Xperia G armed with 4.8-inch display and 8MP camera? New pic leaks

by XB on 14th February 2014

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Xperia GEarlier today @Vizileaks leaked a picture of what he is claiming to be the Xperia G. To be honest, you couldn’t tell much, apart from the fact it had a slightly smaller chassis than the Xperia Z1. Other features we could make out, include what looks like a plastic frame, dedicated camera button and Sony’s signature power button.

Now Vizileaks has followed up with another picture that shows the back of the device. The camera sits in the middle of the rear, instead of the edge as seen in most other Xperia models, besides a LED flash. NFC is also present, along with an uncovered micro USB port.

Vizileaks has given a few details on the specs. He confirms the slightly smaller-than-Z1-chassis fits a 4.8-inch display (no word on resolution, but as a mid-ranger 720p is likely). He suggests other features to include an 8MP camera, 1GB RAM, LTE, 8GB internal storage and microSD memory card slot.

He also says that it will not have an IP rating – no surprise given the uncovered USB port. The back of the handset also looks glossy judging by the reflection in photo. However, we imagine this is just a glossy plastic back, similar to that used in the Xperia Z1 Compact. We’ll bring you more news as we get a fuller picture of the Xperia G.

Xperia G

Xperia G

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    like it like it liiiike it

  • ice4banday

    I dig the rear camera placement!

  • ShinOrochix

    Ohh so beautiful. Please give it a (relatively) low price tag, Sony.

  • Persian User

    I think its time to change your design language if you don’t want to be the next Sammy.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600
    CPU: Quad-core 1.8 GHz Krait 300
    GPU: Adreno 330

  • xperianer

    is sony beginning a new, old way? the way we not like at samsung? many many new modles in every inch size? :/

  • Yehaa Afandy

    the black color in bootanimation is so deep

  • Dido

    Snapdragon 600 has Adreno 320 GPU

  • adreno

    hy all,,,, i have question.. 1gb ram is enough for gaming??? thanks :-)

  • Guest

    Wait, mid-range? Is this supposed to be the successor to the SP? Or will we have 2 mid-range? This seems mostly the same specs as the SP except with the LED lightbar.

  • Dave Dickard

    Depends, most games yes incl. Real Racing. If you want to play huge games then no (e.g. San Andreas).

  • Raymond De Guzman

    I like the camera placement being on the centre. I thought at first the back panel is made out of matte material but it’s also made out of glass. I like the design language of the Z series but I think I have to agree with @xperianer that they should change the design language for the mid-range for distinction of their phones. That’s just my opinion but nonetheless it’s great.

  • hhhhh

    it is like a replace for something between the SP and the L.

  • xperiafan324

    Actually, I disagree, sony shouln’t have phones in the same launch period with drastically different designs. That does nothing but disintegrate the brand, love it or hate it, a brand should be instantly recognisable. The omnibalance design has rightfully earned a lot of praise from everyone, that’s why sony’s sticking with it. Personally,I really love omnibalance and hope that sony keeps refining it further throughout 2014. It will help create brand cohesion and is already extremely recognisable. If there is any place where sony should or could effectively differentiate in terms of design should be the extreme entry level, basically the xperia j/l price point.

  • xperiafan324

    Uh, 1gb ram’s plenty for EVERY single android game out there right now.. Remember that this will have a 720p screen so even maxed out settings shouldn’t load in uber large textures. The only bottleneck on the midrangers is usually the gpu, not the ram. If this uses a snandragon 600, then it’ll be a beast, anything faster than the s4 pro would be great.

  • xperiafan324

    If sony could effectively target the moto g price point with this, then it will have a real winner on its hands. That’s presuming that the 8 MP camera is any good, as good as an iphone 4s would be awesome at that price, and that it keeps the micro sd slot.

  • shanefalco

    I think it is a 4.5 inch. G seems to 1cm shorter than Z1, then counting the large frames the terminal becomes as big as sony motorola MotoG. Price 249 euro ? :)

  • SelfishAct

    The Reason why SP is on under investigation for Kitkat… Lets boycott this one… hehehe
    For SP’s Future!!!

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  • guy with guts

    Btw none of the oems are as serious about NFC as sony.

  • guy with guts

    Yeah i want an xperia sp refresh with same design but with slimmer bezels and thin profile, same screen size but with better contrast(where xperia sp failed) and wide viewing angles. Also a better 8mp like the arc s and xperia p.

  • if they change their phones shape and make it round i sadly won’t be as hyped up for their phones any more

    i want them box shaped

  • Toh Ler Kang

    can anyone tell me why all the xperia devices don’t come with File Manager? i hate those app promotions keep on coming out in my file manager which get from play store…hope will get it after Android KitKat release.

