Sony using two different displays for the Xperia Z1 f; will the display lottery affect the global Xperia Z1 mini?

by XB on 6th January 2014

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Xperia Z1 f display lottery_3Sony Mobile has used different display panels in previous Xperia smartphones and the practice has continued with its Japanese model, the Xperia Z1 f (aka Xperia Z1 mini). Sony is using two different display panel manufacturers: Japan Display Inc (JDI) and AU Optronics (AUO). From a number of images we’ve seen comparing both, it does seem that there is quite a difference between though, especially in terms of brightness.

The pictures below show both handsets side-by-side, where you can get a good idea of brightness and viewing angles. The yellow phone is using a JDI display , whilst the white phone is using a AUO display. Both were turned to maximum brightness with automatic adjustment turned off.

Looking at the pictures, the Xperia Z1 f using the JDI panel appears to much brighter versus the handset using the AUO panel. The AUO panel also appears to suffer when viewing the phone from an angle. We just hope such a display lottery doesn’t exist when Sony announces the Xperia Z1 mini later today.

Sony uses two different suppliers for its display

Xperia Z1 f display lottery_6

Xperia Z1 f: AUO versus JDI display panels

[Click to enlarge]

AUO left; JDI right
Xperia Z1 f display lottery_1

AUO left; JDI right
Xperia Z1 f display lottery_2

JDI left; AUO right
Xperia Z1 f display lottery_3

AUO panel
Xperia Z1 f display lottery_4

JDI panel
Xperia Z1 f display lottery_5

Xperia Z1 f display lottery_7

Via Gadget-Shot, @jagaporea and @S_kyh.

  • Yali AA

    JDI is sooo much better!!!! :-O

  • Anukul

    Happy that sony can manufacture good displays, JDI for the win

  • SonyFan

    Colors are accourate on both
    Looks like the AUO is much brighter.

  • BenKatz

    Never heard of AUO (which obviously is part of Sony) but JDI (also part of Sony, in collaboration with Hitachi and Toshiba) is hands down the best LCD panel manufacturer out there. All the big players in the market use their displays, including Apple in their mobile products.

    The JDI is clearly better, offering brighter (in case the brightness is equal on both devices) and more detailed images. JDI is what we can also find in the Z1, though unfortunately, unlike the Z1f, the Z1 doesn’t use an IPS pixel alignment (which is basically what makes great viewing angles, like the ones in the Tablet Z and Z Ultra). Why Sony decided to use the IPS variant in their Tablet Z and Z Ultra and not in the current flagship is beyond me (might have something to do with the supply chain capacity).

    That being said, the Z1’s Triluminous does offer the best color reproduction (which translates into basically image quality) on the market when viewed heads on, which is how you watch it MOST of the time, though the main reason why many reviewers didn’t rate it that way is because of the viewing angles, which, like it or not, is a feature that adds to the overall quality of any display.

    I’m waiting for the Z2. Got my Z1 a few weeks ago, fully aware that the Z1f is coming soon and being almost certain it would have used an IPS display, but for me, 5 inch is the optimal size, 4,3 right now is too small. At least right now I’m 100% certain that all the future Sony flagship phones WILL indeed use IPS technology in their displays.

  • Jiyeon90

    only difference is brightness, both look great to me

  • Max

    They are both of excellent quality this time, no wash out at angle on either and both have very good contrast. They are as close to each other as the many panels used in the iPhone.

  • metcarded

    I would be happy with either of those displays.
    One looks slightly brighter, but I never crank up brightness on my phone to 100% anyway.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Great, that we have such a good tradition – “guess display”!

  • mmmm

    Always make the same mistake

  • xperianer

    the first compared pictures are a stupid example. u can clearly see the richt smartphone is laying ins ome sort of shadowed area, the left is more near to the light source.

  • Juanesitolores

    SP 4.3 update when?

  • Brad Williams

    This explains why my XZ has a much sharper, brighter screen than my GF’s.

  • ??

    ?? !

  • Asahi

    I think AUO is a part of Asus, not Sony.

  • Basharca

    I do not understand this insanity with Sony! They did this before with the Xperia V, T, ZL. Some displays are wonderful and some are very bad. This habit truly keeps me off Sony.
    I’m currently using an HTC One mini and the screen is stunning! Seriously, if Sony doesn’t break this habit they will be known for having the worse mobile displays for a long long time.
    Just stop with all this nonsense and use quality screens, the same ones you’ve used for the Xperia ultra and the z mini Japanese version.

  • BenKatz

    Just checked them out on Wikipedia. They’re Taiwanese alright but are not own nor do they sell LCD panels to Asus.

    This further strengthens my theory about why Sony didn’t use IPS panels in their flagship devices (which are the phones they sell the probably the most), and that is their LCD factories (including JDI) couldn’t keep up. Not because Sony phones sell so much, but because they sell to a large variety of manufacturers, biggest of which being the Apple, which takes up a huge amount of the factory’s production capacity. Even now, the only reason they also need to use lcd panels from outsied (AUO) is because they’re factories are not up to the needed capacity.

