Xperia E1 and Xperia E1 dual passes through FCC

by XB on 1st January 2014

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Xperia E1 and Xperia E1 dual FCCWe have already seen the D200X (D2004, D2005) and D210X (D2104, D2105) model numbers appear. The handset is believed to be an entry level Sony Xperia that will launch in early 2014. The D200X is the single SIM model, whilst the D210X is the dual SIM version. Both models have passed through the FCC, revealing that smartphone ODM Arima Communications is in charge of building the handset.

FCC documents appear to reveal that the models have the codename Falcon SS (D200X) and Falcon DS (D210X). There are also references to the model name of E1 and E1 dual, suggesting that Sony may be going down a similar path that it took with the Xperia Z1 in terms of naming scheme.

A third variant of the Xperia E1 has model number D2114, but comes with the “Falcon DTV” codename. The DTV is most likely to stand for Digital TV and could hint that a mobile TV-enabled handset will hit certain regions (the Americas in this case). We hope to hear more about Sony’s new handsets at CES 2014 next week. We hope to hear more about Sony’s new handsets at CES 2014 next week. Sony D200X and D210X to be called Xperia E1 and Xperia E1 dual respectively?

Xperia E1 and Xperia E1 dual FCC

Sony D2004

Sony D2004_FCC

Sony D2104

Sony D2104_FCC

Via FCC (1 & 2).

Thanks Ben!

  • Anon

    Why bother? Sony all but dropped the Xperia E on release day!

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    Sony where are u?? We need ur help in Pakistan. R you listening Sony?? I am weeping Sony,in that, I haven’t recieved update 4.3 on Z C 6602 even mostly people in Pakistan haven’t recieved update 4.3. Why r u doing it with us Sony! Why! Why Sony! at least why Sony!. Sony plz don’t do this, it is leading us towards hostility against ur products in Pakistan as well as driving us to abandon the Sony’s smartphones in Pakistan.

  • howardDelinto

    xperia E1 is a follow up to xperia M, Xperia L and Xperia E.


  • Džabas

    Sad that Sony is making only entry level phones with dual SIM. I’m still waiting for dual SIM phone wich will replace my Xperia T. How long I have to wait?!

  • nvier

    It’s already been released, it’s probably get something to do with your carrier, idk. Flashtool and get the FTF from XDA. It’s not that hard.

  • Aratar

    In my opinion they should firstly end alphabet and after that start adding numbers to the letters

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    Would u please give me link of xda for FTF??

  • Micro

    I’d argue.. my mom have it and it already had several nice updates. It’s a very basic phone but it’s ideal for older people. Very simple but useful, it has everything but NFC. Camera in it is a misunderstanding and colors are.. oh well. But it’s still a good phone and certainly it wasn’t forgotten after release.

  • Shimoda

    We didnt receive any upload here in brazil as well, so I’ve tried this flashtool thing, and guess what ? It is simple and easy ! You should try it too.

  • Phome

    Just shut up. This article is about the Xperia E1 and nothing on updates. Idiots!

  • P9

    glad, sony now listen us more, thz xperiablog & sony. :) that’s awesome.
    will we xperia P1 & lww1 ;)

  • Battal Aljadei

    SONY Xperia UL, C670X on Sony-mobiles website:

    it has an: IrDA and the notification led is on the button as XPERIA SP
    it’s water-resistance, 5″ Display, Dimensions: 135mm×71mm×10.5mm, weight 145g
    Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600, 1.5ghz quad-core, 13MP Camera, 2GB of ram .

  • Alvin

    In Indonesia, I One, pronounced like Iwan which like used names of some people in Indonesia…

  • infinity

    I’m curious to see how sony and the others OEMs are going to compete with the moto g in the sub200 price range, specially with all the update problems..

  • sony has been careful not a single real leak on the one codenamed avatar

    as i recall it both z1 and z had full leaked pictures by this time

  • adu552

    more what looks like xperia zr

  • wick

    This device has a Qualcomn S4 pro quad same as xperia z not a snapdragon 600 …

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  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    U shut up u bastard,,, rascal… U especially being fucked by Sony by their large so-called phones. U go to hell. Mean and cheap person… having no manners how to talk on blog and telling others for ethics. How disgusting you are…..

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    I don’t know about flashing tool. Plz tell me what does it mean and how does it work?? I am waiting plz.

  • nexus 100

    After updates, xperia e even got stamina mode…..for a budget phone of those specs…it is kinda good software support!

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  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Fuck you! And now youre asking for the linking? gi to hell and find the link with your brother satan

  • surethom

    Will we get a Cybershot phone with xenon flash this year. PLEASE

  • Ana Heluši?

    Great phone

  • Ana Heluši?

    No it isn’t, you have a mid range xperia M dual

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  • Nikolai ivanov


  • Nikolai ivanov

    xperia m is low level phone from 2013!

  • mustafa

    I think sony should release 3 phones a year, a highend z, a mid range, sp and low range E

  • Ana Heluši?


  • Diogo Simões
  • I.C. Weiner


  • Not Tim Cook

    Is there a difference between the single and multi focus function on the Z1’s 20.7 mp?

  • Nikolai ivanov

    ok tell me low level phone from 2013 ?

  • Vinayak Mehra

    Expected Specs:
    WVGA screen
    1gb RAM
    Dual Core Processor

  • Džabas

    1GHz dual core is mid range phone?! Maybe year ago, but not today. SP is mid range, but it has much better processor.

  • Ana Heluši?

    E !

  • Ana Heluši?


  • Džabas

    Sorry, but Xperia E is shame for Sony. It has a single core Qualcomm MSM7227A chipset from 2011 year. So Xperia E I can name under low level phone. This phone for people who just want to look for what Android is and don’t want to spend a lot of money. Or for children under 7 :)

  • Ana Heluši?

    It’s not a shame , it is a low budget phone, dual is great

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  • Ana Heluši?


  • silmer

    Dont understand the children bit! But YES, it’s for people who want to experience Android, without spending a lot. Is there something wrong with that?

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