Xperia Z2’s IPS display goes up against the Xperia Z1

by XB on 25th February 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 display_8It looks like Sony is finally starting to turn a corner when it comes to the display’s it uses for its mobile products. There were isolated cases of great displays last year, particular with the Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia Z Ultra, but in 2014 we have already seen the excellent Xperia Z1 Compact and the Xperia Z2 will look to continue the trend.

The Xperia Z2 uses an IPS display with Live Colour LED and if you want to see what a difference this makes compared to the Xperia Z1, especially in terms of viewing angles, have a gander at the pictures below. They show the Xperia Z2’s display against the Xperia Z1 at different angles, with even some comparison shots with the Xperia Z1 Compact. It looks like Sony is onto a winner, check out the pictures below.

Xperia Z2 display compared against the Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact

Xperia Z2 display_1

Xperia Z2 display_2

Xperia Z2 display_3

Xperia Z2 display_4

Xperia Z2 display_5

Xperia Z2 display_6

Xperia Z2 display_7

Xperia Z2 display_8

Xperia Z2 display_9

Xperia Z2 display_10

Xperia Z2 display_11

Xperia Z2 display_12

Xperia Z2 display_13

Xperia Z2 display_14

Xperia Z2 display_15

Xperia Z2 display_16

Xperia Z2 display_17

Xperia Z2 display_18

Xperia Z2 display_19

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Thanks Dacha!

  • Abdul Ghani
  • hksv2

    The Ips helped a lot in the z2

  • cs098


  • Varun

    Z2 Screen is way better than Z1

  • hash

    Z1 compact FTW!!

  • 1234

    damn, they should’ve done this since the beginning Z

  • CCK

    yes IPS helped, especially in viewing angles, but for me, the colors are almost the same when you see the screen facing forward

    sorry for my bad English hahaha

  • Kiwison

    Z ultra was already better than Z1, it’s not surprising that Z2 is way better than Z1

  • display lottery would make me cry for over 10 min

  • bossman

    Bye bye TFT, you have been a hindrance and Sony can no longer justify your deployment

  • Jordan White

    Is it just me or do they look pretty similar when looked upon directly. Yeah the Z2 blows it away with side viewing but other than that… very similar colours, sharpness, etc.

  • Amir

    Poor Z1. i feel bad for him. lol.

  • Amir

    you mean TN/PLS. all displays in the world have TFT.

  • penubag

    It also depends on your actual computer monitor you are using to view these photos. Judgement like this you need to see in person.

  • Amir

    Z2 should be better then z ultra. :)

  • penubag

    For colors it depends on your actual computer monitor you are using to view
    these photos. Judgement like this you need to see in person.

  • Jordan White

    I have a pretty decent ASUS Monitor. In my experience it will reflect the differences identically to a top of the range model. (I paid £150 for mine. Not top of the range :P)

  • Gitarooman

    from straight on its actually very very close interns of color but Z2 is brighter.

  • Abdul Rahman Khan

    wat is full form fo IPS? I

  • Abdul Rahman Khan

    wat is IPS ? its INDIAN POLICE SERVICE ????:D…

  • Tadija Djurovic



  • xperiaz6603swe

    z2 big time :)

  • jgjg

    Other then the viewing angels they look pretty much the same too me?

  • Jrom

    Nothing to be compared, the Z1 pics are so awful as if the withe balance is pushed to the end just to make you feel that you heave the old one, as I look to the Z1 screen, I cant even imagine that it’s not a fake :-)

  • Great Job Sony

  • Micro

    impressive indeed, I am happy for everyone who will get Z2, the true masterpiece! :)
    however, this will not make the true love, that I feel for my precious Z1, any weaker <3

  • Shade

    I don’t freaking get the point of having the best viewing angles, there is a useless argument to choose a smartphone from, really… I guess It’s for Samsung fanboys who like their Disneypicture color on porn when they masturbate.

  • John

    Anyone can explain to me that Live color led tech?…pls
    Btw… not sure if the contrast on z2 will be higher than z1 or not…

  • jv

    Z ultra 2 should be better than z1 z2 ;)

  • Ret

    In-Plane Switching . You could try using google for once.

  • Bob

    Live Colour LED is Sony’s new display tech used with the Triluminous IPS panel in the Z2. They say it makes colours more lively and saturated without being unrealistic, thus making a really good screen. I’ve seen the reviews and videos of it and people say it looks really good, even better than the HTC One

  • Bob

    Live Colour LED technology uses red and green phosphor with blue LEDs and customised colour filters to produce a brighter and more uniform light according to Sony

  • Micro

    Z2 compact should be better than Z ultra 2 ;]

  • k20111

    The viewing angles are obviously much much better on the Z2, but some of the head on shots were weird…the Z1 were actually BETTER in some of them. For example:

    the circle thingys have much more detail in the Z1.

