Xperia Z Android KitKat update arriving early March says Polish carrier

by XB on 6th February 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

PLAY PolandEarlier today, Polish carrier PLAY published a list of software availability for a number of smartphones. This included the Sony Xperia Z, which the carrier claims will receive Android 4.4.2 KitKat at the turn of this month i.e. somewhere between the end of February and early March.

The timing wouldn’t surprise us, given that yesterday we saw the Album app updated for KitKat support. We would expect Sony Mobile to detail KitKat rollout timing around MWC later this month, if not before. We’ll bring you official details as soon as we have it.

Xperia Z PLAY KitKat


Thanks Cezary!

  • lovebmw

    FUC* XPERIA SP…. i know what i would see, thought i would start

  • Matt

    What about update for XPERIA T ? We’re still waiting !!!

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    You mean Android 4.3

  • lovebmw

    That too

  • Brad Williams

    WooHoooooo!!!! That’s great news to wake up too. :)

  • lucasarg

    That’s cool

  • gdf

    Exactly what I commented a few days ago and everyone gave me shit for it! HAH, in yo face!

  • Husam Al-Balushi

    Haven’t even received 4.3 yet LOL ! But I don’t really care about 4.3 . Might just wait for 4.4 instead. I really like this 4.2.2 update. I Might even never update.

  • Slow… but i guess they’re trying to match it with MWC. If this KitKat update is the same as (usually is) that leaked for Z2 Sirius, it would make no sense if it were to release the announcement of the phone

  • klaus

    I doubt any carriers know two months ahead when a version arrives when Sony can´t even stick to their schedule…

  • djj

    i would skip the 4.3 update, and go to 4.4 whenn it’s out. my question is: is it better to go to 4.3 first, or can i skip this update?

  • Micro

    Bluetooth in any 4.3 (not only xperia) is really f***ed up, if I could choose again, I’d wait.. (says Sony fanboy)

  • Micro

    oh no! SGS3 mini and tab 2 are not getting kit-kat while Xperia Z is, what a shame! Trolls, can you believe this tragedy? xD

  • Ali

    they will get the 4.4 update and i still have the 4.2.2 update on xperia z

  • xperia_z

    are the new software goodies in the leaked sirius 4.4.2 included in this xperia Z kitkat rollout? i hope so. that’s going to be one awesome treat for xperia z series owners!

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    Yeah I’m still on 4.2.2 too, I’m just going wait for 4.4

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Tried the pc companion app? That’s how I got the 4.3

  • Mint

    Wait, Z gets it before the Z1?

  • Michael Hofmann

    As an aside, with Sony selling its Vaio brand, and therefore goodbye to microsoft and windows, is sony still going to make a windows phone?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Sad that tab 2 won’t get kitkat but hey we did get 4.2.2 while tablet s only got 4.1.1 :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    So you’re saying that there is a major bug with the bluetooth software in the 4.3 Android update? Haven’t noticed, but on the other hand I barely ever use bluetooth on my Xperia Z

  • Micro

    yeah, but tablet s is much like tab 1 (poor one), tablet z already have 4.3 ;]

  • Micro

    it’s buggy, A2DP is practically unusable if you have more than one BT device around, and 4.3 have no support for BT 4.0 hardware. With 4.2.2 it worked flawlessly even without BT 4.0. No, seriously, I wouldn’t update to any 4.3 again.

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  • Valentina

    Uhhhh nice news! Got 4.3 last week btw lol (Italian Z here)

  • Timbo1

    that carrier might not have the Z1. I expect all the non branded carrier phones will get the update before any carrier branded model.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I’m very happy with 4.3 on my XZ. Hope 4.4 isn’t half-baked and won’t break anything.


    it is impossible….as vodaphone says at first xperia Z minor update for andorid 4.3 will come…android 4.4.2 at least take comes in end of Q2

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I didn’t really follow you.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well I saw DooMLoarD saying early March in XDA. Hope XZ is included lol

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  • Nico

    Same here, still waiting for the 4.3 update.

  • sony

    i dont use bluetooth at all.i only use wifi or nfc :)

  • Micro

    using NFC have no sense if you don’t use BT, because NFC only quick pairs two BT devices without having to search & manual connecting / (passing pin codes etc) to each other, and once paired NFC touch turns on bluetooth on the phone (if disabled) and connects the device again. Even if you use NFC and wifi only, BT still turns on and start messing around any BT/wifi devices, including the phone itself. So you make no sense now.

  • Micro

    A2DP is (I’m simplifying) audio streaming, they suppose to fix it in the last update (obviously they didn’t). A2DP doesn’t support any buffering so it’s very vulnerable to any interferences from other devices and breaks the stream if BT is disturbed by another process (like streaming audio and searching for devices in the same time). Especially when connected to aptX enabled devices (aptX is an audio codec, offers very high quality streaming). You basically can’t listen music if anything tries to search for your phone, or if the phone decides to look for another audio devices around (what it does every several minutes, throw feature works this way).

    So forget about listening music from wireless speaker and having BT handsfree set connected at the same time. Both connection will break/reconnect constantly every several minutes.
    And BT 4.0 – Z1 have bluetooth 4.0 hardware, and android 4.3 still doesn’t have support for it, 4.4 does, so I wait for it impatiently.

  • Hannah

    No, but it may make android laptops!

  • microisweird

    Dude, you need to stop wasting your life having imaginary conversations on here with ‘trolls’ something a bit more constructive, eh?

  • lovebmwisadick

    Way to go…dicking on fellow xperia owner or wait, does Shitsung pay you a lot to be on here, bmwloserman?

  • kenobi

    POLSKA !!!!

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  • Invar

    Dont belive them. They are liars. Why? They also cheat us with Jelly Bean for Xperia S.

