real watches cost.

    And I bet all of you want to work for 5Dollar a day, because otherwise you are too expensive and it’s cheaper to to let a chinese worker do your job for 10% of your price.

    The downside: you can’t even afford those cheap 20 Dollar wriststraps anymore.

    So first think than write. :-)

  • Micro

    you missed the point here mate

    no need to remind anyone that this leather strap is very high quality, in fact, it costs relatively the same money that other similar ones of the comparable quality. No doubt for that, it is understandable.
    The point is, that the watch itself is overpriced. So weeks after the release they came up with like “haha, look, we have great straps! you didn’t had a chance to get them before! nananana!”.

    I switched to the SW2 from really high end Casio watch, such things cost money, nobody say they don’t. But this is not fair to sell those straps for regular prices to those who already overpaid for the watch.

    It is not about that we can’t afford it because we got the watch first. It’s about wasting more and more money. It was the same with the DK31 for Z1 – huge cost of the phone, understandable. But 35€ for a dock (basically piece of cheap plastic with an USB wire) this is a pure rape. The same goes here. It should be cheaper for SW2 owners or AT LEAST available with the watch in the first place, so we don’t have to throw one expensive strap into the trash – it’s waste of money we work hard to earn.

  • Brad Williams

    Firstly, you make the presumption that they are “quality”, which I don’t agree with. Second, There is no way would I be taking my $1000 Promaster off to wear that piece of junk. If you want to buy a watch buy a real one, not a child’s toy.

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  • Wristwatches would come back into style if people would learn to unplug once in a while.

  • First one with yellow leather looks very stylish. I would love to have this watch on my wrist..

  • Sara

    The smartwatch looks amazing and the straps are just beautiful, especially the light green one. I own Sykla smartwatch,

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