Sony will repair certain cracked displays for Xperia Z series suggests leaked info

by XB on 8th November 2013

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Cracked ThumbEarlier in the year, we asked Xperia Z owners how they were getting on with their phones and, in particular, whether owners had the misfortune of suffering from a cracked display. This was always a concern given Sony’s move to use both a glass rear as well as front.

It is quite clear that since the Xperia Z has launched there have been various reports of people suffering from cracked display issues. What has been worrying for some is that these issues have occurred randomly even though the phone has not been subject to an accidental fall.

A number of people have got in touch with us over the months to talk about their specific issues. One such reader said: “Both my partner’s and my Xperia Z broke in the last week in exactly the same way – we removed the phones from our pockets as normal, but at some point the screen had broken.

Well judging by some information that has appeared on XDA-developers, it seems Sony does recognise this and will repair such cracked displays under warranty. It points to a “Display Issue” for the Xperia Z, ZR, V, UL and Z Ultra. Basically, it guides the engineer to treat the problem as in warranty as long as the phone only has a “single crack in the display” and there is no evidence of abuse.

Some pictures are included which show what cases should be classified as ‘In Warranty’ and which should be ‘Out of Warranty’. The phones in the former category can be seen with a single hairline crack in the display. The size of the crack doesn’t seem to make a difference. Phones in the ‘out of warranty’ category have shattered screens, suggesting they have suffered accidental damage.

The person who published the post has also made available various Sony Xperia service manuals, which makes us believe that this information is very much real. If you have one of the above Sony Xperia handsets and have suffered from a single crack on your display, did you have any issues getting it fixed in your local Sony service centre? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

Sony Xperia cracked displays – In Warranty

Xperia Z cracked display_1

Sony Xperia cracked displays – Out of Warranty

Xperia Z cracked display_2

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Jack!

  • penubag

    Does anyone here’s Z also crack while having a screen protector? I know screen protector’s aren’t sufficient to protect all cracks but I’m wondering if anyone here has had this happen to them.

  • the_black_dragon

    Cool. Its an kick in the ass of Galaxy S4 users because Samsung still ignores this issue on his devices

  • C-G Alm

    Is it the same with my display on my Xperia V?

  • Jack

    Hi Penubag, I’m the Jack thanked at the end of the article. The two phones in my household both broke with the screen protectors on them.

  • Glenn Damon Clarke

    My screen cracked a few days ago, 3 cracks spreading across 3 sides of the screen. I didnt drop it, didnt hit it, it was in my pocket, and when i took it out it was cracked, and no touch. It also has a screen protector -_- . I live in Barbados where there is no sony sevice centre, so I have to look to order a screen now…I dont kno why they made the digitizer a part of the whole lcd unit…and we should have some way to operate the phone even if the touch is gone by using the power button and the volume controls…im phoneless right now :(

  • Alfie De Castro

    How about rubber on headset flop? and black grains on camera glass?? The rubber on the flop snapped because am always using an headphones.. Without the rubber my phone is not waterproof. Is it available in your service ctr?

  • Brad Williams

    Well my Gf had hers fall off less than 2 weeks after owning hers and they wouldn’t accept it as a warranty issue.

  • Bryan Ng

    I have no issues on my screen but on tiny dirt/grains on my rear camera, how about that. Will Sony fix this?

  • Tom

    So is this official? I live in Australia. If I take it to Sony store here will they send it to be repaired for free? And will it still be water proof? I have a hairline crack starting top left running down and across to above power button after taking it out of pocket while sitting in the office at work. It definitely falls under ‘in warranty’. Really not happy with phone to this point after 5 months with it. Been tempted to down size/grade to HTC mini lately because repair costs for the Z is almost as much as a new phone.

  • What about loose back panel?

  • Sjaakbanaan

    Do they appear as black spots in the pictures / videos? If so, they might actually be sensor burn-ins or something similar, I had this with my first XZ. Sony repaired it free of charge.

  • dvxz

    There are also alot of users who vomplain of having loose back panels, like me. Please look into it, Sony.

  • JiaWei

    How about a misaligned front glass?

  • gourav

    Even i had the same black spot problem with my xz but the phone i got back in exchange seems to have another problem. It’s loosing its 3g signal randomly.

  • Ben

    I wish I can fix it on my own….

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Same problem here…. Even once it came in contact with water and limus paper turned red…. No damage to the phone though.
    Flaps do not get close perfectly…..

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    S4 is a dumbass phone. :D

  • Rajasekhar Reddy

    same problem i faced with sony service center, they told me that single crack or whatever it cracks warranty won’t come.

    I explained to sony service center, ” I kept in jeans pocket & after removing, i found one crack on my Xperia Z “. They replied that it is physical damage & it won’t cover in warranty.

    I used my Sony Xperia Z just for 2 weeks & after that it has happened. I am totally disappointed why i Purchased SONY

  • Shreenath Modi

    i faced something different here as my screen is shattered but in many cracks..will sony fix this?

  • Shreenath Modi

    what did they do then??? the same problem is mine…

  • J.Wehkoja

    Backglass cracked once, but the main problem has been with camera lens! (Front of lens)It’s made of plastic not glass or sapphire, and will get easily scratched! Now the lens has fallen off, need to order 3rd backglass! Other than that great phone!

  • Igor V

    Since Z1 hasn’t been mentioned in the article, this one goes to commentators: does anyone know if Z1 has this issue?

  • penubag

    Thank you for the reply and nice photos, sorry about your devices. if I may ask, do you know how they got cracked? Do you think a phone case would have saved them? Thank you

  • Jack

    We treated the phones like Gods, and have had smartphones before with no issues. My belief is that the structure of the Xperia Z isn’t rigid enough. Compare it to an iPhone and you will notice that it feels like it can flex more freely.

    What I believe happened is that after living in pockets for weeks, lots of small flexes took their toll on the screen, eventually causing it to crack horizontally across the screen.

    However, one of the phones had cracked just 1cm from the top of the display, meaning that it would have been a very strange place for this “flex damage” to have occurred. And some photos show a vertical crack, which has more less flex.

    In short: I have no idea, but I know there was no impact. I also know that I shall be avoiding my pockets and getting a very rigid case when I get the phonesx back from repair.

  • Azzu

    I had same problem in Xperia Z and i taken to service centre they fixed it

  • vikinghorn

    This happened to me about one month ago. The service center asked $600 to replace the screen (a new phone costs $900 where I live, all taxes included). Based on the quote, I asked them to junk it…. Mine would have been covered under warranty…

  • Frank

    I don’t think its normal because there is no effect without cause (Every Fire has a smoke)

  • cyun84

    I have no problems at all with my Xperia Z1. Will Sony fix this??

  • Divine

    I had the same problem twice. The first time I paid about $240 to get it replaced at the service centre. When it happened the second time I just discarded the phone

  • Hisham

    I had different problem, in August 23, I was in the pool taking some photos and videos, i covered all the ports tightly, after 30 minutes of swimming, i discovered that some water droplets has sneaked inside the camera and it became blurry, power and volume buttons became unresponsive, i had to connect/disconnect the charger to use the phone, after one day, the water disappeared and the buttons became better but still less responsiveness

    Till today, between time to time, i still suffer from less responsiveness from power button.

    I don’t know if anyone had similar issues or not, and I don’t know whether the service center could solve this issue under warranty or not.

  • Rlanga

    So far no problem I am using my xperia z since May… Why didnt Sony implement Gorilla Glass? Sounds more resistant

  • Jiyeon90

    Dragontrail glass is 6 times stronger than gorilla glass 2

  • Sameer Qureshi

    I have the Z1 and I’m guessing that because its such a new phone, there hasn’t been enough time for this issue to arise (if it is apparent) with the phone, or, the fact that the Z1 is using newer materials/manufacturing processes may mean the issue is non existent with this phone. Can’t be 100% sure as of right now, so who knows, only time will tell haha. Just hoping my Z1 doesn’t spontaneously crack on me. lol

  • Reid Mack

    If this is true, and Sony will only admit it in case of one single crack, it is a dirty ploy, to divide users with the self cracking screen in two. It would mean only covering maybe 10% of users with cracked screens, cheaply trying to buy an image

    of correcting own flaws, while trying to make the res of users (with more cracks) artificially look like cheats and Sony

    as a potential victim of such cheating victims, washing its hands also in terms of why waiting before reacting, etc.

    So if Sony is actually finally admitting it and will fix everyone’s phone, it was about time. If the part about a single crack is

    correct, then Sony is even dirtier than first thought. Mine cracked with three of four lines cracking simultaneously

    in front of my eyes, when pushing the power button. Then, while using the phone further, maybe one or two more

    appeared over time. About a third of my screen was not usable but I kept using it with a lot of hassle.

    So this MIGHT be a step in right direction but ONLY if it isn’t an even bigger scam, trying to wash its hands, by making

    itself look respectable, and trying to portray some 80-90% of sufferers look as cheats, which would be even more

    disgusting than the original offence of denials, lies and just being dishonest to the bone towards us users.

    We will see shortly.

  • pixlas

    Try again. Policy seems to have changed.

  • pixlas

    Yeah I agree. But concact the support now. They seem to have changed the policy right. Even if you are in Barbados I guess you will be supported?

  • Igor V

    Found a post on some other site regarding Z1, says its screen got cracked while in his pocket, without ever hitting anything.
    For this amount of money Samsung’s and LG’s plastics are unacceptable, HTC One’s camera is an enormous failure and iPhone’s hardware got stuck in 2011.
    This was to be my phone of the year, now what am I gonna do?

  • Sam

    My z1 back panel cracked in my pocket. The crack is only a two centimeter long hairline crack ,but broken anyway.

  • Igor V

    That’s a damn shame.
    I’ve been so eager to buy this phone but now I’m not so sure…

  • aldwindgr8

    I think there was a problem on your head and sony can’t fix it.

  • Backie

    This isn’t a Sony problem alone it seems as this problem has been rearing it’s ugly head on all Oem’s support forums from Apple to LG,Samsung,Htc,Sony you name the Oem this problem has been documented but Sony is the first to recognize it as a manufacturer problem and is willing to repair under warranty. Seems I may just get the Z1 after all since Sony is owning up and placing this issue under warranty.

  • Guest

    find the photograph of inspection report of one of sony service center given for my Xperia Z

  • Rajasekhar Reddy

    Find the inspection report given one of sony service center after inspection.

  • Sebas Bai

    when did they implement this???
    I do have the same problem and they charge me an amount of $630 sgd which is almost equivalent to a brand new xperia z in singapore…

  • josesl16

    Did the claim success?

  • Sameer Qureshi

    Good point, I’ve seen a few people saying the S3/S4 screen just ended up with a hairline crack on the display for no real reason. It’s most likely a widespread issue, probably thermal/internal stresses of the glass when the phones are manufactured or used. At least Sony is willing to do something about the problem instead of totally ignoring it, a bit more reassuring.

  • kakooli

    most of the pics outside of warranty couldnt have resulted from drops, its like something was dropped on them. like a hammer. the point of impact cant be in the canter of the glass.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Maybe because Z1 is a lot more robust than Z and it doesn’t have the heat issue at all.

  • DStyle

    Not sure anyone has asked this question. On the Z, front and back glasses come from different manufacturers. Anyone knows which manufacturer it belongs to the cracked screen?

  • Si


    How can I go about getting Sony to take a second look at my phone? I had it assessed once and they refused to repair (this was back in July). Obviously very unhappy with the decision knowing that I didn’t do anything to damage the phone so kept hold of it in the hope that Sony would admit there’s a fault of some sort.

    Now this information has come to light, how would you suggest I approach Sony again?

  • Ronnie

    Hey Guys!
    Do you have any idea how much is the screen replacement for Xperia Z going to cost me India?? o.O

  • Ronnie

    me in India*

  • Avinava Basu

    I too had the same problem.
    I was so upset.It got cracked on the 27th day. I took it to the service centre and they asked for a whooping 19k for it.

  • Adam

    I have gotten three hairline cracks on my Z1, going from the top of the screen downwards in three different directions. Haven’t dropped it once. Can’t even pull down the notificationbar anymore. I’ve had the phone for less than a week. So disappointed in this phone.

  • pixlas

    Can’t you just mail the support and ask?

  • pixlas

    Bur don’t all screens crack when dropped? I remember seeing a YouTube series of drop tests where no screen made it. That was iPhone and LG and sony and Samsungs.
    So all screen damages sure can’t be blamed on crappy quality. Have not had phones from other companies, but is there any of them offering free screen replacement “no questions asked”?