    The water has more contrast in the Z1

    Same thing over here. Z1 is less washed out.

    Is it because the Z2’s screen is brighter?

  • ga_pechorin

    is there any chance to include the new features of the z2 into the z1 compact via software? i think its basically the same hardware, but i imagine sony woudnt do it even if they could

  • Fuad Jalil

    Well who said z1/z/ultra screens were bad while viewing it right in front of your. It was the viewing angles that people were bitching about. Color reproduction was never an issue. The aim of this very comparison is about viewing angles

  • vigneshprince

    include Z also please

  • Fuad Jalil

    Yeah but that’s irrelevant here since both screens are on the same image with same bit depth/color profile and what not so it should translate colors accordingly.

  • Jonathan

    even though the shots were taken with a camera not with your eyes and the color range from your screen doesn’t necessarly show the colors the way they are…. so it will never be the same.

  • P9

    Z3 all the way. :D :D

  • xperiafan324

    If you look closely, the wider color gamut especially highlights more hues in the z2. The difference in hues is downright negligible between the z1 compact and the z2 but there’s a big difference with the z1 even head-on for example, in the 1st pic the snow is very bluish on the z1 whereas we can see the whiteness and thr yelloeness ( from the lamps) in thr snow on the z2. Differences like these though are most apparent with the naked eye ( and do also vary from person to person). Even the best consumer monitors wouldn’t highlight them as good. A more standardized scientific approach ( gamma measurement etc.) Would provide an ideal comparison, but then it wouldn’t be real-world.

  • xperiafan324

    It adds flexibility to how you can use the smartphone, I, for example, really enjoy using my smartphone for eatching movies, reading, playing games while lying in my bed at night, and if I didn’t have a phone with an ips screen, i wouldn’t be able to enjoy that.
    There are no drawbacks to having better viewing angles. But for many, the added flexibility means so much more. So i’m glad that sony is finally putting actual bravia quality screens in their flagships.

  • Daniel Moros

    This is to shut up the people that complains about the angle

  • Guest

    For all those saying they were bothered by poor viewing angles, well Sony knew they had to fix it and they did, unfortunate that it took the 3rd iteration to do it. For those who only look at their screens dead on, keep doing that. For those who were bothered by poor viewing angles like me, we will stop complaining. Good job Sony.

  • xperiafan324

    The lack of the subtler hues on the z1 in each of those pics makes the blues look more saturated, and in the first one, the missing hues let the primaries be more prominent.
    The z2 actually is showing more detail throughout in each and every photo, it’s just that we tend to prefer consistency and saturation in colours in pictures (e.g. most people – myself included – would prefer the exaggerated blue skies in anime to real life pictures ) whereas in reality, nature has so much more subtle details. THAT’s what the z2 screen shows : the details.

  • Bryan Ng

    Nearly perfect balance in brightness and contrast at different angles IMO. I see no oversaturation on any sample pics from Z2. Compact slightly loses brightness at some angle. Z2 FTW :)))

  • Guest

    You don’t have to get it. It was an issue for a lot of people and Sony fixed it.

  • adreno

    oh shut up B-)
    z4 is my car,,, lol

  • Brandon Dean

    not to mention that there is a camera involved that has its own interpretation of colors. I don’t think color reproduction was ever sony’s problem, so I am not to worried. It was always the viewing angles and now they have finally fixed that.

  • REX

    So… Should I throw my z1 away?

  • ZXcorr

    I’m a happy Z1 Compact owner ^_^
    Z2 looks awesome! It’s gotta be the best phone of 2014.

  • jumbo3220

    not sure if Z2 or Z1C wins :D

  • Quark Gluon

    It’s also for aesthetics, to comply with the premium design.

  • doraemonboi

    You said Z1 is less washout. However IMO, I think that Z2 screen show more color and has a wider range of color palette.

  • Quark Gluon

    Are you some sort of hairdresser?

  • wolfpack

    Agreed, flat-on, hardly any difference. Considering I won’t be watching my movies and images at a weird angle, am happy with my Z1.

  • sisore

    It seems that Sony’s display tech is heading toward the right direction. IMO, Z2 display have rectified minor minus such as slightly brightness/saturation problem in Z1 from a certain viewing angle and slightly dimmer display in Z1 Compact.

    Well done, Sony.

