Sony “still working on” Xperia SP Android 4.3 update; promises will be out soon

by XB on 31st December 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SPWe have been inundated with requests for information on the Android 4.3 update for the Xperia SP and it seems the official Sony Xperia social channels have too. A few recent tweets apologises for the “delay” and confirms that the company is “still working on it“. However, to give hope, Sony confirms that it “will be out soon“. Judging from the language it doesn’t seem there will be a long delay so we would hope the update hits handsets within the next week. Hang tight SP owners!

  • Cemil Yilmaz

    sony fake.believe the december is ending !!!

  • Tamriko Bebo

    They dont give a shit about TX

  • aekara21

    well ok they did delay the update,but everyone calm down it’s new year eve (or 2014 already for some people)…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Daniel Moros

    Maybe in January XD

  • Guest

    fuck you sony, my next phone will be samsung

  • lon

    always delay, haha they said “12-2013 ” but until now theres no update

  • Carljn

    Lol. Good luck with that.
    Samsung only update their high-end. Their version of an SP would never be updated.

  • amazingsp

    At least they didn’t abandon it! Be thankful! =) #woohoo

  • bharath kumar

    why the hell no news about tx., why they dont give a shit about it

  • lucasarg

    I don’t care so much this cause i got a ZL, but… Happy new year for everyone who read this comment! <3<3<3 :3

  • laci_csk


    Be patient, be happy.

  • qqqqq

    Running a July 2012 Android version in 2014
    Sony for fucks sake

  • bucsan

    Calm down people! It’s better a delayed but well done update than an update full of bugs. I just hope they’ll improve camera performance and fix the current bugs

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    And they messed up 4.3 too in S3 (heavy bugs) and they retake their 4.3 from S3. What a shame lol.

    Goodluck then if you choose samsung for your next phone

  • Tim Aries

    Well i understand how pissed off you are, but trust me going for Samesung is a worse worse worse idea. Btw only 4 models from Samesung get the 4.3 update (compared to 10 from Sony).

  • Dick Turnip

    Maybe in January? :-/

  • ShinOrochiX

    Galaxy Ace 3 getting kit kat. Worse than SP. Samsung are not all that bad.

  • Jonfensu

    What if the update comes in 1-2 days? Are you going to complain or buy another phone?

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Better late than never :-D Happy new year folks

  • InspectorGadget80

    I doubt it will never get 4.4 kitkat. which is why i never rush out buying new devices that don’t get the updates

  • Aycliffe taff

    still not got the update for my xperia Z NOT HAPPY with Sony

  • TX is pretty much the exact same device as T, As long as T gets an PTCRB (which it did), TX should get it.

  • Well that’s your problem, everyone else got it

  • Sabin Jamal

    Sony sux

  • mj

    hope the delay means more attention on fixing bugs, display wakelock, ram management, wifi and camera

  • Sabin Jamal

    A word must be a word… No matter what happens !. Shame on you sony !

  • Shubham

    Sony announced 4.3 for SP, a month ago still didn’t make it, too bad! Sony

  • sujeeth Kumar

    Sony u gonna make world record ha ha…never leave a word unless ur ready for it…

  • Michi Fus

    Stop saying “it will come next days, weeks, coming soon, enjoy new year”. This is about an internacional company who promises to all the xperia sp users a 4.3 update, 2013 ends and Sony lies to us. Better would be not say an specific month, or say something about the delay and not say “sorry for all the inconvenience” in December 31. Good design, good phone and price, but please sony dont lie your costumers. Happy new year xperia blog and xperia users!

  • Micro

    Happy new year to everyone! Even to trolls ;D (but only this once ;P)

  • poop

    Atleast When the update is out, sony shows that it had put alot of work into it.

  • Micro

    hi troll, happy new year to you too :D
    oh, and of course, happy trolling from your new cheap plastic phone ;]

  • flo irimescu

    In same situation is T,TX,V,must appologize for delay this device,or hard working for update very soon,no just SP!

  • panagi?tis

    Goodbye stock hello cm11

  • Mint

    Yeah “coming soon” is totally making up for the delay….

  • panagi?tis

    Don’t be so sure. Delays means problems and Sony know well about faulty roms and lags and problems

  • Jonfensu

    Those complains ARE STUPID… Just, Grow Up, people!!!. You STILL CAN LIVE without 4.3 update …Meanwhile, Just Enjoy your LIFE doing other activities. Damn, people…

  • Jonfensu

    Use Flashtool… XDA Forum is your friend!