  • Si

    I did a live chat but they didn’t confirm this new info and just said it wasn’t something that had been raised as a common issue (!).

    Just reluctant to send it off at my own cost again because it’ll cost another £14.40 to get it back if they reject the repair.

  • bnmalmo

    Pulling out my Z1 from my pocket – I found that I couldn’t unlock the screen any more… Found then a hairline thin crack over the display.
    Left it to service – Strongly Claiming Warranty.
    After two weeks – I got it back – and it was NOT accepted as warranty.
    I had to pay EUR 250:- for the display / repair – and I can say I was Totally Pissed Off..!! :-((
    That they have changed policy now – hardly helps me…

  • Fribse

    Sony Denmark refuses this, they say its not under warranty

  • Jayden lam

    shit them, it cause me 570 for z1 lcd replacement.

  • mattjb73

    But you say you haven’t had any z1 back yet and want to charge me to fix it

  • mattjb73

    Here is a pic

  • Guest

    been documented but Sony is the first to recognize it as a manufacturer problem and is willing to repair under warranty. Seems I may just get the Z1 after all since Sony is owning up and placing this issue under warranty.

  • streets_ahead

    I have 3 hairline cracks on my Xperia Z, again without any physical abuse to the phone and it seemingly managing to damage and crack the screen by itself. I contacted Sony Support Live Chat in UK today, 15th November 2013, and they denied it being a common issue.

  • Abhishek


    It’s All fake No single service centre seen these type of case

    I have sony xperia ZR and they say this come under Cristal(Physical) damage so need to pay 50% of MRP price not purchasing cost.
    Dont Write these type fake blogs


  • Abhishek

    Really Sony having to cheap and bad cristal quality in there mobiles set

  • Chris

    Sony Z1 owner (UK)
    Single Hairline crack and would not repair under warranty
    Just asked me for £14.40 for its return and did not offer a repair quote

  • kiru

    But I heard 6month accidental damage cover will cover all kind of damage …..

  • Abbe

    Where can we find the service manuals?

  • Alex

    I had the xperia z1 for just over 3 weeks and had researched it for ages to make sure it was going to be the right phone for me. Took the phone out of my pocket whilst it was in its case and noticed a small notch at the top of the phone, no pressure or drop had occurred, on closer inspection I found it was a hair line crack . After a few hours the crack had traveled the full way down the phone and the screen was unusable. Does anyone know if this is a legitimate sony report? And is this the case in Australia? Virgin are trying to get me to cover the cost when the phone no other physical damage, was I the case and only around 3 weeks old. I’m pretty sure all these phones listed share the same screen glass and similar components.

  • Abhinav Agrawal

    I am also suffering from the same problem. Pictures provided by you seems that my cracked screen comes under the warranty. But still the dealer from whom I bought this phone is demanding Rs 15000 for the repairs as there’s no service center in my town. I asked him to give it back to me. Then he said that he had talk to the superior in Sony Office and will get it repaired for Rs 11500..
    Now, I am confused what should I do.. Should I pay the amount or seek for any other option.

  • Reid Mack

    Sony is just washing its hands, via the one crack only policy. It is even dirtier than ignoring the problem itself. And yes, the Z1 is just entering the phase of mass screen issues…

    Can’t wait for Sony to update policy on fixing only displays with half a crack, or cracks in shape of hearts, face of the dumbass who runs Sony, etc.. What a joke…

  • max

    Had my xperia z in my jacket pocket during a long meeting. Removed from pocket to find screen unresponsive, sent to SBE who want me to pay for it to be repaired????? The crack looks like a hair placed under the screen not a sledge hammer impact!!!! I will be taking this further just not too sure in what direction.

  • max

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit

  • Thomas Campion

    So now i’ve had my Z in to be repaired for the last 2 months and now both the dealers and Sony have said they wont repair it. The crack that has come, is a thin crack in the left hand side under the glass that happend after my phone had been in my charger. Sony states that because it has a few very small scraps on the sides means, that is what has forced the crack under the screen.

  • Per Halvorsen

    The screen cracked while in my hand, I literally watch the crack take place as I was changing songs outside on a cold day. Now i have to pay half as much as the phone cost me to repair it. This post is false, at for Sony users in Europe.

  • voxbox

    Had the Experia for less than 10 days and its kept in the trouser pocket, after about 10 hours in the pocket when it was fetched out it had 2 tiny ‘bullet like’ holes in the screen and now the phone wont work. This is a problem that 44,000 people are experiencing at the moment, either a crack or shatter due to over heating, Sony might repair some and not others which is the worst customer service I’ve known. You can go to and sign the petition to make Sony repair these phones. Under the 1976 consumer protection act, the sale of good has to be ‘fit for purpose’ the Experia clearly isn’t…

  • voxbox

    see my post…

  • Reid Mack

    Z1 seems to be developing the same issue, as reports are beginning to surface. And the Z1 has many other issues Sony isn’t addressing and
    is treating Z1 customers the same. Sell it, forget it and get something
    other than Sony or Samsung

    AND SONY ISN’T OWNING UP. Nothing has happened yet. I would advise
    you against the Z1.

  • Sid

    I just came across this blog today. This happened to my Xperia Z too – found a long crack in the LCD one day when i took it out of my pocket! I called Sony Xperia Care and they pointed me to their local authorised repairer for replacing the screen. When I called the repairer, they said that they will need to send my phone interstate for repairs and it would cost be $450!! I can buy a new Xperia Z for $530!! I am about to resort to getting it done from a local mobile phone repairer for $250 who cannot guarantee that it will remain water resistant. How do I convince Sony that my phone qualifies for the In-Warranty repair?

  • Sameer Qureshi

    I have the screen protector that came in the box on mine and its been fine for almost 2 months. For the record, the phone has gone through some pretty extreme sudden temperature changes, like a warm room, straight to a cold one for the night/outside in this dreary weather. Or i’ve left it near the window sill where it’s pretty much freezing temperature all night and then straight into a bag next to the heater or a pocket. By the looks of all the complaints it must be an issue but I don’t think it’s affecting everyone. Sony should sort out the few problems that are out there though. I mean if you pay over 500 pounds for a flagship phone under warranty, you expect it to be covered for product faults by the manufacturer!

  • Steven

    My xperia z had a crack appear under the screen a couple weeks ago. I’ve been looking for an answer ever since. The crack how ever is not just a single crack. The phone wasn’t even in my pocket at the time. The phone was on charge on the bedside cabinet. It was fine at night and broke in the morning which I struggled to explain until I looked online and found others with the same issue. I’ve been trying to find a number to call to get it repaired but the number the sony site is giving costs 38p a minute. I refuse to pay for service calls. Anyone got any better idea’s?

  • RC

    Xperia Z seems to be overall poor quality. Mine also has 2 fine cracks on screen and the outer case pulls off/cracking. Freezes constantly too!! Maybe Sony should do a ‘switch’ scheme. Apple phone back please!

  • zahra


    I bought a SONY experia Z in February 2013 still under warranty.

    The phone didn’t drop at all, suddenly thin hairline cracks started to appear on screen.

    When I googled, i could find may users having the same issue.

    Service centre guys are claiming it to be a physical damage and charging for it.

    Had it been a phyical damage , it wouldnt hv been for so many users and i claim it to a manufacturer defect

    I heard for some cases the service center is able to take it into warranty.

    Could you please help on this, i want the repairing services to be taken under warranty.


    Zahra M.

    Hong Kong

  • zahra

    Xperia V I mean not Z

  • Danny

    This phone is supposed to be tough (i.e water resistant) i admit i dropped mine however ONE SINGLE DROP and now its out of warranty. i wonder what sony means by ‘accidental damage’ possibly an act of god??

  • aj

    just got told by sony’s repair center here in australia it is not covered under warranty and they want between $300 and $400 for a replacement plus a $40 inspection fee

  • Da Munch

    I’ve got a Z1 and it’s happened to mine.

  • Sad man

    i totally agree! my screen cracked when its in my pocket?? how durable is that? now they want me to pay RM1000 to fix it??

  • Kelvin Andrew Oakes

    I sent my 1 month old xperia Z in because it had a near invisible crack on the lower middle of the screen and it didn’t read touch above that. I sent it back to my service providers and it was sent cross country for 21 days and they told me they have to charge twice the price of a brand new screen. Do i need to contact Sony or should my service provider do it?
    this phone is meant to be durable which did sound magical but this was caused by normal use.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Steve

    So pissed off, I’ve got the Z1, got it out of my pocket yesterday, not dropped at all, ever, small section of glass looks like it has had an impact but it hasn’t, it was in my pocket with nothing else in it, went to the Three store I got it from today and they said they won’t repair it, it’ll cost £200-£250, but the guy said to get some insurance on it, wait for a bit, then claim on the insurance. Insurance through my bank (Santander) is about £14 a month and covers loads of stuff (breakdown cover etc) so that’s what I’m going to do. In the meantime though I can’t use the poxy thing so gotta use a cheap mobile as backup just to call & text. Very disappointed in what is a “Flagship product”. I actually went from an iPhone to Android because of all the features, but I have to say, Apple’s returns policy pisses all over Sony!

  • sam

    sad man,
    we are the same bot… mine is has been 3 weeks the phone is under repare by sony service centre…until now there are no news when it can be complete…at first they commit 2 weeks but when i call them, they claim no spare part and dont know when it can be back to me…feel suck!!!

  • scoops99

    I have just had exactly the same problem, had the phone in my pocket like I have done for the last four months and found the phone did not work, I cannot unlock the phone or enter the PIN. On further investigation after removing the screen protector I noticed two hairline cracks coming from the right hand side of the screen. Very much the same as the ‘in warranty’ pictures shown. The phone has never been dropped or bashed. Have been to the Vodafone shop and they have said they cannot do anything and it will cost £190 to repair. Have spoken to Sony and they have asked me to send it in so an engineer can ‘assess’ it. After looking at all of the blogs I am not confident they will resolve anything and I will be stuck with a useless phone with 18 months left on the contract…… If anyone has had any joy getting theirs fixed please can they let me know.

  • prabhat

    Is this officialy anouance by sony? When they are going 2 repair

  • Jonathan Mathew

    I have a Z with a hairline crack and Sony will NOT repair it. I’ve owned the phone for 3 weeks and it is VERY fragile. How did you go about getting it repaired? They quoted me at $300!!!

  • Raghava

    Hi Jack,I bought Sony xperia Z.I could see a hairline crack.I brought in India which is under warranty .When i visited service center he is saying to he would provide piece to piece exchange and I have to pay half the amount for replacing it.Can you please guide me

  • Gabriel Lawrence

    Good, same thing happened to a coworker of mine. She didn’t drop it, it just seemed to crack on its own.

  • Matt barton

    Ask what so said.. ……. They wont repair it and it will cost £124:00 . Really going to start looking at different phone makes. Sony can almost piss off at this time.

  • Tim

    I’m not sure this is the case. Just had my phone returned from Vodafone saying physical damage and not covered by warranty. Just fine cracks from top right to bottom left.

  • Rusty Nail

    Don’t go through the shop where you bought it, go on the Sony xperia website and log your complaint directly. They will then give you instructions on how to return it by post. If they consider the complaint genuine they will fix it or replace the phone for free. This is what I did and I just got a new phone. I tried the O2 shop first and they just assume you’re trying it on and will only offer to send it to their in-house repair facility for a charged repair. I know your first point of contact should be the shop, but they’re not knowledgeable or interested in known problems, so just bypass them. Good luck

  • Reid Mack

    Sony ignores it also. They aren’t fixing anything yet, except in Netherlands where the watchdog made them do it…

  • Si

    Sony are fixing my hairline crack in digitizer. This is the second time I’ve sent it to them (first time was in July with no success). So there’s definitely movement in terms of what they are fixing.

    SBE initially produced a quote for repair but I emailed Sony support and made a very strong point of stating that they were fixing other customers phones with very similar problems, so why not mine? Strangely, they didn’t reply to this directly but I got an email tonight saying they were waiting for parts and would fix ASAP.

    Keep trying guys.

  • Ho

    I had the misfortune to buy the Xperia Z just a month ago and my advice to anyone reading this and considering buying 1 is simple….. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!

