Sony confirms Xperia Z1 and Z Xperia Ultra firmware rolling (14.2.A.1.136); changelog detailed

by XB on 30th January 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1
Sony Mobile has confirmed that the latest Android 4.3 firmware update for the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra has started to roll out. Build version 14.2.A.1.136 started to roll out a couple of days ago for the Xperia Z1, but we’re still waiting for confirmed reports of the same for the Xperia Z Ultra.

Sony says that apart from bug fixes, the new update brings improvements to the display with the addition of a White balance setting. In addition there is now support for Bluetooth music streaming as well as email and Wi-Fi improvements.


•Display personalisation, including ability to alter White Balance
•Clearer music streaming using Bluetooth devices
•Optimised Wi-Fi performance & stability
•Enhanced Email experience
•Contacts, Messaging and Small apps improvements

Thanks DIMEX and François!

  • hansip

    Wahoo!! Sony really know how to spruce up the Chinese New Year.. Hoping that this one will be rolled out sooner here in Indonesia :D

  • A new build for Z1 & Z Ultra and a huge dick for SP, T, TX & V users again :D

  • XV ftw

    I hope sony will bring this improvement into xperia v when the update arrive…

  • AlexR

    What about Xperia Z ?? Jesus with Sony already @###
    Its been a month since i cant use my SW2 cause of the wifi/bluetooth problem!

  • Micro

    go to hell with this crap again

  • sony

    go to hell scamer…sp,t,tx,v user will get 4.3 soon.

  • Deki

    Still nothing at my side… waiting… :)

  • hey, did u hear about irony? i’m a xperia v user and i’m waiting for 4.3 too

  • for those who vote down – did u hear about irony? i’m xperia v user and i’m waiting for 4.3 too :)

  • Mark Curran

    I for one can see a vast improvement in the wifi range and performance with this update

  • nvier

    F off SP,V,TX users, you’re getting your update soon don’t complain here.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Bluetooth Music Streaming? What?
    I can stream with my SBH-20 before this.

    EDIT: See the title? “Z Xperia Ultra”

    EDIT 2: Still none in my region, “Global-LTE” C6903 here.

    Kiong Hee Huat Chai! :) Happy Chinese New Year to all!

  • Kenneth Ring

    If you read again, you will see it reads “improvements”

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Ah okay I see.

    Better if they remove the “Throw” function always connecting to my BT headset when Bluetooth is turned on. Its irritating.

  • n

    I heard that wifi and bt problems are native to 4.3 vanilla android. I hope they fix it for all the handsets that get 4.3 and don’t make us wait for 4.4

  • Kenneth Ring

    Don’t think “Trow” is the cause of that. It is standard for most Bluetooth-devices to automatically connect when they detect each other if they already are paired.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    4.4 is due on March. It’s currently in perfecting all the additional features Sony has to offer so I better not to rush them things, but they should give us better update.

    4K, Timeshift Video, Double Tap to Wake, Smart Call Handling, Smart Backlight Control… Name more! :D

  • techielover

    hell rubbing salts on wounds lol couldn’t understand their strategy soo ignorant :/

  • Clarence Alvarado

    That last sentence is what I only suggest. On Android 4.2, Throw function does not act that way…

    It’s just irritating for example, you’ll bluetooth a photo, then upon turning it on, it will first try to connect to my BT headset then after it didn’t detect, it will just search the open BT devices.

  • Keyvan Ghanbary

    Sony roll our an update for Z Ultra SBH-52 Bluetooth headset today too…its now connect faster than before and no random disconnect

  • agujeronegro

    I really like double tap to unlock, but I think that this is a hardware but no software feature.

    I just hope that the ugly touch screen problem get fixed ASAP

  • Kenneth Ring

    I understand your irritation

  • incognito_zombie

    SP, T, TX & V user:


    so nice DIMEX…i proud to u..u told my hart words…

  • roeshak

    Sorry mate! But the Z goes on the back burner for now as far as updates go. Hopefully something will appear eventually

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    somebody needs to tell the Chinese that new year was a month ago
    fucking communists

  • Tako

    nope still no update for my C6903 Z1

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Vibro became very weak, or just me?

  • panagi?tis

    more updates for the Z series. it seems like there no other phone in Sony product line. At least make it right! you got the best camera spec on the sheets but the firmwares are totally crap!

  • I dont think you understood how to use irony correctly…

  • yeah, sure

  • Simon

    wow, got the update for my ULTRA here in Germany. Can’t await to see if Sony fixed the “Walkman / Sound Enhancement Settings Bug” …

  • Daniel Johanzon

    Here in Sweden has 14.2.A.1.136 firmware update to C6903 sony xperia Z1 come

  • asian101

    Just updated my phone (am currently working in Vietnam btw). Walkman Settings, particularly Sound Effects (Dynamic Normalizer and Sound Enhancements Settings) are not working!

