Any Xperia Z owners suffering from cracked glass?

by XB on 3rd April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z GlassEver since we first heard that Sony Mobile was planning on releasing an Xperia flagship with a glass back, we were immediately concerned about the fragility of the device. After all, the iPhone 4/4S with its glass back had abnormally high repair rates related to cracked glass. There were also numerous reports of the LG Nexus 4 glass back cracking.

This led to a good cause for concern for the Xperia Z’s build quality and last year we posed the question to our readers, asking whether a glass back was a deal-breaker for some? Well now that the handset has been out for over a month we thought we’d ask how people are getting on with their Xperia Z’s? How durable have you found the handset? Do you treat it with kid gloves? Has anyone suffered from cracked glass on the back? We’d love to hear about your experiences below.

  • Rammstone

    No cracks but the NFC logo has got some scratches so instead of the logo there is now a white square which looks horrible. And the blue detail on the USB flap fell off. Its was just glued on there but I lost it so I can’t glue it back on unfortunately. These are sad details for me on an otherwise fantastic phone.

  • Silesia

    … shit happens.

  • xperiancer

    The NFC logo is only a sticker. Just peel it off…

  • ndevil

    Well the nfc thingy is just a sticker so take it off :D Otherwise no problems in the first month for me but the pic above is what I am affraid of, also in the Front of course ;)

  • ophereon

    The NFC logo is just a sticker, you can peel that thing off. As for the flaps, I know all too well what that’s like. I had the Arc S before the Z and the HDMI flap fell off because I fiddled with it too much., I superglued that on a twice before just gluing the whole thing shut so it wouldn’t fall off again.

  • Felipe Fujimori

    No problem until now. As an ex iPhone 4S user, I must say the Xperia Z feels more durable. But we will just know with time.

  • No Problems here… sometimes if People ask about the Z and i Show a few things i also knock it to the border of the wooden table and everybody just Looks like “oh shit!” :D but i trust the device and NOTHING is damaged

  • No problems here!

  • I don´t have problems…just two little scratches on the back but you can´t really see them…you need to look for them.

  • Holy shit. How did it happen?

  • James Earley

    Nope everythings fine here. The Xperia Z is just beautiful, Sony are still at the forefront of design.

  • Jasper

    Dropped the phone multiple times; even once on a hard concrete floor.

    Not even a scratch :D

  • reptile64

    I always place it on flat surfaces, never dropped, always in my soft tender pockets WITHOUT other objects of course, many scratches on the back shatter proof sheet..! :(

  • xp windows

    this is probably not caused by a drop. look at how the screen breaks. with the xz’s lip, something can’t hit that part of the glass because it will be blocked by the polyamide surrounding the device. it probably hit something pointed or protruding or a hammer was dropped on it. i’ve seen how this phone withstood several drops on ceramic tiles, wooden tiles, and pavement. the glasses didn’t break. they only broke when a big heavy hammer was dropped on the device right on to the glass. ordinary drops shouldn’t cause that much damage.

  • it looks like a hammer smash!

    watch this stupid video of that lame poster and u’ll know what im talking about guys!

  • I removed the NFC sticker from day one. I just couldn’t wait to put my phone under water.

    The high pressure from water I was putting the phone under kinda peeled half of the sticker, so I removed the rest of it. :P

  • I think they will give you new one right?

  • He dropped a hammer on it i guess, check the video above.

  • I have dropped my Z quite a few times now. Nothing happened to the screen yet, neither back nor front.
    Although, the back has a few scratches. They aren’t noticeable unless you really focus on them under a strong light. I keep putting it my pocket with my keys. A habit that I’m finding hard to stop. :@

    The front isn’t even scratched at all though.

  • Herman

    I don’t know what happened but I presume that any phone would’ve broken from such an impact. Even the more sturdy ones with gorilla glass. Those devices simply aren’t indestructible (except for that Nokia 3310 of course).

  • Chelu

    One night I was sitting on the stairs, my phone was on my knee and felt on the concrete… is scratched on the right side at the microphone area and the cover of the SIM card… glad because the back and front are still intact

  • Hannad Ahmed

    The sticker logo is just NFC.

  • Madsham

    All good here, few drops but no scrapes or Marks, tis a pretty nifty piece of kit, NFC sticker went from day one, two xtra screen savers went on, my best fone since sliced bread,

  • I have prob w/ my xperia acro s got scratch in the middle of the glass and im embarrased everytime I see it but I luv my acro s very much what will I do pls reply

  • jag

    No problems here too. with one month of still brings “wow” to me. ^^

  • Aravinth Kumar

    i think this guy from Iphone company :P

  • :D

    No Sticker is JUST NFC :P

  • Aravinth Kumar

    i think this guy from Iphone company :P

  • ??

    My friend got cracked glass IN THE FRONT lol. He purposely ordered SO-02E to get better screen and he even mocked me for getting C6603. And his front glass cracked for no apparent reason in the 2nd day, disabling the touchscreen. He can’t even unlock the phone lololol

  • Nabil

    Cool story bro


    Broke my front LCD within day 3 of owning it. Tight pants + big phone + hands on work = not a good combo. Thankfully, Sony was understanding enough to replace one without charging. :D

  • Same with me

  • Dropped several times on many surfaces and nothing major or of concern. In September the phone will have reached it’s lifespan so no worries.

  • aj

    the pic above has been smashed with a hammer….would you also smash your xperia Z with an hammer?

  • rickiking

    Not even a scratch! No matter how iphone and samsung fans are using black propaganda, i.e. smashing it with hammer and posting photo of broken xz, actual users can testify how sturdy and strong the phone is.

  • gavin1995

    get a screen protector

  • rickiking

    Yes, the NFC sticker is just a logo

  • SonyFan

    I have got a scratch on the front glass…

  • osin17

    Good from Sony

  • jr

    is there any test video from sudden change of extreme temperature? since glass is vulnerable from cracking to breaking like this. and secondly, xz sometimes gets hot and there is a tendency that people will wash it with cold water.

  • Victor Ling

    nope, loving my xz more n more each day…

  • sato

    no, just remove the shatter-proof sheet. that will keep the scratches away though it’ll make it difficult to keep the glass pieces in place once you successfully break the glass.

  • reptile64

    Easy to say! Here in Greece they come without screen protectors in the box and it is very difficult to find any good quality products, only cheap Chinese! I ordered from Amazon UK and I’m still waiting!

  • jew

    You can smash it, you can bash it, but the Z just keeps on shining ;) Amazing phone and fantastic build quality.

  • Silesia

    Just dropped on the floor from my desk.
    And it has not been replaced.

    BTW. I really love that phone :)

  • Silesia

    No :C

  • miys

    para mi es un ladrillo de duro digo

  • Not a prob with the glass, had my phone for a week and now had to send it back as it will not charge. Mite go back to HTC.

  • rolando

    and the xperia s jb update ? ….

  • viva_xperia

    ha…ha… u such a pathetic troll, i think u are the sibling with the guy whom upload video at youtube about scratch with sharp knife and dropped the hammer to xz, ….right?

  • Ravinder Ahlawat

    Yes its very unfortunate but front panel is cracked…and when i contacted sony they told me that front panel is not available. Also side panel is damaged and all the ports are lost. Please give me some advice where should i go to repair my phone.?

  • reptile64

    but I don’t want to lose the Sony logo :(

  • reptile64

    from crApple?? :P

  • My xperia z is perfectly fi9 aftr few drops….. Though they werent at Extreme bt phone handles it quite well… I have a build concern dat, if any one has little bulged feel at the left-lower part of the side area ? Mine have such thing and when I press it, screen shows liquid coloring in that particular area. it doesnt happen on any of the other area ? Please replay, it is below the charging port at lower side….

  • reptile64

    the first thing I did was to remove this ugly piece of paper :P
    btw the NFC works from distance too.. this is AWESOME!
    on my Xperia S I had to stick my phone on the tags to get them work!

  • I don’t have any additional Screen protector… Just ShatterProof layer and aver 2 weeks now (had to Change it once) there is absolute NO scratch, no micro scratch or anything else on the device… it looks like out of the box

  • there’s only one minor crack in the back which can’t be felt by my finger only by nail can be felt. although I’m cautious and it is always alone in the pocket.
    anyway it doesn’t matter as it is the greatest phone :)

  • Danny Ore

    you should remove the screen protector or whatever its called, I have the same phone and it got scratches easily but then I emoved the screen protector that comes with the phone and now the screen looks stunning again, its also very resistant.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Title of the article is misdirecting because it gives the impression as if there are reported issues. The people who only read the titles could easily spread rumours about that.

  • Jack The Great

    I can’t really give you any advice but maybe someone else would be able to help you if you at least mentioned which country you are from.

  • kennycoder

    I have the phone for 3 days already and not even a scratch. The best way to keep scratches away is not even to take out the phone from it’s original box. You will see, the battery life with it turned off is simply amazing. Plus no scratches, no call, no messages.. just peace around you. And if anybody wants to look at it, just show them the box with the phoen inside.. Much more secure like this.

  • Dimitris

    I just love that in every article in this site (no matter how irrelevant) there is always someone asking for XS JB update… LOL :-P everytime!!!