    I admit I dropped my phone while sitting at my desk and the fall of less then 10 inches cracked the screen and rendered the phone unusable…..I did not expect Sony to fix it under warranty but was not prepared for what came next…….I had to post it to their repair centre, an unrelated company called SBE Limited and though I registered the delivery as advised by Sony they claim it took 5 days to arrive. They would not issue a quote for the cost of its repair via email and insisted on posting the quote to me which took a further 5 days to arrive (This is though they claim it would be repaired and back in my hands in 5-7 working days).

    Then the quote finally arrived £218.03!!!!!!!! Apparently if you break the screen the phone has to be disassembled and you are then charged for a replacement case, a replacement battery, a replacement ear piece, a replacement display and a new flex. Apparently this is all necessary to ensure the water resistant feature of the phone…….I tried on several occasions to ring SBE to discuss the repair being left in a queue each time for 20 mins at 10p per minute + network charge after which I was directed to leave a message. They did not return my calls. They do not appear to answer their phones!!! After going back to complain to Sony it appears SBE Ltd do not discuss repairs if they say it has to be replaced then that’s it. I said I would happily waive the 2 year warranty for the water resistant feature of the phone if the screen were just repaired and the other parts not replaced but they refused…..I then asked if it was really necessary replace all of these parts that if I paid the sum quoted could I have the old parts back as a souvenir of my carelessness. This was also refused. They informed me that under the terms of their warranty (which I had offered to waive) any parts or components replaced become their property. Therefore, no evidence is provided, save the word of their contractor SBE Limited, that the parts were actually replaced for the cost stated. I later discovered that, also according to their warranty, quote; “that repairs or replacements may involve the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned units.” Oh what a surprise when one considers the perfectly good case, battery, ear piece and flex that they were to replace on mine which were to become their property!!!! The Sony staff, though polite, were not at all helpful and are completely inflexible when dealing with repairs. The phone in my opinion is far too fragile for daily use and I would not hesitate in advising anyone considering purchasing the Xperia range to ask some serious questions of their seller. If only I had………

  • Tom Riddle

    Z1 has the same display(material, manufacture, specs and techs etc) as the Z…

  • Babylonbwoy

    I have both

  • Ho

    With all due respect Pixlas I believe you have misunderstood my point.

    I am not and have not sought a free screen replacement under warranty for what I accept was my own carelessness. However, surely you would agree a modicum of scrutiny is exercised in asking Sony questions over their necessity to replace all of the items they listed… point is if you can’t get the replaced parts back as evidence of their replacement how do you actually know you are not being overcharged……the very fact that the Sony warranty states the parts repaired or replaced may include the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned units, so second hand parts, says it all as far as I am concerned and that should concern those paying such large sums for repairs. If every phone requiring a cracked screen be replaced is to be stripped of the parts listed to me then Sony will have a workshop full of those functionally equivalent units they refer to stripped from the units of people like me.

    As to the build quality of the Xperia, I have previously had Blackberry’s and Nokia’s and I would without a moments hesitation state they are certainly more robust. One only needs to read the blogs on here to have that opinion endorsed.


  • Rje79

    Hi i brought a Sony z 9 weeks ago and after 6 weeks my screen magically cracked so as you do i sent it off to sony (SBE) for it to be looked at under warranty but after a week i was informed i had dropped it but i knew i hadn’t there was no damage to my case as i have a protector hard case on the back and screen protector on the front, so i paid the £14.40 to have my phone back then i contacted sony on the chat help and i had my case escalated and after a further 2 weeks was told it would be fixed under warranty so my advice to anyone is do not take there 1st answer if they blame you have the case escalated i never gave up there is no point complaining on forums go to sony direct any do not give up.

  • Senga Blackmore

    Please post on this, the complaint is under my name senga anita Blackmore and is on the left hand side of the page. i have a complaint on there page and have posted loads of evidence on the page about the crack problem ths probably wont make any diffrence but im trying !

  • We keep waiting.

  • voxbox

    There is a fault on SOME not all of the Experia’s, for those that are not having a problem its all fine and dandy but for those that are – its no joke! The problem is over heating, no matter if its in your pocket, hand bag, jacket pocket or as for some mearly charging the batteries on a counter top. Sony will sometimes take responcibility for a cracked screen and repair it, but the ‘gun shot’ type they are denying free repairs and I might add, the gun shot type are directly in line with the over heating batteries! I have fought for 3 weeks via the phone calling the shop that provided the the phone right up to Sony, I have been provided with a new phone from the shop under the 1976 consumer protection that the goods must be fit for purpose, and a phone that breaks in less than 5 days is not fit for purpose. You all have to get ‘helen brockovich’ about this as I did to get any where. As a foot note, I will never buy another Sony product of any kind as a way of protest, their customer service have been trained to deny any problem and no one wanted to take ownship of the problem and bring it to reslolution!

    Orange direct have the best customer service in the world and I will be staying with them!

  • scoops99

    Sent mine back to their UK repairer SBE last last week after suffering the same problem, just spoke to them and they said it is not covered as I damaged the phone and will need to pay £200+ to get it repaired. Stated that I had just pulled it out of my pocket and there is no physical damage to the casing.

    They are going to speak to the engineer again, but I don’t hold out much hope.

    Also spoke to Sony and they have no raised the issue with their ‘Escalations Team’, will again see what they say, but I think this is going to be a long drawn out battle.

  • scoops99

    Sent my Z back to their UK repairer SBE last last week after suffering the same problem, just spoke to them and they said it is not covered as I damaged the phone and will need to pay £200+ to get it repaired. Stated that I had just pulled it out of my pocket and there is no physical damage to the casing.

    They are going to speak to the engineer again, but I don’t hold out much hope.

    Also spoke to Sony and they have no raised the issue with their ‘Escalations Team’, will again see what they say, but I think this is going to be a long drawn out battle.

  • scoops99

    I escalated my issue within Sony and the SBE the UK repairer, I quoted all of the blogs and the online petition and my disappointment with the phone and the service and just received the following email from SBE:-


    In regards to the forums you have mentioned below, these are not official Sony output, just user forums, and therefore we cannot utilise these as part of the repair service offered.

    Since this quotation was raised; a new product criteria has been passed to the repair centre from Sony, I have had a second opinion requested and your unit fit with these new policy, for it to be repair within the Sony warranty and with no fee required.

    I have advised the repair line and the repair will now commence within the warranty, hopefully this will be processed and return within the next 5 working days.’
    Looks like something might have changed, hopefully others may get their issues sorted now

    Quotes Support

    SBE Ltd -Ashford.

  • Jake Spencer

    Can anyone confirm that Sony will indeed fix the screen, and if so, how did you get the ball rolling to get it fixed?

  • Rahul Lohiya

    I’m having the same kind of problem. But the service center guys are saying that even if it has just a single crack or full cracked screen, it will be covered in accidental warranty only for phones build in September or October or after. I told them that i didn’t read anything about the date or so in the blog and they said that anyone can write a blog so its not official.
    I don’t know where to contact.

  • scoops99

    Contacted Sony initially and they booked it into SBE their UK repairer for an initial assessment. Initially they cam back and said it was damaged by me and I would have to pay for the repair. I went back to both Sony and SBE to escalate the issue quoting the numerous blogs and petitions and then the next day I got notification from SBE that their had been an updated product criteria for repairs and it would be fixed free of charge under warranty. I think you just have to keep going and don’t take no as an answer

  • divyansh

    this is bullshit i just got an internal crack in xperia z ultra no scratch outside and cust. care is telling me that its because of some pressure which not comes in warranty and said me to pay 23,000 INR for replacing my phone

  • divyansh

    if anyone have any idea how to get it fixed in warranty then please mail me on

  • Michael Lowe

    Hi have a Z1 it developed a hairline crack starting at the power button, Sent it to SBE under warranty they are saying i damaged it, however there appears to be a growing number of Z/Z1 owners seeing similar and sony arent dealing with it

  • Michael Lowe

    Same with my Z1 trying to get the issue escalated…

  • Michael Lowe

    I’m with you on this waiting to hear…

  • Michael Lowe

    Hopefully i will have the same success

  • Steve Killick

    I have a Z1- it lasted 4 days before the crack in mine was there. Took it out my pocket and there it was. Sony Centre in Tottenham court road tried telling me it was my fault. Brand new phone and completely unusable because the phone will not function properly now.

  • Steve Killick

    My Z1 lasted 4 days before this crack appeared. Took my phone out my pocket and there it was. Brand new phone rendered useless and been told I have to pay for the repair. Need to get more info on this warranty issue?

  • dinesh

    same problem,no sign of pressure or drop or other external impact.first it was one crack which increased in length . and now it is two in full length from top to bottom,they r saying physical damage and so it is not under warantee pay 17000rs and get new one.lcd and display is ok
    touch screen not working so unable to unlock.what to do?pl suggest.

  • Stenph Kirny

    Repair certain cracked displays for Xperia Z

  • Stenph Kirny
  • Boron

    For all UK residents, the Sale of Goods Act is your friend – learn it for all consumer purchases.
    Even if the phone was offered free, as part of continuing or upgrading your contract, the product itself must be fit for purpose.
    During the first 6 months of ownership, the product is considered faulty from day one, unless proven otherwise, after 6 months, the onus is on the consumer to prove it was inherently fault or has a design flaw.
    You contract is not with Sony directly, no matter what you’re told, but whomever you purchased the handset from – CPW, P4U, EE, O2, etc, etc.
    Obviously this only applies to retail purchases only, not private sales.

  • Sandeep

    I am too having the same problem. They are asking me to pay 19500/- to get it replaced. Is there any alternative ?//
    Any suggestions ?//

  • Doggie

    Sony are repairing mine under warranty – the crack looks exactly like the pics. Vodafone refused the repair however, so they need to update their policy.

  • Rajan

    Feeling extremely disappointed on purchasing sony…..same problem i also faced guyz and the way sony responded to the problem was really shameful and one or the other day, they will have to pay for this.Moreover, my crack lies under warranty even then they are not giving a satisfactory response. The biggest mistake i ever did in my life was to believe on such a company who after getting money never look back. Really, never buy any product of sony if you don’t want to bear the loss afterwards. My words for Sony- you guyzz have cheated us and mind it you will repent,neither i, nor my friends or other relatives would buy any product of yours, only then you will understand our problems.

    With a very disappointed heart
    Hope you people realise

  • Stenph Kirny
  • Bryan Ng

    Yeah, about 4-6 tiny specks of dirt always appearing on my photos/vids, even if i clean my lenses thoroughly. Maybe they’ll fix this at service center..

  • maccers82

    i agree avoid the z1 like the plague mine cracked in my pocket and sony won’t fix

  • stubbs

    Hi my phone was in my pocked on new years day and I even have nice cover to protect it but I pulled my phone out of my pocket and I had one single hairline crack that made the phone unusable. I live in South Africa and I sent my phone in to repair through MTN and they told me that it would cost R3500 to fix (321.09$). They told me it was physical damage and does not go under warranty. Obviously I am not the only person with this problem but what can I do. I can not afford that kind of money on top of what I have already payed.

  • Hemant Kumar Sharma

    Hi All,

    My xperia z front glass was damaged and upper half of the screen touch is not wroking my handset is in warranty but when i go to the nearest xperia service center they are asking 17000 INR….. Indian Rupees for repairing it out. Please help me out on this matter and tell me where i should go to resolve the issue…..

  • hemant kumar sharma

    Hi All,

    My xperia z front glass was damaged and upper half of the screen touch is not wroking my handset is in warranty but when i go to the nearest xperia service center they are asking 17000 INR….. Indian Rupees for repairing it out. Please help me out on this matter and tell me where i should go to resolve the issue.

    Where can i get the phone repaired without paying the amount because my phone is in warrenty period.

  • Attila És Gabó Ferenczi

    Have a great question.
    Do you have a phone with a display device Xperia Z cracked the side of the microphone.
    Only a hairline crack, but not affecting the work.
    The official Iten Service (Hungary) has informed me that this error is not under warranty.
    294 euros for the repair to seek out.
    My question would be the following.
    If this news is true refer to it, perhaps looking to Iten official sony center?

  • Attila És Gabó Ferenczi

    Have a great question.
    Do you have a phone with a display device Xperia Z cracked the side of the microphone.
    Only a hairline crack, but not affecting the work.
    The official Iten Service (Hungary) has informed me that this error is not under warranty.
    294 euros for the repair to seek out.
    My question would be the following.
    If this news is true refer to it, perhaps looking to Iten official sony center?