  • Jerry Berglund

    OK. Now I’m confused. Hasnt this JB-update allready rolled out for this phones? I mean wouldnt it just be nice if they actually started to concentrate on the phones that hasn’t gotten the update yet? SUre I can understand if it was something really, really wrong with the first update, they have to fast correct it. But was there really such a bad bug so Sony really had to take all their effort to release a new version of 4.3 for this phones and then make the resourses more less for the for instance Xperia T and V. Just a wonder? I do hope that when I get a 2013 or 2014 phone, I wont be neglected as a customer from Sony because of strange things. I do get more and more the feelings like the 2012 was really a middle year for Sony. Maybe it has something to do with their take over the whole company and move headquarter from Sweden to Japan. Maybe Sony want to make a distance from the phones developed by the Sony Ericsson venture. Because Sony Ericsson did what I think a much better job when It comes to care but the more older customers. Especially from 2011 and in a sense even into first half of 2012. But since Sony took over, it feels like 2012 years phones don’t exist at all. But well. Enough complaining from my part. The phone I have do work as it should. But it can always be better. But if something similar happens to the next Sony I buy, I maybe want to look somewhere els. Beause there isnt anything worse than feeling that theirs no support for a premium-phone. Xperia V and even XPeria S is both premiumphones. XS never gotten any update before other phones. It always had to wait. And it gotten even worse, when it buy the fact that SOny changde their update policy to instead of the SOny Ericsson the oldest released phones before the new once to The last and newest released phone wich makes the oldest phone wait for ages. To be honest I do prefer the old variant. That the old onces actually get before the newly release once. Why, well thats because the new once normally has the newest software, that usually works really good and they dont have to wait that long for an update. The once with an old phone maybe allready waited a year for their update. SO to be honest, its not a fair policy.

  • asian101

    Hi Simon. I just updated my phone but unfortunately, Sony’s latest update hasn’t fixed the Walkman/ Sound Enhancement Settings bug :( Kindly report back if yours worked.

  • Fanboy

    I can’t send files using Wifidirect service is it fix in this update

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hehe, yes it kinda feels like we got the carrot, and sony just retract it everytime. lol.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Mm, strange comment. I’ve seen plenty of software update for that one? Maybe its something faulty on your phone? Have you turned it in for maintenance?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Have to agree with you. But in a sense thats a good sign if you ever buy a Z-series phone. :-) It seems like you shall not ever buy a mid-range och low-range phone from Sony. Only Premium range from 2013 and forward is ok. :-)

  • Simon

    same here, was quite shocked. Then, I did a full reset and re-installed the update. Now the Walkman Settings / Sound Enhancement Settings are fine, except I got an old version of the Walkman App. I am trying hard to convince my phone to look for an update, hmmm ….

  • asian101

    Many thanks for the update Simon. I will try what you just did (full reset and re-installation).

  • PRo

    Dude I am confused whether I have to read it or not… write precisely :P

  • hansip

    What?! For all this time you two guys still have problem? Reset your Phone for god sake! It has been mentioned million times that the problem is gone after you’ve done factory reset.

  • SeaTHX

    Got the update for Z1 in Sweden :-)
    Where are the smileys on the keyboard..? Oh it behind a button…slightly change on the keyboard as well

  • Samuel

    TL; DR

  • Samuel

    Yeah, “soon” means 14th Feb. Saw this on Dec 19

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    From India, got my update an hour back.

  • Larissa Stevenson

    Buy a new phone

  • AlexR

    No its a bug that came with the 4.3 update. Sony has admitted the problem and we are waiting for a bug fix

  • i’m waiting for Z1 Compact to be available in my country, till then i want to see 4.3 on my Xperia V, any other advice?

  • asian101

    Backed up my phone via Sony Companion. Then I did a factory reset. Reinstalled the firmware and restored my phone. It is still not working. I am using Z1.

  • karamelakimo

    still no 4.3 update for the Z in middle east :'(

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well. to be honest. We cant really trust Sony contact always. I had contact with one just a few days ago, and he said it was just around the corner according to his information.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm…. to be honest. I dont even understand myself. haha. So yes. It was mayne to incoherent. But what I ment is. That Sony change policys to mostly concentrate on the phone Sony developed and not the Sony Ericsson developed phones. And that can be shows that Sony changed the order in how they update their models from old first forward till The most resent released phone and backwards.

  • Micro
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  • Clarence Alvarado

    Dude, it is divided into teams. It’s just the team behind the Z1 and Z Ultra series are doing their efforts to fix bugs and performance updates. There is also a separate team for Z, ZL and ZR. A team for SP. A team for L, E and M. And a team for T, TX, and V. As well as a team under Tablet Z.


    Update Right now here in GA, USA

  • gef

    …currently downloading…c6903..philippines

  • Nickname

    “Be patient xperia sp users, you will get your update soon.”

  • techielover

    Sony xperia sp update today :D

  • JG

    Getting the update here in the Philippines

  • Zl*C6503

    Still waiting the 4.3 that released last Dec.