  • Freshie

    Dropped it many times but I had my earphones connected outside one day and it got tangled up while I was walking and the phone fell out of my pocket landing face (screen) first on rough concrete leaving scratches on the shatter protector and marks on the sides of the front (though surprisingly unnoticeable unlike my XS marks) and my back has a few scratches due to regular use but I don’t mind it much and will just take it off. And I also have a dead pixel which is bad but means I can get a brand new replaccement with no marks (hehehehe) and by then my screen protectors from china will arrive after over a month >:( it may seem like I’m hating on the XZ but no, I highly recommend It, it is a GREAT phone and I’ve been with Sony (and SE) since 08,no other company

  • karthick.s

    Hi this s karthick from India
    Yes my Xperia z back glass was brokened pls tell me how much it will cost to repair

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  • Silverwagon

    Have mine for just over a month, dropped from wrist height, no crack no scratch up-to-date. My girlfriend’s dad has a black for around 1 week, no fault to report as well~

  • no, i haven’t .. even i always try to throw to my office table on purpose just to make people envy. still in good shape. battery last long almost 24 hours single charge with lots of apps connect to internet. from my perspective, it depends on daily basis. i have iphone 4 and this is the second year. until today, my iphone looks like brand new

  • it’s me :) i always put it on the water everytime i feel hot on the device

  • Kaostheory

    All Sony smartphones ship with screen protector or anti shatter sheet, whatever you want to call it.

  • you must drop something heavy from 1 – 2 meters above xperia z. yesterday, my xperia z drop from my pants when i want to ride my bike, guess what… i didn’t see any scratches at all

  • Silesia

    Just dropped on the floor from my desk.
    And it has not been replaced.

    BTW. I really love that phone :)

  • scratches on screen protector shield?

  • I don’t think there is a screen protector on the back side. Is there?
    But like I said it is really hard to notice the scratches. The front side has no scratches at all though.

  • reptile64

    The shatter proof sheet is always there, the screen protector not! My previous Xperia phones had extra screen protectors in the box!

  • sidneylopsides

    nope, not even seen one damaged yet.

  • frand

    Have had the xperia for 3 weeks now, I have treated it with lifelines nut only because it is so great to look at and handle, slim, light and everything it promised.

  • Mark

    Nope, not here. My phone is still in mint condition. Though my skills at putting on screen protectors could do with improving..

  • Freshie

    OH MY GOD!! Dropped it from 2 metres, tried to catch it at about 1.5 metres but didn’t and ended up pushing it to the ground with much more force, the force was so high, the phone bounced twice! It was really heavy impact so I expected the worse, I was sure of it. But not a single mark!! A

  • stonedguy

    dropped my Z on the sofa and glass didnt break! not even a scratch!! yyyEeeeEeeaaaaAAhhHHhh.. m/ (x_x) m/

  • stonedguy

    dropped my Z on the sofa and the glass didn’t break! not even a scratch!! yyyEEEEeeeAAAaaaHhhhHh..

  • Ravinder Ahlawat

    uhhh Sorry buddy Im from India.
    Its really sooo annoying the phones upper upper touch screen isnt working thanks to its 360 degree rotation im still able to use it.

  • reptile64

    are you stoned??

  • Richard K.C. Mui

    Anyone know if I remove the shatter proof sheet from the back of the phone I’ll lose the xperia logo?

  • Michael Oberhardt

    I had to take my XZ in for repair (audio fault) today, and the mobile phone store said this was the only other XZ any of the stores in the chain had gotten back. The other one was actually a cracked screen. Seems the owner forced the micro USB cable into the SD card slot, and the force from below cracked it…

  • rickiking

    I did the same thing. I guess it s just a reminder or an info since the NFC in Xperia Z is positioned on the upper portion of the phone… unlike on Xperia S which is in the middle.

  • BigBlackVug

    Xperia z worst phone ever…i’ve got this phone for less than 2 weeks and it cracked…this is the most fragile phone ive ever had…the repair cost more than 50% of the phone some research first before u buy this phone…and you’ll know why…

  • BigBlackBug

    good for you..they charge me more than 60% of the phone price itself…mione is less than 2 weeks..

  • My back glass cracked one week ago. It don’t think it was caused by a shock. The mobilephone was running very hot and even connected on the charger, the battery was droping. It seems that the overheat make it crack. I haven’t tried to send it back yet. Maybe I will directly order a replacement back, I don’t want to loose time with the customer service to finally pay more.

  • Jaik

    No problems… All good except for overheating…

  • uchitha

    the front glass is sony’s usual dragontail and back is gorilla, and we’re hearing more shatters in the back. Dragontail > Gorilla they should’ve gone ahead with DT only.

  • hiszpanski

    Unfortunately I’ve goot cracked glass on the back :( I’ve already sent the device on warranty and waiting. Meanwihile I’ve bought additional shatter proof film to put it on both sides when I get the device back. Sadly, this film was not delivered by Sony in my box :(

  • hiszpanski

    I’ve got a scratch, not crack, sorry. Eveand I do not know how and when it happened.

  • hiszpanski

    Unfortunately I get a quite huge scratch on the back :( I do not even know how and when it happened. I was very carefully with this device. I sent it on warranty to replace shatter proof sheet even if I would pay for it. And already I bought additional protective polycarbonate film for both sides of Xperia Z to be ready when I get Xperia Z back. However, it is sad that Sony didn’t add this kind of film, at least I didn’t get any out of the box. Now I am using my Xperia S (still I’ve got it) and I can confirm that Sony didn’t update it to Android 4.1 JellyBean. It is a shame for Sony when it cames to Android OS updates as 4.1 was released by Google on “July 9 2012″… Now Xperia S can be compared with Xperia X10, the same, worst support ever…

  • Ravinder Ahlawat

    how did they changed it without charging???? Mine front touch also broken, bt they have refused to change it without charging..even if i want to pay they still dont have the part..

  • prav

    where r u from???i had the same problem…but sony people r not wanting to repair it…

  • prav

    same here with me….sony service is the worst in india….

  • prav

    same here bro…did he get any solutions for it?

  • prav

    they will not repair instead they will ask u to buy a new xz….i am facing the same problem bro…..the glass price is almost 70 %of the phones price…its lyk almost 25 to 30 k…

  • Muhammedh Rayaz Muthalif

    I had a Xperia Z that had a crack from the top right of the speaker. The crack was caused by merely striking a table. The device was less than a week old :( I believe this is due to fact that the design of the glass has a weak area, which is where the top speaker is located. The small notch shape that they have included compared to the normal straight with an elliptical opening for the speaker means that if you were to have an impact which targets this, you end up with the crack i got from the device. The scary situation is that it can happen very easily.

    The other thing is that the Xperia Z glass has the sensor also include (same as the xperia T i believe), which mean that once the crack came, the area on top of the crack would not function (no touch).

    So while the design is cool this fatal flaw which you don’t find on other 5″ inch or similar phones means you maybe asking for an expensive repair. I loved the Xperia Z for its design, and practicality (water proof bit), but the design flaw and the back glass means its more design than practical to me.

    Checkout my review of the unit in my very basic blog, you will notice a photo of the phone with the cracked glass (

  • Bigblackbug

    Xperia z is one of the worst phone I’ve ever had..everything they advertised turns out to be untrue..exoskeleton??durable??stamina mode??FAILED!!!

  • ??

    No idea, AFAIK he tried to send the phone back but post office refuse sending anything with battery inside


    Some one check this out !!! A cracked glass screen on the Z due to being dropped !! Is this true ???

  • simon

    I did the same

    but too repair it will cost almost the same as a new one. how is this posible ??

  • One drop and it cracked

  • prav

    where are you from????

  • I went to pick some think off the floor and there is now a crack in the back of my xperia z going from one end to the other and would it still be water prof thats al i need to know thanks

  • idk howww :( but jst noticied it…….fone not fallen a single time… dents….and what i see is a cracked back glasss :'( ….. i think itzz becoz of overheatingg

  • Nextor

    I have got a cracked screen and company does not even has a replacement screen and asks for half the price of the phone and get it replaced

  • Nimitt

    we should fight with me they are asking 20000 and say they will replace the phone

  • jimmyukne

    I pulled mine out of my pocket and unfortunately the screen had cracked. I wasn’t using a case so I would advise people to be careful.

  • ampi

    yep, it was just in back pocket, didn’t even notice that it cracked till i took it out to make a call.
    weird that once it cracked the touch screen stopped working.
    came back to the xperia S which i have for over an year without any problems.

  • Lokesh

    my xperia z screen was cracked and touch display is not working can i claim warranty for that

    or i have to pay for it. If so what would be the cost of the screen of xperia z

  • Chris

    maybe the first to suffer with a cracked screen..touch doesnt work..have been phoning around all day and apparently replacement parts arent available!!

  • westleystoot

    I make sure that every day, at 9:00am, I go to my garage. I take out my drill, plug it in and then, on the highest possible speed, ram it into the glass. After this, I take a hammer and hit both the front and back as hard as I can. Finally I throw it on the (concrete) floor and stamp on it. Usually I sing a song at the same time. I like to do this just to be sure that the Z is a strong phone and well made. I also escaped from an asylum.

  • Pippa Loring

    Yes, I too find this helps me to be certain of Sony’s quality too. I am not as extreme. But obviously a good phone should be able to be do all these things. It may help to know that I also not only swim with the Z each morning (Butterfly stroke really wakes me up in the morning after toast), but I also attach the end of my pressure washer to the charging port just to be sure it will survive water as Sony claims. It has also helped me, and hope it will help other too, to remove the plastic sheets from the front and the back – and also the glass screen itself. I threw these away to be certain that the glass screen did not scratch. You can also remove the battery with pliers which helps with battery life – you can then just run it off the mains so it lasts longer without any need for batteries at all I really do not understand why Sony does not advertise these tweaks as they really do show the real quality of the Z. .


    hey same with in black color i got replacement after my phone was tested by sony in chennai hell with the dont buy this

  • anthony

    My lcd broke after 6 days i placed it in my pocket and im surprised the touch panel is no longer working is there alot of issues like this on going??