  • sad_face

    they are doing nothing and asking to pay 50%i.e. 17500 price and rplace set……i have a similar hair line crack …….i wil rather buy a differ set in this cost

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z & ZL - Page 58()

  • Elroy Moras

    Yes! I have got the same issue. My phone did not fall nor did suffer andy physical damage and all of a sudden the screen is broken. I went to the Sony Service center and they came back saying i will have to pay 50% of the phone price and they would replace the phone and issue a new handset. Its the exact same single crack as mentioned above. Can someone here divert me to the right contact to get my phone fixed. You can let me know @

  • pieter

    I have an insurance thank god. I,ve just experienced it for the 4th time it isnt just ons phone, i say stay far dat away from every type of screen with tampered glass, te production proces is in my opinum bad, i will ndver buy Sony phones again. Typing this ony s2,

  • mad man

    SONY did not actually fix the phones. It just repared a few, so it could claim that the rest of users witht he issue were fakers. What a shitty company.

    Avoid Sony phones, if not all products…

  • Esra

    Biggest liars! My Sony Xperia z screen also cracked on its own and I called up Sony to tell them, the guy on the phone said Sony isn’t going to repair my phone unless it was made in Australia?! Mine says made in china and I’m pretty sure all the other Sony Xperia z’s out there do too, I’ve been ripped off evaluate now I have to pay $300 if I want to get my phone fix when it’s not my fault !

  • John

    Xperia Z & Xperia V screens cracked within 2 weeks of each other for no apparent reason. Sony Xperia South Africa are playing dumb by saying I am the first to report the spontaneous self cracking screen…

    Other than the screen problems both phones are good but because Xperia worldwide are ignoring the problem I will never buy a Sony phone again. They seriously need to get their act together.

  • simone

    wow thank goodness its not just me my parrot bit my xperia and now its cracked and it wont work at all don’t know where to go and fix it near PE

  • Karan Bhadu

    for Xperia cracked glass or physical damage contact me @8377039454

  • danny

    I have the z ultra and I love the phone its been absolutely perfect for the past 4 months but recently had in my pocket while working and pulled it out and crack from top to bottom. and its unresponsive can’t do anything at all.

  • Ese Boss Leilua

    I have a sony xperia z and only have had it for less than 3months.. was enjoying the phone until pulled out my phone from my pocket and all of a sudden there was a crack on my screen.. have no Idea how it happened.. screen was facing inside in my pocket. I rang up sony and the said they don’t deal with anything that comes from hong kong.. wth??? its sony right??? now I have to pay $350 just to get it repaired.. now my brother inlaw had just come home from work and showed me his phone that now has a crack screen and also happen to have the same story but only have had his phone for any help please??? very gutted this had happen..

  • Caveman

    I have just contacted Sony and they will not take any responsibility for this issue at all

  • jeshwinth

    i own xperia z i had the same problem a single crack when i take my phone from the pocket when i complained they are not responding and they say there are no issues like this you are telling a lie need some help

  • jeshwinth

    i own xperia z i had the same problem a single crack when i take my phone from the pocket when i complained they are not responding and they say there are no issues like this you are telling a lie need some help

  • roby

    Xperia Z Ultra. Hello, I would like to know if someone do the repair at an authorized Sony Centre for the touch screen broken (not LCD) if so, how has cost you for repairs? It is possible to change only the Touch Screen or it also changes the LCD screen? Thank you very much!

  • Hrishikesh Shukla

    I suffered this same thing today… Removed my z-ultra from my jacket’s pocket and the display was cracked… Damn i don’t even know what its gonna cost… Screen is really too fragile…. Bad Luck…

    Man I even had the case fitted…. I am screwed…

    Gonna contact the service centre tomorrow… Fingers Crossed…

  • harmii
  • zee

    ya mine had done it, one single crack and no accident . Telstra shop wont fix it under warranty.

  • Matthew Rhucroft

    I have the new Z1C and it has happened to me. I literally looked at my phone and couldn’t believe that the screen was cracked. I was in the house, I hadn’t fallen or taken any impact. There was no logically explanation as to why it was cracked and I even had a friend with me as susprised. I have escalated this to Phones4U and Sony and am awaiting a response. I’m am terrified neither of them recognise this as a known fault rather than damage.

  • fourijm

    I have asked Sony to respond to my broken screen. If they will not fix it, then this is my first and my last Sony phone.

  • Karan

    Hello.. I found my xperia z diaplay broken when i put it out of my pocket…screen is still working touch is fine but the display shows small cracks….need help :(

  • Carlos

    I had the exact problem, my phone was on charge on my desk next to me, as i picked it up it was overheating so i removed the power cable, as i attempted to unlock the phone the screen wouldnt work, i then switched the phone off thinking it was to do with the excess heat and on switching the phone off i noticed 2 hair line cracks coming from the same origin

  • stubbs

    My phone screen cracked in my pocket actually looks almost exactly the same as one of the photos in the warranty and I sent my phone in to be repaired by Sony and they quoted me for R4000 roughly 400$ and refused that any warranty like this existed. What can I do?

  • Kai Tommy Reinertsen

    i woke up and wtf ???!!! my Z1 cracked around the camera lens in the back of the fhone. while it was charging in it’s docking station,,,,, i, realy Love my fhone and trat it accordingly so this is realy frustrating . i used a macro lens and did take a picture of it real closeup and i can clearly see that the lens have somhow ‘pulled’ the glass innvards the lens is stil clearly lower than what it shud be, ither some scrues inside the fhone have been to tight or, its been a presshure difrence inside the phone that made it crack ,it realy realy destroyed my day, the only time its out of its plastick/leadther housing (sony orginal) is when its in its charging dock , ewrything works great but i dont think its stil water tight . i contacted sony today so i let you know how they reply on the ishue .

  • M Dileep

    My display for Sony Xperia L has a similar single crack on its display. It was not the result of a fall / accident. The crack appeared on its own . On approaching the sony service center, they say, they do not cover it under warranty and demanded 8500 Rs . The phone is just 6 months old . Can anyone help?

  • Dsh Patel

    xperia cracked

  • Anns Thomas Mathew

    IMEI : 356603050090993 Date of purchase : 27 07 2013

    I am not getting satisfactory answers
    from your customer care email

    My phones(ZR water proof) screen
    broke by itself.

    Pl do not tell me to go to service centre, I have already visited them, they
    say that warranty is for purchase after 15 th sep

    So if my phone is of july I do not get any warranty

    I feel cheated, I have been using sony
    devices for long time…I never had incurred a problem like before…

    Service centre says that I have to pay 50% of the cost for this now. This is
    not acceptable, Pl respond

    But in this xperia blog

    saying that all the damage will be cover during the
    period of warranty…

    I bougth the Sony phone because all trusted there product and service …
    have I feel now been cheated by the company …..i bought the mobile almost it
    was launched…now I understand one thing don’t buy the Sony’s phone just after
    its resale even ,if u are a fan of sony like me….

    Hope company willnt do such injustice in future…

    Its been one month I am not getting any replay for

    Anns Thomas Mathew

    Kerala India

    plz reply

  • gourav

    well i got the same single crack on my phones screen,dont know how it happened but i came to know of it when the touch of my phone stopped working.worst sony phone i ever bought.


    i experience it too… same as with all of you guys i just pulled it out of my pocket and i noticed a single line of crack…. unfortunately it affects the whole touch screen… i went to experia center and ther told me it was a customers fault,,, and they are asking me 11k for it to be fixed… im so disappointed… its a gift from my parents last october its only a 5 month old now :(

  • Hamziano

    My Z1 randomly cracked when i woke up in the morning. I contacted Sony and inquired about the warranty and after jumping through a few CS representatives I got to a supervisor who said that depending on the crack and general condition of the phone it will or will not be covered. So i sent it in over 2 weeks ago and have not got a response yet. Hoping for good news!

  • Thandeka

    i live in South Africa and my Xperia Z screen is broken so were can i take it for repairs

  • mr11316

    Yep, had mine a month. Took it out of my pocket and noticed the screen was not responding quickly. I thiught it was just a hiccup in the software for a second. Took it out of my pocket later and the lock screen was unresponsive. Then i noticed a couple of hair like cracks leading from a small spidering area. This glass is so weak that it will crack if its in your back pocket. I have owned several similar phones and never had a cracked screen.

  • mr11316

    The above phone was a Z1.

  • george1983c

    im a z1 user and yeah…i had a cracked screen – i didn’t know this was such a huge issue though – when i took my phone into the shop the lady disputed that it was a warranty issue and not an insurance issue saying that i wold have to claim under my phone insurance. its currently away to the sony engineers so ill wait and see what happens.

    its a single hairline crack in my screen but its a big one – i literally put my phone in my pocket and lifted it back out and it was cracked

    is this board moderated by sony, can anyone confirm if i will get my phone repaired

  • African Grey

    Based in Durban South Africa……..5 month old Xperia Z cracked it’s screen while sitting watching a hockey match with my wife. I have never dropped the phone nor has it been badly handled that this would have happened. Over and above this, there is also not a single mark on the screen nor the phones body at all. You cannot even feel the crack with your nail when you run your finger over it and it appears to be on the inside….!

    My Service Provider (MTN) rejected the claim………it is absolutely disgusting that a phone of this price is not serviced by SONY.

    I will send emails to whoever I can at SONY voicing my opinion. If I still have no joy, I will make a you tube video of what the phone looks like (brand new) except for the cracked non-functional screen, then I will take a 4 pound hammer and smash it to pieces…..and bring into view an Samsung S4 or 5 when I buy a new phone.

    I will send this into cyberspace and air my discontent…..

  • Steve

    Steve here again with an update, I went down the Sony route and got nothing sorted and had to pay to get MY OWN PHONE BACK!! I am so disgusted with Sony it makes my blood boil. In the end I went to a small local phone shop and they guys in there were great, I paid upfront for the new screen (it comes as a complete unit with screen & digitiser so easier to fit) and the whole repair cost me £115. He did say to me though that once the phone is repaired & not by Sony he can’t guarantee that it’ll be waterproof… I mean he has to say that I suppose… so anyway, I got it unlocked & have it on Gumtree for sale, I’m PROUDLY going back to an iPhone 4s and getting a Survivor case! You can’t even get a decent rugged case for these otherwise I would!!! And to see people have commented that the glass breaks ON ITs’ OWN that is unreal!!! Bollocks to Sony, yours, a lost customer FOREVER.

  • Nicky

    I had the same case today!! my warranty ended 12 days ago so that’s very disgusting since it will cost me about half the price of my phone the area I live in

  • anonymous

    Hi, I got the same problem with a brand new Xperia Z1 Compact: self cracking screen, one crack from top-right to left bottom. Screen didn’t respond good, so I had to use a usb mouse to rest it, and switch it off.
    And all this happened within 24 hours of getting the device.
    I didn’t actually use it active. I just sat with my laptop to get the phone installed the way I want. Took some pictures, shot some film, send some messages and made a few shot calls.

    I send the phone back to the re seller, and hope for the best.

    In the mean time I’m searching the net for information to strengthen my case (if necessary)

  • neos

    I have simliar issues… The screen cracked for no reason and the service centre refuse to repair my phone. But now that i found this post, the chances of my phone getting repaired under warranty increased slightly hehe thanks :)

  • Gbob

    They replaced my screen when it was 7 months old,then they replaced the screen and battery2 weeks later after it cracked again

  • miss syaf

    I have the same problem with my xperia V and I’ve used it less than a year. I went to the sony centre, and they said that no warranty for that and the cost to repair that single crack is RM 600.++ :(

  • Marie Kahr Riazancew

    I have been informed by a Danish repair shop that Sony does indeed acknowledge the single crack issue. However the problem is that this single crack often turns in to several cracks before you notice even the single crack. My partner’s Z cracked due to overheating and Sony will not reckognise this fault so we have now taken it to the Consumer complaints council in Denmark and are now awaiting a ruling.

  • koyal

    I did face this issue but ultimately my phone was repaired free of cost, the reason for free repair was a very long delay from customer service not the warranty. Also its incorrect to have warranty if screen has a single crack in my case where screen shattered near camera and then there was a diagonal long crack till the tip of the screen. I failed to understand how could screen crack like this as it was in well protected leather case.

  • prathyu

    I had same problem in xperia z.. my cell was slipped from my hand.. the screen was slightly broken and it completly lost its touch.. I went to the servicing centre.. but no use of it.. what shell I do now.. with the cost of replacing the cell, we can buy an another cell.. and the servicing for broken screen is not available in india..

