A closer look at Xperia Themes

by XB on 26th February 2014

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Xperia Themes_2If you have a Sony Xperia device running Android 4.3 then there is a good chance that you are already familiar with Xperia Themes. After all it was one of the big new additions in the Xperia Android 4.3 update.

Xperia Themes allow you to customise your Sony Xperia device, with a heavily skinned theme covering icons, buttons, backgrounds, volume bars, nav bars, accent colours and more. Sony says close to 300 different graphical components can be changed when creating a theme. Despite this, all of the familiar controls and UI paths are retained.

The Xperia Themes run on top of Sony’s skin, which tell the OS to fetch resources (buttons, icons etc) from an external source – forming the skin. Xperia Themes are applied in runtime, so there is no need to restart the handset when applying a new theme.

Xperia Themes_1

Sony plans to increase the number of elements and apps that can be skinned going forward, so this customisable feature should only get better with time. There are currently over 20 Xperia Themes available via Sony Select (Settings > Personalisation > Theme), with more arriving all of the time. In particular, we look forward to the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, which you can get a teaser of below.

Xperia Themes_2

Via Sony Developer World.

  • Nico

    The only easily themed phone on Android today! :D Awesome feature, reminds me of the old Sony Ericsson (symbian phone)

  • cyun84

    Cool! I tried it out on my tablet Z and Z1 and it works! Wish I had known it earlier!!

  • Some users noticed that on the Xperia V, installation of at least some of the themes available from the Play Store (via Sony Select) leads to issues with SIM PIN and lockscreen PIN entry. Apparently installing one of these with PIN request enabled leads to reboot loops.

  • Anon

    Not many themes though when.I.last checked. Seems to have come to a complete stop on the development front.

  • A Wai

    i really want a theme which looks like stock Android!

  • Wafflefactory

    This is freaking cool!!!

  • AhhdafunK

    My actual theme is ‘Woody” and I like it.
    The notification bar is 100% invisible! So what else ? <3
    When sony can't update their phones, he updates themes….

  • Patrol619

    You are telling us that you are running on 4.3 for 2 months and you didn’t know about this feature??

  • sisore

    What was that one beside Spiderman themes? That one looks cool :)

  • cyun84

    Nope! I changed the themes many times but never noticed the plus icon! Wish someone had told me earlier…

  • Timbo1

    I wish the actual app icons could be themed as well. Sony’s UI is pretty close to stock just with better additions. I got bored with stock on my Nexus all the time, I rarely kept the stock look.

  • cyun84

    Mine is Woody too! Finally an end to that annoying notification bar…

  • Xperia user

    It would be more cool if all of themes are free especially the good one..:)))

  • grav1ty

    Triflat is my favorite
    No grey background in app drawer and very clean design.. i wish some other versions from triflat with different colours

  • Anon

    **Spider man isn’t available either**

  • Anon


  • jake


  • Jx

    oh! i used to search xperia themes on google store…never knew that shortcut plus sign on top:)

  • Castor

    can’t you do that with some launchers?

  • Himanshu Sharma

    download origami live wallpaper.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Good start by Sony. Hope someone makes more subtle yet good looking themes too.

  • Timbo1

    You can but why install another launcher just to do that. I actually like Sony’s launcher.

  • karamelakimo

    i loved xperia themes a lot on my Z

    i think sony started to focus on software after being a beast in hardware ;)

  • sisore

    Thanks for you both :D
    Haven’t tried it yet and might check it out later on

  • Gregor

    Great. Lets hope that Sony makes sure that there are good themes availble. No one wants hundreds of bad themes uploaded by people who dont know to make good ones.

  • Balmoral

    Guys I have a problem, when I apply wallpapers like the cartoon pirate or woody or noir, the wallpaper just changed to black and the lockscreen wallpaper doesn’t change. am i supposed to download them separately?

  • Balmoral

    oh and it works fine with triflat :/ this is really weird

  • boosook

    Well… aren’t themes a concept that is now a bit outdated?

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Yes, I confirm it, I installed woody on my V, and when reset, it freeze on colourful lines after XPERIA logo and reset by its own, and I have to reset factory my phone with sony update service,

  • Thurin

    By the way… New xperia t firmware certified!