  • anthony

    Same here. The phone is not durable and you cant get replacement even your under 7 days replacement it sucks

  • anthony

    My screen also cracked how much did it cost you to have it fixed

  • Sudhakar Reddy

    Even i taught the glass is shatter proof, but tried making a call now and but was unable to as it was not taking the pattern to unlock when observed saw a crack on the glass but the display is fine… one of my friend warned me not to take it as he had suffered the some issue with the glass looks like its my turn. Hope its covered under warranty

  • Marco

    This phone is simply amazing! The phone drop out of my pocket quite a few times while hiking and running and very minimal scratch were found, just to let you guys know it has been dropped on hard, rough and rocky surface. Never regret the purchase of this phone.
    Note: I am using a Nilkkin Frosted Shield Case + Spigen ultra screen protector

  • i have a crackedfront screen and the back is cracked and only dropped it from about 2 feet but looks orse then theoe smacked by a hammer

  • My phone never been dropped. Yet the screen broke not happy now i have to pay to fix it sony advertised the phone as shock proof

  • moxey46

    my new xperia z ,about month old .i have taken good care ov it. never been dropped,had in front pocket when went out came home, went to charge phone and saw cracks on the back of phone

  • Cracked glass om the back here.

  • ghetto004

    How and what did you do?
    Mine has cracked and I never even dropped it! What do I do? don’t sony boast about the dragon trail glass their using in the Z yet its cracked with in 1 month and a half!!

    please help me, sombody. Btw Im in the UK, does anyone know how the service is here?!


  • Axel Giovanni

    i have got a few scratches at the back of my phone, is there any screen protector at its back out form the box? if yes, how much do i have to pay to sony to replace the protector at the back of the phone? if no, any one have any idea how much does it cost to replace the back glass?

  • You are lucky. How did you make them understand? They tell me any physical damage wont be covered in warranty. Even my front LCD broke with no fault of mine. They are asking for more than 50% money to replace it.

  • Dick heaad sony phone

    Yes ii have a problem of Sony Xperia Z schattered Screen.. Just dropped it from dining table and the screen schattered and body obtained cracked… Worst phone ever… Dell streak is way too stronger and reliable then sony.. Sony Xperia.heats up like an abornormal device sound quality is very very low, phone stamina mode does not works… Phone full of bugs… One of the inferiour phone ever seen.

  • front glass of my Z is broken and the touch digitizer is also not
    working :'( surprisingly the actual content on the screen is fine just
    cant do anything apart from pick up calls using the headset, does anyone
    know if sony will repair it or how much they will charge?

  • jignesh kale

    Dropped the cell phone by mistake…it hit my sofa corner…and had a “Xperia Z” with a broken front glass….and sony says it will cost me from Rs15000/- ~ Rs20000/-

  • I’ve just tasken the phone out of my pocket and noticed a subtle crack down the middle of the screen. Touch now works on 20% of the screen – it’s useless.

    I may have banged it while in my pocket. I didn’t notice it.

    Hope it doesn’t cost a small fortune to fix. And yes, I’ll have to get a protector of some sort. The phone certainly feels solid but I’m not sure it actually is.

  • bashir saidu

    I am a big fan of sony and i have been using sony since p1 sonyericsson. i am highly dissapointed with the xperia z. the touch screen cracked in my pocket. and only had the phone for a week now. i hate sony now:((((((

  • I got the same type of crack on the front side, which has disabled the
    touch , and display is fine, Checked with service center they said physical damage and warranty is void , explained them there was no such incident of physcial damage happened with the mobile should them there is not a single scratch on the screen guard nor any crack on display they just took pics of my mobile and said will get back still waiting for a service to get back to
    me..Disappointed with the service And yes same issue mobile gets heated(extreme heat)

  • jai

    Hi… I have bought Xperia Z from India…within 3 weeks usage, a crack has come on my screen…no one is helping me out..
    Jai Khosla
    (+91 9810306271)


    To The Concerned Authority,

    Sony Mobile.

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would like to bring this to your notice about both your product (i.e. Sony Xperia Z) and the non sensitive consumer service.

    I had bought this phone after reading relevant information on your
    website both Global and Indian Links provided and with strong Marketing
    Sales Speech and Phone Exhibition.

    As your websites strongly states your Phone is Smart and Durable and Tough as Metal

    Despite Continuous approach from my end for the support for your
    Product ” Sony Xperia Z ” which is proclaimed as one of the superior
    phone. And with the information on your website as

    1) Smart, sleek & durable

    No one knows how to best pack durability into a beautiful design like
    Sony. The slim 7.9 mm body, with its reflective glass surface, looks
    and feels slick, but Xperia Z is crafted to be water resistant,
    dust-resistant and tough enough to handle whatever life has planned.

    2) Tough as metal

    How solid does a precision engineered Smartphone need to be? How
    about as solid as a car? Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fiber
    polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in
    automobile parts.

    3) Durable glass

    The durable tempered glass on front and back is a lot stronger than
    conventional glass. And with anti-shatter film on the front and back,
    Xperia Z is anything but fragile.

    I bought this Product (i.e. Sony Xperia Z) from Sony Authorized Store
    Aarvee Computers, on 31st March 2013, for INR 38,990.00/- Using my HDFC
    Credit Card on 6 Months EMI. Bill Provided.





    The Problem started on second day after buying the phone I realized
    the product “ Sony Xperia Z “ heats even while not charging and even
    making or receiving calls. The Sound Quality being very low and the
    battery ‘STAMINA Mode’ many times I had to reset the product ‘ Sony
    Xperia Z ‘ loosing important contacts and messages. I had also visited
    the Service Center and informed the staff there about the problem faced.
    He accepted the problem and informed me that there is nothing can be
    done about the low speaker audio. He updated the product and delivered
    after 1 hour. And was told the challan would be delivered to me on my
    registered email address ( till date I have not
    received the mail.

    Later on 15th of April 2013 the Product (i.e. Sony Xperia Z) was
    dropped by a kid from dining table and the Product body obtained crack
    and the screen scattered. To bring it to you notice once again the Sony
    Mobile stated the phone is strong as metal and the glass is durable.
    Thus making me realize the information provided to the consumers was a
    lie and misleading.

    1) Smart, sleek & durable

    No one knows how to best pack durability into a beautiful design like
    Sony. The slim 7.9 mm body, with its reflective glass surface, looks
    and feels slick, but Xperia Z is crafted to be water resistant,
    dust-resistant and tough enough to handle whatever life has planned.

    2) Tough as metal

    How solid does a precision engineered Smartphone need to be? How
    about as solid as a car? Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fiber
    polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in
    automobile parts.

    3) Durable glass

    The durable tempered glass on front and back is a lot stronger than
    conventional glass. And with anti-shatter film on the front and back,
    Xperia Z is anything but fragile.

    Even after calling numerous times and making personal calls to Sony
    Heads Mr. Sachin Thapar and Gourav Moorti and Allwyn Buthello. Trying to
    explain the situation it was all like putting my words to deaf ears.

    I was informed by customer care to deliver the product to Sony
    Service Center to know the exact cost of the repair and after submission
    of the Product 24th April 2013 at (MOBILE
    TECHNOLOGY-MUMBAI-ANDHERI-WEST) I was been attended by Mr. Sahil. And
    later SONY CUSTOMER SERVICE Staff called me on 30th April to inform me
    the cost of the Replacement for the product would be INR.19, 495/-
    equivalent to half the cost of new phone. As they are not authorized to
    repair the product because of waterproofing. Stating inability to serve

    I had tried to explain them the situation that I cannot afford such a
    high amount and website claims they informed nothing can be done and
    they cannot do any help to me as this is company’s policy. As the phone
    is physical damage. Thus I called Mr. Thapar and Mr. Moorti they stopped
    answering my calls. Despite repetitive calling to Customer Service no
    assistance was provided.

    Thus making me feel bad about myself trusting on Sony Mobile and the Sellers and Consumer Support Service.

    I have attached the bill of the bought product and replacement
    invoice been delivered to me by sony seller and customer service and I
    am also providing the ticket numbers I have received while making calls
    to the Consumer Service Department

    Ticket Number

    X-Ticket: 94891651,2

    X-Ticket: 94917577,2

    X-Ticket: 94923028,2


    Repair id W11304261187

    I have attached the archive of your website as a proof.

    I am also going through health pressure because of this issue. My
    blood pressure has risen up dealing with this issue. I request you
    please look to this matter and provide me proper judgment and provide me
    a competition. And replacement of the product or my money back as
    dealing with sony is tough. I do not want to deal with sony service

    I am looking forward to your earliest Reply.

    Many Thanks,

    Malik Sundrani.

    Mobile 09930055761

    j-15, Zohara Agadi Nagar,

    Yari Road, Andheri –West

    Mumbai 400061.

  • Whitty3

    Exactly the same thing happened with mine after owning it for 2 days. I had it in my pants at work and pulled it out – exactly the same as in the pic. It looked like it had been hit with a hammer. I was quite shocked that this could happen. Sony is wanting to charge nearly $500.00 to replac the screen which is neraly half of what I originally paid for it. The durability of these phones are terrible and a warning to all smartphone users to beware

  • Generous Mum

    Yes upgraded and received one for my son. He pulled it out of his pocket and the screen was cracked. Must of bumped into something…Called everywhere. The phone company were wanting 500 dollars to repair a screen. They told me Sony don’t repair and have requested they replace at the customers cost!!!!!