  • A7medFox

    Just downloaded A.1.136 using SUS … No improvements in WiFi, Camera and wifi direct are still the same.. Sound volume still low.. Although the update was 870 MB.. Haven’t seen any changes except the white balance in the display settings

    Do not recommend that update

  • Deki

    I’m still waiting for update in Macedonia (Telekom EURO-LTE)

    I unlocked my phone in December, since then this is the first update. It was locked on T-Mobile.

    Is that the problem there is no update or still there is no update?

    Or, will I lock my phone if I update my phone?


  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    i havent a clue what you just said, except for you didnt get your update in macedonia

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    im confused that you are confused about this update

  • sTEVEN

    No man, don’t worry. Sony is not iPhone which is locking on initial network operator after an update.

  • Diego

    Hi, not yet in Italy … waiting, zzzz….zzzzz….zzzzz….zzzzzz

  • Deki

    Thanks. I hope I will receive the new update…

    Thanks for the info.

  • Micro
  • xperia z user

    am still waiting for my xperia z 4.3 update……..didnt get till now…..

  • KinG

    why PC Companion always download error!!

  • Eranda

    I didn’t receive it yet…

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  • Deki
  • mahmoud

    when i try to download software using pc campanion it says download error please check your internet connection although the internet is connected well ??? plz answer me

  • Alvin

    u not the only one, i think server is overload so we can’t download,

  • Sumo

    Even now for Z1 users =(

  • gef

    did you encounter problems with sound enhancement after this update?my z1 always appear “sound enhancement stop” and i cant see the x-loud..

  • Chester Lau

    Okay. Just updated to 136, small browser is back but not working. Sound enhancement still crashes.

  • gef

    …same here mate..after the 4.3 update i encounter this..

  • Patrick

    this update come whit various errors, big problem is, shutdowns continuos, problem whit sd card, I use 64gb sandisk, now hve my phone whitout sd card and work fine, but have more errors, this engginers of Sony are stupids :P

  • Torres

    Wp is dead. Wp killed nokia

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    +1 to that

  • Elias Fazel

    on .136
    Camera Performance in low-light condition is worse than previous firmware.

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    is it just me or after the update, everything seems smoother

  • Rodrigo Cunha

    New bug in Brazilian version (C6943) Sound enhancements stopping

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    I Have just updated my Sony Xperia Z1 with

    14.2.A.1.136 update.

    Overall Touch Response has improved alot.
    Its more smooth operation.
    Yellow hue issue has gone with White Balance setting in Display – keep the setting R-0,G-0, B-90 and see it for yourself.

    Wi-Fi Reception is faster than before.
    I didnt see any changes in Camera or the Camera Apps.
    They improved RAM management.
    Thanks Sony for this BUG Fixing update….now I hope to see Android 4.4 Kitkat Update Next!!
    With 4K Video & tIMESHIFT vIDEO

  • Drockk

    we need pure android for Z1 like Nexus 5

  • sTEVEN

    Still no update in Romania man, 3 days after release was announced. That’s really disappointing Sony people…

  • Ton

    I stil got 4.2.2 and waiting for 4.3 update that was release last December 2013. My Z1 is from Smart Postpaid plan in the Philippines so I guess it has something to do with the carrier sim lock they did. I tried to update it via 4GLTE and via Sony Pc companion but got no luck. Any suggestions on how get the latest updates from Sony?

  • Ton

    I still got 4.2.2 and still waiting for 4.3 update… mine is from Smart Postpaid Plan in the Philippines so I am thinking it has something to do with the carrier sim lock to Smart. I tried via 4G LTE and Sony PC Companion software update but got no luck. Please let me know your suggestions…

  • Ewa

    Even in MacBridge always error

  • Deki

    When Android 4.3 was released I got it right away. But, now, I’m still waiting.

    I’m in Macedonia, unlocked from T-Mobile (TELEKOM-LTE Euro firmware). Still waiting… :(

  • Shabin

    using both pc companion and update service the download stops at 91% when trying to update my Z1 to android 4.3.Can anyone suggest whts wrong?

  • yareeyanaaa

    got xperia z1 update ie kitkat just now :)

  • yareyaana

    got xperia z1 update ie kitkat just now :) feeling awsm…………….

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    any pictures or screenshots

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  • London

    I’m from the Philippines. Been waiting for the latest update 14.2.A.1.136 (Z1 C6903). I still haven’t received any notifications and I always check the update centre everyday.

  • London

    Hi ton. Im from the PH as well. Been waiting for the latest firmware that was released last 1/30.

  • Marco Taviano

    Thanks, 0-0-90 is a very good colour scheme ;)

  • marciopego

    any solution for the low sound volume!?

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  • Ketan Prajapati

    hey…..i am from india………i am using xperia z1…….
    why u didnt provide tap to wake up in kitkat update??
    that is a most common feature nowadays…
    even nokia lumia 520 is having that then why u are not providing that in z1…
    it is really a premium phon and a beast performer but i want tape to wake up!!!
    please bring it fast!!!!

  • Divya Bharathi

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