  • Leo

    sony shouldn just apologize for the delay of newer devices, as u ve promised and lied to us u should say something for that. othervise u did hurt ur usrs. its not difficult to explain! delay rollout for t/v but certificated, and nothefckthing for tx till now!

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    strongly agree with you.just read peoples comments on sony news.,they are all stupid gave them a monster like xperia sp with such a price and now they insult sony for what? for a weak delay> now i congraglate samsung for fuc# people by old hardware phones with high price bad quality and design.foolish updates which you cant sesne you update your it samsung because this stupid people really deserve it

  • Mint

    I KNOW! If you can’t keep your promise then just say there will be an update and let when be a surprise!

  • Ewstin

    Knowing Sony, it probably won’t be.

  • jlol



  • KenC17

    Then all the trolls would come out saying, “WHERE IS MY 4.3 FOR SP??”. Live with it. There’s no definite date for technology. You all should learn that by now.

  • Sanya Stashkov

    Fuck you Sony. Xperia sp without Sony’s support.

  • KenC17

    You’re the ID10T. They said they’re still working on it. Not “no support”. Go troll some place else. I wouldn’t mind losing some lousy consumer like you if I was Sony.

  • mahdi

    what about TX, T , V ?!!!
    I think they should be updated before 2014 ?!!

  • Jonfensu

    “sony gave them a monster like xperia sp with such a price and now they insult sony”

  • Vhan Modders

    samsung? Really?
    Cheap looking phone made in plastic with overprice?..
    I don’t think your brain still in your head. :)))

  • Tim Aries

    They are customers, they have rights to complain, who are you to judge?

  • Tim Aries

    Agree :(

  • Michi Fus

    You are right. And i think Sony was bad posting dates/ETA about updates. Sony now looks like a liar.

  • Jonfensu

    Whats the problem with the update? Sony have NOT cancelled it. Its JUST delayed for a few days. Have you understood why Sony waited until Dec 31 to say “will be out soon“ .? It means: “Its almost ready and You will get the update” .Get it? There is NOT reason to cry like a baby

  • Justin

    And this is why 3rd party ROM devs at places like xda never give ETAs, because this happens when something goes out of schedule.

  • Kikato

    I hope WiFi bugs,touchscreen bugs and camera will be fixed.

  • nvier

    I just don’t understand all these people complaining, so what if it was delayed? Why can’t you people appreciate the fact that you SP users are actually getting 4.3. Give Sony a break, they’ve been trying to push at 4.3 to a couple devices all within a short period of time, it’s hard work you know. Calm down and wait, geez, it isn’t the end of the world. Delays happen, things come up, that’s life.

  • KenC17

    Lying means that they never had intention to release the firmware. This was just a mistake on their end, but to call a company liar is somewhat over the line. They had all the intentions to release something as soon as possible. It’s not that they said they will deliver, but ended up NEVER delivering either future or past. That’s when you can call them liars. They already said they’re working on it, so I don’t think calling them a liar is justifiable.

  • Jonfensu


  • Dep

    sony staff hangover sure 555

  • P9

    happy new year Sony fans :)

  • roeshak

    They said roll would begin from December. That usually starts with the flagships. The SP was never going to get it in December. January was always the most likely time.
    You guys need to do working yourselves into hysteria

  • Guess who

    Sell Un-functionally smartphone take for this cash promised fix (THIS SMARTPHONE SHOULD BE GOOD IN 100% IN RELEASE WHEN COMES TO SHOP) On Sony official website 4.3 update date 2013-12 and now what? I thinking the android 4.4 kitkat never comes to SP.

    At the time when mobile phones were under the brand SONY ERICSSON everything better meant the phone was more polished and now these phones are suitable for one to go and drain it in the toilet, and buy google nexus 5 or a samsung phone.

    I’ve been a fan of Sony Phone, but now at a new phone sony is worse than the previous one. A successful policy of the company would be so on it no one will buy your “phone”

  • sisore

    For those crazily yearning for 4.3 update, sooner IS NOT always be better.
    I have ZR and update it to 4.3 around 4 days ago, while true that it is butter-smooth, I think it also have some bugs. I myself faced unusual excessive RAM usage, while some other found their bluetooth doesn’t work after the update and the worst is he got his phone always reboot after 5 minutes, even reflashing doesn’t help.