    I contacted Sony, and they recommended a reliable trust worthy repairer, although being so new don’t have the parts yet. A little disappointed as previous to this phone he has an Iphone 4 for 3 years, and never a broken screen… Unlucky this time

  • elias greece

    Yesterday i was shock when i was pressing my phone with my fingers..Lcd broke in half..i a, very dissapointment.I just throw 700 euros 2 months phone

  • Phantom47
    I got this problem to my phone!! what i can do? its normal or after few days will broke my screen?

  • I took my friends iphone out of the clipboard style holder in his van, put my Xperia Z in, the clip was not very strong, the glass cracked, the phone is now unusable, unlike the iphone or Samsung, the Sony can NOT be used with a cracked screen. FAIL!

  • Ryan

    Screen developed a crack while in my pocket and it was only 5 days old. No satisfaction from Sony or shop where I bought it. They called it physical damage and blamed me. All it was was in my pocket like my Samsung was for two years. Going Back to Samsung ASAP.

  • JimmiB

    Mine dropped from the door of a mini. Back is smashed. It was 30cms or less from the door opening.

  • JimmiB

    to be fair, it also dropped from 1 meter before without smashing so results may vary.

  • Steve

    I have a big crack from top to bottom on the back of my z it’s not been dropped or anything it just appeared the phone is in a leather flip case most of the time too

  • My son sat in the car last night with the Sony Experia Z in his pocket and there was a crack as he sat down. $580 is the quoted repair cost with an undetermined wait time for a new part!! So much for the advertising from Sony “The durable tempered glass on front and back is a lot stronger than conventional glass. And with anti-shatter film on the front and back, Xperia Z is anything but fragile”

  • Shafali

    Dropped it a couple of days ago. The glass on the front looks shattered, not just cracked! Thank **** I got it insured! Phone has a lock on it too. Can’t unlock the phone to get any personal data from it! Even with Sony’s PC Companion. Not a happy bunny!

  • Lawrence

    I cracked the glass by… keeping it in my trouser’s pocket. A number of other people have done the same, so there is pattern emerging.

    The crack is very subtle – a single line that can only be seen at a certain angle. But 3/4 of the screen doesn’t respond to touch.

    I’ve been quoted $500 to fix it from the shop I bought it from. I’ll be shopping around for a better quote.

    If that fails I’ll buy something else ’cause I ain’t gonna get myself a man bag to carry a phone.

  • sami

    Am really confused..I want to buy an Xperia Z next month.One says there is no screen protector.One says there is.Others say there is anti shatter something which is a scrren protector itself and has the sony logo.Can pls make it clear whether I need to buy a screen protector.Whats the use of a protector if there is anti shatter.Can they both be on the phone together?

  • I have my 1 month phone lcd broken..
    it just dropped from a 2/3ft height and broke..
    This is so misfortunate ,, am at a loss.
    Dnt know what to do now. :'(

  • rajinder

    yeah, my back glass cracked from a 6ft drop :/ not my fault though, blaming my friends

  • Stephen Chestnutt

    Screen just broken on mine crack on it now the screen won’t work does any one no if it can be fixed or is it under warranty only have it a month. Wasn’t dropped,

  • there is a anti shatter foil on both sides of the phone… it is NOT very scratch resistant but more stable than normal Screen protectors.
    The front Sony logo is inside this shatter protection. If you remove it, the sony logo also is removed.
    yes you can add an additional Screen protector on this shatterproof surface without any Problems.

  • mike

    Mine was in back pocket. Sat down on a bar stool and heard it go! 2 weeks old! Gutted

  • Troy Byrne

    Just smashed the rear glass on my phone it was in my pocket at the time too. Must have bumped it on a corner of a table or something

  • Huan Dang

    My Sony Xperia Z lost the NFC logo on the back. Does that affect the NFC function of the phone? Thanks.

  • I’ve had my Xperia Z since early March and the back broke recently and very easily there was no drop or any such impact to make it brake the way it did, so disappointed!

  • I have took mine jetsking with it smashing about on a strap swimming in the sea got some good fish videos in Tenerife , had it over a meter deep couldn’t take a pic underwater because of the touch screen, have dropped it alot, but it’s not anti theft because mine got robbed on the beach, don’t worry got a new one :-)

  • Petros

    My screen suddenly cracked up the middle when I got off a plane. Was in my coat pocket. Fine crack but screen completely disabled and unable to be used

  • devestated

    My xperia z lasted 3 weeks before the front glass had a microscopic hairline crack across the middle of the screen making the touch screen completely unusable. I had 2 x screen protectors and a flip leather case installed. Sony said it will be $350 if they could fix it, they could not confirm they could fix it or $480 for a replacement phone. Never have a had a phone that could break just by being in my pocket. My iphone 4 and my previous phone samsung galaxy s3 both lasted without any broken screens with both having leather flip cases. Have gone back to samsung and bought an S4 with otterbox case.

  • Afrin Sayed

    i have bought Xperia Z on 14/4/2013, and met tru aa very bad accident on 10/5/2013, in that accident i broke the glass and believe me only the glass the display and everything i perfect but the service centre when taken to them asks to pay 20,000/- Rs just for the crack, no humanity and no customer care helps here. They dont seem to help me in any way, not even reduce the cost, it a shame that they can spend crores on advertising the product and not helping a person who was on death bed.i would request u to not buy xperia z as the repair cost is more than half of the MRP of the device.

  • Zoe

    I’ve had an Xperia Z since the release date and am so far on my third handset, the one I currently have now has got a crack but the screen protectors supplied with the phone stopped it from shattering but the right hand side of my touch screen is no longer working :(

  • taz

    I’ve cracked the back of mine…. I’m so annoyed seeing as I’ve only ever had iPhones and have dropped them over and over and never damaged them…. The 1st time I dropped this it smashed. I HATE this phone!!!!

  • Abdul Samad

    I broke mine (y) screen didn’t work at all unlike other phones where the screen breaks and the phone works, my display was looking perfectly fine just like normal so the glass and digitizer were broken

  • Christian Ole Jensen

    YES my screen cracked while in my pocket, on a fishing trip, this is the most brittle phone I ever owned, and it was only a crack from 1 corner of the phone, to about the middle of the phone, 1 line crack and the touch didn’t work anymore, seen other phones with smashed screen that still worked.
    Other phones that I have owned that will survive in your pocket, LG optimus, Samsung galaxy II, Sony xperia s.

  • shreyansh bele

    My xperia z screen is cracked .but crack place is no touching .and the service centre is not repairing my in warrenty sony service centre is totally rubbish .Really m never expect from u sony

  • Reckoner

    Had my Xperia Z for about 6 weeks now, after previously owning a Galaxy S2 and then S3. Up to now, it’s been a fantastic bit of kit. Waterproofing is very handy and the phone is really fast with no lag at all switching between apps and built-in Gracenote is excellent for sorting music.

    However I took it out my pocket yesterday to find a 1cm hairline crack at the top middle of the front screen. On normal use the touch screen this crack rapidly extended down and now half the screen is inoperable. The phone was in an empty pocket and was under no stress at all, nor have I ever dropped or banged the phone in the past.

    After reading Sony’s advertising claims on excellent build quality, and the amount of other people who have suffered what appears to be identical to my circumstance, I’d now genuinely not recommend buying it. Dropping your phone is one thing but no high end smartphone should have a screen that just breaks under normal usage.

  • Reckoner

    It’s an absolute joke. I had a screen protector on when mine cracked. Seems to be a patter with comments on here as mine started from the top speaker on the front (running down and to the left).

  • gwthmnr

    Same here!!

    Service center ppl are telling it costs me 50% of the mobile price for replacement!!
    No repair option; Only replacement!!

  • Rizza

    Hi, does anyone here have an idea whether the top/bottom and sides of the Xperia Z are also scratch-proof? Or are there even removable plastic protective sheets on these areas? I found a scratch on top near the headphones port and I’m a bit paranoid about it. (I’m a little OC about my Xperia Z, sorry.) Thank you in advance. :)

  • roland

    Yes it’s happened to my phone I dropped once and when I picked up it was cracked. Th phone is a Xperia z

  • roland

    Can the back of Xperia z be replaced?

  • Zook666

    My Xperia Z fell down on a cemented floor and the back glass has cracked…The Sony service centre now says since it is a physical damage i might have to pay max 80% of the phone cost. Feel like kicking myself for buying this phone

  • Kool Shah

    don’t buy this phone i have bought one and the screen cracked… on the top my nephew dripped it on the marble floor in our home and it was heating up and randomly restarting sometimes.. also you get the gray screen of death where phone gets stuck and you have hold on the power button for 15 secs for it to reboot… i sent it out to repairs in UK and they said the there is a crack on ur phone so it voids the warranty and we can’t fix the phone before the screen is replaced and they quote me 235 pounds to replace the darn front panel… and with it they were replacing the battery and when i called them what has replacement of the front panel has to do anything with battery he says when we open the phone we have to replace the battery and thats what our engineer said. they are totally rip off man.. I am never buying the from sony again.

