Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour available free for Xperia Z owners this weekend only

by XB on 2nd November 2013

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Xperia Z_MC4_ThumbIf you own the Sony Xperia Z and are into shooters then you’ll be glad to hear that Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is free to download for this weekend only. The game which normally costs £4.99/$6.99 on the Google Play Store is available from the Xperia Lounge app. Make sure you have enough space on your device though as the download clocks in at 1.2GB. Enjoy!

Xperia Z_MC4_1

Xperia Z_MC4_2

Xperia Z_MC4_3

Thanks Lio!

  • ahomad hosin

    only Z? what about other Xperia phones? (Z1 here)

  • xperia lounge writes to me that it cannot find a list of available social networks providers. useless app :(

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    PLEASE Sony include more storage on your next flagship phone…

  • happy xperia z owner

    Wow love it .love gameloft n specialy xperiablog

  • raj

    heard abt something called a Micro SD Card slot?

  • raj

    Z Ultra here

  • Jim P

    After the initial APK installation the app says it is not an original copy :S

  • Boris J

    OMG….what about for Z1 owner ? :( We need this…

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    you can’t install apps and games on it the last I heard you had to root the device, but it is outrageous that you have to pay $600 for a device touted as premium and only get 16GB

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    who cares when the whole game is available in torrent.

  • Billy de Fretes

    so never heard iphone ?

  • AeronMcaerhon

    Why i cant get it in the lounge, always redirecting in gameloft mainpage..

  • krrish

    Sony,thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for making this available in india !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope all countries are included !! sony is on fire with it premium services :))))) <3 u sony

  • krrish

    ..and by the way, sony, in the next update,give us the option to move apps from internal storage to SDcard. You always listen to your loyal customers, Hope you’ll listen to this too

  • Rene Pedroso

    Got it, thanks guys

  • Samir Sogay

    “This promo is not available for your device” on an Xperia Z

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I have and that truly is outrageous especially since they charge more than the Internal storage difference is

  • Xyor

    Not gonna happen

  • shocked !!

    why ??? :/ :O

  • raj

    Lol dude :D :D :D

  • why???

    isn’t it happening on ALL ANDROID PHONES?

  • allaq82

    Modern Combat 4 is not available in the Philippines. My Xperia privilege is saying currently no promotions. :(

  • Kregore

    Same problem here. Oh well… It’s probably country based which blows obviously. If someone live in a country where this device is available and they bought it, these promotions should be available to them as well, right? i live in the Netherlands btw.

  • TjaldidTjaldid
  • XZ

    that’s where you download the game. next time, kindly read the instructions first before asking.

  • Dick Murphy

    Live with Walkman here. 0:)

  • Zftw

    the good thing about this FPS game is that it fully supports the dualshock controller. so yeah, frickin’ awesome!

  • Hambeast

    Same here :(

  • John

    I have recently bought it! f**k!!!!! :)

  • krrish

    I dont know !! but I think in shitsung phones,we can transfer the apps to sd card,I am not so sure !!
    can someone reconfirm ???

  • Babylonbwoy

    Anyone from france who can confirm ? I have nothing here but I’m running CM10.2 what is strange it is that the device is recognized as “VIP” meaning it an xperia…
    Will try to restore stock nandroid backup…

  • luigi

    Please post link of gameloft wapshop

  • QueenLele

    It only worked for me when using Chrome to access the link from Xperia Lounge as the same message happened to me when I used Firefox.

  • Max

    Nothing in France… :(

  • why???

    i think it DOES happen on all android phones. quite some time ago there’s a fuss about the inability to transfer the apps to the SD card, forgot about the reason behind it. Google did it that way i think

  • SonyFan

    Xperia x10 here

  • abc

    I am a Xperia Z owner yet when i click the download link it is giving an error like this. “This promo is not available for your device”

  • ryq24

    What country can download this game for free?

  • Guest

    xperia S here

  • Vitali

    xperia S here.

  • johanjot

    Change Xperia Lounge’s language in English ;)

  • Quek Junming

    What are you using? Google Chrome? :O

    I am having troubles installing the game too! Downloaded the file though.

  • Quek Junming

    I have problems installing it! Anyone help? ><

  • AeronMcaerhon

    Uhhh do you really think that im that stupid,.haha, i was getting redirected to the page in which you have to buy the games including the modern combat..

  • AeronMcaerhon

    Uhhhim from the philippines, always redirected to the mainpage in whixh you have to buy the games including m.c.

  • AeronMcaerhon


  • AeronMcaerhon

    Dude, go to apps in settings look for xperia lounge, then clear data

  • prrrrr

    sorry Sony, having an XPeria Z (C6603) and still Firefox (which opens on link) says “The promo is not available for your device”…

  • hello

    information provided in the above link is legit ? anyone can confirm ?so,that many people can start moving apps to sd card without root :))

  • Max

    Oh thanks, it works! :D

  • Umar Khan

    vohooooooooooo simple and downloading right now

  • Umar Khan

    im from paksitan

  • Quek Junming

    Use Google Chrome :) I hope it helps!

  • AeronMcaerhon

    It doesnt wanna continue to the link that was given, always redirected to mainpage tobuy the app

  • osin17

    Really good from #Sony

  • osin17

    You’re right, it’s better to give at least 32, even if I prefer to pay more for 64gb

  • Babylonbwoy


  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Xperia ion and Xperia mini pro (2011) user here

  • whatwhatster

    Why did it happen with the S4 then??.

    I brought a S4 on release day and people started to complain about the amount of storage, what now also is the case with the Xperia Z1 and the first update for the S4 made the move to sd option possible.

    So it is possible!.

  • Vitali

    this game works not bad on the xperia S.. really.. I was suprised..
    And no I didn’t bought it.. If you know what i mean :D

  • vince

    just download it man, its available in torrent. I’m playing the full version for heats up a lot though, but graphics is amazing

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