Sony XSP-N1BT turns your smartphone into an in-car entertainment system

by XB on 12th January 2014

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Sony Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver_1Sony launched the XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver at CES earlier in the week. Sony claims that it is the first such double-DIN smartphone receiver that allows you to use your phone as an in-car dash entertainment system. The cradle brings with it the second generation AppRemote interface, with the smartphone head-unit functioning via Bluetooth on Android devices or via USB using an iPhone.

The XSP-N1BT has a clamping system that holds a wide range of smartphones in the dash and provides charging capability via a USB cable. However, newer Sony Xperia phones with the magnetic connector can charge without a cable.

The XSP-N1BT also offers CD, USB and tuner source functionality even without a smartphone, thanks to the IR remote. Other features include NFC for pairing, Pandora internet radio, Sony’s Advanced Sound Engine and access to SiriusXM. The Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver will launch in May in the United States for $250. Check out some hands-on photos and video below courtesy of Android Police.

Sony Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver_1

Sony Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver_2

Sony Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver_3

Sony Sony XSP-N1BT Smartphone Cradle Receiver_4

Via Android Police.

Thanks Ben and Gary!

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  • Mohit Gupta

    I’m gonna buy this for sure!

  • Mac

    Not bad Sony, not bad at all. But not healthy for my wallet..

  • Battal Aljadei

    That’s smart Sony

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I’ve been expecting something like this for a long time! At least an NFC enable one.
    I’m gonna start saving for this one, specially because the viewing angles will not affect the use. At least on my car :P

  • kuro

    I don’t really understand people who has been whining about viewing angle and such. I mean, i like my Z with the current screen calibration. it is actually depends on your personal taste. Like me, i like the current screen state. and if Sony is going to follow everyone taste to the dots and cross, there will always be someone else who is not satisfied.

    Rule of the thumb: try before you buy. if you don’t like it, find some other manufacturers with the perfect spec that you’ve been wanting.

    Don’t be too negative, dude. Chill out :)

  • Battal Aljadei

    The most thing make me angry about Sony is that they can make the best smartphone screen anytime they want but they always delay it, and push the old ones until unknown !

    beside, this Cradle need to be put on some spot away from drivers eyes which’s a perfect if the phone have good viewing angles, that’s the point of my complains about the screen !

    you like yours? well i don’t like mine, is that a crime or something ?
    or do i have like what you like hate what you hate !

    don’t tell me to chose other brand than SONY, i’ll chose the brand i like and i’ll complaint about what i don’t like,

    this Xperia blog not the Nazi party (like it or go to other manufacture) !

  • Bezelicious

    Dat bezel!

  • Tony

    wondering if it will have rear camera option….

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol, notice the Sony Ericsson Donut/Eclair firmware status bar in the first pic, good old days…

  • Folk Hellfang

    That is seven too many exclamation points to be taken seriously.

  • Ninjas

    Respect..! you are the man..


    So what you’re saying is that you would rather look at bad viewing angles than the road in front of you?

  • Rinku Singh

    wt no updtae still now come one sony release…

  • jc

    do you know a application called screen filter pro? try to use it and your viewing angles is great , no need to root your phone

  • lalalalala

    duh…this thing is not necessarily for xperia smartphone….even samsung galaxy phone can use this thing…..stop whining like a little kid

  • rs

    I’ll buy a Z Ultra along with this thing since it has a bigger screen and better viewing angle than my Z1. Bitch, stop whining and dont be a peasant-like guy

  • Battal Aljadei

    i loved that device but i hated when i noticed that SONY didn’t put camera flash !
    which’s something very stupid because even an $20 phone has an LED flash but SONY’s $650 z ultra doesn’t, and guess what ? no body know the reason why sony didn’t put flash on that device but they try to defend it with out a f****** explanation, they would say something like (i don’t need camera flash) ! who told you that i f****** care about what’s your needs what’s you don’t ?

  • Battal Aljadei

    That’s sonY .

  • Battal Aljadei

    i’ll try that, thanks

  • Micro

    It has been told like thousand times by thousand people, you’re probably too blinded by your anger to read/hear it.
    With the xenon Z 1/Ultra would be 2 times thicker. That’s physics.
    And then you’d whine about the thickness.
    Come on dude, chill out.

  • Chris

    Great idea!

  • Fuck Samsung

    Fuck off, Samdog!

  • zairolafzal zainal

    I bet ur car player located lower near gear knob…. :-)

  • Velkan

    Thanks a Lot!!!

  • Nikolai ivanov

    Sony give us update 4.3t today already is too late!

  • Colby Leong

    Many see it as not being a problem, but having a good, all around screen is one of the marks of a great smartphones. Personally I love the screen on my Z1, and the Z. However the Z Ultra, Z1C, and even the Xperia Tablet Z have great viewing angles, and great screens. I do like the products Sony has been pushing recently , and I hope they can perfect the excellent foundation they are building on.

  • Jinx13

    In the description it says you can charge usb or use the magnetic charge. In the video he says you will need to charge separately. I like this if it charges my xz without removing the cover and will be a great replacement for what I already got. I have a sony bluetooth stereo at the moment but this is looking good. Have to see if it’s compatible with my current steering wheel controls

  • Battal Aljadei

    Two times thicker ? ( 6.5mm * 2 = 13mm ) ?
    well then how xperia z is 7.9mm and has an camera flash ?

    to times thicker, what a stupid lie !

  • Micro

    I was talking about XENON flash, did you notice that word? Do you know what it means?

    Z/Z1 have led flash, that’s different. Z ultra don’t, but it’s not a “camera” phone, it’s a phablet. Sure there could be led flash, only then you would have problem with “unexplainable lack of the xenon”..

    haters gonna hate

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  • Kaostheory

    Back up camera would be cool.

  • Battal Aljadei

    and i was talking about led flash, why do you bring exon to the subject ?!

  • Micro

    to make hating easier for you :/

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  • Battal Aljadei

    NO thanks, i’ll wait for xperia z2, which will have almost everything i need .

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    Will the Z Ultra fit in this?

  • timothy chan

    i am sure the last thing you should look at , before you crash your car into someone else’s car is not the “bad viewing angle” of the phone

  • Guest

    Did anyone noticed that the head unit has now changed slightly?
    Or is it just the background interface?

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