  • Coet

    My Xperia Z developed more than one crack on the screen. It was perfectly fine when I went to bed, next morning woke up and found the cracks. The phone was never dropped! Vodacom and Sony are refusing to repair the phone under warranty. I am very disappointed as the phone is expensive and to lose it a few months after purchase due to manufacturers fault is really unacceptable.

  • vinay

    How to get replace charging strip of xperia z ultra it’s rubber is broken

  • Danny

    I have a Z1s C6916 and my screen is cracked, from left to right in the middle across the screen. It’s now unresponsive to my touch. What is the average cost to get it repaired? Also does it use the same screen as the Z1? Because I see replacement screens sold online for average 100 USD, I see none for Z1s.

  • Don Polski

    I had my Experia Z in my pocket and pulled it out and half the screen stopped working, it took me some time to realise the screen had a hairline fracture that looked like it was behind the glass. I rang my carrier in Sydney and they said send it to them because they can fix things under warranty and so I did. Then they called me and said it’s damaged and it will cost me 200 bucks to fix! I googled it and found your blog and rang back and told them I wanted it back because it was a design fault and Sony should repair it under warranty. Sent it Sony’s repairer in Sydney…got a Brand New Phone in the mail!!! I’m really happy with it, it’s the best phone ever and I got a brand new one thanks to your blog and Sony’s excellent customer service!! Keep up the good work!

  • Xavier Hutchinson

    I just suffered this issue. single crack, appeared out of no where! I called sony and the guy said that there is no issue with the Z1’s screen and I must of dropped it. I mentioned that I knew otherwise (this site) and he laughed and said that the internet says what it wants. I asked for a team leader and he refused. I asked again for his name and he hung up. That is sony customer service for you! The phone is completely inoperable and only a month old. Sony Australia are scammers.

  • Sherif Kelany

    Hello, I have Xperia Z Ultra just bought it 3 months ago. suddenly and without any hit or fall, I found a hair crack on the screen with no any response when touching the screen. I found not even single scratch in casing, but the screen got crack. The crack is so thin that I couldn’t feel the crack with my hand. And the worst is, the touchscreen suddenly not working!..Please How can I deal with this?…can I claim the warranty??. Moreover I explored this over the internet and found its common problem and happened with other users of the phone

  • Alan Kirwan

    Sent my Ultra back to Sony on 02/01/14 with a hairline crack. After 3 weeks f chasing they said they had not received it, I had to provide proof of shipping etc. After much chasing they finally said that it was not under warranty for the crack, this was 26/02/14. I asked for a second opinion as was not satisfied. I got the same answer back on 015/03/14. Received the phone back last week – it now has a much larger crack! I complained to sony, they said I should get in touch with the courier I used. Unfortunately, because they took so long to send it back, I cannot put in a claim. Sony say its not their problem. Very disappointed, an ugly experience.

  • Ganesh

    Hi All,
    The crack in my Sony Xperia Z ulra is similar to the one shown above under “in warranty” images but the sony customer center rejected this and says that I need to pay 375SGD. Can anyone help?

  • Rajiv Varghese

    I had a similar misfortune with my Xperia E dual which is just 10 months old. There is no external damage however the display is not working and is just giving a white screen with a dark spot at the top. I took it to the authorized Sony service center and they refused to cover it under warranty as it is physical damage to hardware. What kind of hardware engineering has gone into this mobile? Even if there was an unseen impact to the screen, how is it that the display got damaged and the exterior is intact? The service center is charging Rs 4500 for the replacement screen, however, ebay (US site) sells it for just $22 (~Rs 1400). I really feel that Sony has no intention to make lasting phones and hence have flooded the market with cheap stuff at Sony price. They are in a race to get the market share without focus on quality hardware engineering.

  • Rajiv Varghese

    I had a similar misfortune with my Xperia E dual which is just 10 months old. There is no external damage however the display is not working and is just giving a white screen with a dark spot at the top. I took it to the authorized Sony service center and they refused to cover it under warranty as it is physical damage to hardware. What kind of hardware engineering has gone into this mobile? Even if there was an unseen impact to the screen, how is it that the display got damaged and the exterior is intact? The service center is charging Rs 4500 for the replacement screen, however, ebay (US site) sells it for just $22 (~Rs 1400).I really feel that Sony has no intention to make lasting phones and hence have flooded the market with cheap stuff at Sony price. They are in a race to get the market share without focus on quality hardware engineering.

  • Pingback: w-support: Erfahrungen / Kosten / Probleme usw. - Seite 250 -

  • Aman Abbas

    sony xperia z in warranty still 10 months old and had cracked the display dont know how it happened. Can it be replaced free of cost?

  • Captian Baddass

    Hello i recently purchased A sony xperia Z three months ago and yesterday i had it in my back pocket running errands. i pulled it out my pocket to take a picture of my daughter and it was all cracked up. Not one crack but a bunch. I am 220 pounds and there is no since of my phone only having one crack. What could i do about the situation. I am heart broken i just got the phone and refuse to pay 150 for a screen.

  • Energumeno Jaramillo

    I will try my best. I don’t write English very well. Well 1 1/2 month ago I stop to T-Mobile store to change my cel. They offer me a SONY XPERIA z. water proof. The cost $ 560.00 One week after with no reason I try to use my phone and don’t work. I go back to the store and told to them my cell didn’t work. They told me: its because the screen is broke. I don’t even notice that because the crack was almost invisible. I call the insurance and they make me pay $ 150.00 deductible. I get a new phone. 3 days ago I take my phone to text my sister and just what? The screen its broke again. I call them to cancel the insurance because I will not pay $ 150.00 every month of deductible. I NEVER WILL BUY SONY XPERIA AGAIN. I don’t have money to waste and this is C.R.A.P.

  • Harley Jones

    Yes and no, Sony Australia refuse to recognize this problem and are fucking all of their customers over. Charging in excess of $400 to repair the screen after refusing to honor their warranty.

  • Zineth

    if i were to have an xperia with water under the screen, would that count?

  • Bernie Allan

    If you have a self cracked phone dont give up trying to get it repaired under warranty. My daughter got her Xperia Z through E2SAVE, part of Carphonewarehouse. After around 4 months id developed a crack from around halfway down the side to the bottom. She said this happened whilst it was charging. The phone would no longer respond to touch. To be fair, the phone was in pretty poor condition. She hadnt fitted a case, didnt have a screen protector, was covered in scratches and had signs of impact on the top edge. There was also a crack in the back glass. Phoned E2SAVE who told us to take it into a Carphonewarehouse shop. They sent it off to their engineers who are Sony approved. It was returned 10 days later with a note saying that it was not covered under warranty and must have been self inflicted. I looked at repairing it myself and sending it away for repair. Costs varied from £120 – £220. I then wrote a long email to Sony, explaining that this phone had a crack similar to the ones that Sony were allegedly accepting as faulty. I also referred them to this forum, pointing out that this seemed to be happening to lots of their phones and citing some examples of them admitting to an overheating fault. They then forwarded a reference number and gave us an address to send the phone to. They warned it would be £14 for return postage if they did not cover it under warranty. The great news is that it was returned 2 weeks later. They had fitted a new front glass, new rear glass, new sides, new top and bottom, and a new battery. In other words it looked brand spanking new. It was the original phone as it had the same serial number. Total cost = £0. Thank you Sony. The moral of this story is dont just give up because you think it is a useless case. If all else fails you can sell it on eBay for around £75 even with a broken screen.

  • SAD

    DOSE any1 know how to shut alarm on sony xperia z screen has broken while charging my phone overnight in morning i saw hairline crack top of corner now touch screen not working .. PLEASE HELP ME SHUT THE BEEP BEEP BEEP FUCKING SONY DON’T HOW TO MAKE PHONE I ALREADY REPAIRED MY SCREEN LAST WEEK ONE PAKKI AND ITS BROKEN AGAIN.

  • Sean Phillips

    How do I know if mine is eligible under the warranty. Also how would I contact/send my phone to SONY?

  • sameed khan

    My screen craked on the top of the phone suffering difficulties with. The camera can’t choose front camera option and many more can’t. Open the notification bar :-((((

  • Neha

    Sony India is also refusing to recognize this problem. The worst part is they are not even willing to repair the phone even when offered to be paid for the repair.
    It’s a shame.. Six months and 36000 down the drain. I am washing my hands off off Sony for good! Disgusting!!

  • Lew

    I have a Xperia Z and have a faint crack which looks exactly like those in the pictures above (covered by warranty) and have been told that it won’t be fixed under warranty as it is “Physical damage”. It occurred in my pocket and i didn’t notice until i tried to answer my phone.
    Now i’ve made a complaint to sony and hopefully they will fix it

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  • Rapunzel

    I agree. My husband pulled his phone out of his pocket and the screen was cracked. He didnt even get a year out of it. Total rip off!! Ive been looking online and see this is a common problem. Never buying anything sony again.

  • Rick Keating


  • Rick Keating

    Sony have just agreed to fix the chip in screen of my. Z how long do they take to repair bareing in min f the time it takes for phone to get to them via free post address?

  • burgett-TR

    My Wife has the Z1S and it just happened to her – she pulled the phone out of her from pocket, of her lab coat and the screen was cracked. We returned it to Sony and they wanted $177 to repair the screen. I asked them about the issues I had heard about the screens cracking arbitrarily and the lady on the phone just ignored us. So I told them to just send the phone back – I’ll repair it myself. This WILL BE the LAST Sony device we own.

  • Robert Lincoln

    OMG. I had my Z for 30 days and pulled it out of my pocket and the screen is cracked. From the top to the bottom. One single fine crack. It is now unusable. I’m waiting for sony to contact me. The phone was in a case and had a screen protector on it. Never dropped and not a mark on it, other than a crack. Guys don’t carry handbags so where else am I supposed to carry it. I will follow it up here and keep you all posted.

  • jagadish seervi

    My sony z had broken and the sony service centee is asking 24000rs for that its very worst that people buy these type of phones

  • Anns Thomas Mathew

    MEI : 356603050090993 Date of purchase : 27 07 2013
    I am not getting satisfactory answers from your customer care email
    My phones(ZR water proof) screen broke by itself.
    Pl do not tell me to go to service centre, I have already visited them, they say that warranty is for purchase after 15 th sep
    So if my phone is of july I do not get any warranty
    I feel cheated, I have been using sony devices for long time…I never had incurred a problem like before…
    Service centre says that I have to pay 50% of the cost for this now. This is not acceptable, Pl respond

    But in this xperia blog
    saying that all the damage will be cover during the period of warranty…
    I bougth the Sony phone because all trusted there product and service … have I feel now been cheated by the company …..i bought the mobile almost it was launched…now I understand one thing don’t buy the Sony’s phone just after its resale even ,if u are a fan of sony like me….
    Hope company willnt do such injustice in future…
    Its been three month I am not getting any replay for sony for free replacement

    Anns Thomas Mathew
    Kerala India

  • Anns Thomas Mathew
  • karaoan

    Same issue here. Nearly invisible hairline crack without dropping phone (only 3months old). Worst thing: it renders phone completely inoperable after that. Doesn’t react to touch operations anymore and shows totally erratic behaviour. Sent to Australian official repairer and they got back to me with $350 repair quote. Can only warn about buying this brand. Went straight to shop and got S5. Sony never again.

  • Pandoo

    does anyone know how much it costs to repair xperia tablet z screen in thailand??

  • Abatta Emmanuel

    I bought Sony Xperia Z1 compact just 2 months ago. Just this morning I tried to switch it on only to discovers some tiny cracks on the screen. This is surprising because the phone never dropped from me before. The phone can no longer be used as a result of the crack. You cannot pick a call or access the phone contacts because the screen is no longer sensitive. The phone is totally useless now, Unlike other phones, even when there are major cracks, you can still use your phone. I have been using Black berries even the porsche version, they sometime slip out of me accidentally but non have ever had a crack. For a company with a reputation like Sony to make this phone, it is highly disappointing. My worst regret is ever buying this Sony phone. My agony is that I cannot find a service center in Abuja, My advice is that People should stop patronizing them.

