Xperia L update version 15.3.A.1.12 now rolling; still Android 4.2.2

by XB on 30th December 2013

in Firmware, Xperia L series

Xperia L_15.3.A.1.12A new firmware version for the Xperia L (C2104, C2105) has been released with build number 15.3.A.1.12. This new firmware version is still based on Android 4.2.2 but includes some performance improvements over the previous build (15.3.A.0.27). If you have downloaded the update, let us know what changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

Xperia L_15.3.A.1.12

  • ashim

    update for sp??? 4.3?

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Fuck! Why sony let it happen that they roll it first before t tx and v. Oh common even these devices are not certified by ptcrb?? Whats wrong with you!

  • ashim

    update for sp 4.3?

  • Rafael Nunes

    I was waiting for the 4.3 UI, like Z1 ):

  • HLG

    Fuck SONY!!!!
    SP when???????

  • Michi Fus

    AND SP?? Sony says “December”. Today is Dec, 30…

  • Giannis Salonikios

    Sp what happened;;;;

  • Sony makes a good trolling with T, TX & V users at this end of year :)

  • laci_csk

    yeah, but what year? 2014

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Yeah bro. And thats not funny :)

  • alejandromejiaarteaga


  • 1 day to go sony..

    COME OOOOOOON SONY WHERE’S THE SP 4.3 UPDATE ! I’ve been checking 10 times a day since it was certified..

  • laci_csk

    Me WAITING too, and what else we can do?

  • eeehaw

    sp ?
    y u du soni ? i cry evritim :(

  • Yep, it’s already 30 december, and Xperia V update is not even certified by PTCRB

  • ??????? ???????

    According to the list just next SP

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Im also waiting! Im a V user! Its almost end of december but it seems that they wont make the update this year :(((

  • Lucas Lam

    Keep came and cross fingers :((((((

  • Jkfooty

    Thank you Sony, i hope Camera improvement and multi touch issue solved

  • akmal zaidaan

    yeah 4.2.2 still same -___-

  • Jlol

    2013-12 according to Sony’s website.

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Yaahh! At this moment i give up on hoping that my V will have the update this year. Sony youre such a liar

  • Alan

    not available in indonesia :(

  • Joko Kurniawan

    10 Best Launcher For Android :

  • nexus 100

    This was a bug fix update for l……but no one even commented about the improvement s that came with the update……..and everyone starts complaining…….. What is happening here!!!

  • suyogz

    you have got to be kidding… where’s the update for sp?? did sony forget it?? been waiting for a long time now…

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    ZL finally available :D

  • AEdegre

    Just wait a lil bit more we’ll get our update soon

  • Michi Fus

    2013 -.-

  • xperiaDROID

    Maybe Xperia SP, T, TX, V will get 4.3 in December 31 since Sony said it’s 2013-12 on their website, and Xperia L, M, E, C will jump straight to 4.4 KitKat next year. Just my theory.

    But to those who are waiting for the 4.3, you need to prepare for a little bit disappointment, it’s the battery life. My Xperia Z is running 4.3, and the battery life sucks, it’s worse than 4.2. But there are more pros than cons, here’s what I found:
    New UI
    Smooth UI
    Clean UI
    Downloadable themes
    Downloadable camera apps
    Camera UI looks like in the Z1

    Battery life

    To those who are waiting for the update, please be patient. It won’t take too long for Sony to roll out the update, cuz it’s not holiday anymore.

  • xperiaDROID

    No one gives a shit.

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    But t tx and v doesnt have certification build from ptcrb.. Is it possible to have the update without the certification??

  • xperiaDROID

    I don’t know, but it will void your warranty if you do that. Just wait for the official update from Sony.

  • Noname

    No moderator, so childish cry, spam about his new toy 4.3

  • ShinOrochiX

    Why the **** is everybody going on about 4.3 for the SP/V. Sony has said you will be getting it so just shut your traps and wait. No one here is going to listen, all I want is more information on this update, anyone got it yet?

  • nickvengeance

    I guess they just can’t have patience at a time like this.

  • Ewstin

    There’s a difference between being impatient and being lied to. If Sony said we would get the update in January and kept its promice instead of lying about giving it in December we would happily wait.

  • Tommy

    Where is 4.3 for TX!!!?

  • Jkfooty

    -Camera acting abnormally, sometimes flash sync normally, sometimes not (as in previous version)
    -Still lagging in low ISO and taking lot of time in taking photos
    -Flash turned on and had to reboot to turn it off
    -1 sec blink when camera opens
    -Multi Touch issue still there

    Overall not satisfactory.