  • Chris

    I had a Xperia Z for less then a day when the screen cracked while in my pant pocket. I got a replacement from my service provider and after one month low and behold I sat in my car and it cracked again. I’m of a normal build and there has been nothing in my pockets. I think that it is a design fault the phone is to big and has too much twist, it’s not rigid enough for the size. I rang the thieves at Sony and there response is “the warranty doesn’t cover physical damage” what a joke, after six years of buying Sony/ Sony Ericsson phones I will never buy one again. Absolute garbage!

  • django

    got the z broken within 2 months glass is fragile as theres no higher border around the glass .and i got screen protector and sleeve and still it broke by a bit pressure in back pocket trowser.

  • The JInn

    Yes the front glass on mine broke. it fell on the side while I stepped out of my car. Sony wanted to have 3300 NOK (434 Euro) to have it repaired. Even tho the phone is only three months old I just replaced it with a samsung instead. Not that happy with the Sony anyway…

  • callum

    smashed front after 2 months

  • Bala Leoken

    i would say i am suffering … i accidentally happened to slip my phone from a table of cause it was my bad luck the phone happened to have a inner crack and the touch stopped working . it wasnt even 2 months since i bought my phone . where ever i took the phone for service they told pay 20,000 to fix it . . no other go . . . . i want u to think before u buy . . . ii regret . . i recommend iphone for its replacement during its warranty periods . . . so its ur call good luck

  • kaush

    purchased xperia z a month back.front glass of xperia cracked coz i kept it in front pocket.and now company says it cant be made,and they will give me a new handset but,i’ll have to give 50% price of the new xperia…its totally bullshit. xperia is toooooo delicate

  • mike

    I broke the front glass and LCD within two weeks of having my xperia z. How did you manage to get Sony to replace yours?

  • Johan Haresh

    my xperia back glass craked n it didnt evn fall just an hard press n it cracked within 3 weeks

  • Always Coca-Cola

    1 single issue with mine, really annoying, cause all of a sudden the screen cracked, from right to left and has made the top 3 cm of the screen touchresistant.. That really sucked, especially since i haven’t even dropped it or anything:-p so during a 30 minute period from the last time i checked, it had cracked in my pocket:-@ ohwell.. I don’t want a different phone, just have it fixed:-)

  • Disgruntled

    Don’t buy this phone!! My screen is cracked and the touch screen doesn’t work and I never even dropped it. I pulled it out of my pocket to notice this. The only thing I can think of causing it to break would be when I was lying on the ground I may have lent on my phone as I was rolling to my side. How this can destroy a 3 week old phone that’s worth £400 is beyond me. And I have to send it away for a week and pay £100 to get it fixed. To make matters worse the the phone repair company is going to wipe my phone and I can’t upload my data as the touch screen doesn’t work and I need to unlock the home screen to be able to upload my information to a computer. As the phone was only 3 weeks old I hadn’t uploaded my stuff yet, I’m going to lose some great photos and all my contacts.

    I bought this phone because it appeared to be the most robust phone on the market, stay away!!

  • Noam

    I am currently using the Xperia Neo V and I’m planning to buy Xperia Z, I was really shocked when I’ve read this articles and your comments and reactions as well. So I won’t buy Xperia Z anymore but I’m still loving the product, have you heard their new Xperia ZR? maybe its better than Z! I wish that the glass of it is like the Glass company so that it will be more attractive :D

  • stig

    There’s a weak point in the frame. – I’ managed to crack two phones in a matter of weeks. Both times the cracks start at the onoff button then go right across front screen. This phone is no where near as strong as they advertise!

  • Izad Husin

    Is there any way I can fix the dented/scratched skeleton/polyamide? My friend dropped it and the paint was scratched. I have mine in purple. I’m planning on repainting it but I don’t know what the colour code is. Help please?

  • Amazingali1

    I have dropped mine numerous times and hasnt left a mark but yesterday I had problems with my sat nav still speaking and not turning off so I took out the micro sd to do soft reset and then when i put it back in and reinserted the waterproof lug wth a little bit of a struggle as it pops back out sometimes I noticed the that I couldnt use the top of screen. Wasnt til I gt home I realised there was acrack right across the inside of the screen from the sd card slot to the other. U cant feel it or see it unless reflecting it in certain light. I havnt dropped or knocked it and now the top of screen is unresponsive and I cant search internet, select top text from list or select widgets off top of screen. SO annoying, only 2 months old and Carphone warehouse say Ive used unessesary force. If thats all it takes to crack it then I am going back to my iphone which i dropped a million times with leather case on and never smashed and then i sadly smashed it whilst it was out of case but for 8 months I continued using it with no problems using it others than shattered half of screen

  • Dean

    I left mine in the side of the boot of our car and closed the boot lid on it, Smashed front and back, trying to find the best/ cheapest way to get it fixed as it is the best phone Ive ever had. Did the same with my old phone xperia x10 mini and didnt even damage it but its soo much smaller than the z

  • Hsein Kaheil

    Cracked !

  • Hsein Kaheil

  • Hsein Kaheil


  • mrwinnard

    Ive dropped mine once and the back screen has smashed and o2 said there cant fix cos im the only person to do it, so how do I get it fixed?

  • Angry at Sony :(

    I have dropped mine a couple times from about 10-20cm up. Keep it in my pocket while on the metro and such. Haven’t had any problem are all. Until this weekend. I sat down on the train. Looked at the phone for the time. Put it in my bag on my lap(with clothes in it) didn’t touch the bag or anything. Took it out about 5 min later and I had a horizontal crack from the power button and the screen is unresponsive above the crack. Caused me massive problems when trying to find out directions because I can no longer use the phone.

    I am now writing this on my old iPhone. Yay. Now I have to pay 150-200€ to get the screen fixed and keep the warranty.

  • Hanif Ahmad

    sir i purchesd sony xperia z two month before and my display got hair line fracture when phone was in my pocket i was surprised …but i visited to sony service center they refused and said even this brokend in pant but they will not replaced without charg

  • jackozewacko

    No problems with mine, im usually awful with phones in breaking them etc but its been amazing no scratches, smashesor anything. Very happy

  • alex

    Actually ive had the xperia z for apparently 3 months with only about 2 weeks usage.

    first off a few raindrops got into the phone via the earphone slow when i took when phone out of my pocket and they it had screen contrast problems and the white stripe turned red even though it turned out all it needed was a software update.

    then i dropped the phone on my couch and the screen cracked from the power button though the bottom half of the screen can still be used.

    so the xperia gets 4/10 for me

  • Jessica Eaton

    Had phone 12days.. Was gerrin my 3yr old out car phone slipped out my pocket not much force so just pickefd it up carried on then 30mins later look at phone and this is what ive got now gotta pay 200 to get it fixed.. Not shatter-proof at all..

  • Kelvin Siew

    yes i agree, i tot there is any crack reported and this made me so shock as far as i concern xperia Z is very good in resist force

  • Kelvin Siew

    I used my Xperia Z for two month and Xperia Z really good and not easily damage and nothing much to complain>mabey just a bit lag where sometimes will hag once in a while and battery life is short.Compare to my ipad3 , xperia glass really better as my ipad3 experience two major crack acorss the screen.Ture say that apple sud focus more on this matter as it is very sad to see the screen crack and ugly.

  • Gordon

    Yea left my phone in my EMPTY pocket, sat down to put on my shoes and baaam! All in under 1 minute. Replacement screen from Sony is SGD640 while a new xperia Z is SGD988! Bloody hell! Bloody disappointing!

  • plugers

    what a crap telephone the first time i let if fal the touch screen is broken and now i got messages and i cant open them and cant answer my phone nothnig annoying

  • mark a

    £240 repair bill for cracked screen!Had my phone in the front pocket of my jeans. went for a drive and the flexing of the phone in my pocket cost me dearly! Great phone, but if putting it in your pocket is abuse or not normal transportation for a phone,sony will have a lot of angry customers with those rip off repair bills!

  • Sandhya Haridas

    The screen of my new Xperia Z cracked own its own hardly three weeks into its use. I used the phone in the morning but since the chrage was low, I connected it to the chrager. After a while, when I checked the cell, to my shock, I see the screen cracked in three, starting from the speaker point upwards. I too have not dropped the phone and handled the cell with extreme care. I checked with Sony service centre. They said that my case is the first of its kind in the country (India) and say that the screen will not break on its own and has been hit by some sharp instrument. I tried to make them understand that such a thing has not happened but they just wouldn’t buy it. They say the screen alone cannot be replaced and as such the handset will have to be replaced, costing almost over 50% as much as a new phone. Checking up on google, I see that many people have faced the same problem. A similar case can be seen on the Sony Xperia Z support forum discussions at the below site:

    A thread of discussions on cracked Xperia Z phones can be seen at:!

    Rather than disowning the complaints as the fault of the customer, Sony should stop making false claims on he durability of the tempered glass and find a solution to customer’s woes.

  • Stevo

    I’ve had my xperia Z for 2 months. Worked great. But one day I took it out of my pocket and there was a big crack across the screen. Have no idea how it happened. No drops. No rough treatment. A phone repair shop can replace the screen for $250 in Hobart.

