Sony SmartBand SWR10 on pre-order in Europe; launches in early April

by XB on 25th February 2014

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Smartband SWR10_9The Sony SmartBand SWR10 is now available to pre-order from the official Sony Mobile Store. The SmartBand costs £79.99 in the UK and €99 in Europe, with first units shipping in early April. The SmartBand consists of a removable core unit and a wrist band (SmartBand Wrist Strap SWR110), which will be available in a number of colours. It includes a metal Sony fastening button and LED lights too.

The life logging wrist band keeps track of all you do and includes a notification alert and music remote. The band is meant to be worn 24/7 and is water resistant (IP58 rated) so you don’t need to worry about it wherever you go. Sony has also confirmed that the Lifelog application will hit the Google Play Store in March 2014. The app binds the SmartWear experience, enabling you to capture all of your physical, social and entertainment activities in an attractive visual interface.



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