Would you like to see RAW camera support in your Sony Xperia?

by XB on 26th November 2013

in Imaging

Xperia ZL cameraThere is mounting evidence that Google may be looking to introduce RAW capability into its Android operating system. Last week Ars Technica reported that Google was working on a new camera API that supported RAW. Now Google spokesperson Gina Scigliano has confirmed this in comments made to Cnet.

Android’s latest camera HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and framework supports raw and burst-mode photography. We will expose a developer API [application programming interface] in a future release to expose more of the HAL functionality,” Scigliano said.

The appeal of RAW images is that these contain unprocessed data straight from your camera sensor and gives users much more post processing flexibility compared to JPEG files. As a result of the extra detail, RAW images are usually much larger than the traditional JPEG equivalent. Therefore, support for RAW images is likely to appeal to those who really like to tinker with their photos.

Nokia’s top-end Lumia camera phones have RAW capability, underlining their imaging focus. If Sony wants to compete on this front, we feel it is a matter of time before we see RAW support added. Is this something you are looking forward to? Would you like to see what the pure hardware of your Xperia smartphone is capable of, without Sony’s processing algorithms? Or is it too much hassle and do you feel that the pictures you take right now are good enough? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Xperia Z

    of course i would love it! like on my digicam, where i always shoot in raw-mode … i go so far and would be disappointed if sony doesn’t use this possibility – Z-owner

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i really dont mind, with a good processing would be enough for the bast majority of people

  • Maulana Yusuf

    It would be nice to have RAW in xperia

  • Mikael Oskarsson

    I havet a xz and The quality Of The pictures is really shitty. So I hope it get better with 4.3 or 4.4. Otherwise i have to look om another brand.

  • Andrew

    I’d take anything for better image quality, my Xperia SP takes some pretty terrible pictures for a $300 phone.

  • Jimi xz

    I also have the xz and I think the pictures are wonderful

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the more options the better

  • Guest

    I’m not bothered, I don’t really take any pictures anyway, well apart from of my cat…

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    We want ois, and xenon flash and z1 will be 20 years far better than any phone or camera, and plz sony add slow motion. Plzzzzzzzzzz

  • sreenamboothiri

    don’t blame the phone always.. your knowledge in photography can’t be improved with such a software update.
    The latest update made the Xperia Z camera quality pretty much well

  • Loving my xperia

    I think the picture quality of my Xperia Z1 is awesome…I don’t really have time to edit my pictures….but more options wouldn’t hurt…

  • Billy de Fretes

    RAw file? Well it’s a good news since lots of smartphone vendor using sony sensor but provide better result than my xperia z. I never taking picture using auto mode in my xperia z since manual mode provide good results but it takes longer time to set manually.

    I have seen Z1 capabilities and it really did great job

  • iHuman

    Z1 too, failed big time !


    I don’t particularlly NEED it. But i would definately WANT it as an option.

  • Rosemberg

    I think we could have both options.

  • Ben

    Don’t use auto ISO.

  • Revanth

    yes i think it is of utmost necessity in Sony phones, i am tired of over processing and compression in my Xperia ZL

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Aftr .67 update Camera Performance is Superb on my Z. Believe it or Not, It is even better than my friend’s galaxy S4….. I think you need a software repair !!!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Sony as a Camera Expertise brand, Seriously Need some Software improvements… At this time Nokia is the best in Camera Software and the greatest example is its “Manual Focus”

  • Anton Papin

    The best idea for android ever. The thing I always dreaming about.

  • lol


  • Abdul Ghani

    Dont complain here post everything in.official sony form.or sony Facebook or twitter

  • Aigars Vilc?ns

    Perfect – Xperia Z1 camera definitely need RAW support!

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Yes soo truue

  • Samuel Serafim

    yes, i do.

  • Abdul Ghani

    Just post everything at sony mobile Facebook page so that Son. Could read what Cra. Software they r making

  • Chetak Parate

    Right now Sony’s algorithm for low light photography is weak for sure, if RAW images can take over them then it would be a added benefit.

  • mj

    just want to see a decent camera on SP

  • Keon Fraites

    Yes RAW images I would gladly take that.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Sony are always going on about their ‘great’ smartphone camera’s & giving them fancy names (e.g. Exmor RS…) but the fact is that they still are crap. My dad’s iPhone 3G takes better pictures than my Live with Walkman, that is 2MP vs 5MP respectively.

  • Anders

    9 of 10 DSLR users shoot on AUTO w/o any knowledge of what RAW would bring or even that it exist. They just feel “professional” with a DSLR and don’t know what they miss and how they can compose pictures w/ all the settings.

    For the smaller amount of people that actually use raw see the point.
    Now, to take this into the smartphone world – I would say 99/100 have no idea about what
    to do with the raw and will continue shoot in auto and put straight on facebook.

    But of course – it’s a nice addon for the very few. But I see this more as an extra value,
    nothing really worth adding since the market is too slim.

    I would love it tho ;)

  • ifeelsorryforyourcat

    I feel sorry for your cat.

  • ifeelsorryforyourcat

    It didn’t get good reviews for the camera.why did you buy it?

