SmartWatch 2 gets awesome GoldenEye 64 Watch mod

by XB on 13th January 2014

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SmartWatch 2 GoldenEye 64 mod_2Back when First Person Shooters were simpler and leaner affairs, GoldenEye 64 reigned supreme on the Nintendo 64. The iconic pause menu in the game was a watch and one enterprising modder has used these assets to make a fully functioning watch on the Sony SmartWatch 2.

He managed to do this using an app called Custom Watch for SmartWatch (£1.49 on the Play Store) and three PNG files. The app is used to create a “Custom Analog Clock” from within the SmartWatch 2 settings. You then need to use the three images, one for the background, the second for the hour hand and the third for the minute hand.

To save power it’s worth enabling “Activate Low Power Mode”, “Monochrome Mode” and the “Faster Screen On” from within the “Battery Settings”, this will dim the screen to grey scale to save power. The only limitation is that this mod cannot technically replace the stock clock, which means whenever you press the power key the stock clock will pop up. Apart from that, it’s a nice mod and if you’re eager to try it out click here.

SmartWatch 2 GoldenEye 64 mod_1

SmartWatch 2 GoldenEye 64 mod_3

SmartWatch 2 GoldenEye 64 mod_2

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