  • kun

    yes, you could do that even before sony start selling Z2 to the mass, xda dude,XDA

  • Sh1vang

    i am not a apple fan….in fact i m a sony fan….
    but compare— z ultra’s screen vs z2’s screen vs z1 compact vs Iphone 4s or 5 or 5s
    and let the truth have its day….. i bet iphone will beat even ultra…but considering the size ..ultra is a winner…

  • Simão Lúcio

    Is that so hard to imagine someone who like to show some media to his family,
    Or play some game with his friends,
    And then put his device in a dock station at work?

  • Simão Lúcio

    Sony, why it take you so long?

  • Diastianto Giga

    wow nice screen

  • valentino

    it will always be like that.. like xperia z when the z1 one come..
    i want the z2 too but i don’t and i wish z1 never come or the z2 is the z1 now..
    why they like to sell the phone like that.. have issues and sell it.. Now im using galaxy note 3 waiting for xperia z ultra 2..
    the z ultra really the best phone i ever had.. only the camera make me sad..
    so lets wait for Z3.. maybe the double speaker or noise cancellation still have some issues.. and the camera still have black tiny dots.. called artifacts?
    or we wait until z5? the best of the best of the best..
    like this z to z2 their slogan always said another best of the best..
    hahaha funny but sad..

  • valentino

    only in camera.. END!!

  • valentino

    Sony why don’t you just don’t sell the xperia z at first..
    and make the xperia z1 as xperia z..
    and this Z2 as Z1..
    it feel sad… using a phone that has issue and then BAM!!! you sell another new phone with same cool design with better technology and features that are major issues in the older one?
    I feel ripped off..

  • wim den boer

    Z1compact is still the most beautiful display from any xperia smartphone till now!

  • hansip

    ‘So that 1940 Wine from Le’Aberqurque is the best one. Do you want to buy it from me sir?’ Said Z2 to the customer.. X)

  • jangaleon

    people will then find something to complain about.

  • iKeyvan

    I have Z Ultra and its AH-IPS (JDI-Type1) and no problem with viewing angles!

  • Tim Westerholm

    Right, but what about the stranger sitting beside u at the train? =p now he have to find some1 using Samsung :)


    Shut up,blind man,,a week ago we compared iPhone 5s display against z and t,and both z and t were far better(except for viewing angels),,both were much sharper in details and colors,,z colors are so realistic but iPhone5s colors were so cold,very bad,,am not blind and I never accept anything blindly just because it’s iPhone,name cannot fool me,

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    I’ve tried watching videos with 2 people on the Z before. It’s perfectly fine :) It only fades at angles where you wouldn’t be watching.

    You’re not gonna watch with many people anyway. (watching on TV or computer makes more sense with that)

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Am surprised at of comments here say way better than z1 how? Just viewing angles u guys must b kiding me…SONY said live colour now looking at z1 and z2 straight up do u see any difference….lol u guys are sick….this is only a breakthrough from angle….now u guys bend ur heads and operate ur z2

  • zaimi

    who the idiot looking at their phone at tapered angle? or they have problems with their eyes?

  • DNDV

    I’ve seeing what’s new in the Xperia z2 and I’m not sure if I wait until it goes on sale and buy it or buy the Z1 which now has a lower price
    this would be my first sony xperia
    What would you recommend me?

    -sorry for my English XD

  • Cmmdr Keen

    or a 60 year old golfer hehe

  • Cmmdr Keen

    watching a movie in bed…?

  • IlGrinta17

    I recommend Z2 or Z1Compact, depending on your wishes for the screen dimensions and the price. Skip the Z1 directly. Anyway, welcome to the best smartphone brand, you’ll never regret it

  • marlowe1001

    I’m Ok with my Z1, but if I got a money to buy z2 then I’ll buy it. For now I will just wait until sony unveils their z ultra 2 the bezel free phone to be unveil or their September flagship IFA 2014

  • Federico Rogers Nelson Ciccone

    Z ultra forever

  • Chris

    This screen is awesome! Great improvement, Sony! Considering to sell my Z1 and buy a Z2! Headache!

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Federico Rogers Nelson Ciccone

    Z Ultra Best Sony display.

  • Freepat 75014

    I love that other people can’t read my Xperia Z1 screen from the sides. Don’t want to “correct” that.

  • Mohammed Khired

    somebody tell me , should i dumb the z1 for Z2 ? or not ?

  • Mohammed Khired

    don’t be a goddamn joy killer , have fun and smile lil bit

  • Mohammed Khired

    not me man , z2 broke my heart :(

    you know z1’s price fallen down quickly before the z2 , im thinking of selling it before it’s too late…

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  • jake

    When you watch straight the z1 actually have better white gradient .
    z2 is great tho .

  • nidou bossy

    Viewing angles complainers… where are u hiding? show up to kick ur asses!