  • hansip

    I love it but the development is a bit slow.. Now the question is, is there any some sort of official tutorial that i can learn from? I really like to develop one if i have some guidance.. :)

  • Mike Gonzalez

    as much as i love the idea of themes, i got to say themes released thus far are each and every one of them really tacky and childish… only one that i like is Triflat, looks modern and somewhat elegant

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Triflat is the best so far. It’s my current theme. Also Craftsmanship is not bad.

  • Mac

    I haven’t noticed this before, reminds me of my old w810i again, which I downloaded many many themes to.
    Nice touch indeed, but I want 2 see more developers make some cool ones that make it sleek yet keeping the Xperia feeling if ya know what I mean.

  • naeemh123

    Triflat theme is the best theme

  • Dido

    Anybody knows how to change color in triflat theme ? Like this : http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/818/835/original.jpg?w=800&h

  • Utsav Shah

    Don’t forget those java phones!
    They were pretty handy in terms of theming!
    I still love my gorgeous W705 a.k.a. RIKA :D

  • Utsav Shah

    And now just wait for some time and you will see samesung copying it !

  • Abdul Rahman Khan

    i want flash themes on z2 …how many people r remember this <3 w580 ,w910…

  • Aanjaney

    Yea right, i do like those themes, but after spending enough on my Xperia Z1, why do i need to pay more for these themes? shouldn’t they be free for Xperia users?

  • P9

    this is sony. ;)
    hope there’s could have our personal theme soon like old se phone too. ;)

  • ;P

    Ho ho, it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung would allow their already heavily themed touchwiz UI to be “customised”. ;P

  • Thomas Solido

    Yeah how did they do this?

  • jag

    Comment it to the theme developer in play store. So he can fix for you

  • jag

    Very expensive theme hehe

  • too bad they are all so ugly in my personal opinion i would have prefered a glass like theme maybe something abstract and minimalistic not hearts and other things i want to keep things clean

    then again the kitkat theme seems perfect to me just get rid of the floating menu button or make it a thin line so it won’t be as visible or have the home button act as a menu button

  • xperiamike

    yep reminds me of my c950i sony ericsson and w900i and also my d750i….oyeah without even smart OS sony had tweaking we liked…..go sony so.

  • xperiamike

    hahahahaha reaallly, hahahahah interesting

  • tristi lumina

    +1 this!
    Many thanks to everyone who have tutorial for develop this :D

  • Abhijit Biswas

    We all want to know, if you come to know how, let us know!

  • marijn

    Will there be a theme creator in the future?

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Sony Xperia SP also have this problem too. Seems that only Triflat is able to not get into bootloop in all free Xperia Themes. I don’t know about the paid Themes, I don’t dare to install it until now.

  • DIdo

    Don’t like my post.Just tell me how to do it :D

  • Rob

    Since most of them seem to be made by third party developers, it seems odd that Sony would be able to demand they release them for free..

  • Xperia_V

    It also disables the volume slider. Instead of the regular slider, there appears a black rectangle instead when you press the volume up/down buttons! :-/

  • Richard

    I want Spider man theme! Anybody knows where i can get it? :O

  • Grid

    I have just experienced this as well. I wouldn’t download any themes from now on, I don’t wanna reset my phone again

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  • kt

    my xperia e1 dual despite being on 4.3 does not support xperia themes ne idea why ??

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  • Divya Bharathi

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  • WastingDouglas

    in sony theme downloader,directly in menu for choosing theme.

  • Cyril L.

    Jamais ils (Sony) ne nous proposeront un “Xperia theme creator”, car ils ne pourront plus “vendre” les thèmes à 1€32 l’unité !

    Si vous voulez faire vôtre propre thème, dézipez l’Apk du theme, et modifiez vous-même les différentes images !

    Un propriétaire d’un Xperia Z3C.
    – – – – – –
    Never Sony will offer to us an “Xperia Theme Creator”, because Sony will not sell the themes more than 1$ the unit !

    So if you want to create your own, unzip the APK theme. and modify yourself the differents pictures ! it’s easy.

    An Xperia Z3C owner.

  • Raúl Iniesta

    How can I find the “Themes” app. I have Sony Xperia Z3 but that app isn´t installed, it seems…

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