  • toga

    Atleast sp is under investigation ask the user of xperia l and xperia m what they are feeling right now

  • toga

    Use file commander

  • toga

    Because its of no use.

  • toga

    Yes you can play every game if it is optimised for your device

  • toga

    No software updates just releasing new devices with new software

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  • Colby Leong

    or just change the top and bottom bezels….

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  • fay

    Don’t think the price will be close like the Moto G, it’s Sony… i think the price will be around 399€, close to the T2 Ultra who is a mid range to.

  • Sander Puus

    what are you?… nfc is of great use –> payments in stores, one touch connectivity of devices etc. etc…

  • bossman

    Mate let’s talk about edge to edge display, bezel-less display. I think they should abandon IP rating on flagship variants or other models in order to achieve a thinner chassis and a display without bezels


    Agree! Now it like sony is running out of idea. I think It would be cool if Sony use Bravia’s Sense of Quartz design with their Xperia devices.

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  • Lukas

    I don’t know what to say about this… I mean Sony could have waited to give the now 4.3 phones 4.4 instead and say it is the last update at least for XT and CO.
    It’s all about the new Sirius device coming out and presenting the new UI and that’s the wrong side I mean it’s like they develop the new version according to the new device instead for the actual flagships so they can push it out faster

    You know Samsung is most probably not waiting until the S5 event to give out 4.4 and even if, it would be end of February. And Samsung has made big changes to its Touchwizz FW which would make behaviour like Sonys explainable but from what we’ve seen 4.4 for Xperia is not under going a big change treatment. So why waiting?

  • Ace Loo

    A possible reason is that Sony’s development team is smaller than Samsung’s team. Both are big companies, but Japanese Yen to US dollar conversion is simply not as favourable to Korean Won to US dollar conversion. Throw in other factors like cost of living and different scopes focused upon (Sony’s living room hardware+software ecosystem vs Samsung’s household hardware+software ecosystem) and Sony ends up slightly under resourced against Samsung in the mobile department.

    Samsung can probably have one team releasing Kitkat and another team releasing S5 while in Sony likely the same team does both Kitkat updates and new phone release. If we want Sony to release Android updates more frequently on more devices we have to let them focus on new products to bring in the cash first. More cash->More growth->More development engineers hired->Faster release of Android updates + better phones.

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  • glein

    Dear Sony, give it at least half a gig more memory. The SP is having a hard time with it’s 1gb, even though the extra ram freed from 4.3 helps, so don’t do the same mistake.

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  • krishna

    i want a mobile from sony with these specs 6inch 1080p display, 20mp camera, latest snapdragon processor ,water resistent, 3500 mah battery, 2gb ram ,16 or 32 internal

  • Gopala Krishna Gokhale

    i want a mobile from sony with these specs 6inch 1080p display, 20mp
    camera, latest snapdragon processor ,water resistent, 3500 mah battery,
    2gb ram ,16 or 32 internal

  • Der Saenn

    I got just a little weird about the text, that it has maybe “same glossy plastic back as the Z1 compact”, cause a Sony employee explained that the compact is for sure both sides glass.

  • Der Saenn

    Not really new for Sony to offer phones in all sizes. Just the Z1 compact is in this case new that now also a smaller phone is on the top without compromises.

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  • Rogue

    What you said above makes sense but on the other hand please explain why Samsung has better mobile camera software when Sony is one of the top camera developer’s out there with breaking edge development! Seems to me Sony takes its customers and followers for granted, they can easily fix the camera software and the aggressive post processing algorithm that destroys details but they seem not to care or is it they think it will affect there compact camera sales? Please tell me.

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  • Ghayyath El Masri

    I still want the design language of the S and P back…those were just so unique and lovely to look at

  • Ace Loo

    Unfortunately I do not work for Sony, and neither do I have inside sources to them. I can only make a best guess based on what is released so far. ;)

    It is not just Samsung, even Apple makes better mobile camera software out of Sony hardware. It does appear Sony Mobile wise, the software imaging department are not as well-resourced as Sony or Apple. Yet I can’t help but agree with you that the compact camera division may be somewhat hindering these software fixes, unintentionally or otherwise. Both divisions exist to make money, and division B may become a competitor and make division A a money losing division if their products have all the selling points that division A has.

    This may be the reason why Samsung merged their mobile and camera divisions. Once the divisions are merged such constraints disappear as all staff now work under the same financial goals. Let’s hope Kazuo Hirai considers bringing the compact digital cameras, smartphones and interchangeable lens camera product groups into a single division for starters.

    Mounting a Carl Zeiss 55mm F1.8 Lens on an Xperia phone via an adapter case that does all the connection, how does that sound to you eh? :)

  • josesl16

    Guess we’ll have to see ’til next year…

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  • Divya Bharathi

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