JDI announces 5.4-inch and 6.2-inch WQHD displays; coming to an Xperia soon?

by XB on 26th October 2013

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wpid-20131024_b.jpgJapan Display Inc, a consortium comprising of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, has announced the development of two new WQHD (1,440 x 2,560 pixels) resolution TFT LCD modules.

The first is a 5.4-inch display that has an incredible 543ppi pixel density, the highest yet seen in a smartphone. The display utilises low temperature poly silicon (LTPS) technology for low power consumption as well as a thinner module suitable for smartphones. The second display measures 6.2-inches with a 473ppi pixel density. Perhaps we may see this panel in next year’s Xperia Z Ultra?


Via Japan Display.

Thanks Domino!

  • disap_ed

    This is getting ridiculous, no? Better lower the power consumption of the FullHD displays.

  • DeLorean75

    I totally agree!

  • Scarambay

    The current size of Z Ultra is too large and that’s putting off so many potential phablet lovers. Hope Sony comes up with a phablet that competes with Galaxy Note 3, both in physical size and software.

  • santhosh

    may be 5.4 inch is XPERIA Z2
    Sony please release with
    Cybershot camera(zesis lens) and xenon flash or dual flash

    make 5.8 inch or 6 inch – Xperia Z Ultra 6.4 inch is too large

  • saif

    5″ is ideal size for phones. May be sony introduce ultra mini 5.4 lol

  • Muhammad

    i think it would be much better if sony use’s another type of screens like OLED displays !

  • mohamed achir

    Yes we hope that happen and to i hope to see tablette 4K thanks sony

  • Jayke

    I think 5″ is plenty big enough, bought a z1 after owning a note 2 for a year and the size is lovely. Besides, who needs more than 1080p in a phone?!? My desktop PC is only 1080p and that has plenty of detail spread over 22″!

  • knightpt

    5inch with average bezels or 5.2 with Xtreme small bezels is the maximum, at least for me, in therms of size. xperia z is the perfect size, z1 is already over the top for me in size. Lg g2 is 5.2” but manages a good size still. More than that the Phone stops being a Phone and starts to be unconfortable and cumbersome.

  • someone

    For me the size is PERFECT and NOT big! If you want smaller screen, then go for Z1.

  • someone

    Then, it seems you want more bloatware by saying “Software” ?? Also, I really don’t understand all of these claims regarding screen size. As all of you saying already : It’s a phablet! And you’re whining that it’s too big!! If it’s too big then, go for a normal sized phone instead!

  • lunkz

    Yep the size of the Z is my Maximum above it is to big for me.

  • penubag

    I was hoping for the RGBW whitemagic in the next Z2. What happened to their efforts in that? Does this display have RGBW?

  • Joephus

    Or better, Crystal LED.

  • m sacha

    bro there’s a thing called innovation, you must have heard of it?

  • Tobias Schmitt

    Cramping more pixels into the same size or just increasing the displaysize itself isn’t innovation.

  • m sacha

    lol wut? dude, if bigger screens dont tempt you, move on with your life and dont get too paranoid about these things, but to make my point absolutely clear, any increase in screen resolution and size is innovation

  • Babylonbwoy

    Normal evolution not innovation, innovation means something new

  • Diazene

    well, I think the note 3 has too small top and bottom bezels, the bezels on the Z ultra are big for a reason

  • disqus_1S6THlRAPj

    441ppi is already unneccesary -.-

  • Tobias Schmitt

    Thank you… was about to write the same thing.

    Right now, bigger screens and more pixel are just marketing… much like the megapixels in tiny cameras or the ghz-race during the pentium era.

  • Imagine a phone with those bezels.

  • Mohammed Khired


    no word from this blog about Sony Xperia Taichi yet ??

  • Raymond

    its not just a marketing ,maybe you just don’t see the advantage of having bigger screen and higher PPI in your everyday use but for somebody who read books ,browse internet and play high graphic games will surely enjoy this technology.We should just enjoy the competition happening in the mobile industry..cheers..

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    Am I the only one who prefer 4.5 inch?

  • zerocools

    I can see a lot of mistyping and miss-pressing things, you would have to hold the phone with all your fingers on the side, palm too, which would give less grip since devices are so thin these days.

  • Paul Gillen

    No Me too, my xperia t is just fine I think, but I’m still getting the xperia z1!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    so they decided to make the resolution 4x FullHD for what?