  • er.padam19

    my nephew dropped my xperia z and its screen was broken to the top right corner..and also a broken line is showing on its half screen is working and half is not…
    sony care is telling me that u have to pay half tha money and u will get new phn..and it can’t be repaired.

    but as i went to delhi market they tld me that it can be repaired..and cot is different on shop to shop..

    now plz tell me what to do ??? is there is any way to get it repaired…plz let me know at

  • abi

    yeah me too had same problm…they are not willing to replace though i m ready to pay for it
    sony is a worst brand for mobile phones

  • Chez

    I have only the had the Xperia z for 3 months, have been happy with it. Although I was cleaning the mic piece out with my Finger and the little bit of crud as I was picking it out cracked the bottom of the screen and now it won’t work, I have been an iPhone user till now and have used a iPhone with a complete smashed screen, the Xperia z has the smallest of cracks barely visible and has stopped working. I’m not happy about this :(

  • Stuart Ponting

    I too am suffering from the same problems discussed here on this thread; I actually watched my screen crack very slowly from left to right whilst watching a video. The phone had never suffered any impacts and had been out being used for 30 minutes prior to the breakage. There is definitely a flaw with the glass on the phone. I love the phone to bits and have done nothing but praise it since I have had it. Sony at the present time will not recognise the problem and as such it is not covered under warranty and they want to charge me £200 to replace something I have had no control in happening. There are lots of people in the same boat and we have a thread over on the official Sony support forum discussing this trying to get Sony to recognise that there is a problem with the glass on their flagship phone. There is also a link to a petition on there to also try and get them to recognise there is a problem that is only going to grow the more people use these phones.

  • Yve

    3 weeks in, pressing buttons to reset it as its constantly glitchy, and theglass cracked. What a pile of rubbish. One thin crack rendering it useless, wont do a thing, totally unresponsive. At least when the iphone broke you could still use it!!

  • Bex

    Screen broke! And how I have no idea, was in top pocket, had a shatter proof cover (just a plastic film) on but looks like impact point, Phone completely unusable, lost 500GBP, gone back to Xperia S. Completely robust!

  • Bex

    Nope! Mine was in my top pocket, maybe i lent against something but screen was facing inward. Broken with very specific point-like hammering a nail into it. Sony say “oh we are sorry” but no, we cannot repair and will not replace.

  • Baljeet Singh

    My Xperia Z’s screen got broken, was kept in pocket, no sharp objects. I called up Sony Service Centre to ask about warranty and they said breakage of screen is not covered. And the cost they told me to replace is Rs.19,500/- INR. This is almost 50% of brand new one. Sony is no good for cell phones friends.

  • Brian

    Ofcourse the majority says everything is fine, but there are still cases of sudden cracks on the screen and I suffer from one too. It sucks because they acknowledged the problem at first, but now they suddenly deny the problem being there.

    Fucking scumbags, that’s what they are. You pay so much to use the phone and then suddenly it cracks and it’s not your own fault. You know it’s not, but they say it’s your own fault. Poof, money GONEEE.

  • Atle Haaland

    Smashed mine twice in 3 month, cant understand anything other than this phone is gonna be a huge pain in the a** for Sony in the future. Maybe after a couple of class action lawsuits ill get my money back from the repair.

  • Stuart Ponting
  • hans

    cracked screen…somehow managed to achieve this when the phone slipped out of my hand….phone is intact and comes on but cant do anything as the touch doesnt work anymore

  • darren

    ive had my xperia z for 10 weeks now took it out my pocket and the back glass has shatterd

  • IamSad

    My xperia z just broke from a little smack on the back of it, a friend who punched it but not even hard, i even had a protecter on it, this makes me so sad because i cant efford to repair it..

  • Karen Shaps

    I dropped mine in the kitchen and the whole of the front is shuttered and you cannot use at all. What do I do because its scratch and water proof but not shatter proof!

  • Karen Shaps

    Thats crazy. My dropped on a wooden floor and caught the corner of the phone and cracked like that…

  • Lou

    Mi Sony Experia z se ha estropeado con tres meses de vida .La entrada Usb no funciona y no carga.
    No tiene un dibujo orientativo para introducir el cargador y al probar para meterlo porque el cargador venia estropeado, dicen que se ha dañado la PLACA BASE y no tiene arreglo. Creo que el cargador homologado no está bien pensado, yo he tenido Nokias que me han durado más de 10 años. No voy a comprar más Sony si no me dan una solución.

  • Habib Jamil

    Yes indeed. Two devices so far have their screens cracked without dropping them. Sony has shown bad support.

  • Steffan Hernandez

    He’res a good repair guide showing how you can fix it yourself.

  • ij

    mine the screen cracked in my pocket, paid £150 then next day it broke again, forked out £400 for the s4, still have the broken xperia z ! unknown if its worth the hastle I went through as the company even cracked the back in repairing the xperia, took over a month to fix and then broke the next day again in my pocket.

  • Catalin Vlad

    Hi guys ! Just read and mark my words ! I am a huge Sony fan and after having almost every sony ericsson model I decided to buy an Xperia Z. Very good phone that kept my interest from the moment i bought it. I have the XZ for almost a week and this morning while driking my coffe i noticed a little bit of dirt surrounding the edges of the screen. I cleaned up many smartphones by using a toothpic and had no problems. I decided to do the same with my Z because it was disturbing to notice the dirt and dust surrounding the headphone area and the display. I just used the toothpic to clean up the headphone and then I started cleaning gently the top left side surrounding the screen. It was my surprise to see the touchscreen crack ! I started cursing the GDmned phone because although it is not a big crack, the touchscreen doesn’t work on the horizontal length where the crack is. I honeslty advice you not to buy the Z, because if I can gently crack it with a toothpic, who knows what happens if you drop it on a hard surface. The original touchscreen with display it’s almost half of the phone’s value and IT IS NOT worth it. To see what I am talking about, I will upload some images. I am very dissapointed not just because I spent a lot of money for the XZ but also because I really loved the phone’s design and specifications. All in all, you can have a smartphone with the capabilities of a decent laptop but if it’s not so resistant to such minor situations like mine, it is worthless. A high price for a jewlery that you have to take care of just like taking care of an egg. I guess it’s just bad luck in my case, but honestly….cracking your touchscreen with a toothpic? This is the Sony’s top phone? Really, it’s emarassing…….

  • Catalin Vlad

    same issue, except different story. If you intend to keep the phone and replace the touchscreen, use the autorotation function of the screen to help you use the part where the screen doesn’t respond (activate autorotation and tilt your phone 90 degrees). Also, install GO Launcher Ex to have access to the top toolbar (the one that you slide down and shows you current programs or apps that have been installed, notifications and possibility to activate wifi, data trafiic, access settings, bluetooth, etc). Try it if you please, hope it was a useful advice. Best regards and solidarity ;))

  • Catalin Vlad

    nowadays Sony Xperia Z’s are all bulls*it. I recommend you don’t buy anything else that came after the Arc S.

  • Shaikh Faisal

    i bought xperia z 13W15, th day i started to use i noticed back glass raised in corner nearest to camera lens…..

  • dheeraj

    its is a piece of shit. sony xperia z. DONT EVER BUY IT FOR FREE ALSO. It just broke on its own. i’m pathetically disappointed.

  • Jay

    Unfortunately the xperia z is not the only Sony product with the same
    problem, my xperia z tablet has only 6 days and already as the screen
    broken and i didn’t do nothing to make that type of damage as i am very
    careful with this type of equipment. Sony wants almost 80% of the retail
    value in order to make the repair. some brands are condemned to be
    “wannabes” in this type of market.
    So in my opinion if someone is
    thinking on buying this type of equipment always consider first other
    brands in the long run you always manage to save some money.

  • rahul jain

    I had purchased xperia z 15 days ago…It slips from the pocket n the glass broke….I visited sony service center for screen replacement. …sony service center Replied that screen will b charged 19500…. or we will purchase this handset for 10000. … I had spent 38000 for the handset … n the result is zero….. my friend sugested me for samsung s4… n if screen get damage ..the samsung will replace the screen for 5000…. . In my opinion samsung provides more than sony……. now my xperia z is of no use to me….it will cost me 57500 if I go for screen replacement. Thanks sony for leaving no options. I was using sony handsets for around 6 years….. now I m switching to samsung. My name rahul jain. 07737409999 is my mobile number.

  • madhur agrawal

    back screen cracked ho gayi hai,service centre 20000 rs ka dd bol rahe hai.what to do ????some one help me to replace my mobile without charging.

  • madhur agrawal

    xperia cracks automatiacally.

  • mike jones

    great phone but I don’t think the screen is up to what they say I cracked my screen in my pocket after 2 weeks owning it i had a screen protector and case on it

  • Dev Sain

    Broke my back glass Is their any option for back glass

  • katytoole

    I’ve had mine 4 months. Yesterday I changed the screen protector and when I went to smooth the air bubbles out the screen cracked from the on/off button right down to the voice speaker then up to the speaker on the side. 3 say I have to pay £150+ to get it repaired. Surely that’s not right?

  • Asad Abbas

    Mine got cracked on its own !!! I just picked it out of my bag to check
    my facebook and there was a crack from near the power button. Then i
    searched the internet with sony xperia z screen crack , fount that there
    are hundreds of users who are facing the same problem . I am fighting
    with customer service on this issue but they are not accepting that
    there is a fault in the phone , they are asking 20,000rs for replacement
    because they say that xperia z can’t be repaired and replacement is the
    only option.

  • Asad Abbas
  • Asad Abbas
  • Asad Abbas
  • Asad Abbas
  • Nick

    Just got my z 4 days ago I was in the car all morning took my phone from my pocket and the glass back was smashed all round the camera corner – will Sony replace it…

  • Gabriel Horak

    My back glass just cracked due to it overheating according to the Sony forums. Not very happy a $600 phone that is broken no longer water proof and Sony won’t replace the thing.

