Android 4.3 in testing for Xperia M according to Vodafone

by XB on 30th January 2014

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Xperia M in blackSony Xperia M (C190X) owners have long bemoaned the lack of updates on the phone, with the handset still on Android 4.1.2 firmware. What makes it worse, is that the Xperia M dual (C200X) is on Android 4.2.2, which is why many of the single-SIM Xperia M owners thought a new update must be around the corner.

Well that hasn’t happened and judging by this software update schedule from Vodafone Australia, Xperia M owners may be jumping straight from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.3. Under the status of this build, it says “Testing scheduled,” which could indicate it is still early days yet.

However, what it does do is give hope that Sony is indeed planning a sizeable update for Xperia M owners. If this turns out to be true, then we’d be surprised to see the Xperia L being left out. So far there is no official word from Sony Mobile on the upgrade cycle for these handsets.

Interestingly, it also lists the Xperia SP and Xperia TX updates from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.3, however the status is “Testing failed. Awaiting new software from Sony.” Perhaps it is reasons like this, why Sony has certified three Android 4.3 firmware builds to date. If the firmware is rejected by carrier testing, then the company has no option but to come back with something better. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Xperia M Android 4.3 testing

Thanks Patryk!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    This will again rant for SP users. Haha.

    Release the new Z1 FW .136 worldwide!

  • aekara21

    now we have a new site to search everyday..australian vodafone blog !

  • levered
  • Lukas

    Hmm I’m asking myself right now if it is true that the carrier can easily reject firmwares why is that so? Honestly Sony is hopefully doing tests before release…
    And I never even thought about carriers having that much “might”

  • ANas Shelbayeh

    what about SL ???

  • jumbo3220

    As a Xperia L user, i’m happy if Sony released 4.3 to Xperia M.. they were ignored by Sony..

  • Jayesh

    It will be a big joke of xperia L users if sony releases android 4.3 for Xperia M and leave Xperia L on 4.2.2
    Sony should make some announcement for their handset and their update cycle… Instead it is making announcements for only flagship phones….. This is insult of users and loyal sony customers.
    Or better we should move to Google company with moto G too we can get latest update. But still I am a loyal sony user and love the experience that sony products provide.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Moto G with 4.4, better hardware and much more cheap. Why buy sonys now?

  • Samuel

    …still no update for the SP

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think it vl b a more sensible move to adopt 4.4 development for a budget spec phone rather than wasting R&D sources for 4.3, becoz ultimately 4.4 vl be more stable with M than 4.3……

  • saif

    And Xperia L already has AOSP

  • saif

    1 Xperia L has AOSP

    2 Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo

  • techielover

    looks like xperia m getting better treatement that xperia t/v/sp combined :D
    beautiful small phone with exellent wifi range lovely screen and easy to hold thats how the phone should be lucky like Xperia M …:D

  • Jabon

    Because now Motorola belongs to Lenovo… So maybe moto G will stay with 4.4 forever.

  • Gondie

    testing failed for SP????? come on how long that we have wait!!!!!????????

  • techielover

    from past 6 months they are working on android 4.3 and now why they should adopt 4.4 instead of 4.3 after this much months of hard work

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I agree with you pal….
    But any how they need to give 4.4 to M as it is capable of it and exists in Google Support Cycle…… I think Sony should have adopted it way earlier, and i bet you Sony and other manufactures keep track of the outer environments of their industries and they actually know way earlier about the upcoming versions of softwares than we do…..

  • techielover

    people are whining about 4.3 since last three months continuously checking xperia blog for any new update release date and getting disappointed again and again and you are think about 4.4 on xperia M,,,,lol dont mind ;) atleast feel the pain of xperia t/v/sp users lol

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I feel it bro, but just look at wht Sony has done with 4.3 update and wht Sony has to offer for 4.4…. As a Xperia Z user, I am on 4.3 and I clearly say it isn’t that stable. You people are lucky in a way that you vl be treated with much better ROM, wher we vl wait for bug fixes….
    (My Camera isn’t usable at all and for tht iphone users Rag me as I used to do before 4.3) :D

  • saif

    My screen in bluish :(

  • Raaz

    Better Hard ware ??? lol do you think Quad core means everything ?grow up learn facts inhardware section M is better and in screen Moto G is Better

  • techielover

    they must switch to IPS display its soo much more better and IDK they have the best camera technology i guess software development is the field they shall focus on more to extract the best out of hardware!!

  • techielover

    on 4.4 don’t believe everything will be perfect just cross your fingers and hope for the best :D

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its android after all… yet fingers crossed :D

  • panagi?tis

    i stop waiting! i enjoy the amazing camera of the 925 now :)

  • techielover

    software development always been hard lol never been perfect for ages xD ,the more customization in them the more chances of bugs are but Samsung is a example on how to delivered a perfect software like touch wiz with tons and tons of customization

  • xperiaDROID

    Bullshit. Yes, Motorola now belongs to Lenovo but that doesn’t mean Lenovo won’t update the Moto G and the Moto X to future Android updates in the future.

  • BillytheKid?

    Nah! It will fail again, and you always know that ;)

  • Patrol619

    That’s true, but this post is posted every week, so next update will be on 6th February. Hopefully for us all we will see “Testing finished” ;)

  • techielover

    haha god i hop not this time !!

  • Buat Komentar

    finally some hope appear…

  • Mohammed Khired

    i got the new update on my xperia z1 , yay

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  • Shantanu Mukhopadhyay

    Fix the damn battery draining issue that’s happening since the last firmware update for Xperia M Dual.

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  • saif

    My Xperia go and miro produces better images than M. the same image appears bluish on M. its like this effect :

  • techielover

    haha software tuning isn’t perfect lol

  • saif

    I complained to sony mobile india head and he transferred the case to regional manager. They took my phone to their head office for testing and started chanting that “product is under specification”. I am not satisfied from their response and I am thinking to drag them to consumer court.

  • Last I checked Motorola’s devices were not readily available in Japan.

    Basically, I don’t see them sold officially neither in my home country nor in the country I work in right now (.ru).

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  • 123

    We need an official 4.4 for Xperia L , not AOSP

  • techielover

    xperia sp update today :D

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  • Moehamad Pay

    I as Xperia L mobile phone users will be very proud of the SONY, if indeed Xperia M get Jellybean 4.3. update, and I really applaud the SONY !!!

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  • faizal

    when xperia m get 4.3 firmware update????

  • Roy RanaDeep

    Test scheduled means may be success or not! Why does Sony take to much time to update, unlike other success brands.

  • Wh

  • sony master

    Bring 4.3 to the xperia m it needs it also i should be getting the xperia m soon so dont want to be dissapointed i am a big fan of sony i have the z atm but i wanna another one to it shows how much i like you sony

  • milan

    When will the new update release 4.3 for xperia m….???

  • Noggin

    And unless this adds an Apps to SD facility to the XM it will be a total waste of time and money! come on Sony listen to your customers!!!!

  • sabith mk

    Please send me the date when the update of xperia m jb 4.3 releases

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