Genuine rear panel for Sony D6503 Sirius listed

by XB on 14th February 2014

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Sirius back cover_2Japanese spare parts retailer, Moumantai, has listed what it claims is the genuine back panel part for the Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’, which it is listing as the Xperia Z2. The part matches up with what we have seen previously in leaked pictures. Moumantai says that double-sided tape is included on the back cover and lists the part for 4,000 Yen (c$40), although you cannot order it just yet. All of this surely points to an imminent announcement of the handset at MWC 2014.

Sony D6503 Sirius rear panel part

Sirius back cover_1

Sirius back cover_2

Sirius back cover_3

Leaked picture of Sony D6503 Sirius showing rear

Sony D6503 Sirius back

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • Mac

    Seams 2 me it can’t be z2 because it’s 2 little changes from z1. Most of the features like 16:9 pictures in 15.5mpx. Might come in Kitkat for z1 also.

  • Moonlight

    Looks good!

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    MATTE FINISH!! Oh I’ve been waiting ..

  • balantoy


  • Team6

    thats not the sony I know… thats almost the same as xperia z/z1 this is nothing new regarding design..people need refreshment, they need changes….and this is not even a signle change

  • Kiwison

    Omnibalance is nice, I like this design and its kinda signature of Sony now (y)

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  • hansip

    The Screen is square, So the options are:
    1. Make it more round the edges, boom looks like iPhone
    2. Make it more rounder, boom looks like Galaxy Note 3
    3. Make it little more rounder, boom looks like GS4/LG2
    4. Make it more sharper, it will look like Lenovo K900..

    The only option i can think of is to have that LED strip bar of the SP but that would eliminate dual speaker it has. You want to go bezel-less? Rear button placement like LG G2 plus the waterproof aspect gonna be questioned. So i’m not sure what more of design to be explored other than stick with omnibalance and just optimize the material quality and color. At least it’s not a soap style design and doesn’t lose it’s charm over time.. in fact Shamesung might go back to a squarer design (Note 3 proves that) so yeah, stick with omnibalance is Sony’s best bet.

    Yeah i think we’re gonna reach that barrier sooner than we thought. Processing power is getting a lot more efficient but in the same time when pushed hard it will sips the battery like mad. Design wise any similarities with other manufacturer’s design will make it lawsuit thingy. So i’m not sure what can be achieved in the future, okay maybe in the battery department but that would be a subtle enhancement, will be the second thing to be looked at after design/specs.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Every thing has a limit .

  • Oh wait, Apple is calling me. Let me pick that up, might be an important call

  • Brian

    It would be awesome if they could rekindle the K850i design. Keep the front design, add the accented colours on the side and if possible, make the back like so. That would be a dream come true for me….

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    hell noooooooooooo , led flash agaaain ? wtf sooooooony , we want a power led or xenon led is so so so so poooor , f***

  • Sand

    Same sensor and camera, same processor, why not just to update xperia z1 instead of releasing a new phone xD.

  • Sand

    Guys, sorry for bad english, i am thinking in buy the T2 Ultra Dual when it releases in Brazil to replace my old and obsolete Xperia S. Do you think 1GB RAM will be enough for android 4.3? Thanks!!

  • Jonfensu

    I wouldn’t buy the T2, s400 and 1gb of Ram isn’t enough for the smartphone standards. I kno. The t2 is a good smartphone, but developers and manufactures always prioritize the high end phones. But if you want something better, I would check the Z1c or ZR

  • Utsav Shah

    I agree with you.
    I loved the Sony Ericsson, each device were unique in terms of design!

  • Xperian


  • Armin Torkashvand

    no! ithink!! 1gb is not enough

  • Battal Aljadei

    I’m not a fan of rotten fruit neither of recycled-plastic toy ,
    not everybody else is a fan boy like you, understand kid ?

  • Sumo

    Its what the horse power that counts man… what is wrong with you?? You see any significant changes with Apples or Samsungs designs? If you say yes, I’ll chew your lying head off, I swear!

  • xili

    Sad, it seems Sony is not gonna make a ZL successor as this “Sirius” is water resistance…


  • I am a fanboy because?

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  • Ritwick Priyadarshi

    what an awesome design..better than z/z1 cant wait it to replace my xperia z..almost a year old now..!! release it soon sony! best of sony!

  • P9

    omni balance design is not bad, want a whole different design may transfer to other manufacturers, sony can not get all everyone arround the world’s feeling. and.. how ab apple eh?

  • Battal Aljadei

    i talk about limits and you talk about apple !

  • lol nice reading comprehension there ‘kiddo’ go learn more english

  • Jer

    Where the hell does it say it’s matte? It has to be glass…

  • ????


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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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