  • Matthew

    probably 8000-10000 Baht
    my xperia z1 costs 6,500 Baht to repair the screen

  • Simon A

    They refused to fix mine under warranty, wanting £230 to fix had the phone 8 months, screen cracked whilst charging, absolute pile of crap,

  • Paulo Michel

    I had the same problem as you, the screen just gritted my Z1 (I believe it was me to be less stressed ) , sent for service sony Elsys , but another problem was discovered , the IMEI of the phone was not the same NF , (which relax ) so I went in the store I bought and requested a statement and sent the phone back , hence the absurd, they sent a report with several screen shots alleging misuse , with a work order claiming problem in handset ear and part of the cell brings totally scratched , called back the same number in the sony that u mentioned and they really will do anything regarding cracked screen, however pledged to replace the rear screen, as well , I sent the third time the unit to exchange the rear screen and make a budget, they sent me an email to concert 2,300.00 ( unbelievable ) and said that a piece of plastic from the chip set on the motherboard of the screen was broken , of course not q accepted the concert , I’d better buy another , then returned to the cell without the concert and did not switch the screen and he just scratched the sony set out to do , and part of them that was broken chip to open the damaged part , however this does not affect the exchange of cracked screen and much less useful life of the appliance , as they said.

    What did I do ? I took the machine and for a private concert with budget 650,00 assistance , however this hard to find the screen but once resolved, I will gather all the protocol , service order email and I exchanged justice .

  • Juan Sebastian Jacome

    Here is the photo of the screen of my xperia Z, Luckily still works the half of the screen and I can Chat and call, I won’t buy Sony Products in my entire life, his warranty politics are absurd, if you know a web where i can buy a display please let me know.

  • Amar

    I got the same prooblem. Found hairline crack in my screen out of no-where. My phone is still in warranty period. Can it be replaced. What are the terms and conditions?

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  • Alphie van Tonder

    My Xperia V had the same problem, accept my crack starts in the middle and runs to all edges, I did not drop my phone. The worst part is that the phone is completely useless after this and the touch screen does not work at all. It is going to cost me R2800 to fix and I don”t think it is worth fixing if this is a common problem with these phones. I will rather spend that money on a new phone with less problems and better service. This was my first Sony ever and I must say I was very disappointed. I won”t be buying a Sony again and I won”t recommend it to anyone else.

  • Alphie van Tonder

    Shouldn’t Sony pull back all this phones and admit that there is a problem with them before they lose even more customers? They already lost me and a lot of other people on this blog as customers an if anyone asks one of us about Sony, I am sure we will just say STAY AWAY!

  • Ganesh

    I also got a hairline crack in sony xperia z ultra and the service center says that they cant do it for free. I was using my finger nail to clean a dirt at the ear piece and got the hairline crack.

  • Uti9 8

    z1 compact does. mine just cracked

  • jphilipped

    somy care service just told me i will have to pay for broken screen no impact att all on the phone or screen just a crack that it ,so dont buy sony shit pls for tour own sake

  • max ellis

    Had this problem with the Sony ZR, unfortunately Sony themselves wont do anything because the phone wasn’t released in Australia even though an Australian wholesale company provided me with the phone. My phone has a little graze on the corner of which I have no idea how that happened about a month in (had it for less than 3) next month and a half later bam it self cracked but it looks like its been dropped because the crack starts on that corner. Maybe i’m fighting a loosing battle, But its still had a screen protector and case on it. I think this is really unfair and Sony should own up and recall all phones until the problem is fixed.

  • me

    I got the Xperia in late November almost December and since then have had to return this phone 3 times.1st time i pulled it out my pocket and there was a hairline crack in it that you could barely even see but, the screen would not work at all that was 150 to insurance 2nd time the same thing, though this time the screen had multiple cracks in it that was another 150 to the insurance. Now i just got my 3rd one and when i turned the phone on it was already cracked an could not be used at all.Thankfully they recognized that it could have happened in shipping and i will be sent a 4th one for free.
    Yea….this phone is not a good one for me, this is the only phone that i ever had that would not work at all with the smallest crack in it, I’ve seen phones that had the screen completely cracked and still worked…nope not this one i have to give it 2 out of 5 stars.

  • satyajith

    I’ve experienced the same problem. I own a Xperia z and the back panel was shattered when I took it out of my pocket. When contacted the Sony centre they say u r the only one claiming it to be an accident. Never buying Sony again

  • Maarten Veeger

    Well, this sounds nice but reality is different. The Sony Center in Milan refused to repair the spontaneously broken glass like in the first pictures of my one year old SonyXperia Z unless I paid 220 euro. So as you can understand this was My Last Sony!!! In the Milanese Chinatown they fixed it for almost half the price…

  • pieter

    Got the same prob my second one in 5 month

  • chermo16

    Mine also cracked suddenly. And here i am trying to bring it to sony service centers and they are asking for 11,000 pesos. Says that it is not covered by warranty, since the glass is broken. They did not believe me even when im telling the truth that my phone did not suffer impact or fall. When i told the that a lot had similar cases, they tell me that its just a way to ruin sonys reputation.

  • djm

    I have a z1 and out of the blue I have these tiny hair fractures in my screen. phone is completely unusable. I havnt even had it a year.

  • tired

    sony refuses to fix the screen with a small crack thts under the shatter proof sticker, the screen cracked due to overheating they full of crap trying to push the blame to me

  • ericshawn1

    Mines done the same

  • Andy

    Happened to me at the end of work I took my phone out of my pocket and the screen was cracked .. Will never get sony again

  • Vijay Meghnani

    what if we have paid and replace the xperia z ? will they give the amount back to us?

  • Longchamp S


  • Adrian Warner

    Had this problem twice now. Once whilst on charge the other whilst phone in pocket. O2 won’t do anything say is insurance issue or I have to pay full repair. Excess or full amount. Rubbish service.

  • jacogliddo

    I have the xperia z which also has the hairline crack on the screen.
    unfortunately I also smashed the glass on the back ( after the screen stopped working due to the crack on the front) do you think that sony will still replace my screen?

  • Anjali

    Even same happened with me . my phone was kept in the pocket for sometime and when i took it out and kept after some time it was cracked from upper part ..
    please provide me the replacement for the same on priority . Images attached Complaint No – 14081901616

  • Vyas Chady

    Man, same thing happened to me just a few minutes ago. Its 2:30 am, and that is the reason I am looking for answers online and came across these blogs. I have been using my Z Ultra as usual, mine is almost 1 year old. Have looked after it extremely well. Not a scratch on it. Then I went outside and came back to my computer, the phone was not even in my pocket, it was charging and turn it on and I started to see that I could not unlock the screen. Then I noticed a very thin line crack and the screen kept jittering.

  • kamal

    jus now got crack in both front and back of experia z, is there any remedy for this action , it broke like a packet full of biscuit flexible

  • Klasu

    4months two self cracking screens. Last one cracked today while on hand and in middle of scrolling through photo album. Heard little snap and crack started from left top corner and widened through the entire screen. As i’m in finland, there is no warranty for cracks on the screen… But now i know, there is some manufacturing fault involved. If only NOKIA would use android…

  • rahman

    Same Problem ,,, My z1 compact has cracked ,purchased from dubai,, they have not get warranty,, only the touch problem , but touch and display rate is 8000 rupess

  • shaun

    I have the sony xperia v and my phone over heated and the screen cracked at the top now they telling me that its my fault. dont know what to the phone is three months old

  • Ashwin Kumar

    hey buddy !! did i got ur touch & display replaced ??
    how much did it cost ??

  • Ashwin

    Did U got ur touch & Display Replaced ??
    i M Having the same issue
    wat is ur suggestion ??

  • goodman

    Hi I have a Sony eperia z with a hairline crak on it. How it happened I was takeing out of my pocket and it was cracked now I can get into my phone what should have this happened 2 anyone else

  • Vyas Chady

    Xperia Z Ultra
    Same thing happened to me, Sony is charging $291.50 to replace the screen. I did not ever drop the phone. It was in a very good quality case, plus has good screen protector. All I did was to go outside at night for a cigi, it was probably 2 degrees celcius outside. I was out only for 1 minute or so, before I went outside I looked and used the phone, put it in my pocket and went outside, light a cigarette and took it out. Then put it back in my pocket and went inside. When I came inside I took it out again, and voila I saw the screen crack in front of my eyes.. It cracked due to the sudden hot and cold. I am sure about that because I saw it crack in my hand while I was looking at it. Unfortunately, I was not going to spend $291 to fix it, because you can buy a brand new one 4g for $329 these days. But, I did not want to buy another one of the same, because what if the same thing happen and sooner this time. So, I bought something else.

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    ??????? ????????? ????

  • Tim Prevett

    Yup – it’s happened to me; it was sat on the sofa. Fine. 45 minutes later, still on the sofa, no drop, crack on more than half of the display…

  • Petar

    Hi my name is Petar from Bulgaria ,i took the device out of my pocked and i sow crack like above pictures(hairline crack),but they want me to pay and refuses me warranty.What can i do in this case.Please help

  • scuba_chic

    Ridiculous… cracked on it’s own.
    Sony are quick to say send it back for repair, but what they don’t say is that the cracked screen isn’t covered under warranty and it’ll cost you £21 to get your phone sent back after they have quoted for an overpriced repair! Completely unacceptable given that it is a fault with the phone!

  • nicole

    Does anyone know if Sony still offers repairs on these my boyfriends phone got a tiny crack out if nowhere last week and another appeared a few days later, the front itself has no marks on it and still had the screen protector on till this happened its actually underneath but still makes the top 3/4 of the screen unusable, he had noticed the battery had been getting very hot in the weeks before so I’m pretty sure that has something to do with it (another article mentions how overheating can damage the screen) I don’t know whether its worth sending it to Sony or just having it fixed locally…

  • Debashis Hira

    Hey, is your xperia rendered useless after this so called out of blue shatter incident? Did Sony cover the repair under warranty claim?
    Tell me one thing, I have been itching my head since a long time wondering about this, why is it that every claimed report over internet about this weird screen shatter/display crack issue being the one while the phone is inside the trouser pockets and not being lying somewhere on table top or matter of same situation?
    Might be its affecting only a handful of the customers but that’s hard to figure out when it has been reported that the display doesn’t shatter on major waist height drops but on the other hand it just cracks on its own inside trouser/jeans pocket almost 99% of the cases.
    Its almost a case of a rumor that was just spread like a wildfire with no actual reports strengthening the claim.

  • Debashis Hira

    Did you try figuring out what caused that issue or any official report from Sony accepting that as a hardware glitch?

  • John Ho

    XB is correct. My new z3 Compact got cracked with a single fine line on the display and Sony Hong Kong replaced for me with a new phone without any hassle. I like my z3c and love Sony!

  • goldsboc

    Just happened to mine. I know for a fact that I used it yesterday around lunch time, then went to call my mom around 4pm & it didnt work.. I’ve only had this one for about 3 months .. I just thought bad service, but I couldnt even shut it down. When I got into the sunlight I tilted the phone & realized there was a hairline crack (not the TOP screen, but underneath it as you CANNOT feel the crack on the surface). It basically useless as it randomly pulls things up, like a ghost writer, and you cannot TURN it off. Mine WAS NOT in a pocket as I had dress pants on yesterday with NO pockets & the only other place was in a special outside pocket in my purse…. I think there is a definite defect with the “2nd” screen… I do not have time to FIGHT with Sony about this, ad I am going out of time early on Friday morning, so since I have cell insurance I out in a claim to replace it ($150 I dont really have right now!).. I also sent an email to SONY, but I am not holding my breath.. I HAVE had cell phones since they first became popular in the general public & NEVER cracked a screen.. My first Xperia was the first edition Z1 & it locked up on me with a black screen, so I thought Id give Sony another shot with this newer edition NOW this! GRRRRRR

  • Debashis Hira

    Sorry to hear about that. This might have to do something with the build quality affecting few selected devices. I mean it just feels wrong that the display cracks rendering the touch panel unless. Might be the heating effect be causing this peculiar damage on the digitizer. Its strange that none of the top YouTube gadget reviewers reported this while on the other hand they had brought out the bend gate story of iPhone. I could just come cross few speculated blogs and users reporting this issue but haven’t yet seen any video about this hence this withdrawal in accepting this report.
    The extra slimness of the product has to bear the tradeoffs of some faulty designing. I do condemn the fact that these modern day smart phones have started designing unibody chassis with battery buried deep inside just to make it more slim. I still carry my Galaxy Nexus and have pried it open umpteen times to check in the internals and can swap battery when it goes flat.

  • Ke

    How do you know this is a new phone?

  • Debashis Hira

    That’s something quite important. Thanks for letting us know. So Sony India would provide service under warranty to products manufactured after Sept/Oct’13

  • Debashis Hira

    Also would be nice if you could share me the some pictures of the crack that you got on the screen.