    You sure can complain, but why so loud? Cheers :)

  • tristi lumina

    Hahhahaha so funny…
    There so much ppl complaining about update, said Sony a liar. IMO the “TRUE LIAR” is SONY CANCEL THE UPDATE!! Yah me too agree if that’s shameful, an international company like Sony can’t keep their promise but DELAY much better than not work to update OS at all.
    And then when the update comes out, have bugs you guys complaining and flaming again. You think make an update is something easy plus Sony work on their other devices too (not just SP) ?? Thats why they’re need some coffe time to work on it, roll out the update with minimum bugs.

    Indeed, we’re customers have rights to complain, but be a smart user. Flaming like a BOSS, need a perfect thing, geez. If dont like Stock, there so much custom ROM(s) that maybe can make you happy. Dont know how to install it?? Come on, you know how to use internet, you know google, you CAN READ!

  • javad

    when I can update it ???
    when I wont bought this phone I thought Sony is a really good company and support users.
    but now. wow

  • Derna

    Next time, rather than making a promise and not delivering after the promised time period, just do a Beyoncé and everyone will be much happier. Good for your PR machine too.

  • Momok

    This shit will never finish…
    *enjoying myself while reading all the comments…
    To Sony, dont release any more updates because people always fight for their device to be updated. Give them a lesson.

  • Abhishek Mishra

    we love u sony….nd frnds njoy the new yr…..put all ur anger aside the updates will cum after few days…

  • Tim Aries

    so it means you can call people stupid LOL
    seems legit

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  • B

    because you have the right to be stupid but not to take advantage of this…

  • jake

    Actually i didnt update my xperia z to 4.3 although it officially released .
    4.2 is fast and fluid and bugless anyway .

  • Xperia Z C6603 Sweden

    It’s a nice update nice color worth the wait ‘ but worst battery drain after update 4 h ‘ better in 4.2.2 16 h black screen , t9 gone I have also done a fabric install not better hope a update will fix this thanx

  • Hamza
  • john

    they right

  • Cvasnai Tiberiu

    No update yet for Xperia Z…C6603 in Roumania….plz tell me when will be available?

  • Shane Falco

    Agree with you… And usually Sony’s updates are quite stable compared to other companies, i hope they’re taking their time to test it quite well… Yesterday i was speaking with a friend of mine who owns a Samsung GS3 and he was complaining about the recent 4.3 upgrade, saying that the phone lags a lot more than before in the basic operations…

  • Vhayu

    Come on guys, they need new year vacations too. Take it easy. :)

  • Parag D Bhoir
  • snp

    we sp users are one of the lucky ones who will jump right to 4.3 from 4.1 so, no 4.1 is not really that fluid and pretty buggy imo. And this comes from a moderate user.

  • TutuTuruTutu


  • anon7

    Sony REALLY need to fix the terrible WIFI RANGE and continuous DISCONNECTION! Were all counting on you Sony.

  • rus_media

    For your kind information, 4.3 is far better and much more speedy than 4.2

  • rus_media

    What are you doing here? May be this is the place for your vacation.

  • Considering there is no update to 4.3 for Xperia Z in Italy, I am thinking Sony has no clear idea about its update plan. However I can live without it ;)

  • ???


  • Aycliffe taff

    No not everyone else has NaathaanS

  • LGS

    The main problem is that Sony has announced Jelly Bean 4.3 for XSP in July, 25

    and over 5 months later still nothing.

    c’mom Sony give me a break, give me a kit kat

  • AnDy HeYhei

    I’d like to have this update for my 2014 new year present/___ Fine@@’ Hope it’ll soon be released><

  • Jonfensu

    The way how the people ACT is stupid. Get it?

  • Tim Aries

    They are CUSTOMERS. Get it?
    Anyway im out, its just as annoying when seeing you guys complain about people being stupid, yet you are also. Just stfo and wait.

  • Tim Aries

    Well ya know somebody here act like they have the right to tell people to shut up like a sheep and listen to what sony tells lol. Im on your side Michi.

  • LGG2

    Good luck with that.

  • Carlos Alberto Del Castillo

    Hope the Xperia T update fixes black space on the bottom of lock screen problem.

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  • Maca

    Is there any hope for Xperia S to get some firmware or update fixes ?

  • Did you unlock you bootloader or something? If so, that’s probably why. If not, it’s up to where you live.

  • Nikolai ivanov

    Any chance SP,T,V roll out update in same day ??

  • Mathieu De Cola

    I THINK one more week and we all run on 4.3 stay positiiiive, positive vibration xD


  • panagi?tis

    You take vocations when things work perfectly fine. When you have people that pay you their money because they trust you and you sell them devices with problems you work hard to fix it soon because for some people everyday with problems is one step away from your company. That’s why Sony is behind even from Huawei!