  • alejandromejiaarteaga

    :( soon

  • Jkfooty

    -Preview screen not showing the actual photo but much darker
    -Still lagging in low ISO and taking lot of time in taking photos
    -Flash turned on and had to reboot to turn it off
    -1 sec blink when camera opens
    -Multi Touch issue still there

  • xperianer

    all this many many comments about missing xperia SP 4.3 update let me think that this phone sold very well. am i right with my theory?

    or in relation to other handyowners the XSP owners have more time, because so many comments?

    is there a source for number of sales of sony phones 2013?

    oh before i forget. my XT would like to try out 4.3jb xD

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  • deekbee

    The “Note” bit will be at least part of the cause in any delay …

  • OMG! 9.2.A.0.276 firmware certified on PTCRB fot T, TX & V!

  • Miros?aw Musialik

    Update Sony Xperia M please

  • xPnoyStar

    Everybody trolling.. *facepalm*
    Be self a software engineer and then you understand that writing/customizing a new firmware isn’t easy.

    I attend in a IT-school so I know what I’m talking about.

    Still people come up with: “Where is the update for Xperia SP,V,T,TX,….?” and “Sony you are bullshit by updating phones.”

    MY REPLY: SHUT UP AND CHANGE YOUR PHONE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED or root and put a custom rom in it.

  • Pete

    Mr. Entwistle I think you should just shut up and go back to the BBC instead of wasting time on XperiaBlog.

  • xPnoyStar

    Maybe it will roll out tomorrow. haha :D
    Be happy that Sony is updating a midrange phone unlike Samsung who does only care on its flagship handsets (Note 2/3, S3/S4)

  • Dr. Trollface

    Go back to the Philippines tramp.

  • blacklistz

    i didn’t even get the prevous build (15.3.A.0.27)..i’m in Indonesia

  • venkat Raghava

    Sony has skipped 4.2 update for xsp
    N now taking so long time to update to 4.3 after being certified a week back

  • Raj

    i think there is nothing any changes just a little performance improvement & some bugs are fix

  • Shubham

    Xperia L and SP update was certified on same day but L released and SP still not.

  • Jordan

    Will xperia L get 4.3 update?? N when???


    again sony is back with bugs even in this update !

    bottom main key tray doesnt works sometimes, we have to lock and unlock to make it work.

    contact pic of previous received call is been shown for current receiving call

  • Quark Gluon

    So, any clue about why they release this update except to introduce new bugs?

  • Jordan

    I updated my xperia I to 15.3.A.1.12
    I lost recorder, Timer and calculator from remove task panel.
    The update still has bugs.
    Hope the next update will be 4.3 and would be without any bugs.

  • anonymous

    Someone on xda reported that this update brought new z1-like keyboard on xperia chinese keyboard…
    Here’s a link to that thread…

  • Raj

    There is new bug in xperia l update 15.3.a.1.12 update it’s proximity sensor not turning of after received call

  • Hi

    Update is good , now looks i feel smooth performance

  • Raj

    only lock screen music widget bug is fix in xperia l new update and even new bugs are there proximity sensor not turning of after receiving a call. after receiving a call home screen not working properly for that i want to lock the phone and again unlock then it’s solves. Please make a new bug fixing update.

  • Soe Moe

    Yeah, i also got proximity sensor bug after receiving a call in this new firmware update. Hope, next 4.3 update will fix this bug. I love SONY brand.

  • Bzzt

    One good thing in the 15.3.A.1.12 is that reboot now doesn’t kill home screen shortcuts ^^

  • Mustafa Karaca

    why the walkman cant see sd card mp3s ????????????? i dont want to move mp3s to phone!

  • Suhail

    I did the update for my xperia L….No big changes…bug fixes…
    thats all…!

  • Saif Ansari

    Just factory reset your phone and it will be good to go..

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  • marco

    After the update no way to turn the flashlight on! I’m really tired of these bugs…

  • jass

    After updating 15.3.A.1.12 front camera facing problem no colour only black & white in indoor even not able to see my face, Is there anyone facing the same problem let me know.,,,.

  • pranit

    Facing came camera issue. My images are getting corrupted after 2 or 3mins.. Its really irritating. Handset is also gets hanged sometimes.

  • sannn

    After updating my xperia L with 4.2.2 . The game subway surfer doesn’t run, but I still get upgrade notification for subway surfer.
    While I run the app subway surf black screen comes for few seconds and again back to previous screen.

  • jass

    Front camera black & white images no colour … to fix

  • Anderson Sarturri

    estragou o sistema de ligação, quando faço ligação a tela fica preta

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  • Vijay

    Recently i received the Update of baseboard 15.3.A.1.14 for Xperia L,
    They had mentioned that it will fix the proximity sensor issue in previous update,
    but i dont feel it so, even after the update im facing the same issue,
    Sony Pls check and fix this issue as soon as possible.
    and wen shall we expect Android Kit Kat OS update…

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