  • Vyas Chady

    Same here Sony Australia did not honor warranty repair, I removed my used my phone put in pocket and took it out nd it ws cracked. X Z Ultra. I know what caused it. It is definitely sudden drop in temperature that caused it. I just happened to be using it inside the house where is was a nice 22 degrees, Melbourne Winter time, went outside for a cigarette at around 1am. I have been reading a book on Kindle, put it in my pocket went outside. 1 minute, because it was too cold, went bad inside and it wont unlock, then look closely and there it was cracked screens. Called Sony and they wouldn’t repair for free. It’s not that I could not afford a $300 repair, but since they refused to offer warranty, I went and purchased a LG G3 for $900 the next day. I was saving that for the Z3, too bad. And guess what else, I was also planning to get a PS4 yeah, since I already have PS3 I was not in a hurry, because there is no great titles on PS4 anyway, the only game, I play is warhawk. So, guess what, I would never have imagine me buying an XBoX one instead. Never, because I have many Sony stuffs, Xba h3, tmz t3w, hw700ds, 55inch bravia 4k 3d. mdr ma 900. So, what got me to look for another brand.. Guess.

  • Alekhya

    History repeats itself when i pull out my xperia z ultra out of my pocket just to see a crack running across the display’s breadth thus no accidental fall or external pressure playing a role in its desturiction. Sadly, the warranty perioid was exhausted just a month back. i have no idea hwat should be done now. The Sony service centre authorities demand me to shell out Rs.30,000 for a set replacement. This is absolutely preposterous

  • john

    Where can i buy a new triluminos screen for my sony xperia z ultra?? Cuz i need one badly

  • Fatih

    it’s happened to my Xperia ZR, single line crack diagonally from top right to down left

  • Jesper

    Exactly this happened on my Z1 compact but info from repair shop is NO warranty…

  • Ke

    How do you identify if the device is new or refurbished

  • fat

    Today my Phone, a z2, in his case burst in pieces after a short fall on the floor. This is a Phone made of glass, it Need te be strong enough to resist a fall like that. This is standard measurement that is been done for products. It is nonensense that Sony does nog repare, It is a must, expecially if a crack already happens without any force!

  • Sathis kumar V

    Hi, Can someone tell me what is the price for replacing the Cracked Display in California ?

    I am planning to replace my cracked display in US , in INDIA it is INR 17K for replacing, which is half the price of mobile .


  • Christopher Okwuokei

    Sad to see this common problem, never knew about this. my Z1 is just little over a month old, just discovered yesterday why bringing out of my pocket with a line, thought it was possibly a scratch but was amazed when the screen couldn’t respond to touch. there has to be a warranty for this problem. i have enjoyed this phone for the shot period it lasted. ow do I fix the screen with such amount that can buy another android?

  • sam

    sir i have a xperia z c6606 smart phone.2 days before the battery got leaked so my display strip/circuit was completely damaged.but my display is still can i get the display strip seperatly ?????????????

  • Ray Scheel

    Had this develop on an Xperia Z1S last week (purchased in May 2014) and am prepping it to send to Sony (with a copy of this article) as soon as I get an old phone working to at least receive calls for the 2+ weeks I need to be prepared to do without it.

  • wackojacko.68

    Hi I have the same issue had my phone since April in July was sent to Sony with two hairline cracks top left corner was in my pocket got very warm took it out and could not swipe it seen the cracks kept trying to swipe the password and it got worse, sent it to Sony explained what had happened told me was not covered with warranty and had to pay £84 to get it back fixed and if I did not wont them to fix it they charges £15 before they will send it back so they take your money any way. Ended up paying cause I need phone 3 months down and its in again with a cracked screen again, was sitting on the table heard it beep thinking a message but no battery almost flat I can get 2 days on one charge and I charged it that night on picking the phone up it was very hot put it on charge that night next morning alarm goes off try’s to switch it off but could not swipe my code and noticed screen cracked again and because I kept trying to put my code in I made the screen worse and now EE have said right down to the last word its not under Sony warranty and will have to pay again for the same thing that happened 3 months ago Sony customer service is so bad I will never buy any of there goods again, aim waiting on EE to see if they can help me as I cant keep paying for this phone every 3 to 4 months its not worth it and I do love this phone but not at my expense

  • Harin Sheth

    Yes today also my friends phone z1 got this issue
    3 mnths of buy
    No outer layer damage
    But if u see on screen it has 3 bug scratches & his phone touchscreen stopped working..!!
    Go for note 3 instead of z1

  • Harin Sheth

    Go for note 3 instead of z1

  • Prabhat

    Hi, My name is Prabhat, the same incident happened with my phone, when I pulled it out of my pocket the screen was cracked. My phone is not under warranty. Does anybody have any idea how much would it cost to get it fixed?

  • Jessica

    By they way what’s the criteria to get it repaired by Sony? As I purchased the broken screen from and about to replace it. I wish I could read this before :(

  • Matt

    Mine’s just cracked for no reason as well. Was using it, next minute I can’t swipe and notice a crack forming.
    Shame, I’ve been buying Sony for years. Makes me reconsider.

  • Bart

    Two cracked screens in 3 months for unknown reasons. The first time Sony wouldn’t cover . The second I will probably have replaced because the stay connected cost me $180 to replace phone. Crap do not buy . We have several Sony products including two large 3 d flat screens. No more goodbye Sony .

  • alkesh

    service people ask me for 18000 inr for screen replacement what the hell sony sucks

  • Marcel Pyoos

    After removing my Sony Z phone from my pocket, I noticed that it had developed a single crack along the upper middle half of the phone. The touch screen above and below this hairline crack was rendered useless. This phone has never been dropped and the glass has screen protectors on both sides (Body Glove). I’ve sent the phone in for an assessment and the feedback is that I need to pay in R2,800 for the repair. I feel that it is unfair that I have to pay for a defective screen considering that there was no negligence on my part. Any advice on how I can proceed with the matter. The phone is still under contract, i.e. 6 months before I can upgrade.

  • Nanna Fock

    I have a Sony Xperia Z3, purchased in October 2014. Without any fall it had a very small crack and the screen wasn’t working. Actually I only found the crack because the screen was partly working, just not on the lower part. I got it repaired under warranty. Yesterday, whe I took it out of my pocket wearing gloves, it suddenly slipped out of my hand, because both gloves and phone is very smooth. It fell on stony ground, and got a small crack. Still worked. Today I left it on top of my wallet at my table at work. Started working. After 5-10 minutes it falls to the floor (wooden floor), and I didn’t touch it at all, and I sit pretty still. Now the screen is totally cracked, and it doesn’t work. I lost my old LG many times on the wooden floor and asphalt. The screen didn’t crack until I had it for 2 or more years. I wish I could change it for another design, as I don’t like that it is that slippery and the screen that vulnerable.

  • Wainy

    just happened to my Z3 compact, screen shattered whilst in an case in my pocket on the way home, only had it for 2 weeks
    Sony are saying out of warranty repair of £108
    going to contact Watchdog

  • abcde

    Aren’t the z1 conpact waterproof? If it is and I crack my screen and replace it, will it still be waterproof?

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  • Pankaj

    WTF is with the sony phone … my phone screen als creaked today when i saw online than come to know that it big problem with sony phone … will never buy anything from sony … RIP

  • Saba alba

    I hav xperia z1 n its screen was broken by its own! It wasnt due to accidental damage! I wud never buy any sony product in my life! It was an disguisting experience i had evr in my life! Whosoever reading my cmmnt on dis xperiablog please dont buy sony xperia its jus disguisting! Worse experience of my life! Shit happens at ua service center! Gth cbc! Get lost !!n nw m using iphone it is much better!! Huh !
    Innocent customer who had loss of 30k!!!

  • jimmy

    This hairline crack happened twice in my Sony Xperia Z in one year. Sony service factor in Greece, refused to repair it in guarrantee and I had to pay 250 euros each time. I will never buy a Sony smartphone again

  • PegasisMCG

    I have a Z1, but it’s behavior is strange. I accidentally dropped it on the pavement at least 4 metres down from where I was at, and there was barely any damage. Months later, I drop it one metre onto a marble floor and there’s now a crack and there’s no response when I touch it. Can ANYONE explain this?

  • barrie

    have the same issue sony xperia uk refusing to fix, currently waiting for a manager call back. twelve weeks ive been fighting this. they wont give me details for customer relations, complaints, managers or even the CEO point blank refusal. il continue to dog them on fb, twitter and every sony email I can find for managers, directors etc

  • Janine Wilson

    I’m told that not even a hairline fracture is covered under warranty, and that Sony have never said anything about their screens. Not sure what to do now.. $360.00 to repair

  • Marione Paul

    My phone repair will cost more than Php 13,000 = more or less USD320
    and it’s warranty just expired last feb 7,2015 and broke last feb 11, 2015..
    Xperia z1

    not dropped..just from my pocket…

  • md aftaab

    mine xperia z has same crack screen has only one crack that too it’s not physically damaged i can assure it. when i said it in sony center they said it was physical damage.they asked me to pay 13500k (50%) for replacing my phone with some other used and serviced xperia z and asked to pay 21600 (80%) to replace it with new xperia z phone.(as i cannot capture image from mine phone .so i have showed similar images of my phone condition) conclusion: don’t buy the sony phones .they will cost u double than investment

  • Travis

    Hello, my xperia z3 screen has cracked slightly on the front and on the back of the phone. I think the reason for this is because i have dropped it onto the ground at least 5 times. To be honest i did complain to Sony about my phone cracking by itself where they said it possibly isn’t covered under warranty. I grumbled a bit. Today in the mail i received a rubber phone case and a screen protector and I’m not sure who from but i can only think it’s from Sony. So this is a bit of a rant but Sony, i do love the phone and i promise next time i will buy a good phone case to protect it before i complain again. Happy Sony customer

  • Denise White

    Adam, How did you go with your cracked screen on the Xperia Z1? I have just heard back from the approved Sony repairer and have had a massive argument with Sony abount my cracked screen – they are refusing to fix under warranty – it will cost me $265 to fix or $45 to pay for the quote. My phone has never been dropped, all add on accessories I purchased are Sony originals, Have always used a screen protector, (basically have treated the phone like gold) – it overheated while on an overseas trip and self cracked from the top left hand side. We sat in the car and watched this happen. It started with a small crack to the left, then another crack from the same point but to the right – across the face of the screen, then the third crack started from the same start point through the length of the screen, making it totally unusable. Sony say they have scientific evidence to prove that this is not possible. Apparently the heat that caused the FLEX in the aluminium frame – which SAM (The Sony Manager) agrees, caused the crack – was not high enough to melt other internal components so the heat is not the cause of the flexing frame……. I have asked for this scientific information to be put into writing. Lol… lets wait and see. I am considering taking this to small claims QLD. any information you can provide would be fantastic.

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  • Digvijoy Borgohian

    I have too come through the same issue … After taking the phone out of my pocket,… i found the phone having crack.. it is very unfortunate… xperia Z.
    Digvijoy Borgohain

  • sonny

    im from z1screen just cracked…sony is charging me 14k plus pesos…thats around 330 usd!

  • Adam

    sorry, but I have question. what’s about Sony Xperia Z1 compact ? i had the same issue. my screen has got crashed itself from left to right like in in the photo. So what do you think, will this issue be accepted ?

  • suman

    I have been using xperia z1 since almost a year. All of suddenly, my display screen self cracked. I got shocked with this incident. Really disappointed with this. But Z1 has a great camera which i ‘ve ever had so far..

  • Rara Touré

    The second way you phone seemed to crack is the same as me, I’d had my phone on charge and when I woke up in the morning it was fine, left it there for around 20/30 mins came back and there was a hairline fracture from the middle right hand side all the way down to the left. I hadn’t even moved the damn thing, I’ve luckily had my phone much longer than anyone else on this forum about a year but this is the third ‘version’ i.e screen replacement of this phone i’ve had in just under 2 years. My mum has the Z3 and her phone has had to be repaired 5 times within the space of 2 months due to hairline fractures. Really not impressed.

