Which rumoured ‘feature’ from 2012 Xperia range is worrying you the most?

by XB on 4th January 2012

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micro-SIM Xperia There is just under a week now until Sony Ericsson unveils its new 2012 Xperia range, along with a new flagship. We’ve been reporting on a number of rumours about these new handsets for a few months now, both from the wider web as well as our own sources.

Whilst the specs on the higher-end phones sounds really exciting including 720p resolution displays, dual-core processors and 12MP/13MP Exmor R camera sensors there are other features that probably won’t sit well with consumers. For example, the Sony Ericsson LT26i Nozomi is believed to come with a non-removable battery, internal storage with no memory card support and micro-SIM.

The reasons why these may not be desirable are obvious. A sealed battery means that you probably cannot use third-party solutions, no spare batteries for long trips and no way to reset the device when modding. No memory card support means that you cannot transfer content from existing SD cards nor can you take advantage of falling prices for the larger memory card capacities. Lastly, micro-SIM support means it will be a pain to change SIMs between phones.

Remember, all of the above are rumours for now and we will find out exactly what is inside the next Sony Ericsson range on Monday 9th January 2012. However, we wanted to turn the question to our readers – which of these three features will annoy you the most if they turn out to be true? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments below.

Which rumoured ‘feature’ from 2012 Xperia range is worrying you the most?

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