  • equal

    Screens are equal watching straight only under angle there is difference.

  • Micro

    I already have 2 wifes (S and Z1), third one won’t be a big deal now ;P (I’m not gonna sell Z1 for sure)

    but yeah… this Z2 is a magnet for money :| I’m SIRIUSly considering it too..


    Yes,I Will change my z1 and I’ll get a z2,,especially because of its display,Sony tft were amazing and now it’s Sony ips I really wanna try it.

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  • Mohammed Khired

    damn ! me too man i have s and z1 , o_0

    im tryin’ to sell xperia s but nobody want it

    tell me when u gonna make your move toward xperia z2

  • Micro

    that depends – I pre-ordered Z1 and it was kinda risky, plus the price was bad..
    Z2 seems to be perfect – too perfect… who knows, maybe Z2 will suffer “sudden death” or something like random cracks, blah blah.. I am happy with Z1, so I guess I will wait this time until to make sure everything actually is that perfect – several months I guess (oh, and I’m a little tired of trolling whiners under every post so.. :D when the dust settles lol)

  • REX

    Yeah… That’s what I thinking too… Waiting for Z3… <3

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  • zaimi

    I think at bed they should not watch movie but making movie instead..using
    z1 to record in low light condition..hehe

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  • Cmmdr Keen

    hehe true true

  • valentino

    ultra is TFT.

  • valentino

    Galaxy S5 is better than those things!! (This is how to summon haters)

  • xperiaz6603swe

    I have hade the oppotunity to feel and touch the New flagship from sony technology one of the first people in sweden to do that , and can say in the new 4.4.2 with Sony Xperia Z2 floating on elegant, the SOUND in the two front speakers e fanatically and with clear bass WOW! , the sound clean and no skröl. with the right songs will almost be woop woop. oops. SCREEN , OMG its so nice , 10 times better than Z1 And 1 trillion times better than original Z ,CAMERA takes much better picture , clear and nice photos with color full image better than with z1 and billion times better than my Z: p TAP2 wake tap 2 times so start screen wonderful feature., smart sensor that turns off the screen when you stop check, :) minus that I want full screen and no edges, and they had not introduced t9, which htc iom 4.4.2., re intruduce but ahead it pou, nice will probably be one of those when I want good sound :)

  • josesl16

    It’s Purely Superb!

  • xperiafan324

    Ips is tft, as is oled…

  • lightninglion

    Z1 was really good display head on, z2 jst fixed the viewing angels that is all. Also the speakers too much much improved.

  • Amitojdeep Singh Brar

    Finally Sony gets it right for all Z sizes. Don’t Z1 compact and Z2 have similar color reproduction and viewing angle?Still they have slight color shift which makes me feel my Nexus 7 gen2 is still better (however a different category device). Can you put Z2 tablet shots too,comparing with tablets like iPad air,Nexus 7 Gen2,tab pro etc?

  • valentino

    oh thx for enlighten me.. :)
    whatever the screen ultra is owning both z1 and z…
    in terms of screen!! wait in everything except camera..

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  • Argo

    They are already talking about Z being out in August!

  • Argo

    sorry I meant Z3

  • Argo

    There are already rumours about the Xperia Z3, like it will be out in August and have a new design

  • Danny

    I admit that IPS display are really cool and beautiful. But I never view the the lack of it as a negative, especially on a Xperia phone. Looking front the front, Z1 is exactly just as exquisite as the Z1 compact and Z2. At an angle, yes the Z1 loses, but I nor anyone I know looks at their phones at an angle on purpose, always have it in front of them when in use. I understand the WOW factor, but main reason for it is so several set of eyes can view the screen at different angles with keeping the clarity. I usually like to keep my phone private from wandering eyes.
    Those with the IPS display phones show off their phones, it does wow me, but not as much as when i dump my Z1s in water, “can u do that?”, i asked. They immediately put the phones away. Lol.

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  • Recharged95E

    For all we know Sony tweaked the white balance and default settings for auto brightness…. I hope those items that to the kitkat update especially tweakes to auto brightness.

    Viewing angles are so overrated.

    4 things that only stand out in the z2:

    I wish they added those in the z1s, but at least the 1s has 32gb….

  • Recharged95E

    Again considering the z1 has color and white balance adjustability makes this moot. Most z1 folks already did the “add 100” change in the white balance settings. Problem is auto brightness….

    If this test was with auto brightness on, that explains a lot…. Sony needs to update the z1 with better settings.

  • TheGuest

    Totally agree! ;)

  • Eman Philic

    use ScreenDim paid app to increase the viewing angel better for Z1

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of jewellery items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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