Android 4.3 update leaked for Xperia V

by XB on 13th January 2014

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Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_4It looks like all handsets are getting their turn when it comes to leaked Android 4.3 firmware. This time, leaked firmware with build number 9.2.A.1.131 has hit the Xperia V (LT25i). The leak comes from the EXR Team, these are the guys that leaked the Xperia TX Android 4.3 firmware with the same build number above.

As with the other recent leaks, it looks like the Xperia V will get access to Sony’s Smart Social camera and Xperia Themes with this latest update. We’ll keep you posted on the official Android 4.3 release, but if you’re the impatient type and want to give this a try, hit the source link below.

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_1

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_2

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_3

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_4

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_5

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_6

Xperia V Android 4.3 leak_7

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks DaRk-L0rD!


    as a Xperia S user I simply jealous :)

  • Connstantine

    Same screenshots as TX. Camera shots are exactly the same. It’s fake.

  • :D
  • DooMLoRD

    well the Xperia S did receive its 18 months of android upgrades (2.3.7 -> 4.0.4 -> 4.1.2)


    i know, just saying :))

  • ImAnurag

    All screenshots are exactly same with same date, timing, battery % and even RAM running…either they have uploaded old XTX screenshots or something fishy is cooking up!

  • panagi?tis

    many leaks but no rolling out for xperia sp

  • Mnik7

    just stock of sony,no other

  • Troll

    What about my Xperia Tipo, I didn’t get any Android upgrades…LOL!

  • Guest

    When Ever I take Lots Of Photos Then Few of them Turn out like this……Any Solution For this Issue…???

  • Muyeed Mizan

    When Ever I take Lots of Photos On My Xperia V then few Of them Comes out Like This…..Any Solution for This Issue….Anyone…plz Help Me Out…!!


    well Tipo is kinda shit phone so Im not surprised :D

  • Ilya Panasenko

    Check your SD card, it can be buggy

  • Ilya Panasenko

    I should just flash it with recovery, right? Or using Flashtool?

  • Muyeed Mizan

    What Exactly Should I Do to my SD Card??

  • Fadi Obaya

    Format it!

  • jlol

    Ok now that everything has leaked, can we get the official updates?

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  • Connstantine

    Exactly. In fact the only difference whatsoever is the model number in the settings screenshot. Hmmm……..

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    Your SD card is faulty. Replace it. Formatting has no power here… :/

  • allen

    i am from China, the leak is fake. And i fell ashamed of them!!!!

  • WUT

    Xperia T
    9.2.A.0.278 firmware removed from PTCRB??

  • francesco

    finally! <3

  • scw

    Still waiting….

  • yuskhayru

    Brace yourselves.

  • qinkun

    whatever, i also know the EXR team, their ROMs based on 4.1 has many bugs, so i had never used their ROMs before, but they fixed the invert of the screen of the TX when users flash CM or other firmware for T, if they had rebuild the firmware for TX or V, i don’ t care a lot, because the 4.3 leaked vision worked very well on my TX, the bug of 4.12 doesn’t exist any more, we dont know whether TX will get the official release, so be thankful for the team, it is better exist than noting.

  • Like I mentioned in G+ comments, it’s a port from TX, not a leak.

  • The V firmware did not leak anywhere.

    This ROM is incorrectly advertised as a leak when it’s actually a port from TX.

  • Muyeed Mizan

    I Think I will Have To Replace it as I Formatted it once bt had no results….:/

  • Velkan

    have stamina mode?

  • ardi

    test saving ur photo on internal storage, if it has no result, rest your phone to default setting and format every thing!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ackording to swedroid-forum Xperia t’s software is rolling out as we speak? I dont know if its true.

  • francesco

    flash it using the doomkernel recovery!!!

    It will work, first boot is long and at the end the phone will reboot but stay quiet, after all works fine… ;)

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  • I don’t know about others, but personally i have lost all hope of an official update for Xperia V this month :)

  • francesco

    Confirm, this is a port of a costum rom and it’s full of bloatware!!!

  • Muyeed Mizan

    Thanx…..I will Try This……ASAP….!!!

  • gizmomp

    Is it quick setting option ? Personalization> Quick settings ?

  • NiggaHigga

    Impatient Asshole.

  • NiggaHigga

    Tipo is useless BS for people who wern’t patient enough to save more for a better phone.

  • xperiamike

    hmmmmm….the update look like this , the power of good leaks

  • jeff

    this update makes my xperia v asshole, i can’t use the calling features of viber, skype and other apps with call. please help me…..

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