  • Mathieu De Cola

    Good question!!

  • jay

    Sony has sent two updates already to SP with in a short span of 2 months. But we are eagerly waiting for 4.3 coz SP has certain bugs. After surfing internet for a few mins Or playing a candy crush etc leads to Home screen lag of 2 seconds. Wi-Fi disconnects even if u r sitting next to router. Camera too is no better than Micromax Or any Chinese brand. Occasionally phone hangs and needs restart. Only good thing is its a SONY. So if customers demand fixing of these bugs early in its update. I think there is nothing to call them stupid. Only a stupid can pass on such nasty judgements against others. Delay is a delay. After all Sony committed to give update before New year. So customers are quite eager. Sony kindly bring the update as early as possible plz plz plz.

  • jass

    Sony still waiting for the update 4.3

  • waliulihi5

    Purchased Xperia ZL from windmobile Canada, network
    locked. Updated to Android 4.3, 10.4.B.0.569 via Sony computer application. App
    Ops &/ Permission Manager option did not work. The screen display flashes
    blinks for a sec. and that’s it. Returned it for Galaxy s3, 4.3. Why did you block App Ops options?

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  • Swashgear

    My Friend First Let Us Get 4.3 Then I Guess After 4-5 Months We Should Expect 4.4 KitKat ….!!!!!!

  • Sriramlal

    Guys I too have been expecting this update since the day i bought this phoen which was in november… if sony doesnt bring this update with the bugs fixed(and there are many bugs that need to be fixed), then i swear i’m gonna break my XSP and never buy a sony product again.. I’m mainly angry because of the delays in the update. I dont care if they are late now on, as they have already delayed a lot. But Pls sony!fix the minor issues atleast if not the camera.


    Actually, it is Sony’s fault giving a false information about the release date. Of course people would expect and will be disappointed because of the delay. But there might be a REASON for the delay. Let us just cross our fingers that the update will be released in a while (don’t want to use the term “soon”).


    Dude, have you tried installing the firmware .254 update? I believe this solved the wifi problem and bring some performance enhancements too. My phone is currently running on this firmware and I got a better wifi signal and did not encounter illumination light problem as other did. I’m from Philippines.

  • Mathieu De Cola

    The snapdragon s4 from the sp is way better then eqyos chip from samsung..

  • Ben Cronin

    ITs a big update for the SP. Remember, its going from 4.1 to 4.3, the others were going from 4.2 to 4.3.

  • sfaisal

    sony…kindly update ur xperia z camera firmware…I always compare xperia z camera n snap camera apps by using xperia z lens…the pic in snap camera is much much superior compare to xperia z…u guys need to update the firmware…its not about the image sensor n lens..but firmware…..its proven with snap camera…pls sony…make.believe….

  • sfaisal

    the snap camera apps superior obviously in low light…awesome guys…but…by using xperia z camera…

  • :-)

  • Jas Kaito


  • Tito

    Delayed is better, i hope this fw bugless

  • InspectorGadget80

    You don’t like your phone DON’T BUY IT or sell it.

  • InspectorGadget80


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  • Giannis Salonikios

    3 January 2014 8:15 time in Greece…. What happened update;;;

  • stym

    Wat d hell is taking sony soo long to release d update..

  • 31 december 2014. Xperia SP, T & V users, still waiting for 4.3 update…

  • deekbee

    I’d love to see any form of bugless software, but that will never happen … I’d be happier if they’d get the wireless sorted.

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  • Sabin Jamal

    I think its due to the journey from 4.1 directly 4.3. Remember, XSP is the first phone in the world which goes from 4.1 to 4.3. So i think there will be a lot of things to be considered.

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  • Bisti

    I bet Google is delaying the update

  • nakamura

    fuck sony fuck fuck fuck

  • nakamura

    where is 4.3 for sp

  • Vitali

    Yeah, I agree with you.. They complaning “Where’s my 4.3?”, etc. and insulting sony for a small delay. But me, as a xperia S user, I’m stuck in 4.1.2 now forever and I’m not complaining like this… What’s wrong with you people?!

  • Vitali

    Yeah, Sony really have problems with WI-FI.. as a xperia S user..
    but also, it depends on your router.. in my previous router I had bad connection and many disconections.. so after I changed it, now I have very fast connection and I didn’t have even ONE disconnection.. even in the xperia S… lul

  • Vitali

    Remember how xperia S’ Jelly Bean 4.1.2 was delayed for almost a half year… I don’t know what is the reason for this delay.. this is a real reason to complain.. but a delay for a week you complaining and insulting sony.. shame on you.. but for sure sony learned a lesson and your SP will not be delayed for a half year.. XD
    so stop be little kids..

