Sony Mobile Russia unboxes the Xperia Z1 Compact

by XB on 24th January 2014

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Xperia Z1 Compact unboxingSony Mobile Russia has posted the first video unboxing of the Xperia Z1 Compact. The packaging is no different to what we saw recently, with all four colours of the phone taking pride of place on the back of the box. Alas, you don’t get much in the box apart from the EP880 charger, USB cable, MH750 headset and documentation. You can check out the video below, which shows all four colours side-by-side towards the end. The Xperia Z1 Compact is due to hit Russia in early February with a RRP of 21,990 Rubles.

  • so pretty so pretty

    i want all of them just so i can hold them

  • Wafflefactory

    Woah expensive mannnnnn frown face :(((((((

  • xperia z2 compact with thin bezels 4.6 inch screen frontfacing stereospeakers ir blaster carl zeiss lens

  • A pretty low price for Russia to be honest. For comparison, Xperia V’s RRP was 24990 rubles.

    (Note: Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z1 were priced 29 990.)

  • Wafflefactory

    Oh?I didn’t know that!Because I converted the currency straight to my country currency…

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  • Yali AA

    In Norway the Z1 Compact costs 25012.62 Rubels / £538.85 EURO / $734.94 USD, this is because a 25% tax/vat.

  • filo9011

    £538.85 EURO? o.O

  • Yali AA

    yes around that number, various stores are priced around 538 euro and above.

  • Mint

    £538.85 EURO?
    Do you mean Pounds (£) or Euros (€)?

  • Yali AA

    euro, the british pund numbers were missing £438.

  • AlmostUnresistable

    Now available (in stock and shipping) from stores in Sweden, priced from 4595 SEK (approx. € 520) and up. Hopefully that means more countries will receive it soon as well.

  • xperiaDROID
  • Ryan Grimm

    Why haven’t I heard of the news that it will be on sale in H.K?

  • ????????

    the yellow one will be called Lime?! WTF

  • it’s a wish unless it wasn’t obvious enough

  • nidou bossy

    Zzz… keep dreaming, and when u wake up let me know! :D

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    something tells me by your choice of the word pretty, you prefer the pink one :)

  • Hura

    Yet again SONY (not just the mobile part) showcases that they have no idea how to make a competitively looking packaging. (I know its the inside that counts and i love my Z1 but SONY needs to realize that packaging is part of the “experience”).

  • Mac

    Nice! but only black and lime tho.

  • asdasf

    But norwegians earn more money.

  • Yali AA

    Well… true. but many products are overpriced here, prices are about the same in UK.

  • xperianer

    i would buy it, but sony will give my XT 4.3jb, so there is no need for that at the moment,

    your fault sony, why you give us updates xD

  • Ana Heluši?

    so nice

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    no one cares about packaging

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  • Hura

    Lets just deliver the phones in a brown cardboard box that just says the model number? No one cares about marketing or stores design… no one cares about brand. I mean, in the end everyone just cares about the actual phone. NOT. Selling a phone is 60 % about the phone and 40 % about everything else (including marketing, brand, product experience). Just like everything else, when you sell something, the packaging is very important,,,and if you cannot comprehend that idea…i feel sorry for you.

  • Micro

    I do.
    In fact, the way my SW2 was packaged, made me really happy long before I started the unboxing, and the whole process was a great pleasure. It is something I shared with all my friends because I felt being treated very exceptionally. Big cash for a very good device, and even the package was a premium one. So yes, I love being surprised like that and this made big impression on my buddies, not only on me.
    On the other hand, when my Z1 came (I was waiting for it really impatiently, was so excited..) and I finally got the white package out of the shipping box my thought was “aww.. so small..? Xperia S came in 4 times that big…” – definitely not cool.

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    i’m sorry, but here in Ukraine and Russia, we have different mentality from yours one. Our people like something that have sense. i mean our people like something that work, something that does something. Packaging, documents and even sometime accesories just thrown out and never minded. My Xperia S (my phone for 2 years) came to me just like yours, and of course i liked packaging. But this package is still in the box from that moment, because it’s just a peace of paper.

  • Micro

    FYI, I live very close to Ukraine (like 50km) and believe it or not I have friends there. In Russia too. I know them enough to say it doesn’t mater where you live. At all. We are no that different.
    If you buy cheap Chinese headphones/Korean plastic phone (sorry, couldn’t resist :P), you don’t expect anything special about it – it usually comes in a piece of tilet-like-paper and yes, you don’t care, you throw it away immediately, it’s a trash. But Z series phones are premium products. If you can afford it, you expect a little bit more from it you know. If I ever pay for this kind of product and I get it in a plain plastic bag, I will never give a single “cent” for anything more from such a brand, because it would offend me.
    I can agree with you in one thing (in some way) – the usability of package matters. The SW2 box that I mentioned before, was used as a decoration in my room because it is very nice looking and I like to look at it. I mean, the way or the other I paid for it, and if I don’t have to throw it away – it’s very good for me. Actually, as a decoration, it makes me proud. So yes, such a package “makes sense” and it “does something”. It makes me feel good, being treated like someone special.
    So, it’s about the impression the package leaves. Some people care – I do. You don’t, and it’s alright. But please, talking like that is not nice, because you seem to judge others based on ethnicity (I really hope you didn’t mean that).

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    i didn’t mean, yes:) i’m soory if i said something wrong – it’s all because of my bad English – for people whose national language is english i sounds like asshole.
    Anyway, Where do you live? (just interesting)

    Also, if someone buy me a Xperia Tablet Z as a gift i will insert it’s box into the golden photo frame and place it over my “most epic photos” wall))))))

  • Divya Bharathi

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