  • Kathryn

    Count me in.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    There’s also a word “Bleeding Edge”

  • Magic??

    This, or 1080p White Magic?

  • P9

    could be phablet or mini tablet maybe. not so bad at all. sony rock.

  • dfq

    crystal led is not good. it has that high frequency flickering effect as demonstrated by sony’s crystal tv prototype.

  • HOLA
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  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    THIS!! This is what I want!

  • Muhammad

    you mean Z1s right ?

  • Amir

    Z2 Ultra will have that 6.2 inch display – common sense. sony will not use the 5.4 inch screen for the Z line any time soon because the Z line will go from 5 inch to 5.2 in a year from now, so this 5.4 inch makes sense only if sony develop a new line in 5.4 inch, let’s call it “Z Mega”. :-) or maybe in 2 years sony will have design ultra thin bezels for the Z line so they will use that 5.4 inch for it while preserving the same dimensions – makes sense.

  • Me

    Too big for me, 4.5 is perfect, 5 is acceptable, but 5.4 ….

  • Samuel

    I reckon the current 5″ display sizes are just about stretching the limits without getting too uncomfortable to hold or being too large to fit in to a trouser pocket. An increase in size would no longer make it a phone and would rather fall in to the domain of tablets. I’m of the opinion that optimum display sizes range from 4.2″ to 5.1″. Anything more or less would be detrimental to functionality.

    Furthermore, Nokia has an exclusivity agreement with Carl Zeiss for lenses for mobile phones. So I don’t think you can expect a Sony phone with Zeiss lenses any time soon.

  • Amir

    people said the same about 720p–>1080p . i can promise you that you will notice difference, especially in the 6.2 inch display.

  • Amir

    no body cares about mid range devices these days, hehe. no highend, no buy! that’s how makes the good news.

  • Amir

    no, he means other new device, mid range.

  • Amir

    WRBG 5 inch FHD will probably go for the Z2. these displays are not even in mass production. thuogh, i would love THAT 5.4 inch display for the Z2.

  • Agree

    Very true. Though still tha fact is, thinner bezels = better asthetics = better sales.

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  • Izamanaick

    I would much rather they improve the screen quality first. There’s no point having that many pixels on a screen if the images look like utter crap.

  • Amir

    Yes, you are the only one.

  • Mohammed Khired

    still this’s a blog about anything relate to xperia line…

    and not everybody like u throwing money everywhere , okay ?

    i can’t afford to throw money in a trash can like u do everyday !

  • Amir

    Haha, i replace my phone every 4-5 years, so chill, i just go for highend device every time i buy a new one – every 4-5 years. yes, i agree that they should mention any device from sony, but i just show you reality. high end devices related news is what brings the most views. maybe that’s why they ignore that mid range device.

  • roeshak

    tft lcd again. The viewing angles saga continues it seems

  • xnay

    Sony used to put low quality displays into their flagship devices so I don’t expect any innovative display technologies to be found inside Xperia phones (unfortunately).

  • mad_bro

    I’m bewildered when people say Sony still use TFT. Yes, It’s still TFT LCD. Let me share my
    thoughts from an engineering standpoint. There are different types of panels for flat display. And the two most common for smartphones are LCD and LED(organic LED; OLED). We
    all know that LCD is common (This is use in watches,calculator, brickgames, phones, TV, and many others).To have more clearer, brighter, sharper and good image display, we have to incorporate “active matrix” to its LCD panel, But to do this, we need
    “transistor”, that’s why we have TFT, cause literally, TFT is simply a thin-film transistor. How about OLED? does it need/use TFT? Yes, that’s why it is called AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes). In fact, TFT LCD can also be called AMLCD (active matrix LCD). What my point is, using the term TFT only is vague. Because, as what I’ve said, those both display panel uses transistor. To those who are commenting about this, there is no specific superiority between OLED and LCD because both display panels have their own PROS and CONS over the other. It depends on your preferences. TFT LCD, (well we may opt to call this Standard LCD) problem here is viewing angles (as what you can see mostly in china-made tvs or low-end phones). To address this issue, IPS LCD was introduced to counter AMOLED w/c has a perfect viewing angle. That’s why there are pros and cons of LCD vs AMOLED. the “black” of LCD is not that black compare to “black” of AMOLED. AMOLED is more energy efficient than LCD, however, AMOLED main disadvantage is color display that deteriorates over time because literally there are organic carbon components which degrades/deteriorates. AMOLED is also much saturated in color compare to IPS. Also AMOLED is expensive, We cannot blame SONY for using TFT LCD because this is the one they commonly use on their products like TV, game consoles, and ofcourse on their mobile handset they too use this kind of LCD.

