Xperia Z1 now on pre-order in Mexico; arriving 1 November

by XB on 20th October 2013

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Xperia Z1 MexicoA quick update for our Mexican readers, the Sony Xperia Z1 is currently on pre-order for 13,999 MXN (£674, €796, $1090) from the Sony Store. If you order the handset before release on 1 November then Sony will also throw in the SmartWatch 2. This is said to be a limited promotion to the first 500 that order. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is also expected to arrive next month in Mexico.

Xperia Z1 Mexico

Thanks @jacker60!

  • Babylonbwoy

    If there’s a Sony shop at Ciudad Juárez the guy will make money !

  • Phat-t

    Holy crap $1090!! No wonder they smuggle cocaine. BTW cocaine is a hell of a drug! ;)

  • Wolf0491

    I’ve been to Mexico more than a few times and would never buy any electronic over there. All of them extremely expensive compared to US. Must have expensive taxes on something

  • Micro

    $1090 is almost exactly what Z1+SW2 cost in Europe (regular prices), and only 500 first orders? The “promotion”… right..

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I’m pretty sure the SW2 will be more expensive, The first SW still cost around £115 in the Sony Store MX. And I bet the SW2 will cost around £150 – £200.

    If they do as the ZL, if you buy it in SSMX it’s £577 and outside it’s £480. If they follow the same logic as they’ve been doing lately, the Z1 outside SSMX will be between £570 – £610.

    And they’ll be locked to either Telcel or Movistar without chances of being unlocked.

    Sorry for the nerdiness but this is what Mexican fans of Sony have to deal with.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Yep, the first 500 will get the SW2 for “free”.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    guys a question out of this ; is that true that samsung will make galaxy s5 waterproof , google it guys :( , if that true .. i think sony must do more effort

  • Harut Hajin

    In My Country Xperia Z1 cost 640 USD and SmartWatch 2 cost 230 USD = 870

  • GeorgeRed

    WTF?? Sorry Sony, but I think I’ll keep my T.

  • [csizor

    This is Telcel’s fault. That company always put a very expensive price to each phone they offer, and Mexican people have to deal with it because Telcel is one of the biggest monopoly in the country.

  • Moe

    atleast they’re getting the rare c6906, in the us we don’t have the lte model

  • @atWidget

    Sony, stop talking and fix this problem!

  • Kevin

    Yeah people this is what mexican people suffer, I still buy the phones and everything but I still know how much they really worth and that makes me go sad, also one more thing mexicans have to suffer is that always every new smartphone from sony or almost any other company are exclusive to Telcel for almost 6 months-1 year and then every other company (Iusacell, Movistar, etc) have them and the phones are locked :( I wanted Xperia Z1 so much but like I said the pre-order says only works with Telcel’s network, now im hoping Z Ultra won’t be like this :(.

  • Kevin

    If other mexicans knew the real price of Z1 or any other phone would be very mad, but that is the bad thing of Mexico almost everyone has no idea of nothing that has to do with phones.
    Almost everyone has iPhone and this year they started buying Galaxies, but that is like the only phones they know about.
    Sony, HTC(barely exists in mexico, HTC one hasn’t even arrived here and I don’t think it will) Nokia, Motorola,etc

  • Arun

    I had the same problem in my Xperia SP which is solved in recent update. Thanks Sony.

  • Marco Rocha

    I have already seen it in the Sony Store in Puebla Mexico, and it is very beautiful!!! :D, I loved the camera software.

  • dafaq

    That extra bezel costs a lot! 1000plus dollars? wtf!

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I dont know how sony will catch 3 place with kind of that prices and strategies, there is also s4 note 3 htc one lg g2 and i5s lumia 1020 with low prices than z1, people are not stupid, keep dreaming sony

  • aligamz

    $1090????!!! It’s so absurd it makes me laugh.

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  • Babylonbwoy

    Can’t afford one ?

  • Babylonbwoy

    Had issues with touch screen, yellow tint, proximity sensor, got it replaced now it’s ok.

  • Julio Spinoza

    I will never buy another phone from Sony Mexico, they sell this phone hard locked, bootloader unlock allowed: NO and you have to use it only with Telcel, I dont know how or why if you pay a lot of money for the phone you have to stay on that company, is way cheaper to import the Z1 from US or Europe, only $700 USD

  • slymsh

    And a Galaxy S4 is arround $950 USD (contract free but locked to the only carrier that sells is, which is Telcel), overall Mexican middle class is pretty much retarded with islands of knowledge here and there.

  • slymsh

    Marketing at Sony Mexico is handled by monkeys, bald diabetic monkeys.

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