  • theskig

    Hope they fix the smartwatch 2 + wifi bug.

    Come on Sony!!! Very upset for this problem!!

  • theskig

    Happy because you dont’use a smartwatch 2 :(

  • theskig

    No problem at all with A2DP (car and home)!

    Known bug with smartwatch 2 and wifi

  • theskig

    4.3 update is really good for perfomance and new features! Update your Z! No bluetooth bug except from the one I written up and down here (smartwatch 2)

  • Husam Al-Balushi

    I have tried. But thanks :)

  • TiTu

    A re you are telling about 4.4 first give us 4.3. For xperia sp we will be happy……rollout at least today

  • lovebmw

    Just don’t don’t want to read where is 4.3 for the sp anymore.

  • Brad Williams

    Not sure why you haven’t got the update. Sony released 4.3 for XZ a while ago. That would be a carrier issue I would think. :(

  • Brad Williams

    I agree. I am very happy with what they did for my Z using 4.3. I hope they don’t mess it up. :)

  • I’m sadly holding off on the 4.3 update until a fix is in place. I have a SW2 and would rather it work than have 4.3…

  • Oscar Fernando

    What ….? Z1 is the advanced version.. then why they going to release kitkat for z first ?

  • P9

    why don’t install fw directly?

  • Alex_424

    Does anyone here who have xperia z still haven’t received 4.3 in Middle East?

  • Kater

    Any extra news for c5503’s 4.4 update?

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    I’m from Sweden got the update back in December (27th) so have been playing around with the 4.3 rom for a while now ;)

  • XV user

    Hey sony give us jelly bean first then you can talk about kitkat…:p

  • AA :P

    while we are celebrating this, just a sober reminder that S3 already got the 4.3 in december, and probably will get 4.4. not so sure about Xt getting it

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  • Denislav Popov

    Probably because z was released first.

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  • mustafa

    Mine works on 4.3, it’s just a battery drainer

  • Jumbo

    Going to buy a bunch of Kit Kat’s to eat till the release of Android Kit Kat!

  • roeshak

    That’s it, looks like the first half of this year for Sony is purely software based. Nothing new on hardware.

  • Mirrorpurple

    might not be legit

  • techielover


  • Mirrorpurple

    Sony most likely to give kitkat later than that, longer if carrier locked

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    i got my 4.3 for my z1 in December in the middle of east Dublin

    now i know its not exactly what you were looking for, but its a reply nonetheless

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  • kjmok

    In contrary i feel otherwise. Carrier locked phones get updates later than unlocked ones so i feel unlocked Z will get KitKat before end of Feb. :)

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  • XV user

    I hope sony didn’t forget about xperia v….it deserve kitkat too…:)

  • Mirrorpurple

    I need a break… i hope Sony can hurry with the free Kitkat bars

  • Emil Oskarsson

    He didn’t say sgs3 he said galaxy s3 mini :p

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  • mustafa

    I flashed mine

  • hassan

    I surprised to see Z n not Z1 here :/, but i’m happy to hear this :D

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oh yea I got you now and it’s horrible in Xperia Z too. I hope they’ll fix it (fingerscrossed)

  • Berg

    Assuming the bug is in the phone, not the watch?

  • Berg

    The polish carrier are liars? They are the ones saying anything about this.

  • Berg

    The external cameras use Wifi-direct, and are paired with NFC. No bluetooth involved at all (camera tingys don’t even have BT…)

  • kjmok

    Yeahhh. Especially after seeing how sony’s flavour of kitkat is, on ‘sirius’. double tap to unlock? Thats my favourite.

  • X8_FaN

    I dont care about Z I want 4.4 for Xperia X8 !!!!

  • theskig

    The bug is only with Z (last update) + SW2

  • Invar

    You will see… Its all lie.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    I live in Jordan, bought my Xperia ZL from KSA and I still haven’t got the update, not only in Middle East, actually the only countries that seem to have got the update are India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia (reading from the comments in Sony’s official blog)

  • bbbbb

    please let me know the exact meaning of early febuary why u guys spoiled the xperia sp man m going to sell it soon and there is no need to update it dont believe in sony

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    I meant to write :”do you KNOW which will it be?”

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  • nitrooo

    It was like this with Xperia S, and know what? we got the buggy update late march

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  • Mohammed Khired

    don’t get too excited , they said maybe February or march …

    from my experience with sony’s update (and most people do have it)

    i would tell you to add 2 or 3 month to feb or march if we were so “lucky”

    just in case you don’t get shocked when we reach the dead line..

    or you’ll end like xperia t,v,sp users all day long , they were happy when they got jb 4.1 while they tellin xperia s,ion, acro s,…etc to shut up cuz they were soo annoying ,now you can see who is the annoying one…..hahahah

    the irony….


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  • Martin

    Simply fuck!!!

  • uce pit

    Sony Support:

    1) Promise 18 months support.
    2) Release phone with out of date version OS, hardware & software faults.
    3) Drag feet ever releasing any update at all.
    4) Never acknowledge or repair hardware faults.
    5) Announce EOL early!

    Why does any body keep throwing their hard earned money at these companies??

  • lalalalalA

    SGS3 mini unlike the Z wasn’t a flagship

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  • You’re Retarded

    and he didn’t say Xt either..

    PS. use your common sense

  • Brad Williams

    From the time they announce it til I get it is usually around 2-3 weeks. I don’t take this post as a deadline, these are more a heads-up.

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  • davo

    Yay, I’ll get it by June!

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  • Wakoko

    Mine would stil have been on 4.1 if hadn’t flashed the firmware a month ago.

  • Vitali

    Xperia Tablet Z will get the 4.4 together with the xperia Z?

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  • Divya Bharathi

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