  • Chris
  • Andrew

    That’s where it got me, some reviewers said the camera was “acceptable” and produced “good image quality” and i expected to be at least better than my old Xperia U or a Lumia 520. But it came out to be worse.

  • jmaxim917

    Yes, also 3D and 4K.

  • aligamz

    If RAW support means getting rid of Sony’s crappy post-processing algorithms, then be my guest.

  • Utsav Shah

    Photography is at its best when we shoot in RAW.

  • Rahul Joshi

    I can take good photographs in daylight but the images captured in low light have a lot of noise. I don’t think XZ is gud when clicking in normal indoor lights

  • sony

    Even my old xperia p take better picture than galaxy s4…..

  • ????? ???????

    Probably because people buy phones considering something else than camera only?

  • Bjørn Boivie Myrland

    When I need RAW capabilities I use my SLR camera. Working with RAW is storage, CPU and time consuming and I would not want to use my phone for that. For me, the Xperia is a handy swiss army knife that happens to take awesome photos right out of the box. RAW would just make it more difficult to handle.

  • josesl16

    Sony are always going on about their ‘great’ smartphone camera’s &
    giving them fancy names (e.g. Exmor RS…) but the fact is that they
    still are were crap for a few years. My dad’s iPhone 3G takes better pictures than my Live
    with Walkman, that is 2MP vs 5MP respectively.


  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    The camera sensor on your phone already captures RAW data, just that you don’t have access to it currently in any easy way (easy as in API, not user access). Of course there’s the matter of writing to card or internal storage. RAW would be an option and not something forced on to you.

  • Bjørn Boivie Myrland

    True, and I would assume that it would an option to turn on or off. What I am trying to say is that I would not choose to use it, because going RAW is only necessary when I want to spend time post-processing my pictures (on my computer), and I do not use my phone for that kind of photography. Of course there are users out there who would be happy to go RAW on their phone; I am just not one of them and I suspect that the number of people who would actually do that is rather small. Even among SLR users only a fraction even of professionals and serious enthusiasts use RAW.

  • Bjørn Boivie Myrland

    That said, I understand if Xperia product managers want to profile their phones for the extreme photography enthusiasts. And it may even be cool. And if there could be some smartness in the phone that makes it possible for me to easily select afterwards which shot (if any) I would like to keep a RAW copy off, I might even use it once in a while. I just do not want to be bogged down with a RAW copy of everything.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    You’re right that most users on phones probably will go WTF is that ? Add to the fact that you need a program to process the file, that would be a challenge for most end users. Also crap lens with crap sensor + RAW file doesn’t necessarily improve a photo :D. For DSLR’s are you kidding? RAW is essential for landscape, long exposures, night photography. I use JPG if I’m not really concerned about the picture (the relative’s birthday etc…)

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    Don’t worry Google engineers have your back. They slip up from time to time but 80% of the time most of their design decisions are grounded in common sense and common uses.

  • Diazene

    actually, some people will use it because it makes them feel like “professionals”

  • Nz

    I only shot in RAW with my DSLR, would be fine to have this at the Xperia line.

  • RAW in Xperia Z1 makes a lot of sense. right now the postprocessing gives oversharpened images that are pain for the eyes @ full 20mpix size. but to be hones, I’d prefer a manual control over the shutter speed/aperture than the RAW format.

  • Aleksander Torset Eriksen

    There is no doubt that people will get better image quality from a Z1 Raw file. Have you seen the watercolors, the terrible sharpening and the noise reduction? Not only that, highlights getting blown out because they add extra contrast to the pictures. We cant even control jpeg image parameters in camera module, and thats a step in wrong direction. I am dissapointed in the image quality, It doesnt reflect Sony’s OOC jpegs anywhere else. If I could trade it for a 1020, I would have done it. Sony, get your act together and give us image parameters and raw!

  • Sunny Schramm


  • dave birney

    i wouldnt say no to it at all

  • eMKi

    I would appreciate the chance to select between different formats so RAW would be great for me.

  • Lorenzo

    HI, I have a sony xperia z1 compact. From the first shoots I made, seemed that the jpeg conversion is quite poor for the expected image quality that should come from the sensor (by the way why a 4:3 sensor?). Reading some reviews, it seems a general problem for sony products (for instance also on cameras like a7). So sony should pay more attention to the conversion (should be fixed?) and at least raw capability can help.

  • KIJT

    Definitely preferrable option.

  • raw4ever

    The aperture is fixed, you can’t control it, and to be honest, I’d rather be able to tune sharpness and noise reduction

  • adam

    Bring it on! I recently purchased a z1 and in truth considering the quality of the sensor (it’s better than my slr) I never even thought to ask whether it would support raw. With a sensor that good it should be a given that it does and if i had of known that it didn’t I would have bought a lumia. And to those below saying that most users wouldn’t understand the benefit, I’m sure that it would be a simple enough thing to allow a jpeg compression option. At least if it’s there maybe they’ll being to see the difference,your also closing yourself off from the professional market. The sooner you fix this the happier I’ll be.

  • Daniel de Marko

    I really think that as high-end model Sony Xperia Z2 needs RAW mode. It is not a matter of discuss, it’s a matter of time to see it implemented.

  • Simone Zorzetto

    My 32GB SD waiting for RAW files !!

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