    Apple is an important client, more important than their own products when it comes to this, because Sony needs to sell them as much as possible, and they do and make a ton of money off of it, since iPhones and iPads still sell like crazy. I bet the last year and this year, however, their concentration is in expanding their production capacity, so they’ll be able to incorporate their best mobile screens in the upcoming products.

    Let’s just hope they get to hire/research more when it comes to software optimization, and I’m talking about camera software. Sony imaging sensors are sold to almost any company that uses digital imaging, from Apple and Samsung mobile phones, to the latest Nikon DSLRs even (yes, all Nikon DSLRs use Sony sensors), but when it comes to their own products, phones or DSLRs, the results are not the same. The iPhone 5S is capable of much better noise handling in low light (and 120fps FullHD video, can’t understand why Sony didn’t include this feature because the Snapdragon 800 can easily handle it) than the Z1, and Nikon’s DSLR cameras destroy Sony’s when it comes to image quality at high ISOs.

    Work on your software optimization, Sony !

  • BenKatz

    NEVER. GTFO of here and complain about your old-ass phones on the official Sony Mobile forums. This article is about something COMPLETELY different.

  • izzet3838

    Jdi is brigter but auo seems to have beter contrast

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  • Antonio Brajkovi?

    Do i REALLY need to look at the manufacturing week number-AGAIN?
    Sony, please grow up because im gettin too old for second best items…

  • Tangent Lin

    Is not a mistake.

  • Filipp

    ??, ?????? ??????

  • nvier

    Do you realise how stupid you are? If Sony releases the update now, then all you retards would be like “WHERE’S THE BUG FIX UPDATE FOR 4.3 OMGZZ SO MANY BUGS HURR DURR”. You all will be complaining again like douche bags. So shut up and wait instead of posting irrelevant crap in posts that have nothing to do with updates.

    And why do you complain on this blog, Sony doesn’t own it you idiots.

  • shah

    is there anyway later on we could detect which display manufacturers are on the phone before any purchase?

  • Battal Aljadei

    yea because JDI display cost more than AUO sony want to reduce the cost because the price is also differed from Japaneses model ($750) to international model which’s will be around ($590),

    fuck you sony for fucking up the screen (again for 3rd time) .

  • HardyHarHar

    I prefer the AUO panel over the JDI one though… Although it seemed to look more bright the JDI one seems to distort the colors of the objects.

    Just look at the shots above specially on the flowers. The JDI panel seem to convert the lighter colors into complete white and the blue flower into violet. Also the homescreen seems saturated on the JDI panel. I would base my criticism of the brightness levels with using some device rather than comparing it with pics and plain visual sight alone. Cause if you ask me the brightness seems the same but differs only on the saturation and the color production.

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  • Tim Aries

    Well I…

  • Tim Aries

    You also should not feed the troll btw, its as annoying, just thumb down.

  • Adolf

    On the contrary, I found this reply hilarious. You should also not make broad sweeping statements and pretend they apply to everyone.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    DAMN IT SONY ! YOU BASTARD ! Please be more fair to all of your customer!

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    OK I cry…

  • rvjaywaks

    Xperia Z1 Compact is Announce. :) not Xperia Z1 mini.

  • james

    Nope AUO is an independent Taiwanese panel manufacturer, my brother used to work there and he told me that indeed Sony is one of their customers.

  • Bryan Ng

    Do we always have to look in our phones angled most of our time, guys?

  • Andrew Tan

    Sony still shit on Display! with such unstop and don’t care behavior, Sony is opening grave for it own!

  • Andrew Tan

    Yes, screen is the most important in phone as we look that more than it outer design.

    The phone how pretty and high spec also useless if the screen is awful.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I guess they are too proud to use other displays like IPS or S-LCD, which are so much better than the current Sony shit display.

  • adecvat

    AUO make displays for PC-monitors. It is well-known firm in this market.

  • H-R-K

    Sony use sharps display or oled display

  • H-R-K

    also they can use oled display produced by jdi this year.

  • Marlowe Marzan

    How could sony expand itself to the Global market if they are being selective only to Japan very disappointing

  • Seotuo

    OLED displays hurt my sensitivity
    I really can’t stand the damned fake colors my “fantastic” gs2 offers
    I wish I still had my XS…

  • elia

    where is the ips panel?! sony please stop this lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lunkz

    I think there is so much need for Displays so they need to take a half of every supplier.
    But my stomach says no, so he must be true.

  • H-R-K

    maybe whitemagic oled can helps more brightness & lifelike color…

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  • Gas_Huffer

    Uh, the JDI panel shown here IS IPS.

    Jesus I wish people would learn a little bit about how LCDs work before they shoot their mouth off and spread misinformation,

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  • plaisthos

    No special app or root needed, just do:

    shell@D5503:/ $ cat /sys/devices/mdss_dsi_panel/panel_id
    jdi novatek 720p cmd

    (or use a file manager to show the contents of that special file)
    Europe Z1 compact here

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  • kokos

    As Sony probably changed the permissions in 4.4.2, I cannot access panel_id with terminal emulator or file explorer. Is there any other way for us already upgraded to 4.4 , to check whether we have the JDI or AUO screen? Would a rollback to 4.3 allow access to panel_id?

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