  • b

    Fell 2 times, glass is broken twice!. even with a screen protector and a €40 case! Repairs are nearly €200
    I really love the phone but the screen really is the weak spot of the device.

  • Zeeshan

    Yeah tell me too . . .
    My Xperia Z LCD is break too,also front glass and back glass . . .

  • Sayan Chowdhury

    This is a real bullshit. Why even launch a phone when you can’t repair it.! and if you really then provide a free change for those who did break it.

    The worst part about this is, sony is not doing anything about it. How the hell do they expect to hold a market in any country with so many disappointing users?

  • Attique Shafique

    i bought the phone 3 days ago and my front touch screen glass has broken and touch isnt working.. can we get a seperate screen digitizer or do we have to replace the whole LCD unit ???

  • Trees

    I had my Xperia Z for a month and the screen has cracked inside. I am furious as one of the reasons I got it was because it was advertised as shatterproof. My phone was charging when suddenly the screen cracked in front of my eyes! When you look at the screen it appears to have a hole with lots of cracks but not on the top layer. I have been told that I need to pay £200 to repair it. I will never ever buy a Sony phone again. In all my years of using phones my Nokia models have never had a problem.

  • Dizz

    Yes good mobile but delicate screen pick up my phone this morning and it slipped out off my hand dropped about 4 inches and glass broke in the top right hand corner now can not use it because it is all together screen and digitizer pissed of Sony shud have used gorilla glass.

  • raghav

    this shit happend to me with xperia go i saw my screen suddenly cracked i think its due to thair air tight waterproof packing customer care says it is unrepeatable and ur warranty is void cause screen is cracked

    set is working fine but when the screen guard will be removed screen will be in pieces i should have gone for a chinese set instead wasted my 19000 inr

  • Jayden Lee

    Originally the corner of my phone cracked in my pocket, due to pressure against my leg causing the phone to bend. After using the phone with the top right corner disabled and a very non responsive tilt adjustment for around 2 months, I finally had enough and shattered the thing. If Sony had just released a decent hard-case for the phone, instead of abandoning their hardware and jumping to release a newer model not even a year after, I may have not had this problem, and would still have an interest in other Sony products. Once bitten, twice cautious, WONT be buying ANYTHING with the SONY logo on it again.

  • Kartik Appana

    my phone had a crack today and the screen is not operating fine. Can anyone tell me what is best I can do to fix this?

  • tech-can-talk
  • khan

    Please guide me whether to choose Xperia Z or Xperia Zr . This will be my first smart phone.

    Camera is my priority and I handle cell phones quite roughly

  • Asad Abbas

    Don’t buy , their after service is the worst you will ever come across. i
    am buying phone this week . The customer service of sony are asking me
    to pay 20,000 to get my mobile fixed , and i said i wont pay because it
    was not my fault it cracked on its own. When i went to service center , i
    came to know that i wasnt the onlyu one , there are 100s of people
    facing the same issue. Now because of the increase ion complains they
    have launched this new scheme of accidental warranty of 6 months , if u
    buy it after september 15th. If u want to use it for 6 month and pay
    over 30 grands , go ahead otherwise look for something else like , Htc
    or samsung. And one more thing it works gr8 till it works but thats the
    whole issue the screen without any reason.

  • khan

    hmm i think i should go for zr . it dosent have the glass finish at the back.
    I was actually on the verge of buying z but the salesman confused me with zr. addressing about its good battery life and also pointing on the glass finish of z which would develop cracks on rough usage.
    but i kind off loved the glass finish . Didn’t you use a case/ cover for your phone?
    the only thing that is stopping me from buying zr is I don’t like the back portion and also the front cam.
    and for z i am just worried about the durability of the glass. my friend told me one can use a case/cover to keep your phone protected.
    please tell me should i go for z or zr.
    these are the 2 options i am considering

  • Asad Abbas

    Maybe you should check this –

    And yes i had both the screen protector and cover with my phone , the screen didnt crack upon impact , it just cracked on its own , then came to know through online search that there is a major overheating issue with xperai z . Whatever sony phone ur buying , if there is some fault then ur doomed.

  • matticitt

    Yes, this is a very durable phone for one reason… those edges. The glass itself is protected by them therefore never has the chance to break. I dropped it 3 times, all 3 on concrete and it didn’t even damage the edges. Unfortunately for me I cracked the screen 5 months after I bought the device by dropping a huge glass full of coke onto the display. It cracked like hell and I had to use USB mouse to use the device :P

  • hst

    Lets not recommend any body to buy sony phones… For the same problem sony is refusing repairing and asking to pay 50%.
    We shall post complains to official site and should go to consumer forum as well

  • Eminem

    Seriously the worst service provider is sony, telling no repair, only replacement with 60% original price, which really sux

  • Hemant

    Yes…. additionally it was really unexpected from SONY to deny the repairing of Xperia Z and asking for 50 % amount (which is very high)…. Do not buy SONY at all

  • Hemant

    A small and hair crack doesn’t allow you to work with your phone… What a pity situation..
    No one has thought of buying top phone and facing this kind of problem…. Company is not looking at this customer also……. Shut down SONY… Do not make fool… If you can not replace the piece……I will go to consumer court also……….

  • Hemant

    Mr. Black dragon It is not the case……
    If you have suffered a problem like me then you will come to know

  • Hemant

    Nop… It is not the case

  • Hemant

    If your problem is solved let me know how did you get replacement.. Mine is the same case

  • Steven

    Had mine for six months now. I treat my stuff with kid gloves; use another phone to go cycling with, take it out of my pocket to tie shoes, etc. earlier today I was trying to get a particle of dust out of the gap between the screen and the chassis with my fingernail. I applied a very small amount of force and the screen cracked slightly (felt like a Dorito breaking, no more than that). As I picked up the phone, the crack spread to the opposite side, rendering the upper two-thirds of the screen inoperable. This was a pain, as I needed to use to reset the PIN as I could not unlock the pattern screen, and then use a connected PS3 controller to back up and reset so I can send it to Sony.

    I notice quite a lot of abuse aimed at people with the temerity to criticise Sony for what appears to be quite a common problem, but I can assure you all that in over ten years of touchscreen smartphone ownership I’ve never had this happen before.

    I’m intrigued to see what happens next. A couple of years ago, whilst having a couple of MacBook keys replaced (for free) at the Apple Store, I mentioned in passing that my 3GS had dust under the glass. Within 20 minutes, they had replaced the screen (with a better one!) free of charge.

  • danielvikan

    I have had the phone for 5 months now and one day when i was walking out of my house the screen just cracked. i really have no idea why

  • Leo

    Dropped mine loads no issues. But caught leg lightly on worktop whilst phone was in my pocket screen cracked right down the middle…

  • Roman Delrosario Fernandez

    I just buy my experia z last week and I am not happy they say that experia z will not easily obtain scratches by it not true in the back panel of my mobile just put it on my pocket it get easily scratch on the glass also is saw some scratches I am not expecting this foe sonny experia z

  • Satheesh kc

    Yes, My touch panel cracked last month , after baby care treatment of 5 months. I had used their leather pouch, very carefully handled . I never took care of any such e-gadget in my life. I can understand any such device can be damaged,but my worrying factor is the attitude of the support. Too bad – Guys don’t go for Sony

  • D3XT3R

    Hence i always recommend phone insurance, as it has saved me quite a bit in terms of repair cost with my Samsung S2 and HTC one X both of which suffered shattered LCD. Hopefully my Z will last a bit longer as i use mines without a cover or case and also work in construction have dropped a few times and yet it looks pristine for something i have used for 6 months.

  • Steve

    I’ve got an Xperia Z1 bought on launch day a couple of months ago, within 2 weeks the back of the phone had a ‘Z’ crack shape. I’m googling around the internet now to see if others have had this problem. I look after my things and I cannot understand how this crack happened?

  • Ravi Kiran Injeti

    today, while working on my desktop, suddenly when i moved…my hand pushed my xperia z and mobile fell down….front touch screen was broken, dont know what to do…i purchased just 3months back…

  • Ravi Kiran Injeti

    how did you get it back? I am also facing the same problem.

  • Milos Djurovic

    I scratched my xperia z rear side. is there factory screen protector on the back xperia z as there is on the front. and whether it is removing removable logo on the back, as it removes sony logo on the front

  • Milos Djurovic

    whether a factory protection from scratches on the back xperia z, as there is on the front, and whether it can be removed, as it comes off the front. if and while it removed the logo as the front

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  • rose

    I dropped mine on carpet cracked and turns on but still wont work

  • faffy

    front glass broke in pocket within one month…forced to pay £70 excess for phone insurance to cover…was dissappointed to say the least.

  • Sad Customer

    my phone screen cracked by it own :/ how frustrating that the front office in the service center refuse to take the warranty

  • Leon

    I’ve had a cracked screen appear out of the blue, like hundreds of other people. Not from a fall or anything that could damage it. R4000 to have it replaced….Sony can go….you know what!