  • rakesh

    anyone can please tell me the Display price of sony center and other shops are asking me for 9000.:(

  • Kim N

    Well am not impressed my Sony Xperia z2 has a crack across the screen and seem to be getting no where fast with Sony New Zealand as my phone is still in the warranty period. Seem to be playing a waiting game with Sony who have failed to contact me back as we do not have a service center in this town… Customer service thus far leaves little to be desired … Its getting to the stage if they dont step up to the plate I will lodge a complaint with small claims court…

  • Hello, I am from Noida, India. My Sony Xperia Z2’s screen cracked mysteriously on the 6th of May 2015. One minute I see the phone in absolutely fine condition and the next minute when I picked it up to make a call, the screen was shattered (no fall, no crushing, no nothing), the phone was unusually warm and was sightly curved.

    I upgraded to Lollipop a week ago, and it was around the same time when I noticed the unusually heating up of my Sony Xperia Z2 along with a prompt of a notice on my handest, that ‘Your Device is overheating…’ (I am not into gaming or anything, just the usual phonecalls, whatsapp and emails).

    I purchased it in September 2014, my phone is still under warranty. On the 7th May 2015, I gave my handset for repairs at a Sony Service Centre in Noida and yesterday I got a call from them stating the cost of repairs- it is a whopping 26000/- for a replacing the screen and the motherboard.

    Since then I have been surfing the net to find out more to my problem and realised that I am not the only one…I saw all these forums for this mysterious shattering of SONY XPERIA Z1, Z2 and Z3 and it is sad to state that SONY being such a reputed company hasn’t done anything for all these complaints and have been misleading consumers into buying such high end phone without giving any support (should such problems arise).

    I have asked for my handset to be returned and I am not spending 26000/- on a handset for which I’d paid 45000/- already. Once I receive my handset I shall keep it for posterity, to remind myself of the horrible experience that I have had and that big name does not necessarily mean a good product. I shall also take pictures and post it on my BLOG and on FORUMS where I think it will help the unsuspecting customers from purchasing something as low grade and fraudulent as the SONY has been rolling out.

  • srinu

    don’t buy sony xperia mobiles. i buy xperia z mobile and the display is cracked .i am just put it in my pocket i go to customer care it’s not in warrantey.they ask 80% of money for replacing of phone.they did not repair that mobile. worest experience with sony xperia z

  • Soumyata Narula

    faced a similar problem with my 4 month old phone..kept on charge, took it out was working fine and then stepped out. Kept it in an ’empty’ bag. The moment I took it out saw a tiny crack. tried swiping in but the touch screen refused to work. Replacement is costing Rs4000. Sony centers refuse to change it without a cost despite it still being under warranty. Said ‘we have not heard of cases like this’. Very disappointed.

  • Brian Galenkamp

    I woke up to my z3 with a crack, sitting on the night stand in the same place I plugged it in…. cracked. Sending to Sony Canada. Better be under warranty

  • Govind Reddy

    Please don’t buy any Sony xperia z series mobile waste of money…once fall down your mobile don’t take kick it…it’s name is Sony …

  • Greta S

    I have the sony Xperia Z, secondhand from a relative, it was fine when i got it, but it slipped off my bed and hit the floor. didn’t hit it hard and barely made a sound, but theres a small crack and now the entire screen is unresponsive. even my ipad has never cracked after being dropped multiple times.

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  • aatreya

    i am also facing the same problem with my sony z ultra i had put my cell on charging after some time my cell got ringed and i am unable to pick it up then i saw a crack on my screen and the touch was not working when i went to my service center they told me its droped some where but there is no dent or scrache on my phone and they are asking me to pay 10500 and they will give me a refurbished pice i mean what the fuck is this ……. if u are taking money then then sony should replace my cell with a new one not with a refurbished….

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  • veera sattibabu Sanivarapu

    Hi,My phone is Sony xperia ZR C5502. It is also having single crack as shown in the above photos.It is under warranty only. Can you please suggest me how can I approach Sony service center to make my phone repair as they are saying that it is come under physical damage. But is having only single crack as shown in the top photos. what proof should i submit as if they reject to repair. Please help me out.
    Thanks in advance

  • GT

    I bought the same phone. Usually used as a second phone at home, so no carrying around. But lately started using it for my personal use and so used to carry it in my pocket. Only one week and the phone is cracked with a hairline crack running from the top left to down curving to the left and ending about two third way up the left of the phone. Since then the phone has become quite useless.

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  • Mohammad Sajid

    S. I have single cracking issue.
    And it’s in under warranty.

  • Kuldeep Maheshwari

    I have purchased sony xperia z1 in feb 2015, suddenly yesterday afternoon when i pulled out my phone out from my pocket and tried to make a call, i was unable to do any call as screen was not working fine, as i had again concentrated on the screen it seems that there is an hair line crack in my mobile screen and due to which i was not able to do so, can’t realise that how it could happen that screen is cracked, i am attaching the pictureof the screen crack on my phone, pls share some relevant information so that i can be repaired under warranty from sony service center.
    As there is no other physical damage on the phone apart from the screen, Please help to get the same repaired from sony under warranty. Anyone can reach me @ +91-8875023536.
    Rgds Kuldeep

  • kumar pratik

    yesterday… i too got a hair like self crack screen on my xperia z1. the phone was still under warranty but the service center has refused to repair it under warranty. I have read all the terms and conditions of warranty and am pretty confident that sony will have to get it repaired under warranty. i have decided to go to consumer court for this.Moreover sony itself have agreed that it’s phone has this inbuilt fault in the whynot get it repaired under warranty. U guyz plz support me to drag this cheap sony company to court..

  • Billy Poveromo

    I’ve had (2) different Z3 compacts, all experiencing the same issue. My current one has had it occur on average every 2 months. A random crack on the back appears. I’m going on my 5th time now sending it in and after many complaints, and assurance it would be escalated, nothing happens. They just fix and send back and I explain the definition of insanity. I’m now disputing this because I’m on the edge of my warranty so what’s going to happen when this happens 12 months and 1 day? I paid $550 for this phone direct from Sony and expect a higher quality then this.

  • Amr

    The same way!! i took my Xperia z out of my pocket and found my display cracked i don’t know how! . Then i went to the technical centre and paid 600 LE to replace it and the new display turns the white colour into yellow please any help?!!!!!

  • Amr

    The same issue here and the same conditions i will never buy any Sony’s devices again

  • Julian Firkins

    Here’s my (sorry, rather long…) story:

    I’m in Brussels, Belgium. My Sony Experia Z1 Compact suddenly got a cracked screen (5 small cracks emanating from the lower left hand edge, near the micro SD port) and it was blocked completely at the password screen. The screen was visible, but the Touch function stopped working all together, so no way to enter password to access phone. Receiving txts, updates and incoming calls but impossible to use phone without touch function. Also, impossible to backup my data because the computer needs the phone to be active (not password protected) when it’s connected. I tried plugging a USB mouse into the OTG (On The Go) Sony EC 310 cable – provided with the phone (it’s a female USB at one end and male Micro USB at the other) but nothing seemed to work.
    So, then I did a forced shutdown of the phone, by pressing power button and Up Volume simultaneously. When I switched back on, Whoop whoop!, the mouse pointer was visible on the phone screen, so I was able to enter the PIN code for the SIM card and then the password for the screen lock. Swiping on the phone is the same as drag+dropping on the mouse (i.e. click, hold and drag). Tapping on phone = left clicking on mouse.
    So I’m now using my phone with the cable and mouse – very weird, but at least my info, contacts, data and photos are all accessible…! I’m also able to backup my data from the phone to my computer since the phone is now unlocked, so I can connect it to the computer with the USB – Micro USB cable and the Sony Bridge for Mac allows me to backup.
    Now the big issue will be with Sony to see if they’ll repair it under warranty…

    […. 1 month]

    So, it was a long battle with Sony, but they eventually agreed to repair the screen under warranty. Firstly, I called Sony and they suggested I take the phone back to the shop I bought it (Carrefour hypermarket). I did that and they said: “we’ll only send it into the Sony Repair Centre and wait for their response, so you might be better off doing that yourself and then we won’t be the middle-man in all the communications – you’ll be communicating direct with Sony”.

    So I paid a small fee +/- 7€ to register it and have it picked up and sent to the Sony Repair Centre for Belgium – Dynafix. I included a letter with all the details of the phone and a description of how I just discovered it suddenly cracked; no dropping or undue pressure…

    Although I was very apprehensive about getting the phone repaired under warranty, given all the horror stories I’d read on forums and the Sony Support site, I nevertheless decided to adopt a friendly but direct approach in all my communications with Sony AND Dynafix. I figured that it’s regular people who are going to make the decision, so there’s no point in being rude and pissing them off; they’re probably dealing with impolite pissed off people all day anyway… I took down names of everyone I spoke to, times and dates of all my calls and emails and mentioned them each time I called. Not surprisingly, the people at Dynafix recognized the names of the people at Sony and vice-versa. To be fair, all the people I spoke to at both Sony and Dynafix were very helpful and responsive. Especially at Dynafix – where they seemed to agree with me that I had a strong case for repair under warranty.

    However, after Dynafix had examined the phone, taken photos and sent them back to Sony, I got the standard response: “Your device has been assessed by our technicians, and the conclusion is that the needed repair cannot be executed under warranty conditions…. We ascertained dropping damage”, and repairs would cost me €141,55.

    So I called Sony back and insisted (in a friendly way!) that I was not happy with the decision. I asked for the problem to be escalated, stating very clearly that I was sure I hadn’t dropped the phone, that I was aware of 100s of other clients with cracked screens, that Watchdog UK had done a report on Xperia phones, and that specifically on my phone, there was clearly no sign of a drop mark anywhere on the frame, but just the screen was cracked. That seemed to do the trick and within a couple of days, they emailed me back saying “My colleague escalated your complaint about the out of warranty decision regarding the damage of your phone to me. I discussed your case with my colleagues and we decided to repair your phone in warranty. I contacted the repair center about this, and your phone will be repaired without costs.”

    About 10 days later, I got my phone back with the screen repaired.

    Conclusion: it seems as though Sony’s standard response to a cracked screen is: “not valid for repair under warranty”, but if you push back and insist, it seems they’ll back down and do the repair for free.

  • Edgar McGill

    By all of what I have read so far I think I can conclude that NONE of us would recommend buying this phone or possibly ANYTHING from Sony in the future. Their customer service is a disgrace to such a successful trusted name brand company, I’m pretty sure their profit margin will decrease this year do to the handling of this matter.
    All I know is like many others I didn’t abuse my phone rather I cherished it, purchased a expensive shell cover to help protect it, made sure it didn’t get dropped or mishandled, didn’t loan out or let others handle it and it still came up with a crack. Didn’t have the phone long enough to be out of warranty but since I purchased the phone on Ebay from a licensed dealer they would not honor the warranty or the statement made supposedly to owners of these defective phones that they would fix the screen without cost to the owner, I have bought many Sony products in the past however all of that is changed now.

  • Quentin Humphrey

    Similar experience with Sony UK, not interested in repairing under warranty, single crack across the screen with phone only 6 weeks old, they even asked me for screenshots of what was being said online!! Then said they are not responsible for what’s said online. I will never buy Sony again, terrible attitude towards customers, fucking shit company!

  • Stuart Moodey

    Z5 hairline crack, was charged and did not move off the desk. Crack appeared in the day without phone moving off desk. Phone not even 2 weeks old. Sony Xperia z5 review – DO NOT BUY. Sent to Sony under warranty, and told to pay £118.76. Will never buy Sony again! Do not buy Sony Xperia z5. Do not buy Sony products!

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  • Rodel Ramos

    Yes , same with my XperiaZ1.
    This was out of warranty now.
    It was fall beside my bed, but work fine, but suddenly after a week I was notice a crack & now never respond for touch screen. Any suggestion please.

  • hjafs kdfsh

    send it out of country..

  • Capngeoff


  • gaurav jain

    very true, today morning, i found my Z1 screen cracked too in the same way.Unfortunately, its out of warranty now. Most of the times screen is working but sometimes unusual clicks are happening throughout the crack . the screen is now unusable.

  • Baron Wolfgang Von Vheeler

    Well I thought you all were talking crap .. I really love my Sony Z1. Then I went shopping and came home received a text, went to look at phone and couldn’t …… I didn’t even see the two cracks coming from the same as warranty Pics for 5 mins… restarting phone etc trying to fix…. then the light shone on it and I saw the crack… couldn’t believe it….. I will call sony and ask… not sending it away without approval, first….. good luck for me …lol

  • Leonardo Sedillo

    I have a unit xperia z, it looks just fine however the center part from top to bottom of the screen when u touch it will no longer function u need to touch it harder for 2 days and now cant use it anymore. No cracks or whatsoever.

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