  • Vitali

    Be happy that you and all others TX, T, V users will get an android 4.3!
    because xperia S users now stuck with 4.1.2 FOREVER…Forever…forever… f o r e v e r… XD
    so be happy and enjoy the new year!

  • stym

    Wat the fuck is taking sony soo long to release the update

  • OmNitesh

    I think they might be planning to abandon the update. A disappointed sony fan :(

  • XT, XTX & XV also jumps directly from 4.1 to 4.3. I think the big problem is Xperia TX, cuz just XTX is not already certified on PTCRB, like SP (from 23 dec.), T & V (from 30 dec.), and because SP, T, TX & V are planned to be updated together like Z family earlier, we (Xperia SP, T & V users) have to wait until the problem with XTV will be solved

  • lol

  • Sabin Jamal

    May be…

  • Joe Muchoki


  • Joe Muchoki

    6th jan maybe??? Fingers crossed

  • stym

    Wat the fuck does “soon” according to sony mean..
    Fuck u sony

  • or 13th :)

  • johnny

    Finally have the update But app ops is gone. There is no way of accessing it. Why was it removed?

    Also ran before and after update battery tests and battery usage has now increased 9%. Did you guys fold to pressure and release 4.3 too early. If I am not alone this needs to be fixed. Bring back app ops. We have the right to screen bad apps Sony.

  • sriram lal

    did u get the update for xperia sp

  • OmNitesh

    For which phone you got the update?

  • tab

    did u got android 4.3 for xperia sp????

  • francesco

    those complains are not stupid, i’m an owner of an xperia v and i can’t accept that some times when i push the On button the display remains black!
    It’s finished product and it have to work correctly!

  • Vignesh

    You got update for sp or u posted wrongly in this topic????????

  • RiK

    Yeh..!! take time coz i need best ..!! #Android4.3

  • Awaraa Don

    hello friends i got a news sony is going to release 4.3 update in 2015 :D Poor sony developer f*ck you :@

  • Badhan Ganesh

    Who asked Sony to jump to 4.3 directly without touching 4.2, huh?? They should’ve updated it to 4.2 while they could. But now, the result of the fake promise is dissatisfaction in cusomers worldwide. Sony! Never promise if you are not sure that you are going to make it. And never ever give a release date or month again. Enough.

  • panagi?tis

    seriously stop this stupid thing with the version jumping. it doesnt matter because the way android work they need to make drivers from the beginning and recompile and …etc. even if you go from 4.1 to 4.2 or jump to 4.3 it just doesnt matter. the work they need to do is the same

  • manoj

    its almost one week….when u ppl will make it …sony?

  • Sabin Jamal


  • ray

    its been a week since u said it ll be sooner…fuck u sony…

  • Kline

    24 H to get the JB 4.3 update, or else I’m out. This has gone far enough! No clear info, no update, what the hell are they thinking? I want Sony to stop making us looking like FOOLS. Do something DECENT for ALL of US URGENTLY. This has passed the limits of decency. PLEASE RESPECT ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS.

  • Sabin Jamal

    I think they forget about XSP nd heavily engaged in 2014 devices !!!

  • Kline

    …and maybe many people HEAVILYENGAGED IN FORGETTING about 2014 DEVICES if Sony insists with this updating EMBARRASSMENT…

  • qamu74

    The lair company SONY!!!!!

  • glein

    3 days later, still the same… ??’ ??, ?? ?? ??????? ????, ?????? ?? ??????????? ?????…

  • sandas

    pathetic is the word… Sony: Make Pathetic / Pathetic Believe

  • panagi?tis

    i used to be an xperia s owner so let me tell you that soon in terms of sony is about a month

  • Giannis Salonikios

    ????? 7 ?????? ?????? ??? ?????????? ??? ??????..

  • mahm?t

    come sony. booring. fuckhimself sony fuck where is sp 4.3

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  • vatsal

    can anyone tell when the software will be avialable in india

  • neydiyon

    next week???????

  • mahm?t

    sony sony sony you are liar sony,You’re a big joke sony

  • Sanjay

    Sir why Xperia SP is not upgrading to 4.3 or 4.4 ….becoz Xperia SP never updated to 4.2 .

  • shah

    people my Xperia showing only 760 mb ram. is it normal my model c5302

  • Sriramlal

    Its normal…! :)

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