    PS: Super AMOLED, HD-IPS Advance, S-LCD, Retina Display, ClearBlack display,or even this triluminous display are just “marketing drive” of each company, those are still fall under LCD or OLED with active-matrix technologies which are all good in their own right.

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  • Mike

    Actually, Triluminous Display is a different story. Not like others TFT technologies, Triluminous display is a RBG LED-Backlight

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Don’t forget that thinner=less resistance to drops. While having thinner bezels can be good we just don’t have the access to the high durable glass. Plus at this time, while they could might be able to phones make with bezels that thin, the phone itself could be incredibly thick, seeing as it still houses the battery and everything else.

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    I guess you never saw the Z Ultra ‘s screen, was even better than any phablet currently out, even rivals HTC One’ s screen

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Hey fuck nut, you find news then tip them. It’s a fucking blog, they post whatever news they can find, or whatever we find for them. So either tip them to a site or sites so they can post it, or look more into it. Stop grumbling like a bitch about what isn’t posted.

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Sony should follow the screen tech that was put into the Z Ultra. With the triluminous and x reality, plus the fact that you can use different objects to write and control the screen with. If they could have put that in the Z1 or any phone after then they wouldn’t have worry about people complaining about their screens.

  • Quark Gluon

    Actually, Triluminos Display uses blue backlight plus red and green filter. While Triluminos Display for Mobile is limited to display processing algorithm. I mean, nothing new with the screen, they just add some adjustmens in order to mimic Triluminos Display.

  • xnay

    Yes, you’re right the Z Ultra is the exception here, pity they didn’t put this type of display into the Z1.

  • anti-bezel


  • kunal

    O man dat shit looks dsmn cool <3

  • Jan

    WOW if the Xperia would have bezels like this!
    add some options to elliminate unwanted touch and volia, most desired thin bezel phone looks great!

  • kust0r

    Actually, xperia ZL has pretty small bezels…

  • Raj Singh

    I can’t even imagine what the mobile OS landscape will look like in 5 years’ time. Looking forward to it, though.

  • Raj Singh

    Innovate: To introduce as or as if new. To do something in a new way.
    If it’s never been done before, it is innovation, even if only incrementally.

  • Mohammed Khired

    hey dipshit , you wasted your energy to turn on your device , open an internet browser , log in to xperiablog.net , enter this Article , locating my comment , and write ” Hey fuck nut…blah blah blah..”

    since you wasted energy , have a redbull ( don’t take too much)

    and since you wasted time , get a life ( don’t waste too much)


  • mad_bro

    Triluminos is actually a technology that enables TFT LCD to look more vivid. Not a new tech, it’s Sony’s name for RGB back-lit. But this is a great improvement incorporating this tech on their displays.

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    No one said anything about wasting energy, and to that extent your the dumbass who came here just post about something that wasn’t posted. “Wasted Energy” you could have used to find an article or two and tip the site off. So keep the Redbull, and maybe you can actually do something more productive than complain like a naggy ass bitch.

  • venkat

    Please sony…dont use old TFT lcd displays for next year flagship phones….this is main disadvantage….

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  • Mohammed Khired

    “naggy ass bitch” …..you described your self perfectly ..

    i see you have mental illness, you obsessed with “who got more likes and dislikes ”

    that’s not good for your health…

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Are you in 3rd grade? I’m not the one complaining, about shit, you’re the one who came here, and posted about the news not being here. I called you a naggy ass bitch because it’s true. Your so fucking stupid you don’t even make sense, why is “who got more likes and dislikes” in quotations? No ones said it, so are you just quoting your dumbass self? You cant say anything because you’re wrong, so shut the fuck up like a good little boy and stop nagging like a bitch.

  • Amir


  • Mohammed Khired

    now im proud of you , you finally beat your mental problem..

  • HFZ

    trilluminous display cant be compared to any othr display…..its perfect….

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