  • spike

    I cracked my screen today. Experia z1 In back pocket…… pulled it out an hour after last using it. And …. cracked. Yeah sat on it with my boney ass. Great!
    It happend twice b4 with s3. Thought sony was kick ass. Well at least it lasted 2 months. Probably the longest i have done with a smart phone.
    Anybody got tips on replacing glass on z1

  • Akash Das

    my xperia zr touch screen glass cracked by itself yesterday…i am clueless how it happened…
    does sony use cheap materials for its handsets? The tollfree no of sony support is of no use…says no does not exist .. i am regretting buying sony! :(

  • olmy_69

    Not at all happy with the xperia z. Have cracked the screen twice. Had it in my front shorts pocket both times in a cover. The first time I thought I leant on something (also cracked the corner of the rear cover), the second time I KNOW I didn’t. All that happened was the phone had turned sideways in my pocket and lay across my thigh. As I squat down the fabric of my shorts pulled taut across my leg and snapped the screen. I now believed this was probably the cause if the first instance also. Be warned the repair cost of the front screen alone was $280 (due to its aledgedly waterproof nature). Compare this to $70 for an Iphone 4s. Also note that once cracked the touchscreeen does not function at all, unlike, again an Iphone that can be literally in a thousand pieces and still operate. Now I hate iTunes with a passion so am not an apple fan but credit where its due i say the xperia z is a pile of fragile junk next to my old iphone.

  • Alan Beardwood

    I pulled my sony xperia z1 out of my pocket to find 4 cracks in the screan, now it wont work, they wont replace it, and i have to send it off to be fixed and for them to contact me to how much it will cost, they said between 150-200 pounds, this is daylight robbery, what the fuck i maen we pay enough for the phone and now i got to pay more, not only that how long will it take and y the fuck do they think its okay as this is bad service

  • Tanya Smith

    How did you get them to repair for free??? They are charging me at least 50% of the phone cost to repair my LCD. The phone dropped from my pocket. So angry.

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Yeah and you are selling it at the same price you bought it in romania :))) right

  • Arun Kumar

    They will give Bill and Waranty for the Replaced Handset ???

  • Arun Kumar

    and the replaced one will get warranty ???

  • nickbourg

    on second screen its an ok phone but is very flimsy. the screan is about as strong and thin as a dried oak leaf. it is like slide glass for real what were they thinking. i havent even dropped it just went to use it and the screen (digitizer glass) was cracked. it isnt like my galaxy either when the glass cracks it doesnt work any more. after i replaced it the first time i was very careful with it because i saw how thin the glass is and it still broke. i am again using my old galaxy waiting for a part to come in the mail. if i could do it over i probably would get somethhing else. i also dont like how there isnt a reset or emergency power off button and you have to heat uo the back and pry off yet another thin piece of glass to unhook the battery. also if you let the battery die all the way you might find that it wont take a charge and have to buy a new one. oh yeah i have only had it since the end of october. three months. yeah when it works its nice but it really is poorly made.

  • jay jay

    freacking experia z got a cell for nearly 2 years .t mobile costumer told me change out date it..freaking crack the glass 1 day putting a screen protect pcs of shit sony all your cell i been a cosutmer for 8 years.i had mutur blur never crack on and on experia z sony fuck it up testing quality contro they should fire fk everybody.

  • lc

    I had my Xperia for two weeks before the screen cracked. I never dropped it or hit it against anything. Didn’t sit on it in my pocket.

  • Murshad

    Sony xperia z c6603 back glass broken!! Help!!!!!!

  • Chrissy Wilson

    my sony xperia z has randomly just cracked whilst on charger now i cant acess the phone and the touch screen doesnt work for what ever reason any surguestions on how to resolve this !!!!!

  • anuj monga

    hi guys , i too have bought xperiaz pro 8/2013. and yesterday on charging its screen got a single crack. now touch is completely not working . is there any solution. will cc repair it in warrenty

  • anuj monga

    there is protector , but about screen its true that its cracking byself

  • Felix

    I have a currently cracked screen Z1 and it makes me so mad! I have had the phone 3 months and when I got the phone I spoke with the agent at Tmobil about a durable phone. I said I wanted a great case that can withstand me and my habit of sitting on my phones. He said “Oh man the Z1 is great and it is waterproof excellent camera and it’s pretty tough.” Ok I said I will take it. I had it in my back pocket and what happens I sit on the stupid thing and it broke. Well I have worked with glass for 9 years and glass doesn’t ever break in 1 line across EVER!!! Glass brakes and splinters in multiple directions almost 99 percent of the time. Now I have to pay 250 to repair it, or if I had insurance on the phone pay 175 to replace it plus 10 bucks a month. The phone was 600 so now I have to fork out more money for this stupid thing. I should have gotten a rugged phone for construction workers. Hardly any phones out there with tough, rugged with nice cameras and as nice as this phone was. Makes me sick!!!!

  • Felix

    Had a tough case and screen protector on it also.

  • Deej Leslie

    My one fell out of my pocket, with a case on, got a little cracked now the top half of the screen doesn’t work? Not the first problem I’ve had with it.

  • alok

    i have loss my warrenty card and bill Xpria z so friends what i will do

  • liberata

    Mines got a massive crack on the screen and don’t know how it happened?! do you think Sony will fix? or shall I get insurance now and claim in a week!? lol

  • Danny Friday

    mine and 3 other people i know with the experia z1 compact all self cracked within 2 weeks of each other….ive attached a photo of mine, if you feel the outside you wont feel anything as it has cracked on the inside leaving the touch screen useless

  • icemac

    look i love the z2 tablet i got a week or two ago but it dose have some problems ,its got a slight bend in it .and im having problems with it connecting to the wifi,when it conects the rest of the family,s ipads and the home computer internet conection drops out every 2 or 3 minits when my z2 is conected but i cant download anything while im on .the only place iv found who talk about it so far are on XDA forum and whirlpool forum. if its bent out of shape that means its under load ,so a cracked glass is comming its only a matter of time. its to thin and week .i love ym z2 tablet but i would not recomend it to anyone untill sony step up to the plate and sort out the sony boomerang Z2 tablet ,its going to keep coming back to bit them in the arse if thay dont.

  • tnavarrete

    I would not buy it. Ive been throught 3 Xperia devices in less then a year. If you do buy it, bubble wrap it! Its a good phone, until the screen cracks… its just to bad insurance only covers 2 devices then you are shit out of luck…

  • tnavarrete

    How did you get sony to replace your phone? Ive been through 3 devices already and my insurance wont cover another device.

  • Lilli

    Ok I have just cracked my experia z tablet screen… what kind of costs am I up for to replace it…
    I have had it over twelve mth it has been under waterfalls swimming an it just keeps going . ive had a fantastic run with it so I would like it fix… would any one know a approx cost

  • vijay ranswal

    Can gorilla glass be applied on the screen rather than. Dragontrail screen

  • Milan

    i have crack in my sony xperia z and the touch doesn’t work in the creaked are….
    What can i do for this problem…??

  • anneline

    got my sony z just over a year and screen on both sides cracked. phone is stil under warantee will sony repair it under warantee? anybody knows.

  • Ravinder Ahlawat

    how did it get cracked? If it has a physical damage company wont replace it but if it has cracked in pocket by itself then then sony ll replace it.

  • Ravinder Ahlawat

    Take it to service center they ll help you.

  • Jethin

    Yeah my back glass cracked of my Z when it fell down…not too much height… I wonder y it happened…. May be because glass got cracked due to overheating of the device when running some apps…:-(

  • khairi

    I just buy my z3 last month. i didn’t really use case cause sometime i like using this phone without cases. One time it got slip from my hand and fell from about 1ft height, then few days later i just realized it got little bit chipped at the edge of the glass.. Then yesterday it fell from my pocket straight to concrete surface during I want get out from car. I think about 3-4 ft cause im not fully stand up yet. So the back glass cracked. Hopefully the glass can be replace or can claim warranty.

  • Morne

    Have been a proud sony supporter all my live until I b ought a sony z ultra and after 3 months I got a cracked screen that you can hardly see .Phone is in for repairs and I received a quote of R4000 which I’m not willing to pay.

  • biplab bhujel

    My Xperia M2s 3rd generation gorilla glass was scratched when i bringing out it from my jeans pocket…….and what should be done for the protection of camera far from using external mobile cover…….!!!! What happens when i cover all parts of the back cover of my phone by the scatched proofing glass….??? Is there is any problem with including NFC and Secondary microphone….???

  • Rohan Rego Makhani

    If u r in india and are confused about buying a sony do not even think about it ..i loved my sony so much before i broke its sceen on a wooden floor :( ..( ntn happned wen it fell on the road once ) and then u have to deal with the customer care service ..its sony policy that they do not change screens so u will have to pay 50 percent of the amount u paid for a repaired phone that they will give u and take your phone ..mind your they will not repair your phone but they repair someone elses phone and give it to you fk sony unless u have heaps of money to just move on .i paid 47000 for my new one and now they want be to pay 25000 for a repaied phone ..mind u a new z2 is worth 32 now ..after just 6 months of the z2 launch they have the z3 out ..!!!

  • Alain Baumann

    Just had my back glass broke, from being in a sitting position inside my front pocket during an exam at Uni .. So disappointed. Also came with a defect port (which would open itself- already fixed by warranty) ..

  • Jamie Bell

    there is no screen protector had mine a week got a crack in it not busted and will not function whatsoever there junk. they should come in a hard case from the factory there as flimsy as a piece of card board.

  • Anjali Wasley

    I have xperia Z3 and its glass from back side is cracked.. but as far as i remember it never fell down.. but it was having a problem of over heating.. and that was soo much that you can’t even hold it. I think the crack is due to overheating….. went to the service center they said we can only fix the software issue and other damage is chargeable.. where as my phone is still under warranty… my phone has not even completed a year …. seriously am really annoyed with this reaction..

  • Jesus Javier Gonzalez Diaz

    Yes my back frosted glass is broke with no reason

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